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The Haifa Foundation


The Haifa Foundation

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									The Haifa Foundation

A skilled plastic surgeon and the author of numerous articles published in the Annals of Plastic Surgery, the
Journal of Plastic Surgery, The Journal of Hand Surgery, Clinic of Plastic Surgery, Hospital Physician
journal, the Mount Sinai Journal of Medicine, International Surgery, and commenting on medical publications in
The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal, on his website, among other
informational sources, Dr. Michael Kalisman, MD maintains a notable dedication to bettering the lives of
others outside of his medical practice. In conjunction with his surgical work, Dr. Michael Kalisman, MD
supports the activities of The Haifa Foundation, a public, nonprofit organization founded in 1983 for the
purpose of fostering cultural cooperation and understanding in Haifa, Israel, a city coping with a tenuous
racial balance and a climate of occasional political unrest.

 The third-largest city in Israel, Haifa is home to an eclectic population that includes Jews, Muslims,
Christians, Bahais, Druze, and Ahmedians, as well as a growing base of immigrants hailing from Ethiopia, the
former Soviet Block, and a number of other countries. Striving to ensure that all residents live together in
peace and prosperity, The Haifa Foundation oversees a wide range of civic programs focused on youth education,
urban renewal and growth, sports, community building, immigrant absorption, and Arab-Jewish relations. 

Since its inception, The Haifa Foundation has collaborated with a wide range of government organizations and
members of the general public, establishing daycare centers for at-risk children, educational initiatives
geared toward expanding opportunities for young men and women, and residential facilities for the elderly. The
Foundation has also worked toward establishing art museums and cultural councils, sports clubs, playgrounds,
parks, gardens, libraries, and a host of other civic projects. With the assistance of board members such as
Dr. Michael Kalisman, and other forward-thinking individuals, The Haifa Foundation continues to lead the way
in Israel’s development. To learn more about The Haifa Foundation and its commendable work, visit

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