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									                                    Debugging Tools

API Tracer Level One
Trap functions in DLL under Windows NT/2000/XP. Trapping engine is not limited in trapping DLL exports only and
can trap any function, which address will be passed to it. [Freeware]

Auto Debug System
An auto-tracing tool to spy Window API and COM Interface calls.

AQtime Linux - Performance Tuning and Detecting Memory Leaks
A commercial performance profiler and memory debugger for Linux applications.

A tool for analysing core files from crasched applications compiled by GCC. Runs on x86, PowerPC and Etrax (cris)
Linux and compatiable systems. [Open source, GPL]

DDD - Data Display Debugger
A graphical X Window front-end for command-line debuggers such as GDB, DBX, WDB, Ladebug, JDB, XDB, the
Perl debugger, or the Python debugger.

Etnus - Debugging Tools
Developer of Totalview, a tool which aids in the development of multithreaded, multiprocess and network-distributed

Fx2™ is the industry's most complete debugging solution for Fortran developers. It also works well for
C/C++ and assembler. Fx2™ is the industry's only cost effective, commercial debugger which
properly supports Fortran and C/C++ compilers from Absoft, GNU, IBM, Intel, PathScale, and
PGI and the only debugger available from any vendor which provides proper support for IBM XL
Fortran on 64-bit Power/Linux systems. If you use multiple compilers, Fx2™ is very cost effective
because a single copy of Fx2 can work with compilers from multiple vendors.

Fuzz home page
Fuzz is a tool for testing other software. It does this by bombarding the program being evaluated with random data.

GDB: The GNU Debugger
Allows debug programs written in C, C++, and other languages, by executing them in a controlled fashion, and
printing their data, on a wide variety of UNIX and non-UNIX systems.

HP WDB Debugger
An HP-supported implementation of the GNU GDB debugger.

Insight home page
Insight is a graphical user interface to GDB, the GNU Debugger written in Tcl/Tk by people working at Cygnus

IBM AlphaWorks' JInsight
Analyzes program execution and generates a trace and a visualizer. Supports JDK 1.1 and higher. For debugging,
understanding, diagnosing. [Non-timeout eval copy]

InforMatrix LogGui
A graphical user interface for the java.util.logging package. [Freeware]

By is Java debugger, built on top of the standard JPDA (Java Platform Debugger Architecture). It
features an intuitive and graphical Java Swing GUI. [Shareware]

A Java monitoring platform. It attaches to Java application, using its own lightweight web server to let view log
messages, threads, properties, and runtime statistics. It comes with its own logging API, plus it supports the log4j API
and the Java Logging API. [Commercial]

JOI (Java Object Inspector)
A debugging tool similar to the Inspector in Smalltalk environments. [Freeware]

Graphical Java debugger. Requires Java 1.2 or higher. [Open Source, GPL]

Leaky can help you track down memory leaks and some kinds of memory corruption. It also has entry pointers for
logging addref / release calls. The key thing that leaky does is this: it logs all calls to malloc / free / realloc / new /
delete into a log file. The logging data includes information about size and address, as well as the call stack of the
operation. The leaky program then can translate the call stack data from addresses into symbols and then dump the
data out.

Linux kernel debugger
Open source, kernel-level debugger for Linux with the look and feel of Window's SoftIce

Linux Trace Toolkit
The Linux Trace Toolkit catalogs system events in minute detail, and allows a user to determine exactly what is
transpiring on his system, down to the microsecond.

Microsoft Debugging Tools
Downloads and related resources for debugging tools for Windows.

Recursively dumps all fields of an object, using reflection. [Freeware, source included]

Omniscient Debugging
An experimental debugging tool written in Java which allows "rewinding" and seeing what the values of variables
were in the past. Works by modifying bytecode. [Freeware]

Visual debugger with recall of operation history. [Commercial]

Assists in developing and debugging of Java GUI applications and applets. It shows a list of GUI components, allows
viewing fields, execute methods, trace events, function calls and field accesses at run time. [Commercial]

Sankhya Tools for Software Development
Sankhya Simulator, a retargetable Instruction Set Simulator that loads ELF/DWARF and S-Record Files; Sankhya
Debugger, a simple assembly level system debugger.

A logging tool for debugging and monitoring .NET, Java and Delphi applications. [Commercial, free personal edition
for non-commercial use]

Spline Technologies Corporation
Offers debuggers for ASP, JavaScript, and VBS. Information available on features and system requirements as well
as an online demo. [Commercial]

The GNU Visual Debugger (GVD)
Written in Ada as a front end to GDB and other debug programs.

The Cxref Homepage
Cxref is a program that will produce documentation (in LaTeX, HTML, RTF or SGML) including cross-references from
C program source code. It works for ANSI C, including most gcc extensions. The documentation for the program is
produced from comments in the code that are appropriately formatted. The cross referencing comes from the code
itself and requires no extra work.

User-mode Linux Kernel
This kernel allows developers to write and debug code using the normal process-level tools, like gdb, gprof, and

An open-source memory debugger for x86-linux.

viewcore, coredump / core dump / core file debugging on linux and mac os x,
atanas dimitrov
viewcore - coredump debugging software which works on Linux(ELF) and Mac OS X(mach-o). It helps the
programmer to obtain essential information about the abnormal termination of a process or a thread.


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