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					  Recruitment Policy

  1. Our aim is to be the employer of choice in education for the creative
     arts. To do so we seek to recruit and retain staff of the highest quality,
     who are able to contribute fully to the achievement of the University’s
     aims and objectives and to commit to our Values, whilst fulfilling their
     potential and furthering their careers.

  2. We will underpin this policy by:

     Implementing our statutory and public duty requirements in relation to
      equality and data protection
     Maintaining a distinctive University “brand” as an employer, that is used
      consistently as part of a coherent recruitment advertising strategy.
     Stressing in our advertising:
      o Our commitment to enhancing the student experience
      o Our culture of excellence, creativity and diversity
      o Our attractive employment package, that includes competitive pay
         rates for working in London; a final salary pension; generous leave
         entitlement and opportunities for personal development and flexible
     Advertising our vacancies widely and to diverse audiences, through the
      media, online and internally, including where appropriate, our own
     Ensuring all Recruiting Managers and others who participate in the
      recruitment and selection process have attended the mandatory
      “Equality and Fairness in Recruitment and Selection” training
      programme so that they conduct it fairly, openly and consistently in
      accordance with the published procedures that follow.

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  Recruitment and Selection Procedures (Salaried Staff)

   1. Confirmation of Vacancy                             4
   2. Preparation                                         5
   3. Advertising                                         6
   4. Late Applications                                   6
   5. Selection – Shortlisting                            6
   6. References                                          7
   7. Assessment                                          8
   8. Interviews                                          8
   9. Action Following the Selection Decision             9
   10. Informing Human Resources of a new starter         10
   11. Initial Salary (External Appointments)             11
   12. Initial Salary (Internal Appointments)             11
   13. Role of Human Resources                            11

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  Referred Documents

   Item 1a        Job Description
   Item 1b        Person Specification
   Item 2         Appointment of Temporary Staff
   Item 3         Proposal to Recruit (Form A)
   Item 4         Criminal Record Bureau – Guidance for Managers
   Item 4a        Employing People with a Criminal Record
   Item 5         Application Form
   Item 5a        Guidance Notes for Completing your Application Form
   Item 6         University of the Arts London: Management Structure
   Item 7a        Terms and Conditions of Service: Academic and
                      Research Staff
   Item 7b        Terms and Conditions of Service: Professional &
                      Administrative and Technical Staff
   Item 7c        Terms and Conditions of Service: Operational Staff
   Item 7d        Terms and Conditions of Service: Senior Staff above
                      Grade 7
   Item 8         EO Monitoring Procedure
   Item 8a        Equal Opportunities Reporting Sheet
   Item 9         Guidance on Advertising
   Item 10        Guidance on Selection – Shortlisting, Preparation and
   Item 10a       Shortlisting Grid
   Item 11        Invitation to Interview Letter
   Item 12        Proof of Eligibility to Work in the UK – Requirements
   Item 13        Reference Request Letter
   Item 14a       Interview Assessment Sheet
   Item 14b       Interview Decision Sheet
   Item 15        Expenses Claim Form – Interviews
   Item 16        Appointment Letter
   Item 17        Health Assessment Questionnaire
   Item 18        CRB – Guidance for Disclosure Applicants
   Item 18a       CRB - Guidance on Mandatory Fields
   Item 18b       CRB – Guidance on the Identification Checking
   Item 18c       CRB – Code of Practice
   Item 18d       CRB – Secure Storage Statement
   Item 19a       Pension Scheme Information – Support Staff
   Item 19b       Pension Scheme Information – Teaching Staff
   Item 20        Certificate of Beginning Work
   Item 21        Bank Details Form

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   Item 22        Rehabilitation of Offenders Declaration
   Item 23        Staff Data Questionnaire
   Item 24        Unsuccessful Candidate Letter
   Item 25        Proposal to Appoint (Form B)
   Item 26        Annex D Guidelines on Starting Pay on Appointment
   Item 27        Salary Confirmation Request Letter
   Item 28        Welcome Letter
   Item 29        Emergency Contact Form
   Item 30        Sick Reporting Procedure

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  Confirmation of vacancy

  3. Whenever a vacancy occurs it is important to ask two fundamental
      Is the post still needed?
        o       This may be a good opportunity to reorganise or restructure
      If it is required, should it remain in its current form?
        o       This may be an opportunity to redesign the job or create a
                new one

  4. The Recruiting Manager should be identified, as the person responsible
     for the selection process. This will normally be the line manager for the
     role or the line manager’s manager.

  5. The Job Description must be reviewed or written using the template this
     must include the standard statements under “Duties and
     Responsibilities” relating to other duties consistent with the position,
     health and safety, equal opportunities, staff development, use of
     information and communication technologies and financial procedures.
     It should also have the sections on “Key Working Relationships” and
     “Specific Management Responsibilities” completed in full.

  6. The Role Outline Questionnaire must be read and completed as
     required and sent together with the Job Description and Person
     Specification to your HR Consultant to be evaluated. Please allow 10
     working days for this to be completed.

  7. If significant restructuring is planned or posts are being redesigned, the
     Head of College/Service must consult with Human Resources and
     contact the relevant union(s) at the beginning of the process.

  8. If the vacancy is not be a permanent one please refer to     Appointment
     of Temporary Staff for guidance

  9. If the post is currently filled on a temporary basis and becomes a
     permanent vacancy then this will need to be advertised and a
     competitive selection process completed (external and internal).

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      However, if the member of staff has been employed for over a year and
      a competitive selection process has been undertaken in the first
      instance, then the member of staff may be made permanent, subject to
      satisfactory probation and the agreement of the Recruiting Manager
      and the HR Consultant.

  10. If a member of staff has been acting up in a post and the role becomes
      permanent, a competitive selection process must be undertaken,
      normally advertising both externally and internally.          Where a
      secondment becomes a permanent post, then a competitive process
      must also be undertaken. You must seek agreement from the Manager
      – HR Operations if you wish to advertise internally only in these

  11. Normally appointments will be made on a permanent basis. However,
      on occasion, there may be a reason for a fixed-term contract (e.g. work
      on a project with a known end date or the post is supported by funding
      which will come to an end). In either circumstance the principles and
      standards set out in this document should be applied, once your HR
      Consultant has been consulted.


  12. Having identified the vacancy, reviewed the Job Description, and the
      job has been graded, the Head of College/Service completes the
      Proposal to Recruit (Form A). This asks for details of the vacancy,
      information on how the post is funded (in particular if this is a new post),
      the type of post (i.e. permanent, full time, subject to CRB), the name of
      the person to contact for information and the target audience of the
      advert. This should be signed by the Head of College/Service and sent
      to your HR consultant together with the Job Description/Person
      Specification (copies should also be sent by email either to your
      Consultant or to the Recruitment Adviser).

  13. The Form A should be completed for all vacancies. All vacancies will
      be advertised both externally and internally unless agreed with HR in
      advance. Requests for ‘internal only’ advertising should be made to the
      local HR Consultant before submitting the Form A. Examples of posts
      where ‘internal only’ advertising may be permitted include: maternity
      cover, a secondment for up to two years, filing a post pending a

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  14. The decision should be made whether the post is subject to a criminal
      records check. Guidance can be sought from your HR Consultant or
      from the notes

  15. The following categories of staff will be required to apply for an
      Enhanced Disclosure:

     Academic Staff (including Associate Lecturers)
     Nursery staff
     Counsellors and Student/Careers Advisors
     Estates staff and Domestic Assistants
     Technicians supervising students in workshops, studios and IT open
     Young @ Art staff
     Any other categories of staff that may be required to have teaching/
      training and/or supervisory responsibility of students under the age of

  Further advice and guidance may be obtained from your HR Consultant.

  16. You should ensure that the named contact person has all of the
      documentation for the recruitment packs including:

     Cover Letter
     Application Form and guidance notes
     Job Description and Person Specification
     Equal Opportunities Policy
     The University Management Structure
     Terms and Conditions of Service
     Information on the College/Service
     Employing People with a Criminal Record If the post is subject to a
      check by the CRB

  17. You should also ensure that the named contact person detaches the
      EO monitoring form on receipt and complete the EO Monitoring
      procedure. Further advice is available from the Manager – HR

  18. Hard to fill posts - If you anticipates the post may be “hard to fill”, your
      HR Consultant will be happy to discuss how the post can be marketed.
      This may include providing information on comparable salaries from
      external labour market data.

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  (See also Guidance on Advertising)

  19. Human Resources is responsible for all recruitment advertising, in
      conjunction with our chosen partner, the advertising agency (Barkers).
      Barkers will write the advert based on the Job Description/Person
      Specification and details submitted on the Form A. They will also
      provide recommendations for publication. The Recruitment Adviser will
      discuss the recommendations with you to ensure the correct placement
      is made for both audience and budget requirements. All adverts will be
      cleared by the HR Manager before placement.

  20. A minimum of 7 working days is required from the receipt of the signed
      Form A to the final sign off of the advert. The Recruitment Adviser will
      be able to advise on deadlines for paper publications, internet
      placements can be made at any time. Once the advert is placed the
      Recruitment Adviser will ensure the advert is placed on the University
      Recruitment Website and a Word copy is sent to the named contact to
      confirm the date of placement. Vacancies will be advertised for a
      minimum of 2 weeks.

  Late Applications

  21. Applications which arrive after the closing date should only be accepted
      if you feel there has been a poor response i.e. a low number of
      applications. In this case all late applications up to an agreed revised
      date should be accepted, to avoid claims of discrimination.

  Selection – Shortlisting
  (See also Guidance on Selection)

  22. You will determine the shortlist, in consultation with one other member
      of the selection panel.

  23. The shortlisting grid must be completed in all cases.

  24. When there is a large number of candidates who meet all the criteria
      from the Person Specification it may be desirable to undertake a
      longlisting process involving a preliminary interview or other form of
      assessment. This is an extra step within the process and the same
      standards should be applied to this as to the rest of the selection.

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  25. You write to the shortlisted candidates using the model letter confirming
      the date(s) and time(s) of when they are invited to attend an interview.
      Additional information about the role/College/Service can be provided at
      this stage. This letter can be emailed to candidates but it should always
      be followed up by post.

  26. If, for any reason, the timescale outlined to candidates is not adhered
      to, a holding letter explaining the delay should be sent. Ideally
      shortlisted candidates should be contacted within two weeks of the
      closing date for applications.

  27. Shortlisted external candidates should be advised that before any
      appointment can be confirmed they will need to provide original
      documentary evidence of the following:

     Relevant Qualifications
     Proof of National Insurance Number (NI card, P45, P60)
     Proof of eligibility to work in the UK (See Proof of Eligibility to Work in
      the UK - Requirements

  28. They will also need to provide satisfactory references; and complete a
      health assessment questionnaire (and, if necessary, undergo a medical
      examination). They may also be required to make an application to the
      Criminal Records Bureau for an Enhanced level of disclosure.


  29. It is your responsibility to obtain references before employment

  30. External Candidates
      References should be requested from their current employer and one
      other stated referee. This includes candidates who have previously
      worked for the University but have had a break in service.

  31. Internal Candidates
      A reference should be requested from their current Dean/Head of
      Service. If there is to be no change in Line Manager than a letter/memo
      can be sent to Human Resources confirming references can be waived.

  Audit Requirements

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  32. If the duties of the post involve responsibility for money, goods,
     accounts, computer operations or programming of accounts or payroll
     then we are required to obtain references for the last two years. This
     includes staff who are on temporary contracts with the University and
     have less than two years continuous service.

  Safeguarding Children

  33. Where it is a standard requirement of the role to work on a one-to-one
      basis with young people under 18, then references from two referees
      who have known the candidate for at least two years must be

  34. References should be requested using the model letter and for current
      or past employers the attached pro forma. Sufficient time should be
      allowed to ensure all references are received before employment

  35. If written references have not been received before employment
      commences then you should seek a verbal reference and ask the
      referee to confirm this in writing as soon as possible. A formal file note
      of the verbal reference should be held on the candidates record until the
      written reference is received.


  Management and Supervisory Roles

  36. An opportunity should be provided, prior to interview, for candidates to
      meet and discuss their role with existing staff and, if appropriate, groups
      of students.

     These meetings can be informal or formal and may include a
      presentation by the candidates of their background.
     These meetings can be used as part of the interview process, however,
      candidates must be advised of this and asked to prepare accordingly.
     The composition of these groups will vary depending on the nature of
      the role. They should, however, include staff who can form a view of
      the candidates’ professional experience relevant to the role and those
      staff who will be line managed by the successful candidate.
     Student groups should comprise those on the courses which fall within
      the area of responsibility of the role.

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  37. Feedback from the formal meetings should be communicated to the
      Chair of the panel in the following ways:

     Student views: via a representative from the student group verbally or in
     Staff views: via the staff member sitting on the interview panel

  38. The decision to appoint lies with the panel. Once an appointment has
      been made the Chair of the panel should feedback to staff and students
      involved in the selection process indicating reasons for the decision for
      each candidate according to the person specification criteria.

  39. Other forms of assessment may also be considered in addition to
      interviews. These should always be relevant to the nature of the Job
      Description and Person Specification. Further advice can be obtained
      from your HR Consultant.


  40. The interview panel should, as far as possible, comprise of a range of
      gender, ethnicity and age. All members of University staff on the panel
      must have attended the Equality & Fairness in Recruitment and
      Selection training. When a required member of the panel has not yet
      attended this training, your HR Consultant must be contacted to discuss
      the options. The Line Manager of the role must, wherever possible, sit
      on the panel and a specialist advisor from another College or Pro-
      Rectorate is actively encouraged.

  41. All interview selection panels should comprise as follows:

     Grades 1-4: minimum of two
     Grade 5-7 and above: minimum of three

  42. For Grades 5-7 and above a senior manager should be included and a
      specialist advisor from outside the University may be considered.

  43. Papers on all applicants should be made available to all members of
      the interview panel, on request, to enable issues about the composition
      of the shortlist to be explained.

  44. The Interview Assessment Proforma should be used for each

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    45. The final decision on selection should, ideally, be made by consensus.
        However if this is not possible it should be by majority vote of University
        staff that have been present for all the candidate’s interviews. The
        Chair will always have a second or casting vote.

    46. The reasons for the selection decision should be recorded on the
        Interview Decision Proforma and kept together with all the application
        forms and other accumulated data1. These papers must be kept in a
        locked drawer or cabinet for at least 6 months2, and no longer than 12,
        after which time they should be disposed of confidentially (preferably by

    47. All candidates invited for interview should be given an Interview
        Expense Claim Form. Expenses for travel/Subsistence will be met from
        a College/Service budget. Travel expenses outside the UK are at your
        discretion. Where possible, webcam or videoconferencing facilities
        should be used for an overseas candidate.

    48. See Guidance on Selection - Shortlisting, Preparation and Interviewing
        for more detailed information.

    Action Following the Selection Decision

    49. The successful candidate should be notified in writing using the model
        appointment letter. The offer can also be made verbally, in person or
        by telephone but must always be confirmed in writing. It is important to
        note that before any job offer, verbal or written, is made your HR
        Consultant must be consulted regarding starting salary and the
        figure/spine point should be confirmed by email.

    50. Details of special duties or conditions already discussed and agreed
        and the starting salary and first day of work should be confirmed. The
        following papers should also be enclosed:
     Health Assessment Questionnaire
     Criminal Records Bureau: Guidance for Disclosure Applicants and Code
        of Practice for Registered Persons (if required)

  Under the Data Protection Act 1998 applicants have the right to see any notes taken about
them during the selection process.
  The time limit for discrimination tribunal claims to be brought by unsuccessful candidates is
3 months following the receipt of a letter from us informing them their application has been

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     Pension Scheme Information
  o           LGPS Information Sheet and "A Brief Guide to Your Pension"
      booklet (For support staff) OR
  o           TPS Information Sheet and "Your Guide" booklet and OPT-OUT
      form (For academic staff)
     Certificate of Beginning Work
     Bank Details Form
     Rehabilitation of Offenders Declaration
     Staff Data Questionnaire
     Equal Opportunities Policy
     Staff Charter
     Team/School/College/Service Structure Chart
     Team/School/College/Service Aims and Objectives

  34. Once the successful candidate has accepted the offer of employment,
      letters should be sent to each unsuccessful applicant, using the model
      letter as a template.

  35. You are expected to provide feedback on request to external
      candidates following interview. Feedback should be in writing, be brief
      & focus on how well the candidate has met the person specification
      criteria. Please contact your HR Consultant for advice.

  36. Feedback to internal candidates should be provided following interview,
      wherever possible, and following shortlist on request.

  Informing Human Resources of the new starter

  37. Before sending any information to Human Resources you must check
      the originals and take certified copies of the following documentary

     Proof of eligibility to work in the UK
     Proof of National Insurance Number
     Proof of relevant qualifications

  38. A Proposal to Appoint (Form B) should be completed and sent to HR
      Operations with the following documents attached:

     Application Form (Original)
     Job Description/Person Specification
     References (Originals)

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     CRB Disclosure Application Form (if required)
     Appointment Letter (Copy)
     Proof of relevant qualifications (Copy)
     Proof of eligibility to work in the UK
     Proof of National Insurance Number
     P45 (or P60 if this is not currently available)
     Staff Data Questionnaire

  39. Do not send the Form B to Human Resources until the above
      documents are obtained, verified and copied. We cannot process the
      contract or payment until these are received.

  40. The responsibility for chasing information and verifying documentation
      that is not immediately available remains with the College/Service that
      made the appointment.

  Initial Salary (External Appointments)


  42. All salary offers must be made in accordance with the Guidelines on
      Starting Pay on Appointment – Annex D of the Local Agreement on
      Grading, Pay and Benefits

  43. Newly appointed staff will normally start on the first point of the pay
      range for their Grade.

  44. A higher salary may only be offered in accordance with the guidelines
      set out in Annex D and after consulting your HR Consultant.

  45. In cases where a higher salary is being considered due to additional
      experience or expertise, proof of the candidate’s current salary level
      and up-to-date job description must be requested from their current
      employer using the model letter

  Initial Salary (Internal Appointments)

  46. Promotion (See Local Agreement on Grading, Pay and Benefits,
      paragraph 29). The candidate will be placed on the first pay point at the
      new grade or awarded a promotion increase of two pay points within the
      completence range for the grade, whichever is more advantageous, as

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      long as this does not place the individual immediately onto the
      Contribution range.

  47. The same rules apply in the event of an acting promotion if an individual
      fills a vacant post temporarily at a higher grade.

  Role of Human Resources

  48. Once the Form B and associated paperwork is received by HR
      Operations they will then send the “Welcome to University of the Arts
      London” letter together with the University’s Staff Welcome Folder in
      CD format.

  49. Human Resources will issue a contract when either:

     Satisfactory Health Assessment Questionnaire, references and criminal
      record disclosure (if applicable) have been received
   When the member of staff has been employed for 8 weeks (contracts are
     then issued subject to outstanding information)

  50. The member of staff will receive two copies of the contract. They are
      required to sign one copy and return it to Human Resources with the
      completed Next of Kin form.

  51. The member of staff will retain the following:

         One copy of the contract
         Notification of Sickness Procedures
         Medium-term strategy
         Leisure Facilities letter
         AXA PPP Healthcare Leaflet
         Employee Assistance Helpline leaflet
         Annual Leave Card
         Job Description
         Salary Scales


     All staff and students participating in the recruitment and selection
      process must ensure that they adhere to these procedures and the
      University’s Equal Opportunities Policy and Staff Charter.

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     Your HR Consultant is available to answer any questions you may have
      on these procedures. A list of the Consultants and their areas of
      responsibility is available on the HR website.

     It is the responsibility of the College/Service for chasing, obtaining,
      verifying and copying documentary evidence to Human Resources.
      Please help to avoid unnecessary delays in payment of salaries and
      issuing of contracts by ensuring that Human Resources have all that is
      required in order to process a new appointment.

     Training is available through the University on Recruitment and
      Selection process:
      o      Managing Equality & Fairness in Selection
      o      Effective Recruitment Skills (A follow up course)

     Flexible working is available – see policy on HR website for details.

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