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					                                         Waiting is hard…
by Kent Spoerlein | on January 28, 2013

Waiting for what we call “success” is one of the hardest things…

Because success is not really about the “results” – it’s about the effort and the planning and the
learning by modeling and by trial-and-error and the doing the work – that’s where success really lives.

The results are just one way to keep score.

We’re all anxious to just “get on with it” already but sometimes it’s not that simple. Even when you’re
doing all the right things…all the things that you know “work”…all the things that are proven will take
you to the top.

Sometimes the results are slower in coming than you hoped.

I always get this mental image of turning on the garden faucet connected to a couple hoses screwed
together in the back yard. After you turn the spigot you can feel and hear and you just “know” that the
water is flowing and rushing through the hose…but there is NO water coming out the end of the hose

Eventually it will, of course, unless you have a “kink” in the hose and you need to adjust/un-kink it
first. Sometimes we get one of those little kinks in our business too and a minor adjustment solves it –
makes all the difference in the world. Then the water can flow freely.

Don’t let one of those little kinks in your business hose steal your dream.

Remember…plan, do, adjust – or to put it another way…ready, fire, aim. Keep making all the little
adjustments and course corrections that are part of the process and before you know it you’ll be
drenched and drowning in prosperity to use my water and hose analogy.

Just keep at it, un-kink your (business) hose from time to time and, like I always say “Just DO it!”

For some, the results come right away, for others, it takes a little longer.
No matter, it’s like water through a hose. It’s COMING!

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