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									 On the Move
              Robert                           Daniel
              Gatto,                           Miss-
              Aggregate                        brenner,
              Knowledge                        Yorktel
                The San Ma-                   The Ea-
                teo media                     tontown,
                intelligence                  N.J.-based
software company named          provider of video-man-
Robert Gatto president.         aged services appointed
He is former chief execu-       Daniel Missbrenner vice
tive officer at PointRoll.      president of commercial
                                sales for the Western
              Michael           region. Previously, he held
              Kamm,             positions at Polycom.
              Turley                           Louise
                The national                   Rankin,
                commercial                     American
                real estate                    Baptist
services provider named                        Homes of
Michael Kamm president.                        the West
He will be based at the                       The Pleas-
firm’s San Francisco            anton provider of senior
office. He is former chief      nursing and health care
executive officer at BT         named Louise Rankin
Commercial.                     senior vice president and
                                general counsel. Previ-
              Joel              ously, she served at Jones
              Kauffman,         Day.
              Action                           Ryan
              The Santa                        Smith,
              Cruz pro-                        Wilson
              vider of                         Sonsini
marketing and engage-                          Goodrich &
ment programs that                             Rosati
overcome barriers to                           The global
reducing energy use and         provider of legal services
achieving environmental         in technology, life sci-
sustainability named Joel       ences and growth enter-
Kauffman vice president         prises industries named
of marketing and cus-           Ryan Smith as a litigation
tomer engagement. He            partner in its Palo Alto
is former vice president        office. He specializes in
of marketing and busi-          patent litigation and other
ness development at Real        cases involving complex
Goods Solar.                    technology.
              Michael                          Jenna
              Lock,                            Wainaina,
              Hearsay                          Hispanic
              Social                           Foundation
              The San                          of Silicon
              Francisco                        Valley
              provider of                      The San
social sales and market-        Jose philanthropic
ing platforms appointed         organization that focuses
Michael Lock chief op-          on Hispanic children and
erating officer. Recently,      families to achieve goals
he served eight years at        named Jenna Wainaina to
Google.                         its board of directors. She
                                is a market manager at
              Steve             Walmart.
              Tequila                          Larry
              Partida                          Wuerz,
             The San                           Neato
             Francisco                         Robotics
             maker of                         The Newark
tequila named Steve                           technology
Lauth vice president of                       company
operations. Previously,         that creates robots to
he served at Scottish &         perform household
Newcastle Importers for         chores named Larry
12 years.                       Wuerz senior vice presi-
                                dent of worldwide opera-
                                tions. Recently, he served
                                as senior vice president of
                                worldwide operations at

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