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Changing the System: The 10 Sustainability Challenges for Canadian Business in 2013


Canadian business leaders have reached a pivotal moment in their sustainability efforts. The period of low-hanging sustainability fruit is over. It is now time for leaders in the Canadian marketplace to raise the bar, reach high and wide, and create innovative sustainability opportunities. A group of Canadian business leaders met in September 2012 to identify the issues inside their organizations, in their value chains, in the marketplace, in government and in society that limit sustainable development. In a one-day roundtable, these leaders identified 10 issues facing Canadian businesses and phrased them as questions for the research community and other members of the business community to start answering. This report, published by the Network for Business Sustainability ( and produced in part by Deloitte Canada, is the result of that meeting and presents the Top 10 sustainability challenges facing Canadian businesses. As the list illustrates, the principles that drove economic growth over the last sixty years clearly no longer suffice. Canadian business leaders are looking for new business models, new partnerships and new insights to illuminate the way forward.

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