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North West Las Vegas Chiropractor, Offers Pain Relief For Car Accident Victims


North West Las Vegas Chiropractor, Dr. Mathew K. Mortensen, DC offers the effective and safe care needed by individuals who are in pain as a result of car accidents. The doctor uses a holistic approach to addressing the pain that includes care, education and support that enhances the body's ability to heal and improve the overall health and wellness of the individual.

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									North West Las Vegas Chiropractor, Offers Pain Relief For Car Accident

Las Vegas, NV, 28-JAN-2013 - Dr. Mathew K. Mortensen, DC, the well-known
chiropractor North West Las Vegas area, has been recognized for his
success in providing safe and natural care to individuals who have been
involved in car accidents. The doctor addresses the immediate pain and
helps an individual to return to their daily activities more quickly.
Through a program that includes both chiropractic care and other
alternatives therapies many people significantly reduce the length of
time required to heal from the accident.

When interviewed recently Dr. Mortensen discussed the importance of
visiting his office following an accident. "Many people do not feel pain
from a car accident until several hours or days after the event. By
visiting my office and addressing the injuries before pain begins, it is
often possible to avoid a long recovery period. I create individualized
care plan that address the immediate pain and include other parts of the
body that may have been injured. Through the use of a holistic approach
people are able to recover more quickly and improve their overall health
and wellness."

When a person is involved in a car accident they may not feel the extent
of their injuries for several hours or days following the incident. In
many cases, whiplash and other injuries to the spine will not cause pain
until the tissues that surround the injury begin to swell. During the
initial visit with Dr. Mortensen a physical examination is conducted to
evaluate the physical evidence of injury. X-rays are taken to determine
the specific areas of the body that have been injured such as spinal
misalignment, compressed or herniated discs or pinched nerves.

The doctor will discuss the accident in depth with the individual to
determine all of the parts of the body that have been impacted. In
addition, Dr. Mortensen will ask about the past medical history of the
patient, injuries they may have suffered in the past, their diet,
lifestyle and normal activities. The doctor also performs tests to
determine the flexibility and mobility of the patient.

After reviewing all of the information collected Dr. Mortensen creates a
plan that addresses the areas that are causing, or will cause, pain. He
also creates an individualized program to achieve and maintain greater
health and wellness. The doctor will perform spinal adjustment to realign
the spine, relieve pressure on nerves and restore circulation through the

The doctor may also utilize alternative therapies such as massage and
cryotherapy to reduce swelling, pain and stimulate oxygen flow to the
damaged tissues and cells. The doctor may recommend exercises designed
specifically to increase flexibility and increase circulation throughout
the body. Nutritional therapy is often used to increase the vitamins and
nutrients that the body needs to heal and regenerate more efficiently and
To get more information about the pain relief that the chiropractor North
West Las Vegas locale, Dr. Mathew K. Mortensen, DC offers visit today. Individuals and members of the
press wishing to get more details about this press release will find
contact information below.

Dr. Mathew K. Mortensen DC

Lake Mead Chiropractic

8576 W. Lake Mead Blvd.

Las Vegas, NV 89128

Telephone: 702-255-3003



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