North Shore, MA Chiropractor, Dr. Ellen Blomerth, Teaches Locals About Overall Wellness And Nutrition by AndrwKar69


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									North Shore, MA Chiropractor, Dr. Ellen Blomerth, Teaches Locals About
Overall Wellness And Nutrition

North Shore, MA, 28-JAN-2013 - Dr. Ellen Blomerth, DC provides members of
the North Shore community with the education and training needed to
achieve and maintain greater overall wellness. Dr. Blomerth is one of the
leading North Shore chiropractors to offer services to the community
designed to address the unique needs of the individuals and groups she is

When interviewed recently Dr. Blomerth shared her commitment to providing
quality education to people so that they can be proactive in maintaining
their wellness goals. "We believe that it is important for people to take
an active part in achieving and maintaining their health and wellness. To
that end I work very closely with individuals and groups to provide the
education, training and care they need to create plans that they can
follow in their daily life. When I work with a group I discuss the
concerns of the participants and teach people a holistic approach that
includes diet, exercise and steps they can take each day to increase
their body's ability to heal, regenerate and maintain flexibility. If a
person is injured I provide the safe and effective care that addresses
the issue and relieves the pain or condition."

When Dr. Blomerth works with groups or business owners she meets with the
coordinator and evaluates the work environment to determine the areas
that may cause lost days from work due to injuries and strains. The
doctor will discuss any concerns that the group may have regarding their
health and wellness as well as the average age of the participants. If
she is working with a business, Dr. Blomerth will recommend changes to
the work environment that will reduce work injuries and days off.

During the training Dr. Blomerth discusses the importance of nutrition in
maintaining overall wellness. The doctor provides information about the
types of foods that contribute to headache pain and which foods increase
stamina, energy and improve the metabolism. Dr. Blomerth answers
questions and discusses the ways that foods providing the important
vitamins and nutrients can be more easily included in a person's daily
diet. She also gives participants tips for changing eating habits more

To get more information about the care offered by the North Shore
Chiropractors and the training provided to members of the community to
achieve greater health and wellness by Dr. Ellen Blomerth visit today. Individuals and members of the
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