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									Buying, Transporting and Preparing Meat Safely
Meat is a wonderful addition to the diet. Eating it regularly helps you build strong muscles, get energy,
and even helps keep your eyes and skin healthy.

It also comes with a lot of protein. Protein is the foundational building blocks of tissue growth.

When you exercise or workout, protein is required for making those muscles stronger than they were
when you worked them out. The iron helps the blood transport oxygen throughout the body,
strengthening it to accomplish tasks.

Finally, meat fills your body with zinc. This mineral is known to maintain healthy eyes.

In healthy amounts, it is the determinant of your quality of night vision. There are many benefits to
having a healthy amount of meat in your diet, it can also offer you seriously sickness if you don’t take
the proper precautions when preparing or storing it.

Proper Selection of Meat
It starts with the initial purchase. You want to make sure that the cuts you’re buying are good.

Luckily, the United States has one of the safest meat distribution networks in the world. It all goes under
the noses of the U.S. Department of Agriculture before selling.

No one is perfect though, 21 million pounds had to be
recalled back in 2007 because of an e-coli scare. That
problem was found out and fixed, but that doesn’t mean
you shouldn’t still know where to get good meat.

The simple advice is to get it from a trusted supermarket.
Buy from a reputable store.

Their reputation is on the line with every cut they sell. You
can be pretty confident that they’ve done their research
when it comes to purchasing the right meat to sell on
their property.

Ask them questions if you have them and research the distributors’ names they give you for a more
thorough inspection. When you go to pick some up, make sure that you stop there last.

You want to keep your fresh meat cool for as long as possible to prevent bacteria growth. Pick it up right
before you head to the checkout line to keep it safe.

As you choose the best one, look for one that feels cool. If it’s warm, then that could be a sign of bad
handling or storing—meaning you don’t want anything to do with it.
Proper Storage of Meat
Make sure the packaging is tightly wrapped and without tears or punctures as that could mean
contamination. Also look out for excessive liquid in the packaging.

This can indicate an exposure to unsafe temperatures or being in storage for too long. Always pick out
products by the sell-by date and be sure to separate it from your other foods to prevent contamination.

                                                         After making your purchase, head home and put
                                                         it in the refrigerator. Keep your refrigerator at 40
                                                         degrees Fahrenheit or below to ensure your
                                                         meat stays safe.

                                                         You can also choose to freeze the product to
                                                         increase its life. When it comes time to cook it,
                                                         cook it all the way through and wash thoroughly
                                                         any surface that is contaminated by the
                                                         uncooked portions.

                                                      Meat is great for you, but it needs to be cared
                                                      for properly. Take care to keep you and your
family safe by understanding how to buy, transport and prepare it.

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