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					   Ashley Rose Davidson
        Social Media Manager

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Today’s Agenda
    The Future of Voice-Overs
    Evaluating Your Potential
    Understanding Your Role
    Planning Your Voice-over Demo
    Setting Up Your Home Studio
    Building Your Business
    Creating A Presence Online
    Marketing Yourself Online
    How Works
    Q&A
Ashley Rose Davidson

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The Future of
Voice Overs
The Future of Voice-Overs
    Revolutionary mobile devices have made
     audio content available anytime, anywhere
     for download
    Significant increase in audiobooks, web
     videos and presentations
    Increase in eLearning content creation,
     product information and demo pieces
    Frequent requests is the translation of existing
     content into different languages
Home Recording Opportunity
   More voice-over is work going online because it
    saves time, energy, resources and money.
   Revolutionary mobile devices have made
    audio content available anytime, anywhere for
   Significant increase in audiobooks, web videos
    and presentations
   Increase in eLearning content creation,
    product information and demo pieces
   Frequent requests is the translation of existing
    content into different languages
Performance Trends

           Sound like a "real person”
           Clients want a guy or girl next
            door voice
           Sound like they’re talking to a
            close friend
           Referred to as a
            “conversational” read
Your Potential
Recognizing The Skills You
 Need as a Voice Talent

             At a minimum, freelance voice
             talent need the following skills:

                   Acting
                   Technology
                   Business
                   Marketing
Ask yourself...

     Can you read aloud with stumbling?
     Do you embrace technology?
     Do you have marketing know-how?
     Do you think running your own business
     is risky?
 Studying With a Voice Coach

   Acting classes will improve your
    voiceover performance
   Help you to assess your talent and
    develop your skills
   Build a solid foundation for your voice-
    over career
            Taking a Workshop,
    Tele-classes or Attending a Seminar
   How to warm up your voice, how to
    breathe properly, assume a proper
    posture for voicing
   Intonation, phrasing, fluctuation,
    elasticity, versatility

Want to start learning right now? Listen
to voice coaches by downloading our
free podcasts “Voice Over Experts” in
  Your Role
                          The Instructor

   Best suited for a corporate training
    video or children's game
   Straightforward, didactic and
    educated voice
   Role of this particular voice talent is to
    instruct or provide information to fulfill
    a specific goal or purpose
                    The Real Person

   Commonly known as the "regular guy"
    or the "girl next door."
   Casual approach often benefits from
    relatable, genuine voiceovers
   The character is homegrown, sensible
    and friendly
               The Spokesperson

   Spokesperson can be on camera
    or off camera
   Confident, charismatic person
    able to promote a cause,
    product, or service
   Needs to be driven, optimistic
    and assured.
                        The Narrator

   Storytelling is where the Narrator is
    most at home
   Omniscient, courteous and
   Narrator's job is to provide an
    audio landscape for a listener
   Must communicate clearly and
                     The Announcer

   The Announcer is a product of
    the broadcast age
   Often heard live at events, on
    commercials, promos or
    introducing segments for
   Introduce an idea and
    assertively make a call for
Planning Your
Using the Demo Recipe

              Demo length of 60 – 90
              5 or 6 segments per
      Example of a Demo Outline:

   Slate or Intro: 5 seconds
   Segment 1: 15 seconds
   Segment 2: 15 seconds
   Segment 3: 10 seconds
   Segment 4: 10 seconds
   Segment 5: 5 seconds
   Closing remarks : 5 seconds (contact info / website )
   Closing music jingle(optional): 5-8 seconds
      Downloading Sample Scripts

Instead of writing your own copy, you can record royalty-free
scripts from

Bonus eBooks included with your Membership
   Voice-Over Script Collection
   Commercial Scripts for Radio and Television Ads

  Download eBooks and Success Kits
Local Recording Studios

             If you do not have the means of
              investing in your own recording
              equipment at this time it is best to
              develop a business relationship
              with a local recording studio.
             Find recording studios by looking
              them up in your phone book or
              performing a Local Search in
Questions to Ask a Recording Studio
   What is your hourly studio rates?
   What kind of vocal microphone do you have?
   Do you have a royalty-free music library?
   Do you have a sound effects library?
   Do you have script to make a voice-over demo?
   Can you deliver finished work for me?
   Do you have an ISDN connection?
   How do you require payment?
   Do you accept cash and credit card?
   How much notice do you need to book my session?
   Are you open on evenings and weekends?
   What is your cancellation policy?
         Attending Your First Session

   Rehearse your scripts in
   Building a good business
    relationship starts as soon as
    you make your first contact
   Ask for a 10% discount on all
    studio sessions, agreeing that
    you will work exclusively with
    them for the next year.
Setting Up
Your Home
        Computer Based Recording

   Digital recording to record long
    and uninterrupted narration
   Digital editing to quickly and
    easily remove unwanted
    background noise or embellish
    the audio track with music and
    sound effects
   Digital processing such as
    adding effects to your voice like
    as reverb, or echo, and master
    your entire demo for sonic clarity

Considerations when choosing a
microphone include:

     Usability
     Frequency Response
     Directionality
     Pop Filter
     Shock Mount
     Testing
     Price
     Recording and Editing Software

   Audacity (free)
   Adobe Audition
   GarageBand
   TwistedWave
   Pro Tools
Realizing the Dream
      Essential Technology for the Home-
      based Business:

         High-speed Internet connection
         Personal computer, printer
         Business software MS Word, Excel
         Accounting software such as
         Quicken, QuickBooks, MS Money
          is recommended
         Telephone with voicemail
           Selecting a Name
   Be sure that the name of your business reflects
    you as a professional voice-over talent
   Make sure that the name you choose is also
    available as a domain name online
   Try to make your name unique but easily
    understood and recognizable.
   Be sure to select a name that is easy to
    remember, easy to say and spell, and is non-
    offensive to others
       Creating a Personal Brand
   If successfully mastered, it will set you and your voice-
    over business apart from others.
   Using a stage name gives you the freedom to create a
    unique voice-over persona
   Selecting a name for your company, securing a domain
    name for your voice-over website, picking colors,
    creating a logo, language, music, sound effects,
    slogans, and voice-over imaging are all important
    aspects of branding your voice-over career.
        Drafting Your Vocal Description

   Summarize your service in about 15
    words or less to keep the readers
   Features your strengths, specialties,
    and unique characteristics
   Description should be no more than
    two to three sentences long
   When you have your vocal
    description completed, start thinking
    about a phrase that best reflects
    your voice-over services
                  Coloring Your Brand

   Colors often have certain emotions or
    connotations associated with them
   When choosing colors to represent
    your voice-over services, it is important
    to select colors that go well together
   Create a logo incorporating them to
    further brand your voice visually.
Creating a Logo

       The first impression of your voice
       Incorporate the colors that you chose
        for your voice to further enhance and
        unify your visual branding
       Your logo can accompany press
        releases, be used as a link to your site,
        for advertising purposes and give
        potential audiences a glimpse at
        what you and your voice are all
        about even before listening to your
Creating A
Getting Visibility Online

           Achieve visibility by investing in your
            own website or by subscribing to a
            online marketplace,
           Have your own website on
   with your profile
           Create profiles with social media
            channels to achieve more online real
            estate for your business
Importance of Creating a Stunning Profile

                  Give clients a better of idea of who
                   you are and the kinds of services that
                   you can provide
                  Mention your credits and past clients
                  Highlight your languages and accents
                  Suggest the styles and ages that you
                   can perform
                  Describe your home recording studio
                  Offer your methods of delivery
                  Provide your rates
  20 Marketing Ideas for Voice Actors
1.   Logos: develop your own logo and become
memorable before people even hear your voice.

2.      Business Cards: create some business cards. They
won't do you any good just sitting in your wallet though.
Hand them out everywhere! You never know who your
waitress knows or who's visiting the dentist that day.

3.      Branded Letterhead: if you are mailing demos to
potential clients write a brief cover letter using branded

4.     Demo Stickers: likewise use demo stickers that
contain your contact details and logo.
  20 Marketing Ideas for Voice Actors
5.     Thank You Cards people still love the personal touch
of a hand written thank you card.

6.      Postcards or Pamphlets: mail businesses a post card
or pamphlet to introduce yourself and your services
explaining how you can help them.

7.      Blogging: If you enjoy writing and can do it
consistently blogging can be an effective way to build a
following and increase your presence on the web.

8.       Meet-up Groups: starting or joining a monthly meet-
up group is a great way to network with peers and get
referral business.
  20 Marketing Ideas for Voice Actors
9.     Social Media Marketing: Become active on social
media by creating profiles and pages to share your

10.     Personal Website: Having a personal website in
addition to a profile will increase your presence
online even more.

11.    Professional Associations: Receiving accreditation
from a voice over association will help you be perceived as
a professional voice talent

12.     Generate Publicity: everyone has a story! Try
pitching yours to magazines and newspapers to generate
publicity for your business.
  20 Marketing Ideas for Voice Actors
13.    Send Clients Swag: Swag refers to useful items you
can send to clients which are branded with your company
logo such as mugs, magnets, pens, etc.

14.     Sponsor/ Attend An Event: If you can swing it,
sponsoring an event is a great was to generate some
publicity and make yourself known within your community.

15.    Traditional Advertising: place an ad in your local
paper, trade magazine, or yellow pages.

16.   Cold Call: Try cold calling local businesses and local
production studios to introduce yourself
  20 Marketing Ideas for Voice Actors
17.      Ask For Referrals: If your client is happy they are sure
to refer you to others. Sometimes all you have to do is ask.

18.    Link-love: There are hundreds of online directories.
Take some time each day to find and submit your website
to them to increase traffic to your site.

19.    Google Adwords: Reach out to a targeted
audience with an ad that appears along side specific key
word searches, especially local searches.

20.     Join Connect with clients through
auditioning online and gain an international reach.
                 How Works

1.   Clients post jobs
2.   You review job details and submit an online audition at
3.   Client selects you as the best candidate for the job and makes payment
4.   You complete the recording and upload finished files for your client
Being Awarded A Job
 How SurePay Works
          No set up required.
          Client’s pay by Visa, Master Card
           or PayPal.
          You complete the work and
           uploaded the finishes files back to
          Client listens and then approves
           the files.
    Getting Paid at

   Once files are approved, your payment is
    queued by to the issues for the next pay period.
   Payments are being paid out every Friday.
   SurePay Escrow Service guarantees, you will be
    paid for your work.
   Apps– has designed an
    iPhone, iPad and iPod touch app for
    voice talent promoting themselves for
    work opportunities
   Royalty-Free Music – Browse our huge
    selection of ready-to-use music tracks,
    sound effects, music loops and audio
   Webinars – has numerous
    webinars from industry experts to
    voice-over coaches to help you along
    the way.
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