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Your Privacy at stake: How
To Vanish Without A Trace
The things you COULD do if you wanted to...

How To Vanish Without A Trace
by Gracie Lake | on January 16, 2013

       our privacy has been lost in today’s online world. If
       someone wants to find you, it’s pretty easy to come up
                                                                  So maybe you’re not quite ready to go ‘underground’ but privacy expert Frank
       with something about you in just a few keystrokes.         Ahearn will - for a price - make you disappear if you have to. But there are some
                                                                  things we could be doing NOW to get more privacy like stop buying things with
But what if the information about you online is wrong? What       a credit card, using a disposable phone, and using public Wi-Fi on cheapie
if you need to ‘get outta Dodge’ or hide from the abusive ex      laptops that can be thrown away.
spouse who has promised to hunt you down and take you
                                                                  limited to legally responsible party; the corporate entity. And
These are real concerns for some people. If you’re online, yes,   corporate entities go out of business and disappear.
you can be found. And Facebook’s new Graph Search an-
nounced Jan. 14 makes it even easier for people to see where
you went, who you went with and what you did when you
                                                                  Frank Ahearn: How To Vanish Without
got there.                                                        A Trace
Maybe you don’t care. But let’s say you’re reputation has been    Privacy consultant Frank Ahearn, who wrote How to Dis-
tarnished, or you’ve come into some money and want to             appear: Erase Your Digital Footprint, Leave False Trails, and
protect it.                                                       Vanish without a Trace, helps people fly under the radar.
                                                                  He says there are a lot of reasons why someone may want to
A few years ago I picked up a book by a guy who teaches you       create a “new” identity.
how to preserve your privacy and fly under the radar. He told
about how he dodged tickets by registering his car under his      •	   I’ve	come	into	some	money	and	I	want	to	start	over
business entity (a corporation or an LLC), creating a mailbox     •	   I’ve	lost	everything,	I’ve	got	walk-away	money,	and	I	don’t	want	
location in one state, and forwarding it to another and to             anyone	to	find	me
another.                                                          •	   My	reputation	has	been	ruined	by	a	stupid	mistake,	and	I	need	
                                                                       to	start	somewhere	else
                                                                  •	   I	need	to	get	away	from	a)bad	guys,	b)my	family,	or	c)the	media
He made a fascinating case for why it might be smart to
own your car under a corporate identity, not only because of
minor traffic tickets, but to give you some protection against    What will you do to earn money?
personal liability. That way, if the car is in an accident, and   But you’re going to need an income to make a new life.
the owner sued – and you’re NOT the owner – the losses are
Ahearn advises creating a corporate
entity, and creating a new “identity” as
someone who works for that entity. The
business can be in another city from you,
it pays you online or offshore, and you
digitally have your money deposited into
an account.

(By the way, Empower Network does
that…If you’re interested in building
something for yourself ‘on the side’ this is
one way to do it! Co-founder Dave Wood
lives in Costa Rica, and while he’s not
exactly hiding, it gives you a good exam-
ple of what could be accomplished if you
want to follow Ahearn’s advice.)
                                                                       Disappearing into the city may make you less noticeable, if you’re trying to
For hard core vanishing, like something out of a Jason       escape from a bad situation. Creating a false Facebook ‘you’ who works for a
Bourne movie, he advises moving to a city where it’s easy to company you’ve created can be one way of doing it.
blend in, and get a disposable phone, disposable computer
and use public wi-fi. You would keep all your data on a mem-
ory stick that is easy to hide.

Most of us aren’t on the run but would like to have just a little
bit more privacy than we have.

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