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									     Gracie Lake’s Everyday Abundance
     How to live and work from wherever you are

            hat you believe you are and what you believe you
            can do are two powerful ideas that can shape your
            whole life.

Do you have an unconscious script that is telling you that
you can’t make money? Or you can’t be successful?

I recently bought Christie Marie Sheldon’s Unlimited Abun-
dance program to make sure that I’m not blocking myself
unconsciously from things that I want to succeed in.

Listen to Christie’s video a couple of times, (Link: http://    Christie Marie Sheldon teaches Unlimited Abundance. Find her online at http://
ded&v=CuM678WXs0c#!) and see if it helps you.
                                                                unsuccessful. Ask yourself – is it really true? Are you judging
Christie gives a free lesson on how she does her clearing       things OUT of your life?
work. Her style here is basically what you’ll find in her Un-

limited Abundance program which I’m doing. This gives you            t happens to us all and can be truly frustrating. But what
a good idea of what you can accomplish.                              causes these blocks? Why can it seem like there’s a brick
                                                                     wall standing in front of us?
Have you been experiencing blocks                               And how exactly do we get rid of it? People can sometimes
in achieving your dreams?                                       block themselves from financial success because of these
                                                                hard-wired beliefs that were established early on in their
If you’ve been frustrated by working towards something          lives.
and it’s not working for you, she helps people remove those
blocks and clear.                                               They include:

As a self-employed person who works at several different        •	       Money	is	evil
business endeavors, I get impatient and I want everything to    •	       Rich	people	lie	or	cheat	to	become	successful
turn up RIGHT NOW, so sometimes I get frustrated when           •	       I	have	to	work	hard	for	my	money
things don’t move along fast enough. Christie says this can     •	       Money	is	for	other	people,	not	me
be a sign of unconscious or subconscious blocks that we do      •	       I	can’t	afford	___________
to ourselves. Things like:                                      •	       I	have	to	save	for	a	rainy	day
                                                                •	       Money	is	not	spiritual
•	      I	can’t	make	money
•	      I’m	broke                                               Check out the image below. It’s the picture of a frozen water
•	      I	can’t	have	love                                       crystal after it was embedded with the vibration of “Joy.”

These negative statements muddy up your psyche and make you     Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto took photos of everyday
substances and recorded how they responded
to an emotion. Once you look at the video,
you can easily imagine what happens to YOU
when you think negative thoughts or sur-
round yourself with negative people, or you
work in a negative environment.

TIP: Write down your
Every time you judge yourself or someone
else, make a little note of it. Do this for 7 days
just to track yourself.

You can write it down on a notepad, or on
your phone as a note. Don’t think too much
about it – just save it.

After a few days, collect your notes and review them. As you
review each thought and belief, cross it out and write a new

Reframe it:
I’m so grateful and thankful that….
Do this for every negative belief or thought that you have.
By rewriting your negative judgments with positive ones,
you will change your vibration. The universe responds to
that, and gives you possibilities. You don’t have to know how,
but by asking the question, you open up possibilities for the
universe to deliver it to you.
Let me just say right here that I’m not selling anything for
Christie Marie Sheldon. I’m just a fan who bought her pro-
gram and am using it.
In the first few days, things DID start happening. Here’s a list
of what happened in the first two weeks:
•	             I	got	a	new	marketing	client
•	             An	old	client	returned	with	more	work
•	             I	got	two	unexpected	commissions
•	             I	found	money	in	the	bathroom	at	Starbucks	
															(I	washed	it	off	and	kept	it!)
•	             I	got	four	new	gigs	designing	print	materials

Not bad, I figure.

She has more tips and tools on her website at http://www.

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