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What steps do you need to
take to be self-employed?
How to Freelance and Work From Home

                 hat do you do?” people will ask me. I’ll say,
                 “I work from home,” or “I’m self employed.”
                 Then I get into the details.

I'm always happy to share with others how I've done it. I've
raised three kids while working from home and now my
husband works from home as well. We have our freedom to
travel, to hang out with a cup of tea when I have the sniffles,
and to do what I like.                                                Are you ready to break out of your cubicle and take your talents out into the
                                                                      public? You have options! You can freelance, start your own business, work at
                                                                      home, or become a consultant or more!
Is that the lifestyle you'd like too? It's going to get a bit messy
getting there, but others have done it. So can you.                   want is a good way to get started.

Whether you’ve been laid off, unemployed, or underem-                 I’ve met many people who take care of other people’s pets,
ployed, freelancing is a friendly word that describes work-           provide concierge services, work on cars, fix computers,
ing as a ‘consultant.’ What steps do you need to take to be           build websites, and keep books. If you are providing services
self-employed?                                                        that can be offered over the internet, your audience is as
                                                                      big as you want it to be and you can offer up your wares at
First, decide what it is you want to do, and then put together or
a simple plan to get started. You don’t need to have every-
thing figured out in the beginning so don’t let all the ‘un-          You can also try Craigslist too, although you’ll have to put up
knowns’ stop you. Simply DO it, and figure it out as you go           with a certain amount of spam in the process.

You will not get it perfect the first time, I guarantee it, but
                                                                      2. Sell something

that’s okay. You’re having an adventure, and being indepen-
                                                                         f you’re not particularly handy, then you can easily offer
                                                                         for sale someone else’s product. You can do online mar-
                                                                         keting, network marketing, or broker the services or
1. Provide a Service                                                  products that someone else produces.

            hether you work as a freelancer doing what it is          Lots of people have told me “I am NOT a salesman,” because
            you used to do, or you come up with something             they’re too shy to ask someone to buy something. Fact is,
            different, providing a service that others need and       you’re selling yourself every day if you’ve ever held a job. If
you don’t like face-to-face sales, then online sales may be the
thing for you. For network marketers, it’s all about using the
company’s own tools to “share” rather than sell.

Next, create a business card. This is easier than you think. Vi- makes it easy to grab low cost or free cards (the
Vistaprint logo goes on the back of the freebies though, and
this screams NEWBIE to anyone you give your card to.) If
you have a reasonable printer, get some printable cards from
one of the office supply stores, and print out a few yourself.
There are downloadable templates from that are
easy to do. The templates come in various formats or you can
use an online free service like

Set a price for your time or a goal for your sales. How much
do want to make this year? How much do you want to make
next year?

3. Set your price

                                     ind out what others are
                                     charging for the same ser-
                                     vice. Don’t be afraid to ask
                              for the same amount. If you set
                              it too low, your potential clients
                              will value you at that rate.

                             Get out the calculator and figure
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ing expenses. Remember that hourly employees get paid for
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workers comp, vacations, sick time and training, so you have
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to include those costs in what you do.
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Once you have a number, compare it to the local going rate
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for your service and adjust as needed.
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Here’s how it works. Let’s say you want to make $50,000 plus
                                                                         development Guru Jim Rohn’s career and fortune!
benefits and overhead (home office and business expenses) of
about $30,000.

Let’s break that $80,000 goal down: $80,000 / 48 weeks (al-
lows for four weeks of vacation, and you’ll need it!) = $1,667
a week $1,667 / 20 hours = $83 You’ll need to charge $83 an
hour for 20 hours a week on average to meet your $80,000
goal. Round it up to $85 an hour and there you are!

If your rate doesn’t compare well to the going rate in your
area, it’s time to revise. Either offer a premium service over
your competitors or reduce your overhead and expenses.
I always advise expanding service and goals over reducing
them, but this is a decision you’ll have to make.
You can also give your new clients an introductory offer to
get started. It’s easy to show a one-time discount on a PayPal
                                                                 4. Publish your rates

invoice, but that way your clients know what your regular
                                                                       on’t be afraid to set your rates and let others know
rate is.
                                                                       what you charge. Your time is valuable and it helps
                                                                       your potential clients see what it is you offer. You
For instance, give away the first half hour of your service
                                                               don’t want to spend a lot of time giving someone a sales
for free, or do a no-cost consultation to see if they like you
                                                               pitch on your services if they are not even in the ballpark of
and you like them. After all, as a freelancer or self-employed
                                                               paying your rate. So don’t waste each other’s time by hiding
person, you’re now able to FIRE your clients if you don’t like
                                                               behind a final price. By posting your rates you weed out the
You can always play with the numbers a bit when you’re
                                                                 Congratulations! You’re thinking about ditching your job
starting with a new client. Let’s say you’ve bid a project for
                                                                 or ditching the corporate environment. Others have done
$1,000 and your rate is $85 an hour. That’s roughly 12 hours
                                                                 it and so can you. Make sure you start hanging out with oth-
of your work.
                                                                 ers who have been there, done that, so you have people you
                                                                 can talk with and compare notes.
Perhaps you really needed to spend 20 hours on the project,
but you don’t actually bill for the extra 7 hours. Is it a loss?
Sort of, but you’ll gain a client, and sometimes it takes a      Get more help with Gracie Lake! Find
while to build your clientele.
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