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									Striving to Exceed the ARGUS Standards of Flight Safety

By : Angel MedFlight Contributor

Some say that earning a gold medal is a great achievement.
The Olympic ceremonies prove that a gold medal is the
standard of highest honors to an athlete. The world of
aviation is similar in that respect, but Angel MedFlight
Worldwide Air Ambulance strives for more.

Angel MedFlight has been proud to hold a Gold standard
ranking with ARGUS.

ARGUS defines the Gold standard ranking as: This rating is awarded to operators who meet all Gold
rating requirements, and have undergone an ARGUS on-site safety audit. The operator has been found
to have effective and documented policies and procedures which should be conducive to safe future

Angel MedFlight is currently preparing for ARGUS Platinum and IS-BAO certification ratings. Our
executive team has dedicated a large amount of resources and time to ensure we exceed industry best
practices. This in-depth, on-site audit is comprised of 3 components including flight operation,
maintenance, and safety. We are excited to make this achievement a reality and showcase our
commitment to exceed regulation and compliance.

ARGUS is a specialized aviation services company with global expertise whose mission is to provide the
aviation marketplace with the information needed to make informed decisions and manage risk. Angel
MedFlight ensures that all flights are conducted safely and efficiently while complying with all regulatory
agencies requirements.

Angel Medflight pilots and aircraft are evaluated quarterly by ARGUS. This vigorous process solidifies
that in addition to our commitment to your safety and happiness, Angel MedFlight is always, and will
always provide the best service possible.

ARGUS ratings are extremely important. Much like the Better Business Bureau rating system, ARGUS
Charter Evaluation and Qualification (CHEQ) - a third-party rating and due diligence system - is a rating
system for the aviation industry. This rating system has 3 options available: Red, Yellow, and Green. Red,
as you can most likely guess, is bad in terms of choosing the best ratings for record of safely and
efficiency. Yellow is... you guessed it, be cautious in your choice. Angel MedFlight is proud to maintain a
green light.
To find out more about us from a different perspective, take a look at some of our testimonials on our
website or visit our YouTube page. We are extremely grateful for some of our patients and clients to
take the time to share their experiences with our crew and take advantage of our Bedside to Bedside
service. We handle all aspect of your journey from the patient's current bedside until they reach the
requested hospital bed.

Leave the stress of dealing with insurance and scheduling to us. If you or a loved one is ever in need of
an air ambulance for medical transportation, you can rely on Angel MedFlight's One Touch Promise,
proven success record, and seasoned professionals to get you home safely.

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