March 2012 Prayers for Portland Rescue Mission by linxiaoqin


									    March 2012
    Prayers for Portland Rescue Mission
    “I know how to live when I am poor, and I know how to live when I have plenty. I have learned the secret
    of being happy at any time in everything that happens, when I have enough to eat and when I go hungry,
    when I have more than I need and when I do not have enough. I can do all things through Christ, because
    He gives me strength.”         —Philippians 4:12–13 (New Century Version)

                   We added a second Car Sales and Donations site last year,                Prayer Focus for March
     March 1–3

                   which increased our services to the west side of Portland,               We’re excited about the new
                   but it’s been challenging to maintain a full supply of vehicles.
                                                                                            weekend lunch service at our
                   Please pray for an abundance of vehicle donations. Pray for God
                   to move people to support the Mission in this creative way.
                                                                                            Burnside Shelter! This service
                                                                                            provides more than 300 meals
                   Pray also for our staff as they go through shifts in job descriptions.   to men and women each
                   Please pray for our Outreach team as they work with eight                weekend, at a time when many
     March 4–10

                   volunteer homeless guests to run the Burnside Shelter activities         other agencies do not serve
                   each night. This opportunity opens up relationships with these           meals. Please pray that the lives
                   men as they help in the dining room and prepare our shelter              of our homeless guests would
                   space in exchange for an overnight bed. Pray that God would
                                                                                            be reached in a positive way
                   reveal His goodness to the men as they work with us.
                                                                                            through this new endeavor.
                   The Children’s Center at Shepherd’s Door is a ministry to
     March 11–17

                   greater Portland. Please pray for our community families—
                   people who use the Children’s Center for childcare—this week.
                   Some parents struggle with addiction, others have financial
                   challenges, and some of the children face learning difficulties.
                   While our recovery residents’ children have special needs,
                   our community children need just as much attention to
                   develop in a healthy way. Pray for their spiritual and physical
                   growth and for the stability of their families.

                   Last month, we welcomed three New Life Recovery Ministry
     March 18–24

                   graduates into the GRAD Ministry, a year long job-training            The new meal service meets a tangible need,
                                                                                          and it opens the door to more relationships
                   opportunity. Praise God for His provision! Please pray that          with homeless guests at our Burnside Shelter.
                   our GRADs would adjust to a new schedule, work well with
                   staff and volunteers, and feel challenged and rewarded in their ministry alongside staff and volunteers.

                   Pray also for the staff member who leads the GRAD Ministry. As he juggles many work obligations,
                   we pray that his work with our GRADs would be focused and fruitful.

                   On Sunday, five men will graduate from New Life Recovery Ministry. Praise God for His work in their
     March 25–31

                   lives! Pray for their steps of faith to move into the next season of life. Pray especially that they would rely
                   on God as well as their church and families as they pursue work and integrate into the community.

                   As always, we pray for our staff’s service to homeless guests and recovery residents. Please pray for our
                   staff’s growth in faith, wisdom, patience and compassion as they seek to fulfill God’s call on their lives.

We’d like to pray for you! Send prayer requests to, call 503-MISSION (647-7466) or mail it to us at P.O. Box 3713,
Portland, OR 97208-3713. Check out our website at for more current events and prayer opportunities.
 March 2012
 Board of Directors and Staff
 Board of Directors                                  Darlene Crawford, Night Ministry Team
 Todd Sheaffer, Chair                                Wendy Gerkman, Night Ministry Team
 David Dannemiller, Vice Chair                       Megan Gornick, Night Ministry Team
 Kathy Anfuso, Secretary                             Katherine Kalpakis, Night Ministry Team
 Janine Schulwitz, Treasurer
 Greg McWade
                                                     Erin Fowler, Night Ministry Team
                                                                                                             Answered Prayers
 Merrit Quarum, M.D.
                                                     Children’s Center at Shepherd’s Door
                                                     Nancy Singleterry, Children’s Center Manager
 Steve Stratos
                                                     Kelly Huck, Children’s Center Sub-Director / Teacher
 Executive Staff                                     Tabitha Sheeder,
 Eric Bauer, Executive Director                         Children’s Center Sub-Director / Teacher
 Bill Meadowcroft, Chief Operating Officer           Andrea Benson, Children’s Center Teacher
 Bill Miller, Director of Development Ministry       Tiffany Braman, Children’s Center Teacher
 George Vaughan, Director of Partnership Ministry    Kelsey Fong, Children’s Center Teacher
 Erin Holcomb, Executive Assistant                   Forrest Johnson, Children’s Center Teacher
                                                     Abigail Liezen, Children’s Center Teacher
 Outreach Ministry                                   Katelyn Polivchak, Children’s Center Teacher            The Mission received a high honor
 Timothy Desper, Guest Services Manager                                                                                    for its effectiveness.
 June Cassell, Administrative Assistant              Partnership Ministry
 Daniel Roby, Outreach Chaplain                      Jan Marshall, Senior Ministry Specialist
 Samuel Nagel, Evening Outreach Specialist           Holly Hummel, Group Involvement Specialist               Charity Navigator, a
 Sean Dinno, Night Ministry Team                     Dallas Lange, Community Partnership Chaplain
 Austin Easley, Night Ministry Team                  Justin McMahan, Community Partnership Coordinator        third-party evaluator
                                                     Sally Pella, Reception / Partnership Associate
 Ukiah Hawkins, Night Ministry Team
 Mark Johnson, Night Ministry Team                   Dan Williams, Volunteer Involvement Specialist           of nonprofits, has
 Justin Spahn, Night Ministry Team
 Justin Modrell, Weekend Outreach Team
                                                     Open, Ministry Communications Specialist
                                                                                                              given Portland Rescue
                                                     Development Ministry
 Paul Moffatt, Weekend Outreach Team
                                                     Kent Factora, Video / Audio Producer                     Mission a 4-star rating!
 Christopher Hall, Warehouse Inventory Associate

 Men’s Ministry
                                                     Brian Merrell, Community Relations / Media Specialist
                                                     Nathan Smith, Creative Lead / New Media Specialist
                                                                                                              One recovery resident
 J. R. Baker, Senior Chaplain
                                                                                                              returned from the
 Dominic Abaria, Administrative Associate
 John Boehm, Resident Advocate / Intake Specialist
                                                     Howard Andrews, IT Specialist
                                                     Rick Franklin, Database Specialist
                                                                                                              hospital last month
 Jim Bradley, Next Step Counselor
 Kevin Bradley, Learning Center Manager
                                                     Alissa Goble, Staff Ministry Manager                     from surgery, and he
                                                     Josh Hodney, Gifts Processing Associate
 John Dominguez, Discovery Specialist
 Bob Rapp, Recovery Chaplain
                                                     Michael Marcello, Gifts Processing Specialist            is healing well.
 Charles Romanic, Recovery Team Manager
 Ted Wachsmuth, Food Services Coordinator
                                                     Kathy McClung, Accounting Specialist
                                                     JonMarie Purvis, Accounting Manager                      A Shepherd’s Door
 Open, Recovery Chaplain
                                                     Reid Stady, Staff Ministry Associate
                                                     Dave Whiting, Burnside Operations Manager
                                                                                                              resident who left the
 Women’s Ministry
                                                     Car Sales and Donations                                  ministry in 2011 has
 Open, Manager of Shepherd’s Door
 Kay Askey, Life Skills Manager
                                                     Dick Osborne, Manager
                                                     Jon Anderson, Service Lead
                                                                                                              returned to pursue
 Kathleen Bradley, Recovery Team Manager
 Bobbie Braker, Recovery Counselor
                                                     Gary Abraham, Records / Sales                            recovery again!
                                                     Victor Armendariz, Sales
 Lindsay Chang, Life Skills Specialist
 Carolyn Thompson, Recovery Specialist
                                                     Jim Cooper, Sales                                        Our expansion and
                                                     Ruth Cooper, Administrative Lead
 Hannah Hayes, Administrative Associate
 Bethany Hewitt, Lead Resident Advocate
                                                     Luis Hernandez, Detail Technician                        remodel of Next Step
 Chris Jensen, Home Life Specialist
                                                     Taylor Holcomb, Mechanic
                                                     Troy Williams, Sales
                                                                                                              men’s recovery site
 Christine Kan, Resident Advocate
 Rebecca Long, Kitchen Manager                       Vocational Ministry                                      starts April 1!
 Crystal Strickler, Discovery Specialist
 Marty Sturdivant, Chaplain
                                                     Tom Lister, Manager of Vocational Ministry
                                                     Dave Ketah, Maintenance Manager
                                                                                                             Praise God!
 Linda Trier, Part-Time Nurse

Father, please grant the Portland Rescue Mission board
and staff wisdom and compassion as they work with
hurting, homeless men, women and children of our city.

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