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									                                                                                                COMEFIM 8
    Nr.   Nume                             Titlu lucrare

1   Robotics: Industrial, Microrobotics, Mobile Robots
     1 Avram Mihai                 Establishing static and dynamic performances of proportional valves
     2 Avram Mihai                 Angular hydraulic positioning unit with electrical position reaction
     3 Bolboe Marian
           ş                       Design, cad model and functional simulation for an anthropomorphic gripper for robots
     4 Bolcu Dumitru
           ş                       The influence of the vibrations of a cinematice element made from composite material over the precision of an open cinematic element
     5 Bri an Cornel               Virtual Models Of Partner Robots With 3DOF
     6 Bri an Cornel               Partner Robotic System Solution For Integrated Man – Machine Reconfigurable Systems
     7 Erriu Natascia
           ă                       A two fingers device for saffron flowers detaching
     8 Gîrbacia Florin             Mobile robot navigation using augmented reality technologies
     9 Gr mescu Bogdan             The dynamic model of a worm-like mobile robot
    10 Ion Ion                     The stability displacement of modular mechatronic mobile system
    11 Ispas Virgil                Aspects regarding the kinematic modeling of serial robots
    12 IspasşVirgil
         ă                         Aspects regarding the dynamic modeling of trt2 modular serial robot
    13 Itul Tiberiu
          ă                        On the kinematics of 3-dof parallel mini-manipulators with triangular platform
    14 L pu an Ciprian
                    ş              Aspect Regarding The Mechatronic Design Of A Plan Parallel Minirobot
    15 M rgineanu Dan              Movement capability of the mechanical crawling structures
    16 Nedela Nata a               Mobile robots obstacle avoidance using fuzzy logic control
    17 Negrean Iuliu               New modeling in the robot kinematics and dynamics
    18 Ni ulescu Mircea            Design particularities and experiments with the didactical mobile robot line tracker
    19 Pandrea Marina              The dynamical calculus of the platforms hanged by cinematic chains
    20 Prodan Bogdan
         ă                         Competitive Design Of A Gantry Robotic System Used For Spray Painting, Part 2
    21 Prodan Bogdan
           ţ                       Competitive Design Of A Gantry Robotic System Used For Spray Painting, Part 1
    22 R dulescu Corneliu          Kinematic modeling of wheeled mobile robots
    23 Ra Nadia
         ă                         Dynamic study of parallel robots with decoupled schonflies motions: isoglide4 – t3r1
    24 Stan Sergiu
         ă                         A Simulated Annealing Optimization Algorithm For Workspace Optimization Of A 2 Dof Mini Parallel Robot
    25 T tar Olimpiu               IN - PIPE ROBOTS
    26 T tar Olimpiu               Modeling and simulation of in-pipe microrobots
    27 Vatau Steliana              Kinematic Modeling of Quadruped Walking Robot with Pair of Reference System Method
2   Mechatronics, Biomechatronics, Equipment for Mechatronics
     1 Alexandrescu Nicolae        Servoregulatorul de presiune pneumatica; un produs mecatronic pentru servopneumatica
     2 Alionte Cristian Gabriel    Electromagnetic actuation of a bidirectional positioning table
     3 Ardelean Ioan               Design Optimization Of Mechatronic Measurement Systems
     4 BalanRadu                   Simulation Of An Electric Arc Furnace Electrode Position System
     5 Barbu Daniela Mariana       About Virtual Eye Concept                    ă
     6 Barbu Daniela Mariana       Modeling Of The Seated Human Body Behavior In A Vibrational Environment - Application To Tractor Driving -
     7 BARITZ Mihaela Ioana        Algoritm De Identificare Biometric A Irisului Uman
     8 Belforte Guido              Pressure reducer with innovative low power electropneumatic pilot stage
     9 Besoiu Sorin                Considerations Regarding The Positioning Systems Design
    10 Braun Barbu                 Pneutronic applications for the technological processes
    11 Cretu Simona-Mariana        The process of creativity in bionics
    12 DAVIDESCU Arjana            Graphical user interface for processing computed tomography images
    13 DIACONESCU Dorin            On a dynamic modelling of a mechatronic speed variator
    14 Diaconescu Dorin            On the modelling of a five-dof plane linkage with rubber joints
    15 Dolga Valer                 Design and evaluation in mechatronics
    16 Dumitriu Adrian             CAN Bus Network For Interconnecting Control Processors
    17 Figliolini Giorgio          Experimental investigation of pneumatic digital valves with speed-up control
    18 Figliolini Giorgio          Closed-loop pressure control through pwm modulated pneumatic digital valves
    19 Ghitescu Marius             Kinematic modelling by mbs method applied to linkages used to flaps aircraft control
    20 Hancu Olimpiu               Modeling, Simulation And Control Of A Hydraulic Translational 3-Dof Parallel Robot
    21 Hancu Olimpiu               Design And Experimental Test Of A Hydraulic Servo System
    22 LACHE Simona                Active control in human body protection against vibrations
    23 Lapusan Ciprian             Integrated Design Of The Mechanism For Mechatronics
    24 Mandru Dan                  Exerciser For Wrist Kinetotherapy
    25 MANESCU Mihai               Optimization of the automatic control for volumetric screw dosing systems
    26 Matache Gabriela            Piezoelectric convertor for mechatronic pressure control
    27 MATEA Marius                Proposal for a multifunctional stand For determination of some behavior indicators of human subjects in specific conditions
    28 NI U Constantin
             Ş                     Graph Methods For Mechatronic Systems Modeling
    29 Olaru Dumitru               Friction forces and friction coefficients in mems
    30 PLE A Mihaela               Walking Aid For People With Parkinson’s Disease
    31 Racocea Cezar               Computer- aided fem analysis of a bearing placed in a magnetic field
    32 Radu Ciprian                Determination of unitary stress incase of fibular fracture
    33 Radu Ciprian                Determination of knee joint reaction forces in static conditions using inverse dynamic method
    34 Radu Ciprian                Determination of ankle joint reaction forces using inverse dynamic method
    35 Radu George Adrian          Analysis of a rotary table positioning device as a mechatronic system
    36 Rizescu Dana                Surveiliance video system
    37 Rodean Simona               Studies regarding modelling of human body / seat assambly simulation under the vertical vibrations into an autovehicle
    38 Rusu C lin
         ă                       Design For Control Approach In The Study Of Planar Mechanisms
         ă Emilia
    39 Sab uă                    Composite Materials Importance And Utilization In Industry
    40 St nescu Nicolae–Doru     On the dynamics of the pendulum with clearance
    41 St nic Ionel
               ş                 “Reducing System For Human Hand Tremor, Especially Designed For Eye Surgery Procedures”.
    42 Sticlaru Carmen
             ţ                   Modeling a dental bridge using finite element method
    43 Tara i Laura              Automatic date stamp
    44 Teu an Emil               Design Of A Lower Limb Rehabilitation System
    45 Uyar Erol                 Investigation and analysis of bipedal human walking to control the motion of knee prostheses
    46 Zamfira Sorin             Agritronics: Help From The Microcontrollers
3   Sensors and Actuators in Mechatronics
     1 B cescu Daniel
                ă                Aspects Concerning The Design Of A Multi-Sensorial Equipment Used In The Minirobot Navigation
     2 Comeag Constantin Daniel Modeling for compensation of non-linearities and hysteresis for piezoelectric actuators
     3 Drug ă Corneliu
           ş                     The gyroscopic systems – indispensable elements for the vehicle navigation systems
     4 Drug Corneliu             The mechatronic of the suspension system for the vehicles
     5 Fo al u Cristian          Angle transducer using the gmi effect
     6 Gherghina George          Sensors used at vehicle installations supp lied with lpg (part one)
     7 Gherghina George          Sensors used at vehicle installations supp lied with lpg (part two)
     8 Lobon iu Nicolae          Mass detection by nano/micro cantilevers and bridges
     9 Matie Vistrian
           ă                     Integrated Design Of The Intelligent Translation Units Based On Lorentz Actuators
    10 Noveanu Simona            Piezoelectric Actuation Of Compliant Mechanisms
    11 Pic Elena Maria
                    ă            Potassium ion-selective electrode based on Decyl-18-crown-6
    12 Popa Liviu                Sensor networks
    13 Rusu C lin                Pmsm servo drive control with applications to industrial robots
    14 Sulcius Nerijus           Investigation of dynamical quality of mechatronic drive with variable structure velocity controller
4   Metrology – Measuring Instruments and Systems
     1 Ardelean Ioan             Research On The Numerical Treatment Of The Signal Uses In Measurements
     2 Ardelean Ioan             Research Of The Methods Of Syntheses For Treatment Of The Signal Uses In Measurement
     3 Braun Barbu               The modelling of the measuring process of the radial deviations of the revolution probes, taking into account the type and …
     4 Lungu Ion                 Data Acquisition Board For Stress And Deformation Studies In Flexure Hinge
     5 Mansour Gabriel           Reverse engineering of parts using 3d measuring device (cmm) by means of splines
     6 Mihai Florentina          Personal methodology and programme on measurement and control devices capability for prismatic parts (CDMC-PC)
     7 Muntean Gligor            Ultrasonic Control Of The Traction Axle From The Electric Frame Z - 6100
     8 Musc Ilie                 Test rig for shearing oil film effects study by impact
     9 Olteanu Ciprian           Designing And Implementing An Intelligent System For Measuring, Acquiring And Tracing Maps With Regard To Soil Electrical Conductibility Experimental Model
    10 Perju Dan                 On the compensatory mechanisms of the archimedean effect
                                                                                            ă                                        ş                                                                        ţ           ă
    11 Radu George Adrian        A caseă      study of reverse engineering through rapid prototyping                                         ă
    12 Visoiu Cristina           Studiu asupra stadiului actual al cercet rilor privind optimizarea i implementarea sistemelor automate de inspec ie activ
    13 Voicu Andrei              Cercet rii privind controlul dimensional prin mijloace de m surare moderne
5   Quality Assurance and Management. Ecology
     1 Ardelean Ioan             Overview Of Recommended Practice For Personnel Qualification And Certification In Nondestructive Testing
     2 Duminic Despina           Forecasting Performance in DFSS
     3 Nicolescu Constantin      Stage of drainage water utilisation in Romania
     4 Pinete Elena              Guide For The Implementation Of The Quality Management System, According With The Sr En Iso 9001:2001 And Aqap 2110 Requirements In Organization Whide Produces Special Optical Equipment.

     5 Tsiafis Ioannis           Analysis of the x-ray tomograph results from two bis chambers for the atlas muon spectrometer and improvements of the construction procedure.
6   CAD
     1 Borca Alina
            ţ                    Kinematic modelling of a new cardan transmission Of 8r type
     2 Cioi Daniel   ăă          Haptic Devices For Computer Aided Design
     3 Cre an Monica-Iliuta
                     ăă          Wear of intervertebral disc volume evaluated by computer tomography and autocad
     4 Iancu C t lin ţ           Cad modeling spatial structures for subsequent dynamic analysis
     5 Iancu C t lin             Modal-dynamic analysis for spatial structures - pmcr-63 mecanical press bed
     6 Lambrescu Ionu   ş        On constraining sketches in parametric and associative design
     7 Popa Carmen      ş        An other method to unfolding couplings
     8 Popa Drago                The cad method used for three-dimensional model of the tibia bone
     9 Popa Drago                The kinematical and dynamical simulation of the human knee joint in the classical locomotion types
    10 Sinpetru Veronica         3D modeling of a vent faucet using the autodesk inventor software
    11 Tarnita Daniela           The cad method used for three-dimensional model of the tibial prosthesis element
7   Manufacturing Equipment, Methods and Techniques
     1 Bogatu Lucian             Microstereophotolithography,A new 3d microfabrication process
     2 Cristea Luciana           Considerations Regarding The Improvement Of Thrust Bearings Automatic Dimensional Inspection
     3 Dobra Andreea             Vbe variant software to plan and control manufacturing activities
     4 Florea Traian             A method for calculating the coefficient for the regenerative losses in stirling machines
     5 Florea Traian
               ş                      A Method For Determining The Performances Of Stirling Machines Based On The First Law For Processes With Finite Speed And Using A Pv/Px Diagram
     6 Iona cu Georgeta          Device for study of friction on microtextured surfaces
     7 Iona cu Georgeta          Technology for producing microtextured surfaces and determination of fabrication errors in structure geometry
     8 Popa Marcel Sabin         Thermal Analysis Of New Machine Tools Of Mechatronic Concept
     9 Popa Marcel Sabin         Technological aspects regarding laser cutting and its results
    10 Strnad Gabriela    ăă     Reactive UM magnetron sputtering of nanostructured wear resistant coatings
    11 Ungur Petru               Proceeding and device for shaped pipes using in construction of drill cutters with single edge for deep hole drilling process
    12 Ungureanu C t lin         Researches concerning the electrolytes used for electrochemical machining
 8    Mechanical Structures and Elements for Precision Engineering and Mechatronics
       1 ANTALUCA Dominic           Numerical Method To Solve Reynolds Equation In High Precision Hd Journal Bearings
                                                     ţ                                              ţ               ţ                                                                                                                     ţ
           ă ă Ion
       2 Bostan ş                   Aspecte privind elaborarea modulului mecatronic precesional cu dimensiuni diametrale reduse
       3 Bostan Ion                 Contribu ii privind prelucrarea ro ilor din ate precesionale de dimensiuni mici cu profil nestandard al din ilor
       4 C r ba Iosif               The loading torque’s influence on the nominal contact surface area
       5 Dobra Andreea              About dissipative process in commanded and automatic gearbox
       6 Hufenbach Werner           Design and manufacturing of smart textile compliant hinges
       7 Lobon iu Nicolae           Precision issues in compliant mechanisms with applications to displacement amplification systems
       8 Mesaro Anghel Voicu        Rectangular Section Circlips / Retaining Rings Axial Load – Carrying Capacity Considerations
       9 MunteanuPetre              Contributions On External Factors Influence And The Builing/Construction Over The Control Devices Precision And Adjusting The Pressure In The Instalations For Technological Processes Automatization

      10 Noveanu Simona             Locking Systems Based On Compliant Mechanisms
      11 Racocea Cristina           Contributions to the study of the Magnetic Properties of Rolling Bearing Elements
      12 Rizescu Ciprian Ion        Setup for friction torque determination in jewel bearings
 9    Optics in Precision Mechanics and Mechatronics
       1 Ábraham György             Filter technology applying to the improovement Of the human vision
       2 Cioi Daniel                Comparison Of 3d Stereoscopic Visualization Devices
       3 Duma Virgil-Florin         The monogon scanner: an analytic and experimental study
       4 Duma Virgil-Florin         A New Approach on the Polygon Scanners
       5 Gruescu Corina             Study concerning the modulation transfer function of complex optical systems
       6 Gruescu Corina             Analysis of the composition law for the fourier parameters of a complex optical system – numerical modeling and simulation
       7 MaracineanuWalter          On Site Restoration/Conservation Interventions Using A Complex Portable Optoelectronic Setup. Case Studies
       8 Simileanu Monica
                 ş                  I nvestigations Into The Effect Of Wavelength In Laser Cleaning Of Paper
       9 Trufa u Aurelian Ovidius   Technology to manufacture optical precision systems by means of gluing them with uv photopolymerizing adhesives
      10 Trufa u Aurelian Ovidius   Subnanometric roughness measurements; comparative experimental measurements
 10   Education and Training in Mechatronics and Precision Engineering
       1 Diaconu Aurel              Remote mechatronics laboratory via internet                                                                                                     ş
       2 Doroftei Ioan
             ş                      Design Of An Omni-Directional Mobile Robot As Educational Platform
       3 Dumitriu Adrian            Study and research in mechatronics at the „Transilvania” University of Bra ov
       4 Iva cu Roxana              Electronic hardware for ambient intelligence-embedded mechatronic devices
       5 Lache Simonaţ              Modern tools for promoting education, research and innovation in mechatronics, in the view of bologna process implementation
       6 Lungu Ion                  Development Of Laboratory Equipment For Mechatronics
       7 Maniu Inocen iu            Education and research in mechatronics and robotics at the “Politehnica” University of Timisoara
       8 Repanovici Angela          E-book technology
       9 Sztojanov Istvan           Training in mechatronics for rapid prototyping
 11   Modern Languages for Technical Purposes
           ă        ţă                                ϊ
       1 Albu Octaviana Veronica
           ă                        Evaluation as a response to student writing in professional settings
       2 B rbân Aurel           ţ   L`ambigu té en linguistique comme décalage entre l`émetteur et le récepteur
       3 C ă praru Angela           La evaluación de la traducción especializada
       4 Costin Alexandra Floren a  Oral communication skills – a must of the professional development
       5 Gr nescu Marinela          Tying up teaching and language competence tests
       6 Indolean Daciana           Formal learning and the evaluation of competences when teaching english to adult learners
       7 Ioani Monica               Les grilles dans l’evaluation formative
       8 Kaiter Edith               Teaching advanced english to adults
       9 Literat Roxana             The cultural model as a challenge for esp learning
      10 Munteanu Sonia             Inference and mindreading in language acquisition
      11 Negoescu Monica            The Foreign Language – A Premise Of Professional Training For The Students Of Cluj Technical University
      12 Negoescu Monica            II. Analysis Of The Relations Between The Variables Presented Previously
      13 Negoescu Monica
               ş                    III. The Linguistic Competence From The Teacher’s And Student’s Perspective
      14 Negoescu Monica
           ă       ţ                Specially designed materials for linguistic competence testing
      15 Opri Miruna                Der kommunikative Unterricht - neue Kommunikationsstrategien
      16 P dure u Sanda             Teaching English as a Foreign Language in the Technical University
      17 Sîrbu Anca
            ş ă                     English as a “lingua franca” in business language
      18 Szasz Augusta
            ş ă                     Assessing foreign languages by portfolio
      19 Te cul Cristiana           La créativité lexicale en langue technique
      20 Te cul Cristiana           Comment évaluer un exposé?
      21 Vlaicu Rodica              La définition – matrice discursive et approche didactique
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