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					Hosting a fundraising event is one of the most         suggestions, see below to find a list of ides. Plus the
effective ways you can help raise funds, increase      internet was tons of fundraiser ideas.
awareness and education the community about
CADASIL.                                               2. Be organized
                                                       Before proceeding with your event, you might
Thank you for thinking about committing to raise       want read below Question and Answers you might
funds to support the work of the CADASIL               have. Make a timeline of what you will need to do,
Together We Have Hope (CTWHH) Non-Profit               how long will it take for you to plan this event, do
Organization. Every nonprofit foundation is a          you need outside resources, volunteers,
business for nonprofit and has to follow guidelines    registration forms, etc.
and procedures.
                                                       3. Register
The purpose of this information is to provide a        Submit all required forms for your event to
clear framework for coordinating your upcoming         foundation. Start today by completing the
fundraising event with the foundation.                 CTWHH FUNDRAISER PROPOSAL FORM at the
                                                       bottom of this page. Remember, the more
A fundraising event may be an ongoing                  information you provide us with, the better we will
fundraising initiative or a single event where         be able to support your event and approve your
money raised will be donated to the Foundation.        event request. Mail the form to us.
Each and every fundraising event helps further
establish CADASIL Together We Hope’s role and is       4. Authorization to fundraise
vitally important to what our mission, visions and     After your event has been approved you will
value states. See below for suggestions for an         receive a fundraiser agreement. If you need
event. It is easy to turn even the most basic          sponsors the foundation will be glad to send you a
activity into a fundraiser.                            letter for sponsorship once we agreement has
                                                       been signed. Remember, you should NOT promote
There are two different types of funding. One is       your event until all documentation has been
small donations collected for car washes, etc.         completed.
which donations are collected is usually by cash,
this type of fundraiser does not require tax           5. SUBMIT FUNDS
deductions receipts all you have to do is, tally the   The Event Organizer will collect all funds from the
money and mail a money order/cashiers check.           event and will have control of the money. Any
                                                       checks from contributors will be made payable to
The other event is when you ask for sponsorships,      CTWWH. Cash will be placed in the form of a
there are strict guidelines to follow with this type   cashier’s check payable to CTWHH and sent along
of event. See Questions and Answers below.             with contributor checks to foundation together
                                                       with a complete accounting of receipts and
VERY IMPORANT: CTWHH must have approval                expenses. 100% of the funds will benefit CADASIL
every event before it is held including ALL            Together We Have Hope.
promotional materials you use also has to be
approval prior to their printing, production or        8. THANK YOU!
distribution. Our charitable foundation has to         Put up your feet, Relax – you’ve just helped make a
follow guidelines.                                     difference!

 1. Brainstorm                                         P.S. Make sure you take time to enjoy the day and
Decide what sort of event you want to host. You        be encouraged by the support you and the
may already have a clear idea of how you would         Foundation receive throughout your fundraising
like to go about fundraising, but if you need some     event or activity.
                              Questions and Answers
Will CTWHH provide funding for the event?
This would be conflict of interest, since CTWHH runs solely on donations. If this is a big
event then you will need to find sponsors’ for funding your event.

Who will be in charge of the event?
The EVENT ORGANIZER is responsible for all aspects of the Event. The EVENT ORGANIZER is
NOT an agent of the foundation and is NOT being granted any ability or permission to
obligate CTWHH in anyway. (The foundation cannot be deemed or liable to be an organizer
or sponsor of the event).

Will CTWHH help me run the event?
CTWHH is obligated to the dedication of the foundations mission, vision values. It is
impossible for us to host or help with your event and please don’t be disappointment if we
cannot attend. It is expected that individual community events will be organized entirely
by the EVENT ORAGANIZOR and community group coordinating the event.

How can get outside funding for this event?
It depends on the event, if you are looking for outside funding you will need to go to your
local businesses, companies to sponsor the event.

What do you mean by sponsors’?
Sponsors will basically offset some of the costs associated with holding the event in
exchange for having their businesses logo printed on the flyers, etc.? You will need to
probably have several sponsors’.

What is a sponsorship letter?
 Sponsors’ require a letter from the foundation to say you are fundraiser for them which
includes there tax id#. See in this packet the example

Can I contact the press, new stations and radio stations?
Once you have submitted the proposal, signed the agreement and had all your flyers,
posters and materials approve by the foundation, by all means contact them. This will raise
awareness and education in the community.

Why can I not use the foundations name without their permission?
The charitable donations would not be accepted as we have to follow guidelines and
procedures. The foundation has to ensure everything is factual on all documentation. We
work closely with our scientific advisory board to do this.

What happens after the event?
The EVENT ORGANIZER will collect all funds as they will have control of the money. Any
checks from contributors will be made payable to CTWWH. Cash will be placed in the form
of a cashier’s check payable to CTWHH and sent along with contributor checks to
foundation together with a complete accounting of receipts including names and addresses.

CTWHH will be responsible for sending tax deductible receipts along with thank you notes.

Do you want to do a fundraiser? No cost to you! Apprehensive about asking for money? You
do not have to; as these as these are all free suggestions to raise money!
Tell your families, friends and co-workers about these.

Request donations to be mailed to the foundation in your name, instead of
receiving birthday, anniversary and Christmas presents. If you already shop online with retailers such as Best Buy, Expedia,
Home Depot, Old Navy, eBay, Dell Computers, Sears, Target, and many, many more, then
why not have a portion of your purchases help us. At the GoodSearch page, select CADASIL TOGETHER WE HAVE
HOPE as your charity of choice. Set as your default page. Just 500 of us searching four times a
day will raise about $7300 in a year without anyone spending a dime. At the GoodSearch page, select CADASIL
TOGETHER WE HAVE HOPE as your charity of choice. Set as your default page. Just 500 of us
searching four times a day will raise about $7300 in a year without anyone spending a dime.

                                       OTHER IDEAS
         It is easy to turn even the most basic activity into a fundraiser.

Sometimes you need a little extra help, so we have compiled event ideas to help you
plan your fundraiser.

Your event does not have to be big; it depends on what your goal is. You can always
search the internet for wonderful ideas from being small or if you don’t have money
to host an event, get your businesses in your local area for sponsorship.

                There are free fundraisers ideas with no cost to you! Start today!

These events, you just have to tally the funds and send a money order or cashier
check to the foundation

   •   Use you artistic side and make something to ask for donations for.
   •   Car wash
   •   Ask for recipes and create a cookbook for donations
   •   Climb a mountain or something you can challenge families, friends, co-worker to
       donate a certain amount of money when you complete the challenge
       A night at the movies in your home can become a fundraiser if you increase ask
       for a donation.
   •   Raffle a quit or item
   •   Silent Auction
   •   Etc.
If you aim higher, have your local businesses sponsor the event
(read Q&A Section about sponsers)

   •   5-K run
   •   Walk
   •   Bike Rally
   •   Host a carnival
   •   Dance and Etc.

Hold A Drive
   • Aluminum Can and Glass Bottles Drives
   • Recyclable Paper
   • Phones
   • Plastic Containers
   • Inkjet Cartridges

                           See next page for Proposal form -
                        Fundraising Event Proposal Form

Name of Fundraising: _____________________________________________________________________________

Event Date: ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Event Location:_______________________________________________________________________________________

Event type and description of activities to be conducted: _______________________________________




Will you be looking for sponsors? Y / N

Your Name: _________________________________________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Telephone #’s ____________________________________ E-Mail: __________________________________________

Where would you like the proceeds to go? (From our mission, vision values statement)

______% Awareness               ______% Education           ______% Support       ________% Research

Do you have CADASIL Y / N

If no, why do you want to the fundraiser _________________________________________________________


I understand the foundations has to approval every event before it is held including ALL
promotional materials you use approval prior to their printing, production or distribution.

_____________________________________       ________________________________________     _______________
        Printed Name                                    Signature                               Date

Approved Y / N

______________________________________________                        ______________________________
Signed                                                                                  Date

Mail completed signed form to: CTWHH, 3605 Monument Drive, Round Rock, Texas 78681

This will be placed on our letterhead.

To Whom It May Concern:

This is to introduce you your name, the event organizer of the CADASIL Together We Have Hope
(CTWHH). Your name is sponsoring a fundraiser and 100% of proceeds from this event are
allocated for CADASIL Together We Have Hope.

We are a non-profit organization is devoted to promoting awareness, support and research for
this rare genetic disease including patients, families, friends and healthcare providers.

CTWHH is a 501 (c) (3) and our federal tax ID# is xxxxxxxxxxxx

We appreciate any courtesy you can extend toward making this event a success.

Thank you in advance for your consideration. We invite you find out more about this rare
genetic terminal illness, by visiting our website at


CADASIL Together We Have Hope

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