Tips for Reducing Impaired Driving

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					Tips for Reducing
Impaired Driving
It’s no secret that impaired driving is a blight on society
that destroys thousands of lives every single year.
Whether it’s a driver who messes up his driving record
and can only get impaired driving insurance, or an
innocent victim who is seriously injured or killed,
impaired driving is an act that changes lives.

In some ways impaired driving is society’s
responsibility, in some ways it falls on the shoulders of
the individual and in some ways the government needs
to step up. Luckily, there are many tips for reducing
impaired driving that everyone can play a part in.
The more education that drivers have about the
consequences and dangers of impaired driving, the
higher the likelihood they will think twice before getting
behind the wheel at the wrong time.

Education and awareness can be given by schools,
parents, police groups and other organizations. When
educated from a young age, drivers realize that it isn’t
worth the risk on any level.
If drivers have a real fear that they will be caught and
punished for driving while impaired, that will also play a
role in reducing the likelihood.

As long as police enforce the laws and are active in
searching out drunk drivers, the enforcement element
will be effective. Even if a driver isn’t concerned about
the physical injury aspect, losing a license, being
arrested or having to pay a fortune for impaired driving
insurance will act as a deterrent.
           Social Responsibility
If more people take the social responsibility surrounding
impaired driving seriously, serious incidents will decline.
That responsibility applies to yourself and to others that
you may suspect of driving while impaired.

Having to leave your car somewhere and go get it the
next day is terribly inconvenient, but you can bet that
every driver that has been convicted of impaired driving
wishes he had done just that. Don’t be afraid to take a
friend’s keys or tattle on someone if necessary. You
may be saving someone’s life in the process.
New technologies are always coming along that can
help to curb the problem, especially with repeat
offenders. Even if you’ve served your suspension and
found someone to give you impaired driving insurance,
there are devices and gadgets that can ensure you
won’t do it again.

As more and more technologies emerge to combat
impaired driving, the numbers should gradually go
                  Ask for Help
The simple act of asking for help if you have a drinking
problem can end up saving your own life and the lives
of others you may end up colliding with someday.

Naturally, it’s embarrassing to admit you have a
problem and to ask for help, but keep in mind that there
are many people out there who are highly trained to
help get you back on track. Things happen, people
make mistakes, and if you’re in need of help, go ahead
and ask for it.
            Set a Good Example
As with most behaviors you want your kids to emulate,
setting a good example with impaired driving is
extremely important.

The old adage “do as I say, not as I do” isn’t really
effective at all and if you don’t want your kids to drink
and drive, the best way to accomplish that is by being a
positive role model.

Remember that it’s ok for them to see you leaving your
car or refusing to drive if you’ve had a few drinks. It will
help them make the right decisions in the future.
              Open Discussions
Having open and frank discussions with your kids about
impaired driving will help with their self esteem and their
self control when confronted with compromising

Talk openly about how to handle specific situations, and
about the real-life consequences of impaired driving.
License suspensions and impaired driving insurance
aren’t ideal, but they pale in comparison to jail or brain
damage or never being able to walk again.
             Always Plan Ahead
Planning for a designated driver before you even leave
the house is a great way to keep impaired drivers off the
road. It doesn’t even have to be a friend that isn’t going
to drink. Taking a taxi or public transit is just fine, as
long as no one is drinking and driving.

Take the time to plan ahead and you’ll save yourself
and possibly others a lot of pain and grief.
            Consider It a Crime
Most people in society avoid doing things that they
know are crimes because they don’t want to be caught
and arrested. Impaired driving is a crime both federally
and provincially, yet people do it all the time.

The legal blood alcohol level is .08% and if you’re
above that, you are committing a crime. Start thinking
of impaired driving as a crime, and think long and hard
about whether you’re really okay the next time you get
behind the wheel.
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