Offer to Purchase Stock by Individual by pellcity27


A corporation is an artificial person that is created by governmental action. The corporation exists in the eyes of the law as a person, separate and distinct from the persons who own the corporation (stockholders). This means that the property of the corporation is not owned by the stockholders, but by the corporation. Debts of the corporation are debts of this artificial person, and not of the persons running the corporation or owning shares of stock in it. The corporation can sue and be sued in its own name. The shareholders cannot normally be sued as to corporate liabilities.

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									                          Offer to Purchase Stock by Individual

To:      (Name of Offeree)
         (Address of Offeree)

The undersigned (Name of Offeree) hereby makes to you the following offer for the
purchase of issued and outstanding common stock of (Name of Corporation) at
$__________ per share, subject to the following terms and conditions:

     This offer shall be null and void unless accepted with respect to ____% of the issued
      and outstanding common stock of (Name of Corporation).
     No expenditures of the funds of (Name of Corporation) may be made pending the
      consummation of this purchase, except for the payment of the usual, ordinary, and
      necessary operating expenditures and record liabilities as t
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