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									 Portland Orchid Society Newsletter
                                                                                          September 2007
                                                                                          Volume 1, Issue 3

 FOR THE LOVE OF ORCHIDS.                                              

 Membership Meeting

 Date: September 25, 2007

                                 Get Ready for the Fall Show & Sale
 6:30PM: Orchid Culture
 Class with Greg Nielsen.

 7:00 PM – Tom Ethridge and
                                Volunteers needed!!!
 Luanne Rolly will present                                              No experience is necessary and it
 “Building a cool green-
 house for the Willamette       The Portland Orchid Societies Fall      is a wonderful opportunity to get to
 Valley”                        Orchid Show and Sale is less than a     know other members of the
                                week away and we need volunteers        Portland Orchid Society as well as
 St. Luke Lutheran Church       from our membership to man our          local vendors. Volunteers will sell
 6835 SW 46th Ave
 Portland, OR 97219
                                Society booth. The Show is October      orchids from the Societies sale
                                4-7 and we need volunteers to man       table, sign-up new members and
Inside Content:                 the booth during all show hours. Be     promote the Portland Orchid
President’s Message       2
                                sure to enter your name on the sign-    Society in general.
Judging Center News       3     up sheet at this Tuesday’s meeting.
Awarded Orchid photo &
Lifetime Membership       4
                                 September Membership Meeting Speakers
Fall Show & Raffle News 5
                                Tom Ethridge and Luanne Rolly will      they learned from past efforts with
Dec. meeting date, July
                                be presenting “A Cool Greenhouse for    suggestions from other successful
minutes & VOLUNTEER         6
                                the Willamette Valley”. Tom has been    growers. They focus on cool growing
Genus Changes             7                                             genera including Odontoglossum,
                                growing orchids for over thirty years
AOS Corner                8     and is an accredited AOS judge. He      Masdevallia, Dracula, Lepanthes and
                                and Luanne have been growing            other Pleurothallids and
Events around the NW &
                                orchids together in Oregon since        miscellaneous paphs and phrags. To
About the Portland
Orchid Society            9     1994 and have built three               date, they have received more than
Photos from July meeting        greenhouses to date. All three have     40 AOS awards of which more than
                      10-12     been from kits with various             30 came from plants grown in their
                                modifications to grow cool-growing      new greenhouse.
All material in the             orchids. The projects were a 50/50      Although their orchid hobby leaves
Portland Orchid Society         effort (with construction help from     them with little time for much else,
Newsletter is copyright
                                friends) with Luanne handling the       they are both senior scientists
protected. The articles
and photographs are             environmental systems – electrical,     employed with Hewlett Packard Co.
the property of the             plumbing, cooling; and Tom doing
authors and/or the                                                      and they enjoy travel, gardening and
Portland Orchid Society,        design and layout – what elements       music together.
Inc. Nothing contained          are necessary & what goes where.
herein may be
reproduced in any way           Their most recent greenhouse is by      October Speaker: Sean McMillan of
without permission of the       far their most successful and           Hana Farms, speaking on “Hardy
owners.                                                                 Orchids.”
                                represents the convergence of what
Page 2 of 13              Portland Orchid Society Newsletter                  September 2007

               Message From The President
               Wow, our second Portland Orchid Society Meeting has come and gone and
               what a wonderful crowd we had. The room was full of smiling friendly faces,
               and it was truly a fun time. Jim Rassmann, was kind enough to be our
               speaker and he chose to speak on: Beginning Orchid Collectors in England
               and Europe. His talk was very informative and he had many slides on the
               huge collections owned by the very affluent people and royalty of years ago.
               He showed us that the very wealthy would have collections of hundreds of
               just one variety or species. Times have changed in the orchid world, but they
               are now the number two flower in popularity and owned by nearly everyone.
               The orchid ranks just behind the poinsettia, which is still the number one
               selling plant, but only sold during the Christmas holidays. Today there are
               fewer large companies growing orchids, but there seems to be more small
               companies doing the growing and the orchid is becoming even more popular
               as a plant in homes across the nation. Jim gave us a very enjoyable talk and
               he was assisted by his lovely wife Julie. Hal and Rosemary Shrauger
               provided the wonderful and tasty dessert.
               I don’t know about all of you, but my plants have been very thirsty this
 “…what a      summer and seem to always need a drink. The air has seemed particularly
               dry this summer and one thing that I learned from Jim Rassmann, was the
 wonderful     importance of a mist or fogging system. He showed me a brand advertised in
 crowd we      the AOS magazine, which seems exceptional and I have contacted them and
               am saving my coins for a new purchase for the greenhouse. My old
 had.”         humidifier has given up the ghost. Anyone wanting information on the mist or
               fogging system, please give me a call.
               Our wonderful society seems to be really growing and we are really looking
               forward to our show and sale with the Expo Home and Garden Show on
               October 4 through October 7. Mark your calendars for the October dates and
               we will have sign up sheets for volunteers to work in the Portland Orchid
               Society booth. The sign up sheets will be available at our next meeting. Our
               goal is to man the booth with volunteers from the society with a goal of
               increasing membership, handing out growing instructions, orchid information,
               and selling society plants as well as society member’s plants. So, if you have
               a few extra plants that you want to sell on the society table, get them ready
               with your plant tags and your name tags in the pots, so we can identify who
               they belong to.
               Don’t forget that Susan Heuer has made arrangements to order our bark and
               perlite by the pallet, and we will be completing our order forms at the next
               meeting. The bark will be #1 grade and in all three sizes. The prices we have
               been quoted are very good, so plan on ordering your bark and perlite at the
               next meeting so you can stock pile it for winter. (continued pg.3)
Page 3 of 13                           Portland Orchid Society Newsletter                     September 2007

    President’s Message (continued from page 2)
The prices we have been quoted are very good,             judged about 15 plants in all and it was nice to get
so plan on ordering your bark and perlite at the          to know and communicate with the various AOS
next meeting so you can stock pile it for winter.         judges, who are very supportive of our new
You will need to write a check to the Portland            society.
Orchid Society for the preorder in October and
                                                          Once again I want to thank everyone for their
delivery in November.
                                                          support of our society! The board has been
We made a consolidated effort of members and              fantastic, the newsletter is great, and the website
took plants down to the AOS judging on Sunday,            is terrific. Please remember that this is your
September 2, 2007. Thea Riggs was my copilot,             society and we want your ideas and questions. It
and I drove. We took plants from myself, Susan            is you, the membership that will make this society
Heuer, and Annette and Bob Rodgers. Thea and I            even greater, and we thank you.
both sat in on the judging and we really learned a                         Sincerely,
lot about what goes into the perfect orchid. We                            Rob Lucas
want to take plants every month, so if you have                            President
plants for the October judging, let us know. They

               September Oregon Judging Center News
There were plenty of beautiful orchids to see at this month’s judging session in Silverton. All in all,
eighteen plants were entered, seven were nominated for awards and one awarded was granted. Nadine
Gindhart of Eugene, Oregon received a HCC/AOS (79 pts.) for her stunning plant of Vasco. Tham Yuen
Hae 'Tropical Blue’ with densely-flowered inflorescences of intense purple-blue blossoms. There were
many visitors both from the Garden and from Portland and Willamette orchid societies. Additionally,
there was a wedding set to take place on the green just outside the greenhouse and the Schmidt
Pavilion was set up for a banquet, each table adorned, appropriately, with a potted, blooming
Believe it or not, the Oregon Judging Site has now completed one year’s worth of judging sessions!
Over the course of this year there were 148 plants submitted for judging, 64 of which were nominated for
award consideration and, of those, 25 were granted AOS awards. The awards include 12 HCC, 7 AM, 1
FCC, 4 CCM, and one CHM. Mike and Joni Sielaff of Waldport and Susan Heuer of Portland each
received their first AOS award this past year on plants they submitted at the site. Keep in mind that all of
these submissions, nominations and awards are in addition to the plants judged at shows across the
state and represent plants that, in general, would not have been judged without the site’s presence.
To celebrate the success of our first year, we will have a small party immediately following judging on
Sunday, October 7. There will be plenty of snacks and drinks, a small auction of plants and other
donated material and, perhaps, a raffle. Several of the Pacific Northwest judges from Washington and
British Colombia will be there too. As always, there is no fee for admission to the Oregon Garden for
people attending orchid judging. Everyone is welcome – bring your friends, neighbors and anyone
interested in beautiful flowers – and come enjoy an afternoon of orchids with friends. Judging starts at 1
pm in the greenhouse adjacent to the Schmidt Pavilion at the Oregon Garden. Submitted by Tom Etheridge
Page 4 of 13                              Portland Orchid Society Newsletter                       September 2007

                                                                  The Portland Orchid Society encourages all
                                                                            members to support the
                                                                               Oregon Judging Center
                                                               Due to our Fall Show we will be unable to send
                                                               members to the Oregon Judging Center in October.
                                                               However, we hope to have several representatives
                                                               from the Portland Orchid Society present at the
                                                               November Judging. If you would like to coordinate a
                                                               car pool please let any member of the board know.

Photos Judging Center courtesy of Tom Etheridge.

Above: The awarded Vasco. Tham Yuen Hae 'Tropical            AOS Orchid judging is held the first Sunday of
Blue’ HCC/AOS grown by Nadine Gindhart of Eugene             every month at 1:00 pm in Silverton, Oregon, just
                                                             15 minutes east of Salem off I-5. See map to above.
Below: Nadine Gindhart (left) Connie and Phil Endicott
(right) of Eugene admiring plants on the submission
Page 5 of 13                          Portland Orchid Society Newsletter                      September 2007

                                                                              The Portland Orchid
     Help the Society and Never Pay                                                 Society

              Dues Again!!!                                                  Officers
                                                                             President – Rob Lucas
The Portland Orchid Society is currently offering Lifetime         
Memberships. A one time payment of $200 will buy you a family
membership for life with no additional dues EVER!!! If you have              Vice President – Frank Gorretta
already paid your dues for this year any payment made will be credited
to the $200 if you pay the balance immediately.
                                                                             Treasurer – Beverly Kile

December Membership Meeting                                                  Secretary – Thea Riggs
The December Membership Meeting will be held on December 11th      
(the 4th Tuesday is Christmas!)
This meeting will be a potluck and will be held at the normal location.
                                                                             Susan Heuer
Be sure to mark you calendars since we want to see each and every            503-244-3146
one of you there!                                                  

                                                                             Annette Rogers
Order Your Bark & Perlite                                          

                                       and is available in Small, Medium     Hal Shrauger
The Portland Orchid Society will
be placing an order for small,         or Large for $9.00 per bag.
medium and large bark as well as       The Horticultural Grade Perlite       Other Volunteers:
horticultural grade perlite for                                              Newsletter Editor
                                       will be available in large bags for   Beverly Kile
orchid potting in October (for         $14 per bag.                
delivery in November).                                                       Webmaster
                                       Good bark has been very difficult     Charles Powne
As a new society our funds are         to obtain over the past year and
                                                                             Membership Chair
limited, consequently we need to       many of us have had to purchase       Beverly Kile
have the bark preordered and           small bags at garden shops at
prepaid to enable us to obtain a                                             Publicity Chair
                                       high prices so be sure to stock up    Susan Heuer
large order discount.                  for the winter.             
                                                                             Raffle Chair
Be sure to sign-up for the type        If you are unable to attend the       Annette Rogers
and amount of bark you need at         September or October        
the September or October                                                     Refreshment Chair
                                       membership meetings, but want         Hal Shrauger
membership meetings. Also, be          to order either bark or perlite,
sure to prepay for your order with     contact Susan Heuer at
Rob, Susan or Beverly.        to place your
The bark is #1 grade, kiln dried       order and arrange payment.
and sterilized in 2 cubic foot bags
Page 6 of 13                           Portland Orchid Society Newsletter                         September 2007

                             Member to Member
                                                                            hydroponically in his collection. Jan
                                  Thank you to the orchid
                                    repotting volunteers!                   Anderson was the last volunteer and
                                                                            she and I worked for about 5 hours,
                             Recently, I asked for volunteers to
                                                                            and again an entire shelf got done
                             help me repot orchids in my phrag.
                                                                            and back up on the shelves to start
                             collection. In payment for their               growing. I gained a third tray for the
                             valuable help, I offered divisions of          upcoming sale and Jan took home
                             over 150 overgrown pots of                     several starts for her collection. I
  Message Regarding          phrags., some were species and                 think everyone was pleased and we
  One of our Very            others were hybrids. Thea Riggs                had a lot of fun.
  Important Members          was the first volunteer and we
                                                                            I want to thank all of my volunteers.
   For those of you that     worked for over 2 hours repotting.
                                                                            Greg Nielsen and I will finish the
  do not know, our           We had 28 plants back up on my
                                                                            phrags, probably next week and
  wonderful and loyal        tables, several in trays to go to the
  member Bob Rogers                                                         then I am off to another type of
                             October Expo sale, and Thea took
  has been very ill and is                                                  orchid to start repotting. This is an
                             home several for her hard work. It
  now out of the hospital                                                   excellent way to get to know our
                             was fun and a good way to get to
  and in a rehab center.                                                    fellow members, to share our many
                             know a fellow member.
  Bob had a stroke a few                                                    plants, and mostly to learn from
  days after our last        Bill Steiner was the next volunteer            each other various potting
  meeting and was            and he worked with me another day              techniques and tips that we can
  immediately                for nearly 4 hours. From that                  share. I want to thank you all again
  hospitalized. Annette      potting I put back almost 40 on my             and I am so glad to have had the
  tells me that he is
                             benches, had another tray of plants            privilege of sharing time with our
  working very hard on
                             for the sale and Bill took home                members.         Sincerely,
  his recovery and is up
  walking and showing        several plants that he will grow
                                                                                           Rob Lucas
  great improvement.
  Your cards and well
  wishes can be mailed                       Volunteers Needed!!!!
  to: Bob Rogers at
  8890 SW Borders St.,       The Portland Orchid Society is operated on a volunteer basis and there are always
  Portland, OR 97223.        jobs that need to be done. We are currently looking for people to fill the following
  We are all praying for     Membership Committee: Two people needed to assist the Membership Chair
  Bob and sending our        Beverly Kile. The time requirement is less than two hours per month.
  well wishes for a          Responsibilities include making contact with existing members making everyone
  speedy and complete        feel involved and wanted; brain-storming to develop new ideas to obtain new
  recover.                   members; helping to implement programs to obtain new members; etc.
                             Virtual Librarian: Compile a list of Orchid books various members own and are
  Rob Lucas                  willing to lend to other members and keep the list updated; assist with questions
                             members have concerning the virtual library; make forms available to enable
  President                  checkouts; etc.

                             For further information contact Beverly Kile at or call
Page 7 of 13                           Portland Orchid Society Newsletter                     September 2007

 19th World Orchid Conference and Show announces
  Unique Trophy and Medal List For Worlds Greatest
                 Largest Orchid Event in the World to Honor Best Orchid Plants from
                                    Across the Globe

MIAMI, FL. – After a quarter century in exotic locations such as Dijon, France; Shah Alam, Malaysia;
and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; the World Orchid Conference® and Show will return to another exotic city for
its next global show, sale and educational symposium – Miami. The “blooming” extravaganza’s host
committee has recently announced the much anticipated list of distinguished awards and trophies that
will be distributed at the conference in January 2008.
Collector’s item ribbons will be given for first, second and third place “bests” in a multitude of categories.
These ribbons will hold the 19WOC® logo and will be awarded in categories that recognize beautifully
designed displays, quality flowers, rare orchids and excellent orchid culture. Exquisite lead crystal
trophies will be awarded to the “Best of the Best” in each category. Made up of two crystal stylized
cattleya leaves holding a globe of the world on a beautifully proportioned base and etched with the
19WOC® logo, the crystal trophies are guaranteed to become a collector’s item. Each trophy will be
displayed on a wooden stand with a brass plaque designating the name of the trophy, the19WOC® logo
and the name of the trophy sponsor.
19WOC® medals will be presented at three levels: bronze, silver and gold. Designed by renowned
graphic artist and sculptor Fred Caravetta, each medal will display the19WOC® logo with the scenic
design of South Florida’s signature coconut palms on the reverse. All medals will be cast in bronze;
silver medals will be plated with sterling silver and gold medals with 18K gold. Each medal will include a
commemorative rosewood box that will also serve as a display base.
The crowning glories of the 19WOC® will be the awards given to the Grand and Reserve Champion
orchids and displays. These four winning entries will garner spectacular one-of-a-kind trophies designed
exclusively for the 19th World Orchid Conference® by nationally renowned glass artist Larry Mayse of
Nature’s Glassworks. Each of these works of art will be signed by the artist. They will be presented to
the lucky winners at the Tropical Night Gala on Saturday, January 26th.
The opportunity to sponsor a trophy is available and open to the public. This is a wonderful opportunity
to demonstrate support for the production of high quality orchid flowers or to recognize a loved one. To
sponsor a trophy contact the 19WOC® office at 786-621-9962 or email
To register as a vendor or attendee for the 19th World Orchid Conference® or for more information on
the Conference and a complete schedule, visit or send an e-mail request to:
Page 8 of 13                           Portland Orchid Society Newsletter                     September 2007

                             AOS Corner
 This is an exciting and challenging time for our American orchid Society!
 Many new things are in progress, including Board approval for
 establishment of the American Heritage Collection of orchid plants and the
 creation of an endowment fund to manage the collection. This action will
 help to bolster the mission of the AOS in it work for orchid education,
 research and conservation. (Reported by Carlos in the July 2007 issue of
 Orchids magazine; and in more detail on pages 528 and 529 of the article
 by Jeff Bradley – don’t miss it!)                                                    As both a cost
                                                                                        saving and
 Plans also call for the establishment of an orchid library on the AOS site for
                                                                                    conservation effort,
 the many valuable books and numerous orchid items needing to be housed
 and properly maintained and cared for. Currently the books and other items            between the
 are of little use, stored away.                                                     Portland Orchid
 Another program, set up regionally, is in progress by the AOS Membership             Society and its
 Committee to make contact with AOS reps and presidents to assure them               members will be
 that their societies are being supported by the AOS. These societies are             conducted via
 also being invited to express any and all concerns for the betterment of the         email and our
 society and to report any corrections to the AOS Web site having to do with             website.
 their own organization and any other corrections to the Web site in general.
                                                                                     This includes the
 We only have room to mention examples of “some” of the work that is taking          Portland Orchid
 place within the AOS. If you haven’t yet become an AOS member, what are            Society Newsletter.
 you waiting for? All of you are encouraged to join us, please, and
 become members of the American Society! Let us all do more to promote              If you don’t have an e-mail
                                                                                       address please consider
 orchids through education, research and conservation.                               obtaining a free one from

 Susan Taylor                                                                                     ew

                                                                                     If you change your e-mail
                                                                                     address or prefer to use a
Orchid Trivia about LARGE flowers provided by                                         different address, please
                                                                                      contact the membership
Dot Henley of Fort Lauderdale:                                                           chair, Beverly Kile at
                                                                                           503-656-9968 or

 - Sobralia xantholeucea flowers are 10” in diameter and Paph Sanderianum
 has 40” twisted petals. Botanica’s Orchids. 2002. San Diego, Ca. Lauren
 Glen. Pub. Page 12
 - Phrag. Grande petals hang down as far as 18 inches, making it the longest
 orchid flower. If you hold the petals horizontally, you have a 36” wide orchid.
 Rittershausen, B and W. 2003. Growing Orchids, Hermes House, London
Page 9 of 13          Portland Orchid Society Newsletter   September 2007

        Fall Orchid Show and Sale at Expo Information
Page 10 of 13                                   Portland Orchid Society Newsletter                          September 2007

Cleaning Polycarbonate on Your Greenhouse
MultiWall Polycarbonate Cleaning Tips

                             The UV-resistant surface treatment on one side of the polycarbonate
                             sheet significantly improves long-term weatherability. Periodic cleaning
                             using proper procedures and compatible cleaners is recommended to
                             prolong the service life.
                             For general cleaning, it is recommended that the following instructions
                             and cleaning agents be used. These procedures and cleaners are also
                             recommended for use on the untreated, interior surface of the
                             polycarbonate sheet, and for acrylic and APET plastics.

CLEANING PROCEDURES                                                        Cleaning Agents that have
                                                                           been found to be
                                                    INCOMPATIBLE with polycarbonate sheets under
    1.   Rinse sheet with lukewarm water.
                                                    laboratory conditions:
    2.   Wash sheet with a mild soap and
         lukewarm water.
    3.   Use a soft cloth or sponge and gently      Lysol                                               This article is
         wash to loosen remaining dirt and
         grime.                                     Pinesol                                             reprinted by
         DO NOT SCRUB or use brushes or             Butyl Cellosolve
         squeegees.                                                                                     permission of
         The coating on polycarbonate sheets is
         UV-resistant; IT IS NOT A MAR- RESISTANT   Formula 409
         COATING.                                                                                       Greenhouse &
    4.   Repeat rinse and dry with a soft cloth                                                         Garden.
         to prevent water spotting.                 IMPORTANT: If a material is found to
                                                    be incompatible in a short-term test, it            Visit them at
Cleaning Agents that have been found                will usually be found to be incompatible            www.charleysgre
to be COMPATIBLE with                               in the field. The converse, however, is
polycarbonate sheets under laboratory               not always true. Favorable performance
conditions:                                         is no guarantee that actual end-use
                                                    conditions have been duplicated.
Freon T.F.                                          Therefore, these results should be used as
Joy                                                 a guide only and the products must be
Palmolive Liquid                                    tested under actual end-use conditions by
Top Job                                             the user.
VM&P grade Naptha
Windex with Ammonia                                 Polycarbonate sheets are treated on one
Brillianize®                                        side. This treated side must be glazed
                                                    outward or toward the light source to
                                                    provide protection for polycarbonate
                                                    sheet substrate.

                                                    Courtesy of-
                                                    Charley’s Greenhouse & Garden

CAUTION! The TwinWall Panels must be stored in a cool, dry location. If stored
in the sun, the temporary protective film will be difficult or impossible to remove.
Leave film on until after installation is complete (one side must face out).
Page 11 of 13                           Portland Orchid Society Newsletter                    September 2007

Orchids and Dinos!
A bee with ancient orchid pollen attached to its back was trapped in Miocene amber from the Dominican
Replublic. Biologists at Harvard University found the treasure and determined the extinct bee lived 15-
20 million years ago.
By using the fossil lead researcher Santiago Ramirez was able to calibrate changes in the plants’ DNA
to estimate that orchids first appeared 76-84 million years ago. This is much older than previously
The orchid the pollen came from is related to Ligeophila from the Amazon area, and the new orchid
species identified from the pollen has been called Meliorchis caribea.

A stingless bee trapped in amber carries pollen belonging to
Meliorchis caribea, the first unambiguous fossil orchid known to
science. Image: Santiago Ramírez

        My sincere apologies for the tardiness of this issue of the
                         Portland Orchid Society Newsletter.
                    I promise to be more prompt in the future.
                        Beverly Kile – your newsletter editor.

Show Table & Orchid Sales
All members of the Portland Orchid Society are encouraged to bring their favorite currently blooming
orchids to the monthly membership meetings to display on the Show Table. Please note your identity
as well as the orchid’s identity on a legible paper or note card with your orchids.
Members may also bring orchids they wish to sell to the monthly meetings. The plants should be
disease free, legibly labeled and priced. It is your responsibility to collect payments for your plants. Also
please keep the area clean and only sell and purchase plants before the meeting or at the break.
Page 12 of 13                          Portland Orchid Society Newsletter   September 2007

Photos From the August Membership Meeting.

Photos courtesy of Charles Powne and
Bill Streiner.

Upper Right: Jim Rassmann discussing
show table orchids.
Page 13 of 13                               Portland Orchid Society Newsletter                    September 2007

 Newsletter Editor              Q & A: What is your favorite orchid?
 Beverly Kile
 P O Box 482                                                  read about other          to have answered in a
 West Linn, OR 97068
                                What is your favorite
                                                              members favorite          future edition submit it
                                orchid and why?
 Phone                                                        orchids in the next       along with your answer
 (503) 656-2609 (Day)
                                Please submit your
                                                              edition of the Portland   to this month’s
 (503) 656-9968 (Evening)       answer to the
                                                              Orchid Society            question.
                                newsletter editor
 Fax                                                          Newsletter.
 (503) 656-2611                 pdxos-                                                  Send you submissions!
                                 Also, if you have a       Please don’t make me
 pdxos-                         by October 4th and            question you would like   beg!!!

                                Events Around the Northwest
                                   Oct. 4-7, 2007 Portland Orchid Society Show and Sale, at the Portland Fall Home
                                 and Garden Show. For information see page 9 of this newsletter.

                                   Oct. 6-7, 2007 Sunset Empire Orchid Society Show and Sale, 1120 Broadway,
                                 Seaside, OR. Contact: Monica Aursland 503-861-1344

                                   Oct. 13-14, 2007 Tacoma Orchid Society Orchid Sale, Windmill Gardens 5823
                                 160th Ave., East, Sumner, WA 98390

                                     About the Portland Orchid Society
                                The Portland Orchid Society was established in June 2007 by a group of local
                                orchid enthusiasts with the common goal of creating an orchid society that is
                                fun, friendly, community minded and welcoming to all. The Portland Orchid
We’re on the Web!               Society is a non-profit 501(c)(3)(pending) association for the preservation and
See us at:   education regarding orchids; by the extension of knowledge concerning the
                                ecology, conservation, preservation, science, cultivation, hybridization,
                                appreciation and uses of orchids, and to carry on such activities as may be
                                necessary or desirable to effectuate such purposes.
                                To further these goals we need the support of each and every member. We
                                hope to involve all members in volunteer positions for permanent committees,
                                special event committees, board and officer positions as they become
                                available, etc. If you have a particular interest please let one of the board
                                members know.
                                Be sure to order your bark and perlite and sign up to volunteer at the Fall
                                Show and Sale. We need each and every one of you.
                                Your Editor-Beverly Kile

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