What Are the Benefits Of a Gas Fireplace

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					What Are the Benefits of
  a Gas Fireplace?
Whether you are searching for a new home or
looking to do some renovations on the one you
have, a fireplace is often among the list of
features many homeowners want to have.

Of course, there are several considerations to
make when adding a fireplace to your home.
Since fireplaces are no longer used purely for
heating the house, other elements will naturally
factor into the decision.
              Why a Fireplace?

Wherever you decide to put your fireplace, it will
become the focal point of the room and will
completely change the ambience and feel. A
fireplace exudes comfort and warmth, and has
the ability to make any room a destination point
for you and your guests.

Among the different types of fireplaces you can
choose from is the gas fireplace. Some people
may have their minds set on a traditional wood-
burning variety, but a gas fireplace offers several
benefits you’re sure to love.
               Consistent Heat

When you use a log fireplace, you’ll only get heat
as long as the logs are burning. Once the fire
goes out, the heat from the fireplace goes with it.
This can be especially problematic during the
colder months or overnight.

With a gas fireplace, the heat is constant and
consistent. No matter what you’re doing, you
can be sure you’ll be doing it in comfort.
               Clean Operation

A gas fireplace is also a clean fireplace. Since it
runs as part of your home’s heating system,
there are no sparks or ash as byproducts.

You’ll never have to shovel piles of soot and ash
out of the bottom of the fireplace, and it won’t
leave an thick residue on the inside of the
fireplace and up into your chimney.
           More Energy Efficient

Compared to other types of fireplaces, a natural
gas fireplace can help you become more energy

In fact, it’s been said that a gas fireplace can
save you at least 25% on your home energy bill.
With the cost of utilities always going up and then
down, knocking that much off any bill is welcome
news to any homeowner.
                    Ease of Use

One of the big benefits of a gas fireplace is that it
is easy to use. You can literally get the fireplace
going with the flip of a switch, and then turn it off
the same way.

There is no lugging or chopping of firewood to
worry about, and some models even have a
remote control so you can operate it from
anywhere in the room.
When you have a gas fireplace installed in your
home, there is no open flame so the likelihood of
a fire is lessened. Many times, as a fire cracks
and pops it sends sparks shooting out into the

A gas fireplace is also safer for the environment
because there are no fumes or other particles
released into the atmosphere.

Design is a big element with a gas fireplace, and
you can choose from many different styles and
designs to meet your needs. Gas fireplaces
range from realistic, rustic looking logs to
futuristic grates and coverings.

It’s usually possible to find a gas fireplace design
to suit any interior design concept, so be patient
and look around until you find just the right style
for you.
        Installation In Any Room

The nature of gas fireplaces means that you can
have them installed in virtually any room of the
house, which is a huge benefit to most.

Imagine a luxurious, comforting fireplace in your
bedroom, a finished basement or even your
bathroom. This freedom really lets you expand
your design theories and meet your needs in a
more creative way.
        Can I Shut the Pilot Off?
One question that a lot of homeowners have
about gas fireplaces is whether they can shut off
the pilot light in the warmer months.

The pilot of a gas fireplace doesn’t use much
gas, and you can shut it off in the summer, but
you run the risk of unwelcomed guests like
insects building nests in your fireplace.
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