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Benefits of Home Care for Seniors


HomeWell Senior Care offers many types of elderly care services. Visit for more information. They are located at 83 Ridge Drive Toronto, ON M4T 1B6‎ (416) 913-8073.

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									Benefits of Home Care for
As the years go by and the signs of aging take
hold, it’s no longer possible for some peoplke to
care for themselves without assistance. Some
people turn to retirement homes or othe live-in
care facilities, but for others it’s possible to
remain in the home they know and still get the
help they need.

The concept of home care for seniors is growing
as the population gets older, and whether it’s for
yourself or a parent, it is a viable option that has
several benefits.
                     What Is It?
Senior home care is also called social care or
domicilliary care, and it refers to health care or
supportive care that is provided inside the
patient’s own home.

Sometimes, home care refers to care given by
family members, volunteers or caregivers, but
senior home care is generally performed by
licensed personnel like nurses.
           What Does It Include?
Senior home care services include elements such as:

•   Injury treatment
•   Psychological assessment
•   Pain management
•   Administering medication
•   Physical therapy
•   Speech therapy
•   Wound care
•   Occupational therapy
Senior Home Care Services cont…

•   Counseling
•   Meal preparation
•   Bathing
•   Help with personal hygiene
•   Transportation
•   Errands
•   Palliative care
•   Dressing help
        What Are The Benefits?
Many seniors and their family members perfer home
care to other forms of care. Some of the benefits

• Maintaining independence and dignity
• Comfort and freedom in familiar surroundings
• Customized care
• Helping to keep families together
• Postponing lengthy hospital stays or visits
                 Benefits cont…

•   Professionally supervised programs
•   Improved healing times
•   Joy of being around loved ones all the time
•   Reduced stress levels
•   High quality care
•   Ability to keep favourite pets close by
                 Benefits cont…

• Ability to stick to your own routine
• One-on-one care that meets specific needs
• Family participation in the day to day care
• Less travel for patient and family members
• Highly effective for healing and patient
• Highly efficient form of health care
• Far less costly overall
                  More Benefits
• Dedicated personnel who put the patient first

• Longer life span - studies have shown that seniors who
  receive home care as opposed to other forms actually
  live longer, and enjoy a higher quality of life in their
  remaning years.
               How to Proceed

The type and degree of home care you or your
family member requires is dependent on
several different fasctors.

The first step is to contact a reputable provider
and get an assessment of the situation. Most
providers will arrange a home visit to get a feel
for any special patient needs and requirements,
before suggesting a course of action and
setting up a full program.
HomeWell Senior Care offers many types of elderly
care services. Visit for
more information. They are located at 83 Ridge Drive
Toronto, ON M4T 1B6 (416) 913-8073.

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