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									                                    Web Hosting Services and its Different Types

Wikipedia defines web hosting service as “a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and
organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web.” The web hosts are actually companies
that provide server space and Internet connectivity to clients. Most web hosting companies do not own a
datacenter, buy rent or lease web hosting space in a datacenter.

There are different types of web hosting services such as free hosting services, shared hosting services, colocation
hosting services, managed hosting services, clustered hosting, reseller hosting services, dedicated hosting services,
grid hosting and so on. Hence, a proper understanding of the various services is essential to select a hosting that
meet business requirements. Here is a look at some of the important web hosting services.

Dedicated Hosting
In this type of hosting, the user gets an entire web server. He/ She has full control over it but does not own the
server. One of the greatest advantages of dedicated hosting is faster performance as the server is not shared with
any other website owners.
Managed Hosting
In a managed hosting environment, the user gets an entire web server but does not get full control over it. The
control lies with the service provider.
Colocation Hosting
This type of hosting is similar to dedicated hosting but the only difference is that the user owns the web server. It is
the most powerful and the most expensive web hosting service as the entire web server is owned and controlled
by a single user.
Shared Hosting
In a shared hosting environment, the user gets space in a server which hosts hundreds and thousands of other
websites. It is least expensive as the costs are shared by all those who use the server.
There are several web hosting companies that provide high quality hosting services. Here is a look at the
advantages of partnering with service providers of dedicated hosting India.
·     24X7 NOC Team troubleshoots downtime and server performance issues
·     Mundane Server Administration and tasks managed by experts
·     Customized alerts, root cause analysis, and issue resolutions covered by fault management services
·      Operations support ensures automated backups, data restoration, trouble ticket management, and
escalation of hardware problems.
·     A mix of managed and unmanaged machines
·     Linux and Windows support available
·     24X7 remote hands support
·     Performance Tweaking
·     Antivirus installation and updates
·     Change in configuration support
·     Routine maintenance activities on the server
·     24X7 OS Administration and Support
·     OS patching
·     Software preload
·     24X7 monitoring for spikes or unusual activity
·     Fault management
Thus, choosing the right service provider can help enterprises to ensure high availability, seamless performance,
and reliable security for their mission critical applications.

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