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					Ithan eMinders
Editorial and Submission Guidelines

    eMinders are distributed via email each Thursday during the school year to all
      registered users. To register for eMinders, click here.

eMinders Content
   All eMinders content will be added to the IES-PTO webpage (click here to view).
     Additionally submitted PTO eMinders content will be included in IES Eminders.
   All eMinder content should pertain directly to PTO events and programs at Ithan
     Elementary School or be a Radnor Township School District program of interest
     to the entire PTO community. Personal opinion pieces or events not related to
     the PTO or RTSD will not be included. Click here for instructions on submitting
     non-PTO events for posting on RTSD’s Community Bulletin Board.
   All announcements that you would like included in the eMinders and posted on
     the IES-PTO webpage should be as short and concise as possible.
   Handouts or flyers should be developed to go along with your submission if you
     would like to include additional information or if you need to include sign up
   Handouts or flyers should be attached to your eMinder submission email (see
     Submission Details below) and be in Microsoft Word or PDF format.
   Links can be made to other content already on the internet, the IES-PTO
     webpage or subpages. Please indicate desired links in the submission email.

Approval and Review
   Before sending any information to be included in eMinders, all eMinder text and
     attachments must be reviewed and approved by the PTO president and
     Ithan principal for appropriateness of content.
   When submitting, you should indicate in your email that approval has been
     received by the PTO president and Ithan principal so that the webmasters can
     proceed with posting the information as quickly as possible.

Submission Details
   After receiving approval, send your eMinders text to the Ithan Webmasters via
    email to
   eMinders must be submitted by noon on Tuesday to be included in Thursday’s
    eMinder (for example, an email received by Tuesday, September 4th will be
    included in the eMinder sent on Thursday, September 6th).
   Any emails sent after noon on Tuesday will be included in the following week’s
    eMinder. Additionally, submissions that are incomplete or not approved may be
    delayed until the complete submission is received.
      When the eMinder information is submitted via email, please specify which
       weeks the eMinder should be posted (starting and ending Thursday). If no start
       date is specified, the current eMinder week will be assumed.

   If you have any questions, please email the IES-PTO webmasters at They would be happy to help!

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