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									Cary NC, Chiropractor, Dr. J. Luis Sandez D. C., Provides Natural
Solutions For Back Pain

Cary, NC, 28-JAN-2013 - Sandez Family Chiropractic & Wellness Center and
Cary NC chiropractor, Dr. J. Luis Sandez DC, are pleased to announce
natural answers for locals who suffer from back pain. Although pain along
the spinal column can be from many causes and may manifest in any
location on the spine, it is most commonly found in the lower back, also
known as the lumbar region.

Dr. Sandez, Cary NC chiropractor, spoke to an interviewer recently,
asking, "Did you know that your nervous system controls all other systems
in your body and that pressure or irritation to spinal nerves is often
the cause of many health problems? At Sandez Family Chiropractic &
Wellness Center we understand that the health of the spine and spinal
cord are crucial to overall wellness."

The doctor conducts a thorough examination of the spine and the
extremities. He is looking specifically for subluxations, which are
defined as improperly aligned joints. When there is misalignment, the
nerves can be irritated and are placed under pressure. Subluxations are
the cause of numerous health problems. These problems can affect every
organ, muscle, joint and nerve in the body.

Instead of picking away at the symptoms, as other health professionals
do, chiropractors identify the underlying cause of the problems and seek
to correct them. The symptoms are relieved by following the chiropractor-
designed care plan. This results in improved bodily functions, greater
overall health and enhanced wellbeing. Each plan is unique to the
particular patient and encourages patient support for the best results.

Dr. Sandez is certified to provide care for pregnant women, who often
suffer back pain during the gestational period. The doctor is also
available for therapy on children and senior citizens, who sometimes have
unique care needs.

Learn more about the drug-free, non-invasive, safe and effective way to
achieve greater overall health by clicking on the links at today. Members of the press and others who
have additional questions about the information in this press notice
should contact Dr. Sandez, Cary chiropractor, at the location described

Contact Person Name: Dr. J. Luis Sandez, DC

Company Name: Sandez Family Chiropractic & Wellness Center, PLLC

Company Address: 1616 Evans Road, Suite 150, Cary, NC 27513

Contact Telephone Number: (919) 535-3091



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