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VOL.   I                                OAKLAND, CAL., NOVEMBER 21, 1901                                            No. 9

                                          Oh, wonderful story of deathless love!       salaries could be promised the min-
     THL CHURCH                           Each child is dear to that Heart above;
                                          He fights for me when I can not fight;
                                                                                          As order in the ministry had
                                          He comforts me in the gloom of night;        come in, separating from the body
                                          He lifts the burden, for He is strong;       those who had abused the liberal-
             HE CARETH                    He stills-the sigh and awakes the song;      ities of the brethren, confidence in
                                          The sorrow that bowed me down He             the work was established. When
What can it mean ? Is it ought to Him         bears,                                   calls were made for money to pur-
That the nights are long and the days are And loves and pardons because He cares.      chase tents, for tent-meetings, and
   dim ?                                  Let all who are^sad take heart again;        laborers' expenses, for a power
Can He be touched by the griefs I bear, We are not alone in our hours of pain;         press and engine, for a book fund,
Which sadden the heart and whiten the Our Father stoops from His throne above          etc., there were liberal responses.
   hair?                                  To soothe and quiet us with His love.        The work advanced so- rapidly that
About His throne are eternal calms,       He leaves us not when the strife is high;    at the close of 1857 (in three years)
And strong, gladmusic.of happy psalms, And we have safety, for He is nigh.             the number of Seventh-day Ad-
And bliss unruffled by any strife;        Can it be trouble which He doth share ?      ventists had doubled, and the office
How can He care for my little life ?      Oh, rest in peace, for the Lord will care!   property of the "Review and Her-
                                                                      —Selected.       aJd" had increased from. $700 to
And yet I want Him to care for me
                                                        THE CHURCH                        Satan was displeased to see the
While I live in this world where the                                                   cause flourish, as order was being
                                                 SUPPORT OF THE MINISTRY
   sorrows be,                                                                         established among us, so he called
When the lights die down in the path I         "Do ye mot know that they               a council of his angels to devise a
   take,                                    which minister about holy things           plan to hinder the work. Of this
When strength is feeble and friends         live of the things of the temple?          we read in "Spiritual Gifts," vol. I,
   forsake,                                 and they which wait at the altar           published in 1858: "I saw that
When love and music that once did bless     are partakers with the altar? Even         Satan bade his angels to lay their
Have left me to silence and loneliness,     so hath the Lord ordained that             snares especially for those who are
And my life-song changes to sobbing         they which preach the gospel               looking for Christ's second appear-
   prayers,                                 should live of the gospel." i Cor.         ing, and keeping all the command-
Then my spirit cries out for a God who      9:13, 14.                                  ments of God. . . . Said he:
   cares.                                      In the summer of 1854 Seventh-          'The sect of Sabbath-keepers we
                                            day Adventists began the use of            hate; they are continually working
                                            large tents in which to hold meet-         against us, and taking from us our
When shadows hang over the whole day        ings. It was a rare thing in those         subjects to keep the hated law of
    !ong,                                   days to see tents used for such pur-       God. Go, make the possessors of
And my spirit is bowed with shame and       poses, consequently crowds of peo-         land and money drunk with cares.
    wrong;                                  ple came to the tent-meetings.             If you can make them place their
When I am not good, and the deeper          This increased interest to hear the        affections upon these things, we
    shade                                   message called for ministers who           shall have them yet. They may
Of conscious sin in my heart is made,       could devote their whole time to           profess what they please, only
And the busy world has too much to do       the gospel work. This they could           make them care more for money
To stay in its course to help me through,   riot (io without some means of sup-        than for the success of Christ's
And I long for a Saviour—can it be          port beside their own hand labor.          kingdom or the spread of the
That the God of the universe cares for      No system of finance had as yet            truths we hate. Present the world
                                            been established among us, so no           before them in' its most attractive
                                          PACIFIC UNION RECORDER
  light, that they may idolize it. We      Bible class was conducted by Elder      ing benevolence, it is said in the
  must keep in our ranks all the           J. N. Andrews, in Battle Creek,         Scriptures to be "the Lord's." In
  means of which we can get control.       Mich. Its object was to learn           the payment of the tithe we are
  The more means the followers of          what the Scriptures teach concern-      only rendering to the Lord His
  Christ devote to His service, the        ing the support of the gospel min-      own.
  more will they injure our kingdom        istry, and resulted in developing          In view of the promise of so
 by getting our subjects. . . .            "the plan of systematic benevo-         great blessings on those who pay
  Present every plausible excuse to        lence, on the tithing principle."       faithfully their tithe (Mal. 3:8-12),
 those who have means, lest they           An address setting forth this sys-      it is sad to see how many choose
 hand it out. Control the moiney           tem of supporting the gospel was        rather to deprive themselves of
 matters if you can, and drive the         published in the "Advent Review"        those blessings, and boldly "rob"
 ministers to want and distress.           of February 6, 1859.                    the Lord "in tithes and offerings."
 This will weaken their courage and           This same address had been           They do not see why they do not
 zeal. Battle every inch of ground.        adopted by a vote of the Battle         prosper, when the Lord says to
 Make covetousness the leading             Creek church, Jan. 26, 1859. The        them, in the plainest terms, "Ye
 trait in their character.' "—Pages       plan proposed was so reasonable          are cursed with a curse; for ye have
 128, 129.                                and consistent that it was readily       robbed Me."
     The zeal and liberality of our       accepted and acted upon by the                       J. N. Loughborough.
 people, which were so abundant           generous and liberal hearted. It
 from 1853 to 1856, dropped to            was welcomed as a measure well
 such a low ebb in 1857 that even         calculated to give greater effi-
 many in~ the ministry were being         ciency to the work of the ministry.                  SELFISHNESS
 driven to hand labor for their own       An address on the same, subject              "Unselfishness is very often self-
 support.      The testimony above        was read and adopted by a vote of         ish. In forgetting ourselves for
 quoted explained the "power be-          a general gathering of our people         another, we may forget others
 hind the scenes" that was aiding         in Battle Creek, June 3-6, 1859.          who ought to be considered.
 the production of such results.          The majority of our people began          There are church-goers who are
     In the winter of 1857-58 the fol-    immediately to carry out the plan.        so intent on saying a kindly word
 lowing testimony was given, and              Soon after this the following tes-   to a neighboring pew-holder that
we were directed to "search the           timony was published: "I saw that        they block the aisle by their
 Scriptures, for therein a plan is        in the arrangement of systematic          friendly act, to the discomfort and
given for the support of the work,        benevolence hearts will be tested        annoyance of a score of other
—a plan which our people should           and proved. It is a constant, liv-        church-goers who> are hindered
adopt." It was further said: "The         ing test. It brings one to under-        thereby. In the narrow passage-
least that has been required of           stand his own heart, to see whether      ways of a city market friendly cus-
Christians in past days is to possess    the truth or the love of the              tomers stop each other, and stop
a spirit of liberality, and to conse-     world predominates," " 'There is         many others, by coming to a full
crate to the Lord a portion of their     that scattereth, and yet increaseth;      stand for a good-morning wel-
increase. Every true Christian has       and there is that withholdeth more        come to an acquaintance, without
considered this a privilege, but         than is meet, but it tendeth to> pov-     having the thoughtfulness to step
some who have borne the name              erty. The liberal soul shall be          on onie side for the time being, in
only have considered this a task;        made fat; and he that watereth            order not to> block the market
the grace and love of God had            shall be watered also himself.'           thoroughfare.      And the same
never wrought in them the good               "This tithing system, I saw,          thoughtless disregard of others is
work, or they would gladly have          would develop character, and man-         shown in the doorways of hotels,
advanced the cause of their Re-          ifest the true state of the heart.        and of shops, and of- street-cars,
deemer. But Christians who are           If the brethren" "have this mat-          and on the street sidewalks, con-
living in the last days, and who are     ter presented before them in its          tinually, by persons who are all the
waiting for their Lord, are required     true bearing, and are left to decide      while congratulating themselves
to do even more than this. God           for themselves, they will see wis-        on thinking so much of others,
requires of them to sacrifice."          dom and order in the tithing sys-         that they stop and help them
    "I was pointed back to the days      tem."—Vol. i, pages 221, 222, 237.        block the passage against ten times
of the apostles, and saw that God            With a slight modification of         as many persons as they show at-
laid the plan by the descent of His      keeping account of actual income,         tention to. If we would be un-
Holy Spirit, and that by the gift        and giving one-tenth of that to the       selfish in our dealings with our
of prophecy He counseled His             cause, for the support of the min-        neighbors, we must take into ac-
people in regard to a system of be-      istry, the system introduced in 1858      count others besides those in whom
nevolence. All were to share in          is still carried out. It supplies a       we are personally and selfishly
this work of imparting of their car-     steady flow of means into the treas-      interested."
nal things to those who ministered       ury for the gospel work. Note
unto them in spiritual things."—         that the Testimony, from the first,          "No good thing will He with-
Testimonies, vol. i, pages 170, 190.     called it "tithes" that should be ren-    hold from them that walk up-
    In the month of April, 1858, a       dered to the Lord. Instead of be-         rightly." Ps. 84:11.
                                       this you can see something of the        schools, as well as Sabbath-schools,
                                       difficulties we have to contend with;    would be served.
                                       but if all the laborers catch the           Considerable time was given to
                                       spirit of this one, the Lord will help   the consideration of the work at
                                       us to overcome the difficulties. It      Berrien Springs. Special effort
                                       is only just to say that this was one    wall be put forth to make this in-
                                       of the American brethren who             deed a training-school where work-
   The following letter from Elder                                              ers may be developed for the gos-
G. A. Snyder to the San Jose           came over with us on the Sonoma.
                                         "We have had our own difficulties      pel ministry in its various lines.
church is kindly furnished for pub-                                             Provision was made for holding a
lication. Many of our readers will     to contend with also. We have re-
                                       ceived no money from the Califor-        special course this winter for min-
be pleased to hear from him:—                                                   isters.
                                       nia Conference as yet, and have
    "25 Sloane St., Summer Hill,       been able to draw but little on the         Preliminary steps were taken for
"Sydney, N. S. W., Sept. 26, 1901.     order we brought with us, on ac-         the distribution of the assets and li-
   "Dear Brethren and Sisters of       count of others being hard pushed.       abilities of the General Conference
the Sail Jose Church: Inclosed         We are not complaining, but we           Association. Upon careful exam-
please find the acknowledgment of      are hoping for better days ahead.        ination of the assets and liabilities
our acceptance into the Ashfield          "This leaves us both well and of      of the association, and the condi-
church.    We are enjoying our         good courage in the Lord. Hop-           tion of the various Union Confer-
work here as well as could be ex-      ing that it may find you all enjoy-      ences, the liabilities of the associa-
pected under the circumstances.        ing similar blessings, I remain as       tion were apportioned as follows:—
Of course we do not have the           ever,        Yours in the work,          To districts Nos. 4 and 5. . $85,000
 means and facilities for carrying                      "Geo. A. Snyder."       To district 6 ............ 31,000
forward the work that you have in                                               To district 5 ............ 10,000
California, but we did not expect                                               To district 2 ............ 10,000
to when we came, so we are not                                                  To district i ............ 5,000
very much disappointed.                                                         To district 3 ............ 34,000
   "I went up the railway about 150                                                It was recommended that the
miles last week to make arrange-          A meeting of such members of
                                       the General Conference Commit-           Union Conferences assume obli-
ments for a camp-meetinlg. It wiii                                              gations of the association to this
be quite a humble affair compared      tee, presidents of conferences,
                                       managers of institutions, and audi-      amount, with the understanding
with the one we had in San Jose.                                                that the institutions owned by the
There will probably be a dozen or      tors as could be gotten together,
                                       was held at Battle Creek, October        association are to be deeded to the
more tents on the ground. Every-                                                districts in which they are located.
body will have toi look out for        23 to November 3.
                                          Verbal reports from the six new-      The recommendation, as far as it
themselves, and we will have to                                                 has to do with the Pacific Union
carry all our water from the river,    ly-organized Union Conferences
                                       were rendered. While the organi-         Conference, will be acted upon
several blocks away.                                                            at our conference meeting next
   "The brother who has been la-       zation of these conferences is of too
boring there preparatory to the        recent a date to reveal the entire       March.
camp-meeting had to make a bed         benefit that is to accrue to the            A form of receipts and report
of loose straw on the floor in one     work from them, yet the reports          blanks for church officers, and a
corner of the room for himself and     submitted were generally of a very       system of accounts for church
family, because he had no> money       encouraging character, and all           treasurers, were adopted and will
and the conference treasury was        seemed satisfied that the plans of       appear in the "Review and Her-
empty. Of course we sent him           reorganization that have been            ald." In order that confusion may
 some money as soon as possible.       adopted will prove of incalculable       be avoided, it was recommended
It was only a small amount, how-       value, when adapted to the existing      that all Sabbath-school and mission
ever. When I was up there, I           conditions of the various fields.        funds be turned over to the church
asked him if he needed any more,          The leading questions that occu-      treasurer, by whom they are to
 and he said he thought he could       pied the time o>£ the council were       be sent to the conference treas-
get along a couple of weeks longer     the educational, publishing, foreign     urer, who1 in turn will forward
with what he had. He had less          fields, the finances of the General      the entire amount to the Union
than twenty cents, and when I di-      Conference, and a uniform system          Conference treasury. Some con-
vided my money with him, he said       of accounts, reporting and remit-         fusion has existed in the Pacific
he had been thinking of getting        tance of funds for the churches and      Union Conference on this question,
some house painting to do, so he       local conferences.                       owing to contradictory instruc-
 could work part of the day at that,      It was decided that the publica-      tions that have come from other
and visit and give Bible-readings      tion of the "Sabbath School               sources, but it is to be hoped that
during the remainder of the day        Worker" should be discontinued,          this recommendation of a uniform-
and in the evenings. He was not        and that hereafter a general edu-         plan for all the conference will
 complaining in the least, but was     cational journal should be pub-           correct this condition,
anxious to do that much to help        lished, in which the interests of           P. T. Magan was appointed busi-
the conference out of debt. From       our colleges, academies, church-          ness agent for the General Copier*
                                        PACIFIC UNION RECORDER

ence, and E. R. Palmer general           who are starting in the work           make a great deal of difference
canvassing agent.                        should take up. It gives one an        whether we are active and earnest,
  A very interesting and profitable      experience which can not be ob-        or careless and indifferent.
Bible study was conducted each          tained in any other way. The self-         Here .Brother Sadler said that
day by W. W. Prescott. These             supporting worker learns to plan       Satan is ever seeking to1 persuade
were occasions that were enjoyed        for himself, and not have his work      us that we are in the wrong place,
by all, and the Spirit of God was       mapped out by others.                   even when we are in the right
manifestly present.                        Elder Sadler added that the          place; but there is a great deal of
                    W. T. Knox.         Lord is managing everything; and,       good in being determined on do-
                                        if we are inclined to think we are      ing our best, eveni though it may
                                        badly used, let us leave it with the    appear we are not in the work best
    NORTHERN CALIFORNIA                 Lord. If a conference committee         suited to us; for then the Lord can
        CONFERENCE                      puts us to canvassing, and we           steer us into the place where we
                                        think they have something against       ought to be; but a motionless ship
MINUTES OF WORKERS' MEETING             us, let us regard it as Joseph did      can not be steered. You should
  HELD IN OAKLAND CHURCH                his going into Egypt, when he           settle down in what you are doing,
     MONDAY, OCTOBER 7,                 said to his brothers, You thought       unless you are convinced that you
            1901                        you sent me here, but it was God.       ought to engage in something else.
                                        When we have surrendered our-              Elder Corliss remarked that
    A goodly number assembled a.t       selves into the Lord's hands, what-     sometimes persons say the Lord
 ten o'clock A. M., and, after the      ever happens to us is for our best      wants them to do a certain thing
 meeting had been opened with           good, because God never sends us        when, in reality, it is what they
 prayer, the subject of self-support-   anything that is not for our good,      want to do*. Let us be passive in
 ing work was taken up and freely       and the best thing He can do for        the Lord's hands; not say we will
 discussed. Elders J. O. Corliss,       us under the circumstances.             do this or that, and bend every
 M. H. Brown, and W. S. Sadler                                                  energy toward it, but let Him
  gave short talks along this line,        Elder Corliss then observed that     guide us.
 and others spoke of experiences        canvassing is simply preaching the        Then the matter was taken up
 they had had, and various sugges-      truth to the people in a different      by a large number of those pres-
 tions^ were offered. Among the         way than occupying a pulpit. It         ent, and many expressions were
 remarks made by the different          may happen that those who say           made of resolutions to do what-
 speakers, the following observa-       they will not do canvassing, are        ever the Lord wanted. Refresh-
 tions were specially noted: Elder      brought to a place where there is       ing testimonies were given by very
 W. S. Sadler said the worker who       nothing else they can do.               many of the workers.
 supports himself, instead of de-          At this point Elder M. rf.             The meeting then adjourned to
 pending upon others for his liv-       Brown read from the Testimonies,        November 4, at the San Francisco
 ing, is educated in economy and        and said that workers should trust      church.
 faithfulness and the improvement       unreservedly in the Lord, knowing                J. O. Corliss, Chairman.
 of every minute. Self-supporting       that He overrules everything to           H. W. Rose, Dep. Sec.
 work is a grand thing. When the        the good of those who love Him.
 name of a worker is read at camp-      He also called attention to the im-
 meeting, the individual should         provement of time. He had seen                     GLENNVILLE
 not see visions of six dollars a       certain people who would occupy
 week coming in regularly, but          every spare moment in storing the          The work is still onward here.
 should regard it as meaning hard       mind with some useful knowledge,        Since my last report we have op-
 work ahead. When we are paid           reading some good book, and en-         ened our church-school, and I am
 out of sacred funds, every moment      deavoring to fit themselves for         installed as teacher. We have a
 should count. We are apt to for-       greater usefulness in the Lord's        cozy schoolhouse and seven pu-
 get to distinguish between sacred      work; while others, seem scarcely       pils. Professor Ballenger visited us
 and common funds. We should            to know how to fill up their time.      November 12 and 13, and encour-
 give ourselves into the hands of       He appealed to the California           aged us with good advice.
 the Lord so completely that He         workers to have a high standard,           The Cumberland Presbyterian
 can, as it were, turn us out of the    and aim to' reach it, to determine      minister, of whom I spoke in my
 nest if He wants to-, and then, in     to make of themselves all that can      last as coming to oppose us, spoke
 stead of grumbling, we shall say,      be made in the Lord's work, so          each night for two weeks on the
 "Thank the Lord, there is some-        that He can use them to< His glory      subject "WThy I Can Not Be a
 thing good in this for me."            in accomplishing a great work for       Seventh-day Adventist." He told
    Elder Corliss thought that mov-     Him. He remarked that some              the people what we believed, and
 ing workers from place to place        people lie in bed in the morning,       then tried to show the absurdity of
'often helps them to realize their      when the time so spent might be         our position. But as his authority
 dependence upon God, and not           utilized to fit themselves for better   for our belief was Canright, and a
 upon any conference or any other       work and greater efficiency. We         misconception of our own works,
body. The Lord has indicated            must be alive and awake, not            it was far from true. I corrected
 that canvassing is what persons        drones, nor indolent; for it does       a few of his statements, handing
him a written statement of our po-     and Sunday, I spoke four times and      however, I think was all for the
sition on a few subjects. This         made eleven visits. On Sunday           best, as we have had opportunity
.statement he kindly read, and said    morning I took a cart, and, in com-     to get acquainted with all the
he had no intention of misrepre-       pany with one of the brethren, we       neighbors, until now there seems
senting us. But instead of using       visited seven families not of ou^       to be an interest to start with.
the Bible to refute us, he took        faith, some of them said to be rank     One thing that has impressed me
 "early fathers" and historians, and   infidels. The brother did not like      is the large number of young
his effort only resulted, as far as    the idea of going at first, but when    people who make no profession
we were concerned, in making us        the day was over, he said it was        of religion, My heart is espe-
firmer. We know we have God's          one of the best days of his life, and   cially burdened for them. Oh, for
truth, and we feel to praise God       that it had opened up ways for him      the power of God to move upon,
continually.                           to work that before had seemed          their hearts and make them know
   I just received a letter from the   dark. The ordinances were cele-         a Saviour's love! For tfiis I
lady of whom I spoke as living         brated here for the first time in ten   seek, for this I am praying.
thirty miles away, saying she had      years. Some of the members had             How helpless—utterly helpless—
taken her stand for the truth,         visited Arcata for these services       we are, apart from God! We
Praise the Lord!                       during that time, but very seldom."     might convince hundreds of peo-
   Several others living at a dis-        It will be seen from the report      ple of the truth by the logical
tance are interested. We are scat-     of Brother Kellogg that the work        presentation of the message, but
tering the printed page diligently,    is onward in Humboldt County.           how far short this is of the real
and praying God to water and give      In this we rejoice, and trust the       work! Only the power of God
the increase.                          Lord will bless the laborers abun-      can convict and convert the heart.
   The enemy is working hard, and      dantly in that field.                   I want to realize, this constantly.
has even descended to ungentle-                                                   I am planning to begin the
manly methods.        The minister                                             work here November 2. I hope
made a personal threat toi us re-                                              to be enabled to give interesting
cently in a church full of people.         JOHN ADAMS, CALIFORNIA
                                                                               accounts from time to1 time of
But it only succeeded in angering                                              what is being accomplished. I
a number of his own people and              Since my last report I have vis-   would especially request the pray-
lessening his own congregation*.                                               ers of God's people, wherever
To God be all the piraise for the        ited Redding, and again spent a       these lines are read, in behalf of
work here.           Mina Mann.          short time at Red Bluff, and I
                                        trust at both places the work was      the work here.
   Nov. 13, 1901.                        not fruitless. At the first place                       C. N. Martin.
                                        we celebrated the solemn ordi-
                                        nances of the Lord's house. Al-
        HUMBOLDT COUNTY                 though this company was brought
                                        into the truth by meetings held            BUCKEYE, SHASTA CO., CAL.
    From a letter just received from    two years ago, this was the first
 Brother A. S. Kellogg, we take the     time they had ever participated in        Since our last report from this
 following interesting items con-       the ordinances. It was a solemn        place we have seen much of God's
 cerning the work in that field:—       occasion, and the Lord came pre-       power in our midst. Four pre-
    "The Lord has wonderfully           ciously near.                          cious souls have enlisted in the
 blessed in the work, and good has          At Red Bluff two who- had given    race for heaven, while the children
 been accomplished.       While at      up the truth took their stand once     of these dear ones are likewise
 Pepperwood I took charge of the        more for the message.                  obeying.
 work, painting the church inside           My report this time will not be       Immediately after the Red Bluff
 and out. The material for paint-       so much for work done in the           camp-meeting we organized a Sab-
 ing the church cost $30.45. This       past, but rather an anticipation of    bath-school, numbering fourteen.
was paid by cash on hand that had       the future.                            It encourages us to see all present
been raised by the church.                 John Adams is a little country      drinking in the practical truths
   "At Blue Lake we are working         village, fifteen miles from Chico,     contained in the lessons from week
to build a church. The lot has         which is the nearest railroad point.    tc week. We expect to see the
been bought and paid for, and           One year ago I moved, my family        most active members carry the
deeded to the California Confer-       to this place. There is only one        responsibility of the school when
ence Association. The lot was          family of Adventists living nearer      the workers are called to new fields.
worth $ TOO, but the owner gave it     than Chico', and the third angel's      This has already commenced, as
to us for $50. All the companies       message has never been proclaimed       one lady consented to take the
In the county are helping a little,    here. I expected to hold meetings       senior class next Sabbath. The
and we expect to see the building      when I first moved my family here,      adults are three women and onie
up and free of debt. We hope to        but work in other parts kept me,        man; The brother holds a re-
do the same thing at McDermot          and there has never been an open-       sponsible position in one of th$
Prairie.                               ing since when I could spare trie       gold mines here, and we thank the
   "While at Dows Prairie Sabbath      tiifie for a public effort. This,       Lord that his foreman had no, ob-r
jections to his keeping the Sabbath       Two were baptized at Los An-         don't have any more of them now-
day.                                   geles last Sabbath, and others are      adays."
   Others are interested for miles     ready to unite.                            After a season of prayer, in
around. These are visited quite           Three have embraced the truth        which God was petitioned to re-
often with our literature, and oc-     at Nordhoff.                            member each request, and deepen
casionally a reading is given. Pray       It is encouraging to see souls       the burden for souls, we had a
with us, brethren, that these souls    coming to the only light that can       praise service. Many claimed the
may take their stand while the         show them the way to< the gates         victory by faith, and expressed
waters are troubled.                   of the city, but when we think of       their confidence in the Lord's an-
   The public meetings are held as     the fact that we are in the time of     swer to their prayers. Seven
usual on Wednesday night, and          the "loud cry," how little it all       arose for baptism, making eleven
alternating with the Methodist         seems beside what it ought "to be!      in the past two weeks. Two of
minister on Sunday afternoons, fol-    God will pity our weakness, and         this number are middle-aged sis-
lowing the Sunday-school".             will give a greater increase if we      ters, who were faithful workers in
   It was suggested at the camp-       earnestly vise the time that is still   the Methodist Church. We wel-
meeting to divide the corps of         allowed us. But what will be the        come them among those who are
workers here as soon as the work       reckoning if we are still indifferent   keeping the commandments of
was well established. Therefore        in the work? It will come to- the       God and the faith of Jesus, and we
my wife and I came to Andersen,        time that He will say, "Cut it          extend a cordial invitation for
Shasta County, the 8th instant, to     down."                                  others to come along and go with
begin work with "Object Les-              It must not be said of us. In-       us.
sons" and other literature, leaving    stead, we may hear the words,              As churches we need more of
Brother Sims and wife with the         "Well done."                            the Spirit of God, and to have
Buckeye company. They will re-                          Clarence Santee.       our minds enlightened with the
main there till after the holidays,                                            everlasting gospel. The popular
and then join us here to follow this                                           churches are beginning to feel the
work with another effort.                                                      chilly sensation that results from
   Pray for the work in Shasta                     SAN DIEGO                   a withdrawal of the Holy Spirit.
County.              I. P. Dillon.                                             Honest hearts are aching for the
                                           The Lord is greatly blessing in     warmth and sympathy found in the
                                       the work in this place. Souls are       third angel's message.
                                        finding peace in God, and are             Brethren and sisters, it is our
   SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA                 working for the salvation of others.    privilege to be in such a condition
        CONFERENCE                      Elder Santee was with us during        that we can invite them into our
                                       the week preceding November 4.          midst, arid impart to them the soul-
          FIELD REPORTS                This was a season of refreshing to      satisfying truths of God's Word.
                                       the church, and all enjoyed the         "Arise, shine; for thy light is;
   The work is still onward. All       lessons given.                          come."
are of good courage, and the light         For some time the work has                   T. S. Whitelock, M. D,
is reaching into new places.           been deepening, and Sabbath, No-
   A good interest is manifested at    vember 9, was a day long to be
McPherson, but the truth has not       remembered, because of the out-            "Behold, happy is the man
been carried far enough to report      pouring of the latter rain. The         whom God correcteth; therefore
the results.                           speaker was in the pulpit ready         despise not thou the chastening of
   Fourteen have accepted tHe truth    to> begin his sermon, when a sis-       the Almighty; for He maketh
at Sawtelle, and there is no preju-    ter arose and wanted toi know if it     sore, and bindeth up; He wound-
dice. The people of that vicinity      would be proper for her to' ask         eth. and His hands make whole.
have taken a subscription for the      the prayers of God's people.            He shall deliver thee in six
building of a house of worship.        When told it was, she asked the         troubles; yea, in seven there shall
The friends are assisting the little   church to remember her and her          no evil touch thee. In famine He
company in this new place, and         family when they prayed. This           shall redeem thee from death; and
they expect to have the house free     was followed by nearly the whole        in war from the power of the
from debt when completed. The          church confessing their sins and        sword. Thou shalt be hid from
lumber is now partly on the            asking for prayers. There was a         the scourge of the tongue; neither
ground. This church will accom-        silence in the church, made solemn      shalt thou be afraid of destruction
modate the company at Santa            by the presence of the angels of        when it cometh." Job 5:17-21.
Monica also on the Sabbath. I          heaven. One Methodist lady, who
love to see churches built if there    came in to worship with us, said
is no lingering debt.                  in her testimony: "I am so glad            "Cause me to hear Thy loving-
   Four were recently baptized at      to be here, and I believe you peo-      kindness in the morning; -for in
San Diego, and we learn that there     ple have the Spirit of the Lord.        Thee do I trust; cause me-to know
are six more that are now ready        Why, it seems just like one of the      the way wherein I should walk;
to go forward in the same ordi-        old love-feasts we used to have in      for I lift up my soul • unto Thee."
nance.                                 the Methodist Church, but we            Ps. 143:8.
                                 Union Conference to some extent.
                                 They feel that each must now take             IABBATH-JCHQSL
            ARIZONA              hold to do all he can to help for-
                                 ward this message. The Lord has                 DEPARTMENT
                                                                              JABBATH-JCHOOL : READING CIRCLE
                                 blessed in this move, and, while
     The work is onward in this field,                                             TOUNO PEOPLE'S WORK
                                 the Pacific Union Conference has
and all seem to be of good courage.
We have cheering reports from allsupplied us with $500 so far, which
                                                                           SUMMARY OF SABBATH-SCHOOI, RE-
                                 has nearly all been used to pay our
the workers, saying that a lew are                                             PORTS IN PACIFIC UNION
accepting the truth. One Spanish six laborers, we have to'-day more
                                 funds in the treasury than when
minister has accepted the truth at
                                 we began this mission work, all
Tucson, so far as he has carried his                                                                     Total
                                 raised in the field. The work that
investigation, and it is hoped that                                                          No.        Contribu- Don. to Don. to
                                                                                            Schools Mem. tions.    O. H. Mis'ns.
he will develop into a useful manhas been accomplished with this
in the cause. There is a company money and effort is very encour-          N. Cal......      »4     2,9°5 $1,673 27 $139 80 $374 57
and Sabbath-school at Bisbee thataging, notwithstanding the fact           S. Cal. ......     21      624    470 72    19 04  34 47
                                                                           N. Pacific         85    1,892    5 2 1 50 143 72 264 94
                                 that this is one of the hardest fields
has been raised up this year,"and,                                         Up. Col....        31      "59    182 18    32 53  48 05
                                 in the United States. The work
though it is not large, yet there is a                                     Arizona ...         4      108     22 27   15   55   li 46
piospect of its growing steadily.moves slowly and hard, compared           Utah.........        2      94     21 64    i   25    6 42
                                                                           Alaska .....         2      16      8 99    4   77
     We spent some time in the   to some conferences where they               Total...        259   6,498 $2,790 57 $356   76 $739 91
Verde Valley the first part of thehave more funds, more workers,
                                  and more settled communities to
 summer, but did not see the results                                         Of the schools reported in North-
we had hoped. From there we       labor in; but we have cause for re-      ern California, twenty-eight are
went to' Flagstaff, spending the  joicing at the progress made.            family schools, as are also two of
 time from. July 9 to October 29. While a few are giving up in dis-        those in the Southern California list.
                                  couragement, more are coming in
 Sister W. L. lies had been working                                        We sincerely wish that all family
                                  to fill up the ranks.
 here for some time, and there1 wa-s                                       schools would report, and that the
 a good interest. We opened a         No doubt you have all been in-       number of such schools would be
                                  terested in the reports of Brethren
 "Bible school" four nights in. each                                       greatly increased. We regret that
                                  T. E. and F. S. Bond of their can-
 week, besides our Sabbath services.                                       we have no reports from Montana
                                  vassing work here. Already they
 Bible-readinigs were held regularly                                       and Hawaii this quarter.
 with several families, and some  have put nearly 350 books, large                                                 C. R. K.
 finally accepted the truth. This and small, into the field, having
 little church had struggled alonglost but very few orders, and in
 for some time, with not a man in most cases, where an order was                      ATTENTION
 it to help them, and they were   lost, they have sold it to some one         "How shall we hold the atten-
 much cheered when, on October    else. The money brought into the         tion of our auditors?" was the
                                  treasury this way has nearly sup-
  19, three united with them in the                                        question asked by a young
 blessed work—two by baptism, one ported one laborer, as one of these      preacher of a veteran.       "Give
 on former baptism. It is expectedbrethren is paid a salary, and turns     them something to- attend to," was
 that Brother James Creamer, of   all his sales into the treasury.         the wise reply. The attention of
 St. Helena, Cal., will soon locate   The Phoenix church has had a         the pupil the teacher must have
                                  hard time to' get its school started
 there to engage in business, while                                        and hold, if he accomplish any-
 assisting the church. It is also this year, but it is a source of great   thing in the class; hence the im-
                                  encouragement to the workers and
 hoped that soon a doctor or nurses                                        portance of these inquiries.
 will be secured for that place.  to themselves to see how the Lord
                                                                                            HOW NOT TO GAIN IT.
                                  opened the way when they stepped
 All of these would find their hands
 full, and be a great help to* theout by faith.        The Lord has            1. By demanding it as a right.
 church and work there. There     blessed in it. Brother Owen, the             2. By begging it as a favor.
                                  teacher, finds a good missionary
 are still those who' are already in-                                          3. By scolding the scholars for
 terested and will probably soon   field, and is much encouraged at        not giving it.
 fully accept the truth.          the prospect before the school and           4. It is not to be gained by
                                   church. We expect good results
     The organization of this terri-                                       special indulgences and rewards.
 tory into a mission field, under  to follow this effort.                      5. It can not be secured By
  the Pacific Union Conference, has   Calls are coming in for workers,     threats.
 been quite a task, having to be   and we are planning for a winter's          6. Hearing the lesson rather
  accomplished wholly by corre-    campaign with courage and cheer.        than attempting to* teach it, will not
                                   Pray for the work in Arizona.
  spondence ; but all along there have                                     be likely to gain attention.
 been harmony and united effort in                    E. W. Webster,           7. Endeavoring to teach truths
  it, and our people throughout the                   R. E. Webster.       which the pupil can not compre-
  field are all greatly encouraged to                                      hend, will not secure it.
 think that now we are our own                                                 8. Reading the lesson from a
  field, upon our own responsibil-                                         book will not fasten the mind upon
  ities largely, yet having the sup-   "The Lord knoweth the way of        it.
  port and assistance of the Pacific the righteous." Ps. 1:6.                  9. Presenting a confused com-
                                       PACIFIC UNION RECORDER

bination of ideas will prevent the     and sisters, we have a many-sided        but it does imply that each soul
attention of the scholar.              message and a world-wide work.           will be practising and teaching the
   10. The use of words not un-            For about fifty years we have        principles of temperance,—right
derstood, or using words so inac-      been receiving rays of light from        living, eating, drinking, etc.
curately that they convey no defi-     heaven concerning the lines of              The work for to-day is to begin
nite idea, will not command the        work that are toi play their parts       to work just where we are; do the
intelligent attention of any o>ne.     in the giving of the last message        best we can according to the
                                       of mercy to a dying world; and           knowledge we have; do personal
         HOW TO GAIN IT.
                                       with every such ray of light there       work with a view to saving the
   1. By telling the child some-       has come a corresponding measure         souls of your neighbors and point-
thing which pays him for giving        of responsibility. Dear reader, if       ing them to the only source of
attention.                             you have seen this light, your only      eternal happiness. With divine
   2. By giving information in         safety lies in lettin'g it shine out     help, lose no opportunity to work
such a manner that the scholar         for the benefit of those in darkness.    for God, however small the open-
will count it worth his hearing.       Every      Seventh-day      Adventist    ing may appear to be; and work
   3. By interesting the scholar in    should become a transfer station,        for all classes. It often happens
the subject of the lesson.             as it were, a means by which the         that the openings we consider
   4. By awakening a curiosity in      principles of truth which we have        smallest are, after all, the largest,
the mind, or sympathy with the         received shall be handed on to the       and those which we think are mas-
subject.                               world. Says the Word, "Arise;            ter strokes, produce but little effect.
   5. By bringing distinctly before    shine; for thy light is come." This          The medical missionary work is
your own mind the well-known fact      call comes to us with redoubled          a phase of the third angel's mes-
that children delight as much in       force to-day: and we can not afford      sage which is adapted to the needs
exercising, their minds as their       to hear the call and heed it not.        of every class in society; it will be
limbs, provided only that that         This message must be carried to          found a suitable entering wedge for
which is presented to them be          the farthest limits of earth's           the high and low. While we are
suited to their capacities, and        bounds; into the isles of the sea and    to labor for the poor, the needy,
adapted to their strength.             the abodes of the heathen must this      and the outcast, yet those are not
   6. By being intensely interested    warning go. The many-sidedness           the only classes for whom we are
in the lesson yourself, you will in-   of this work is such that all can        to labor. We must endeavor to
terest your scholars and gain their    take it up in some phase, under al-      reach those who are sitting in dark-
attention.—Selected.                   most any circumstances, and in           ness, even though they be in lux-
                                       well-nigh any place. Would that          ury. Let us wait no longer; the
                                       we all, without exception, could          cry for workers is loud and urgent;
                                       appreciate fully the grand com-           no longer let us look on while oth-
  A GREAT MESSAGE OF MANY              pleteness of the message of the           ers work, but let us roll up our
          PHASES                       third angel.                              sleeves and realize the importance
                                                                                 of having a mind to work. Let us
   Unquestionably the presentation         As a part of this message, and        familiarize ourselves with simple
of the life-giving and life-savinjg     running parallel with it, is the         matters of diet, treatments for the
principles of truth, which are         medical missionary work. In fact,         sick, qualify ourselves to present
known as the third, angel's mes-       the medical missionary work is to         both physical and spiritual truth to'
sage, is the greatest and most glo'-    bear the relation to the whole work      those who need it. Heaven will
rious work mortal man was ever          that the arm does to the body. It        bless all efforts to do this. The
intrusted with. And the world will      is to extend into hitherto un-           time is here when every believer
be tested by this message; no other     touched territory, and there per-        must have on the wedding gar-
chance of repentance and accept-        form a work that could not other-        ment, and live up to> the light re-
ance will ever be given to erring       wise be done. The health, prin-          ceived. The world's harvest, all
sinners. The hours of probatiorir-      ciples which underlie the medical        heaven, and the Lord are waiting,
ary time are fast going by, and we      missionary work are, in a sense,         so let us start in to-day, if we have
have been told that even to-day         the entering wedge, leading to op-       never started before. Let us give
God's judgments are abroad in the       portunities for the presentation of      the trumpet a certain sound, and
land. The time of peril once            other vital truths. But it has been      work while it is called to>-day.
waited for has now arrived, and         made clear to us that the work of                             W. S. Sadler.
that which for years was foretold       the medical missionary is not to> be
is now present truth.                   carried on independently of the
   This work of the proclamation! of    message, but it is to be an essen-        "What God may hereafter re-
this message is one which imme-         tial part of it. Every believer who     quire of you, you must not give
diately precedes Christ's second        finally triumphs with present-day       yourself the least trouble about.
advent. Every man, woman, and           truth will, in God's sight, be a gen-   Everything that He gives you to
child who is a believer in these        uine medical missionary.                do you must do as well as you
truths for to-day should be seri-          This does not mean' that all will    can, and that is the best possible
ously considering how to gn've this     have graduated from a medical           preparation for what He may
warning to the world. Brethren          college or taken a nurse's course,      want vou to do next.
                                          here, who has been keeping up a            "Why, Bertie, you don't know
                                          big thinking, I'm sure. What is it      how dirty it is there now," and
    "Well, girls, I've begun my           all about, Bess?"                       Bessie glanced doubtfully at her
Thanksgiving already," and Anna              Looking up at her taller com-        friend's dainty apparel.
Morton looked back brightly               panion with a smile that was half          "I'd like to have a finger in the
toward the five who came strag-           serious, Bessie Ellis responded:        pie, too', and mother would gladly
gling after her down the stairway         "You know, girls, that I can't look     spare me for a while," and Anna
and into the busy city street.            forward to> a lovely home Thanks-       Morton fell back a little to hear
"Even if I don't get a bit of turkey      giving like the rest of you, and I've   what Bessie would say.
or plum-pudding to-morrow, I'm            been feeling almost bitter over it          "Why can't we all go?" ener-
sure I can't be thankful enough           this year; but yesterday I came to      getically exclaimed Kate McMillan.
that I need not go back into that         the conclusion that I have a great      "Two hours' work for each will be
stuffy old work-room until Friday         deal to be thankful for as it is.       twelve all told, and we surely ought
morning."                                 Sometimes I find that I can't quite     to be able to make some impres-
    "Just as if there wasn't any mis-     keep up with my sewing, and some        sion upon things in that time.
ery in knowing that we must come          cue told me about a poor woman          What say you, Elsie?"
back then," said another discon-          whom I could get to help me out.            "Of course I'll go if you do."
solately.                                 I went to her once about a year             "How about you, Christine?
     "Fie upon you, Elsie King, you       ago, and liked her so well that I       Take my word for it, you'll have a
don't deserve a holiday! But what         was glad to go again yesterday;         better appetite for your dinner than
do you all intend doing to­               but you can't imagine how changed       if you mope in bed all the morn-
morrow?" and the speaker looked           1 found her and everything around       ing."
questioningly from one to another         her.
of her companions. "I'm going to              "When I first went to her room,         "I shouldn't wonder, and I'll
help mother in the morning, so            everything fairly shone, it was so       make an effort to drag myself out.
that we can all go to1 church to-         ueat, and she was flying around          Wouldn't it be a good idea, too,
g-ether; then we'll have dinner, and      as well and as bright as could be.      for each of us to take some contri-
after that I guess I'll take the cnil-    Now she has been sick for several        bution toward Mrs. Bates' Thanks-
 dren out to the park."                   months, and has the rheumatism           giving dinner?"
     "I'm sure 1 don't see much fun       so badly that she can not get out           Thanksgiving day found them
or rest in that program," inter-          of her chair without assistance,         all on hand at the appointed hour,
jected another, elevating her pretty      and you should see how forlorn it        and in response to their knock they
 nose; "doing housework, going to         all seems. A little girl from the        heard a cheerful, "Come in."
 church^ and amusing babies! I'm           next room comes in and helps her        Bessie opened the door, and, ad-
 going to lie in bed until I just feel     sometimes, but Mrs. Bates does          vancing to the invalid's side, said
 like getting up; then I shall prob-       not like to ask her to do anything      brightly, "Good-morning, Mrs.
 ably pluck up courage enough to           not absolutely necessary.       The     Bates; I hope you won't feel put
 cat my dinner; and if I attempt any       poor woman can not lift her hands       out because so many of us have
 other hard work, it will be to read       to her head, and her hair looks as      come; but they all wished to help
 a story which I've had on hand for        though it had not been combed for       me try to make you more comfort-
 ever so long."                            weeks, while I could scarcely see.      able;" and then she introduced each
     "Take my word for it, my dear,"       through the windows, they were so       of the girls in turn, while the sick
 said a lively black-eyed girl, "if        covered, with dirt. But in spite of     woman said: "What a nice begin-
 that's the way you do, you'll be          everything that poor creature was       ning for my Thanksgiving! It
 more tired when night comes than          as cheerful as if she were in a pal-    makes me feel ten years younger
 if you'd been doing a big wash-           ace surrounded by every luxury,         just to see you."
 ing, and you'll be sick of your own       and with any number of servants to          What a complete transformation
 company in the bargain. I shall           wait upon her. She was so glad          was effected in those two hours!
 start out in search of adventures         that I had brought her the work,        And as at the end of that time the
 in the early part of the day; in the      for she said, Thank the Lord, I         earnest workers, somewhat flushed
 afternoon Elsie and I are going for       can use my fingers, and my money        and tired, but pleased and triumph-
 a drive with some friends, and after      is almost gone.'                        ant, paused to survey the fruit of
 that we're to attend a concert at            "I can tell you, girls., I was       their labors, Mrs. Bates, with a face
 the music hall."                          ashamed enough of my own ugly           fairly radiant, exclaimed: "How
     "I'm sure you'll have a good          spirit, and though I couldn't stop      can I be thankful enough? I feel
 time," said Bertha Morris, the            for even a few minutes then, I told     like a new creature, and my room
 prettiest girl in the group. "I           her I would surely come for a while     is beautiful."
 haven't been asked to go anywhere         to-morrow, and try to brighten              And as the girls, after telling her
 this time, but I guess I'll do the        things up a little."                    good-bye, were passing slowly
  next best thing, and spend the day          For a moment after their com-        down the stairs, Bertha Morris
 working upon my new suit, so> that        panion ceased speaking", the girls      said reflectively, "I never thought
  I'll be all ready when the next invi-    were silent, and then Bertha Mor-       that Thanksgiving amounted to
 tation comes. Now, we've all been         ris said, in a low tone, "Take me       much before, but how much more
  heard from but this quiet mouse          with you, dear, will you?"              than rest 'or fun it means to" her I"
IO                                       PACIFIC UNION RECORDER

   "Yes, indeed," said Bessie softly;    and development of the physical          Worcl of God as it should be stud-
''and I suppose that if any of us        powers can not be impressed too          ied will know something of the
would know what real Thanksgiv-          soon or too thoroughly on their          value of the souls under their care.
ing days are like, we must, like         minds. We are far, far behind our           Children who are receiving a
her, have real thanksgiving in our       duty in instructing the children in      true Christian education will be
hearts."—Fannie Pavey Macharg,           this" subject. We do not half real-      witnessing for Christ. And in the
in Our Young Folks.                      ize the terrible danger that sur-        closing work of this earth's history
                                         rounds our young people. Many            many of these children and youth
                                         will forever perish, unless their        will astonish the people, by their
                                         feet are firmly planted on the rock      witness to the truth in words of sim-
     lar OUR. COLLEGERS AND *,**•
                                         of Christian temperance. "If any
                                         man defile the temple of God, him
                                                                                  plicity, yet spoken with spirit and
                                                                                  power. They have been taught
      *^  CHURCH-SCHOOL      ^           shall God destroy; for the temple        the fear of the Lord, and their
                                         of God is holy, which temple ye          hearts have been softened by a
                                         are."                                    careful and prayerful study of the
 THE NEED OF CHURCH-SCHOOLS                  If, in the past, our youth had        Bible. And in the near future
                                         been properly educated in the            many will receive the Spirit of
    Nothing is of greater importance     principles of true health reform,         God and act a part in proclaiming
than the proper education of our         so many would not to-day be' reap-       the truth to' the world, that at that
children and young people. The           ing the harvest of wicked, careless      time can not be done by the older
church should arouse, and manifest       sowing. They were not taught             members of the church.
a special interest in this work; for     the truth of the words; "Be not             The Lord would use the church-
now as never before Satan and all        deceived; God is not mocked; for          school to aid the parents to edu-
his host are determined to enlist        whatsoever a man soweth, that             cate and prepare their children for
the youth under the black banner          shall he also reap. For he that         this time. Then let the church
that leads to ruin and death.             soweth to his flesh shall of the        take hold of the church-school
    God has appointed the church          flesh reap corruption; but he that       work in earnest, and make it what
as a watchman to have a jealous           soweth to the Spirit shall of the        the Lord desires it to be to the
care over the children, and as a          Spirit reap life everlasting."           children and youth.
sentinel to see the approach of the          Parents and teachers do not es-                     Mrs. E. G. White.
enemy and give warning of dan-            timate the magnitude of the work
ger. But the church does not              given them in training the young.
lealize the situation. It is sleeping     The experience of the children of             HEALDSBURG COLLEGE
 on guard. In this time of peril          Israel was written for us "upon
                                          whom the ends of the world are              Twenty years have passed since
the fathers and mothers must                                                      the founding of Healdsburg Col-
awake and work as for life, or            come." As in their day, so now
                                          the Lord would have the children        lege, at Healdsburg, California.
many of the youth will be forever                                                 During this period of time, the
lest.                                     gathered out from those who are
                                          teaching and practising evil. He        college has done good work, as
    Schools should now be started,                                                evidenced by the large number of
under godly teachers, that the            desires us to gather them into our
                                          own schools, where the Word of          workers it has trained who are now
 church may properly educate the                                                  working in .all parts of the great
young.- God is grieved that we            God can be made the foundation
                                          of all their education.                 harvest-field.
have neglected this so long. He                                                       The college has not always,
 would have us repent and turn to            If ever we are to work in earnest,
                                          it is now. The enemy is pressing        enjoyed the prosperity desired,
 Him with all the heart, and re-                                                  but, notwithstanding it has gone
 deem the time. While we should            in from all sides, like a flood.
                                           Only the power of God can keep         through many varied and hard ex-
 put forth earnest effort for the                                                 periences, still it lives, to carry on
 masses of the people all around           and save our children from being
                                           swept away by this tide of evil.        its heaven-appointed work. Pro-
 us, and push the work into foreign                                                fessors Browmsberger, Grainger,
 fields, yet no amount of labor in         The responsibility resting on par-
                                           ents, teachers, the members of the      Howe, and Elder R. S. Owen have
 this line can excuse us for neglect-                                              served the college as presidents of
 ing the education of our own chil-        church, is greater than words can
                                           express.                               the institution since it was estab-
 dren and youth. They are to be
 sc educated that they will become            To train the young to become         lished.
 workers for God. Both parents             true soldiers of the Lord Jesus            Some years the attendance has
 and teachers, by precept and ex-          Christ is the most noble work ever      been quite small, and other years
 ample, are to so instil the prin-         given to mortal man. Only the           quite large. We are glad to re-
 ciples of truth and honesty into the      most devout and consecrated per-        port the present enrolment of the
 minds and hearts of the young, that       sons are to be selected as church-      college the largest in its history.
 they may become men and women             school teachers. Only those who         The school has now been in prog-
 true as steel to God and His cause.       love the children, and can see in       ress nearly six weeks, and has as
    There is great need of educating       them souls to be saved for the          large an enrolment as it had dur-
 the youth in the principles of health     Master, should have charge of this      ing last year. The total enrolment
 and temperance. The proper care           work. Teachers who study the            of the school is two hundred fifty.

One hundred fifty-eight of these        the use of the hand. This feature       pie and inviting them to the serv-
meet in the college chapel, while       of the work is very encouraging,        ices. In this way they will find op-
ninety-two meet in the rooms in         and has brought a good spirit into      portunities for medical missionary
the rear of the church building.        the school from the very first. The     work and for holding Bible-read-
   Seven teachers are employed in       total number of teachers employed       ings. Some of the young men who
the college deparment, and two in       in both intellectual and industrial     are preparing for the ministry will
the primary department.         This    lines is eighteen.                      go out into the rural districts to
year the Healdsburg church ha^             Four regular classes and a drill,    hold meetings as the way may open.
taken the responsibility of looking     such as reading, writing, or draw-         It is the endeavor of the faculty
after the financial phase of the pri-   ing, constitute full work for the       to so conduct the work in the col-
mary department. By the raising         teacher. This is one less class than    lege that the missionary spirit shall
of a church-school fund all the chil-   formerly, and enables the teacher to    have a chance to grow and develop
dren of the church are free to at-      engage in the industrial work in the    in the hearts of the pupils. A very
tend the school.                        afternoon without being too heav-       large percentage of the students
   Besides the more purely intellec-    ily loaded down with work.              are taking the Bible studies this
tual lines of work, the college has        The missionary phase of the col-     year, more so than in years past._
taken hold, more enthusiastically       lege work is also receiving atten-         The dressmaking department has
than ever before, of the industrial     tion. While the conference labor-       a class of eighteen young ladies,

                                                COLLEGE BUILDING
work.     Printing, broom-making,       ers and churches are engaging in        who are very much interested in
tent-making, blacksmith ing, uphol-     canvassing for "Christ's Object         this line of work. Six students
stering, painting, dressmaking, and     Lessons/' the teachers arid pupils,     are taking the cooking class, and
cooking are all receiving special       not being so< situated that they can    nearly a dozen ladies are taking
attention this year.      Competent     go out into the field and canvass,      the nursing class. We hope soon
teachers have been secured to carry     have taken up the work, of canvass-     to have a class of equal size of
on the work in industrial education.    ing by correspondence. About            young men in this line of work.
Healdsburg College now recog-           400 letters will be written by teach-      A class of ten students is en-
nizes the industrial lines as part of   ers and pupils of the college to        gaged in the work of painting, and
its regular curriculum.                 friends and acquaintances, asking       in two or three weeks they will
   In the forenoon the teachers and     them to procure the book for their      have completed painting our large
students give themselves to the         own use or as a holiday gift for        church. After this they will take
more purely intellectual lines of       some one else.                          up the work of painting the college
work in the college. In the after-         Sunday-evening meetings are          buildings.
noon students and teachers may be       held in the church, and the students       The college home is nearly filled
found in the shops, dormitory, and      are asked to* assist in carrying on     to its utmost capacity, and still we
on the farm receiving a training in     these meetings by visiting the peo-     know of several more students wtk>
                                          PACIFIC UNION RECORDER

are expecting to come in a few            This statement is from an authority
days. It will probably be neces-          that the readers of the "Recorder"
sary to finish off a few more rooms       will accept. This being true, it is
on the fourth floor of the home           necessary for us to use every op-
building. None need to stay away,         portunity to gain a correct under-
,as room will be provided for all         standing of this most important         YOUNG MEN AND YOUNG WOMEN
who come.                                 subject.
    A good spirit has prevailed from         Most of our leading workers arid        Where are your thoughts?
the first. On the whole, the stu-         educators met at Berrien Springs,       What are you thinking about?
dents are more industrious than            Michigan, last July, and spent ten     What trend have your minds been
 those who have been in the school         days in discussing the "true science   taking? Have you fixed upon
 for the past two years. The object        of education," and the only report     any course of life? Is the future
of Healdsburg 'College is to so            of that institute is to be found in    of your life a doubtful thing, with
 train its students that they will be      the August-September number of         you, full of wants, but possessing
 fitted physically, mentally, and spir-    the "Advocate." This number of         no certainties? Have you ever
 itually to do the work God has in         the "Advocate" is filled with timely   considered the advantage of en-
                                           instruction that every father and      tering upon some regular course
 mind for them to do.                                                              of work which will at ontee make
    The school is still open to any        mother should read.

                                                     COLLEGE HOME

 who may desire to attend this year.          In order to reach as many as         you a blessing to humanity and an
 The spring term begins February 4.        possible, I have ordered from five      honor to the cause of God? Have
 At that time some new classes will        to twenty copies sent to each of our    you ever felt an inclination to con-
 be formed. Those desiring to re-          church-school teachers in Healds-       nect with the medical missionary
 ceive any further information with        buirg College district. Those           work? We wish we could hear
 reference to the college may ad-          desiring copies can secure them         from a large number whose hearts
                                           of their church-school teacher at       God has impressed to enter that
 dress the undersigned.                                                            particular line. It is one wherein
           M. E. Cady, President.          five cents per copy. Those who
                                           are not located near a church-          the greatest possibilities for doing
                                           school, and desire a copy, may se-      good exist. The health work is
  PROCEEDINGS OF THE TEACHERS'                                                     very important. It is to> the work
            INSTITUTE                      cure one of the writer, at 516 S.
                                           Hill Street, Los Angeles, Cal, as       of the message as the right arm
     "Now as never before we need                                                  is to the body.
  to .understand the tru'e science of      long as the limited supply lasts.
                                               Teachers, see that a copy goes         Good, consecrated young men
  education. If we fail to under-                                                  and young women are wanted here
  stand this, we shall never have a         into each family, and encourage all
                                            to read it,      E. S. Ballenger.       at the Sanitarium to fill up the
  part in the kingdom of God."
ranks of our classes. A new class                                                         EXTRACTS FROM CANVASSERS'
will be formed Jan, i, 1902, and              CANVAJIINO                                    LETTERS TO THE STATE
a good large class is desired.                                                                     AGENT
Who will come?                                         W9RK;
    We would like to ask why so                                                                  1. "I realize more and more the
many of our people in California                                                             importance of the canvassing work
                                                NORTH PACIFIC CONFERENCE                     arid the value of a soul. If every
feel that it is proper to discourage
young people from coming to the            REPORT FOR TWO WEEKS ENDING                       canvasser, while in the field, had
Sanitarium to take the noirse's                       NOVEMBER 8, 1901                       the one object in view—the salva-
course. Some of our nurses who                                                               tion of souls—he would certainly
                                                 HERALDS OF THE MORNING
have joined classes formed not                                                               realize satisfactory results from his
                                                                       Hours. Orders. Value. work.
long since have told how almost          Mrs. Josie Barrett, Jo-
everybody with whom they con-               sephine Co., Or........... 5 8 $ 14 25               "I was kept from work several
 versed on the subject of their          G. B. Collett, Salem, O...48 6                8 oo days because of the severe illness
 coming here discouraged and en-                                                             of a lady near where I was staying,
                                                    MARVEL OF NATIONS
 deavored to persuade them not to                                                             in ——. 1 had sold her a, Tiible-
 come. They told them the work           W. H. Coffin, Seattle,                               readings,' and studied the Bible
                                            Wash ..........................17 18 2450 with her every week, from the time
 was hard and disagreeable, and          Wm. Estell, Dallas, Or.. ..60 23 28 75 I had formed her acquaintance.
 other things tinnecessary to repeat,
 but all of a character derogatory                        COMING                              She sent for me, and, upon my ar-
 to this institution. These nurses       B. G. Booth, Lebanon, Or. 52 29 34 25 rival, said, 'I know my life is hang-
 have been here long enough to                                                                ing in the balance, and the Lord is
 speak from experience, and they                         HEALTH BOOKS                         awaiting my decision,' She knew
 are unanimous in saying they            J. W. McFarlane, Marion                              the truth, but could not, she said,
 have found the place better than            Co.,^ Or........................47 *§ 6250 decide to> obey. The second day
 they had ever dared to hope they                       DESIRE OF AGES                         I was there, she asked us to pray
 would find it, and they continually                                                           for her, and to sing the hymn
 feel glad that they came, and are       W. B. Scott.....................21 10 4000 'The Ninety and Nine/ Soon
 grateful that they have the privi-                DANIEL AND REVELATION                       after this she made the surrender,
 lege of being here.                         H            white                               and is now improving rapidly."
     Come, brethren, cease to dis-       J WashT........................^i 7 16 50                2. "My report is not quite as
 courage, and begin, at once to en-                                                            large as last week. I was canvass-
 courage, good, reliable, modest                          BEST STORIES                         ing in a poorer part of town. Am
  young people, who< should be in        zella E. Wyman, Seattle,                              amply repaid, however, when 1
  training for some line of gospel           Wash...........................17 17 18 75 meet with those who are interested
  work, to come to this place and        A friend.......................... -37 2550 in the soon coming of our Saviour,
 join with us in this most important               CHRIST'S OBJECT LESSONS                     and are glad to get the books and
  field. The work truly is hard, but         „ „ ,                                             read them. The other day I took
  it brings a blessed reward Those         ; $ Co£ a-Jo^O,.,, ,? ^ „ an order for 'Object Lessons'
  who enter it with the right motive     J                                              °      from a young lady who> desired the
  will obtain a rich experience and                      MISCELLANEOUS                         book as a help in, her Bible studies.
  receive a blessing.                     Zella E. Wyman, Seattle,                             There are several agents working
     Write for full particulars con-         ^s^fr'TlariT'Co' J° 4                      3 °° here with McKinley books, so
  cerning class exercises, hours of          Wash ..a...'................°.7.2o 26 4120 the more of our people that get to
  labor, remuneration, etc. Address       j. w. McFarlane, Marion                               work circulating books containing
   St. Helena Sanitarium, Sanitarium,        Co., Or........................37 19 5750 present truth, the better it will be.
   Cal.    T. A. Kilgore, Manager.        J-M-Cole, St Johns Or..i 9 19 2375 I am of good courage in my work,
                 _______                  J- H. Soper, White River,                             and know the Lord is with me.
                                      f   " Wash...... ................... 4 23 17 25 Pray for me."
     Minorities are the salt of the j. E. Van de Mark, Snoho-
 earth. Without the few elect souls,          mish, Wash............... ..38 38 50 55              3, "The Lord is blessing our
 standing upon the mount of vision Mrs. T. Hodgson, White                                       work as we travel from place to
 and receiving their inspiration di- A^^S^^"G^'AS 45 3? 55 place. We will spend next Sab-
 rectly from God, society would               Lake, Wash...'............ 30 23 37 oo bath under some trees, and read
 lapse into a state of moral putre- Marion Higley, Whatcom,                                     and study nature. We find the
 faction. By their testimony and              Wash..........................16 23 1725 people in this vicinity very kind
 example, the mass is restrained in Helps.............................———— 30 oo and pleasant. Have had some in-
 ife- «vtl course, or lifted to a higher                    Total......... 5 i7 7*4 $673 55 teresting experiences in; our work
 purpose or plane of living. One                                                                One lady whom I canvassed dur-
 Alfred or Washington saves a peo-            "My lips shall greatly rejoice ing the day said that she could' not
 pie; Abraham becomes the leader when I sing unto Thee; and my possibly take the cheapest book I
 of a family of tribes; Moses lifts soul, which Thou hast redeemed, had. I met her again in the eve-
 a nation from bondage, and the M}7 tongue also shall talk of Thy ning, and she ordered 'Coming
 Son of man embraces a world in righteousness all the day long." King,' in gilt binding. Another
 His, love, and..scheme of salvation. Ps. 71:23, 24.                                            lady, whom I was canvassing for
'Best Stories,' requested me to call       MISSIONARY WORK BY CORRE­               As you wrap your papers, make
later when her son was at home.                   SPONDENCE. NO. 3              the record complete in your book,
I did so, and left the house with                  MAILING THE PAPERS           —date, number of paper, etc. You
an order for 'Coming King' in gilt                                              may need it for reference in the
                                            As the "Signs of the Times" is      work later, and it saves the possi-
binding. Having called at one our pioneer paper, there is no ques-
house, and finding no one at home, tion as to what literature to begin          bility of repetition, besides being
I returned there in the evening. with. Send the cash with your                  in a compact form for reporting
A large dog met me at the gate order for your club of five "Signs''             and a clear form for giving instruc-
and followed me to the house. or more, so that you will not be                  tion to others.
 Not finding any one at the house, working on the capital of'another.                     Mrs. A. C. Bainbridge.
 I was about to* leave, when some Keep the highway clear between
children came rushing up, nearly your soul and God in every particu-
out of breath, crying, 'Oh, that lar even. Rom. 13:8.                             "A Christian lady was suffering
 dog will kill you!' I was in-                                                  extreme pain; she was unable, for
                                            With the first copy of the          more than a few moments, to at-
 formed that he was very savage, "Signs" you could send one other
and would not permit any one to paper and a tract or two from the               tend to any word of comfort. The
 enter the yard when he was loose. "Apples of Gold Library." Send               words of David, Thou art near, O
 How good God is! He sent an the "Signs" in their order, one                    Lord!' were repeated to her. It
 angel to protect me. Praise His number following another each                  was the very message she needed.
 holy name. Pray for me and my week; this you can see will hold                 In the nearness of her God and
 work."                                                                         Saviour she found strength to> bear
                                         the interest in continuous articles.   patiently the heavy cross."
     4. "It is the privilege and duty of The "Signs" alone, without any
 every one to know his work and other literature, is a fine beginning,
 have the living connection with the for it is sure to find an interested          "All Thy commandments are
 true Vine that will eriable him to reader, and it awakens no prejudice.        truth." Ps'. 119:151.
 know when his work is accepted. It contains such a variety of read-
 If the canvasser is a servant of ing matter that a stranger is sure
 God, doing the work He has given to"find some subject he would like
 him, in the way He would have it to pursue, and it is so well arranged
 clone, whatever he meets and what- that bv reading several consecutive                       SIF INTEREST
 ever the result is, he should be of numbers one is sure to receive
 good courage. Last week, as I some information on every branch
 began canvassing in a little valley,                                              A. S. Marchus has charge of the
                                         of present truth.                      sale of "Object Lessons" in Hum-
 I found but few people at home,            Some have recommended send-
 nearly all having gone to the hop ing the names and addresses di-              boldt County.
 fields. My first thought was to rectly to the office and having the
 work in another part, and return papers sent from there. While this               The institute to begin in San
 the next week, but I decided to* re- saves postage, it brings a great loss     Francisco December 16, 1901,
 main and do the best I could.' to the worker, in that he misses the            will be for the benefit of our can-
  During the day, I visited and can- opportunity of prayerfully address-        vassers and all who> desire to enter
  vassed the few who> were at home, ing, folding, and wrapping his own          the canvassing work, and for all
  and evenings, from six until half paper, and sending it himself to the        our conference laborers, except a
  past seven o'clock, I canvassed dear soul he is carrying on his               few of our aged ministers, and
  those who had returned from, their heart. It looks like seeking a             those who have had a long expe-
  work. Some of those whom' I proxy, and it will take all the life              rience in the work.
  caiwassed during the day, and who out of your work to let it get in
  gave their order, I am certain any position where you are exposed                On November 14 Brother H. H.
  would not have done so had I to the danger of becoming formal.                Brand, of California, sailed for
  spent my usual time with them.            Let your papers be covered fully    Honolulu. He will remain at
  Having the day to visit a few peo- bv the wrapper, and folded neatly          that place for a few months, and
  ple, I had opportunity to awaken and evenly, addressed plainly, and           then join the company of workers
  in them a desire for a closer study                                           that will be sent from America the
  o.f the Word of God, and the result stamped to their utmost need.             first of the year to open up the
                                            It is a good plan to sacredly de-
  was a larger per cent of orders than                                          work in the Chinese Empire.
  usual to the number of exhibits         vote some stated time to this work,
  made. A number invited me to the afternoon or evening of one                      A canvassers' institute will be
  make them a visit, and promised to day each week. As you go for-               held in San Francisco in connec-
                                          ward, you can judge for yourself
  read anything I sent them."                                                    tion with the ministerial institute
                                          whether it is better for you to be
                                          alone with God or to be in the com-    that begins Dec. 16, 1901. This
                                                                                 is to be a general rally of all our
      "He that believeth on the Son pany of others who may be helping            old canvassers who desire to return
   hath everlasting life; and he that you! It is a solemn but a very             to the work, and of all who desire
   believeth not the Son shall not see happy, blessedly happy, work to
                                          sow gospel seed in this way.           to enter it for the first time.
   life." John 3:36.
    Brother F. D. Gauterau is in          "However much the facts may          Elder F. M. Burg will make
charge of the sale of "Object Les- sometimes seem to be otherwise, Portland his field of labor for the
sons" in central California since God always takes care of a good present.
the close of the meetings at Laton. man."
                                          Brother James Creamer           ^    Elder S. W. Nellis will devote
    Brother and Sister A. L. Lingle wife were callers at the "Recorder" the greater portion of his labor to
have been called to give instruction office last week, while on their way Seattle and vicinty.
in nursing, and also do practical to Flagstaff, Arizona.
nursing work in connection with                                                Elders Benham an'd Shafer have
Healdsburg College.                       The St. Helena Sanitarium been laboring at Independence,
                                       Food Company is enjoying a large Oregon, for a few weeks. About
                                       run of patronage this fall. The
    All the younger laborers in the branch stores which have been a dozen have taken hold of the
California Conference are expected started are doing a large business. truth.
to attend the ministerial institute in
San Francisco, beginning Dec. 16,         The medical mission at Portland      Dr. T. J. Alien and wife have ar-
 1901, and continuing one month. has recently been enlarged to sup-         rived on the Pacific Coast, and will
                                       ply the necessary demands for take up work in Tacoma. Their
                                       rooms. The gospel meetings have work will be highly appreciated
     Our brethren in central Califor- started for the winter with a good there.
nia should remember the meeting interest.
 at Fresno, Nov. 29 to Dec. 7, 1901,                                           Elder Westrup, recently from
arid the one at Hanford, Dec. 7-14,        The Lord's prospering hand has California, is now located at Cedar-
 1901. These will be important been with the medical missionary house, and is taking hold of the
 gatherings.                           work in the North Pacific Confer- work for the Scandinavians with
                                       ence.     Calls are coming from good courage.
     The tent at Vallicita has been every part of the field to have the
 taken down, and Brethren Harmon work started.                                 The restaurant and treatment-
 and Bond are continuing their                                              rooms in Seattle are rapidly gain-
                                           The members of the church at
 meetings in a church building, and Chico, California, are planning to ing the favor of the better class of
 also looking after the work at build a house of worship that will people of that city, and a great
 Angels Camp.                                                               work yet remains to be done here.
                                       give stability and permanenice to
                                        the message that has been intro-        The new meeting-house at Sa-
     Brother Henry Scott is directing duced in that place.                   lem, Oregon, was dedicated Octo-
 the sale of "Object Lessons" in
 Sonoma and Mendocino Co-unties,           The Portland Sanitarium is en- ber 26. There was a large turn-
                                                                             out. Sermon by Elder H. W.
 and Brother F. R. Shaeffer is en- joying an unusually prosperous Decker. The house was free from
  gaged in the same work around and profitable year, many more pa- debt.
  San Francisco Bay.                    tients having been treated than,
                                        ever before in the same length of       Nearly the whole force of confer-
     Elder A. S. Hickox is looking time. We thank the Lord that He ence workers in the North Pacific-
  after the sale of "Object Lessons" gives us a place and opportunity Conference are now engaged in
  in the Sacramento Valley, except to- work for our fellow-men.              canvassing for "Christ's Object
  Sacramento and Woodland. These           Very suitable and beautiful Lessons.''1 Some are having excel-
  two places will be assisted by Elder grounds and building are offered lent success. This work will con-
  Isaac Morrison and wife.              in Vancouver, B. C, for the start- tinue till January i.
                                        ing of a sanitarium^ May the Lord
                                                                                Brother Ralph W. Miller, writ-
     The tent-meetings at Laton impress some who are prepared to ing under date of October 21,
  closed Sunday evening, Nov. 17, take up the work in^that field, as says:—
   1901, and a church was organized we are sure that much good could            "Last Friday night I commenced
  there on the previous day. A be accomplished in this way.                  a series of meetings in a hall out
  fuller report will be given, prob-       The patronage at the "St. Helena at McPherson, a little town about
  ably in the next niumber of the Medical and Surgical Sanitarium five miles from here (Santa Ania),
  "Recorder."                           is fair for this time of year. But or two miles east of Orange. So
                                        it can be increased if the readers far as I know, there has never been
     All our conference laborers will of the "Recorder" who are friends any work done out there, so I con-
  be expected to attend the institute of the institution will plan to have sider it quite a favorable opening.
  in San Francisco, unless important on hand some descriptive circu- The people there are not prejudiced
  interests in connection with the lars of the institution, so' you can and turn out to the meetings well.
  work shall hinder, or they are ex- place them in the hands of those The first evening we had an at-
  cused from attending by the con- persons who should receive the tendance of about twenty; the next
  ference committee- for what ap- benefits to be derived from such a evening, thirty; and lastSunday
  pears to be good reasons.             well-equipped sanitarium.            evening, about sixty were present."
16                                              PACIFIC UNION RECORDER
                                                and gratitude. The growing needs     Cal., if the weight is less than 50
      PACIFIC UNION                             of the cause demand increased do--
                                                nations. Shall 'we not determine
                                                                                     pounds, and by freight if it weighs
                                                                                     more than 50 pounds. Please pay
        RECORDER.                               to make our annual offering for      the charges in both cases, if it is
                                                                                     consistent to do so. Please notify
                                                1901 amount to $100,000?
                                                                                     WT. S. Sadler by mail when) you
                     "By the
                                                                                     ship anything for the institute,
PACIFIC UNION CONFERENCE OF SEVENTH-                CENTRAL CALIFORNIA NOTICE        stating when and how you sent it,
            DAY ADVENTISTS                                                           so it can be looked after in due
          Castro St., Oakland, Cat.                 We are expecting a feast of time.                   M. H. Brown.
                                                good things in the near future,
     Subscription Price, Fifty Cents a Year     and let every one in this part at-
                Editorial Committee             tend the general meeting to be
J.J. IRELAND    M. H. BROWN CARRIE R. KING      held in Fresno, November 29 to
                                                December 7, inclusive. , This will       The institute in San Francisco
Entered as Second-class Matter at Oakland Cal
                                                be followed by a meeting at Han- will be an important occasion for
                                                ford, December 8-14. Brethren, the cause in California. Instruc-
                                                as the Lord sends His servant, tion will be given in the canvassing
                                                Elder A. T. Jones, among us, let work, church organization, the
    The General Conference has ap-              us lay aside temporal things for a best manner of presenting the
pointed December 21 to 28, inclu-               season just as far as possible, and truth, Sabbath and church-school
sive, as the special season of prayer           fill up 'anew on the salvation of work, the circulation of our liter-
for 1901. With many these an-                   God, brought to us by the riches ature, home and foreign missions,
nual seasons of prayer have come                                                      city work, health reform, personal
to be looked upon as a regularly-               of His grace.
                                                    Those living in Fresno will labor, etc.
recurring event, but it is earnestly                                                     In addition to the instruction,
hoped that the real object may not              doubtless be able to entertain all
be lost sight of- and the service be            those who come from Selma, Bur- practical work will be carried on
permitted to degenerate into for-               rough, and elsewhere; and we in the city. Everything will be
malism..                                        know the Hanford people are al- done by the conference that can be
    In' the past, during these seasons,         ways ready for occasions of this done to make the institute inter-
                                                                                      esting and profitable for the work-
it has been the aim of the people               kind.
to lav aside as far as possible their               Brethren, the Lord is soon com- ers and for the conference. For
usual work and the cares of life,               ing. Don't fail to improve this further particulars write the con-
                                                                                      ference secretary, 301 San Pablo
and give their time to prayer and               golden opportunity to hear and
                                                                                      Ave., Oakland, Cal.
communion with God. When                        learn some of the deep things of
such has been the case, these sea-              God. "
sons have proved to^ be occasions                   Begin to pray for the success of
of great refreshing.                            these meetings, and then be sure                AN URGENT CALL
    Was there ever a time when we               to attend, and bring the Lord's
 stood in greater need of the Spirit             Spirit with you, and we will all Is made by the Helping Hand
 and blessing of God than now?                  be blessed together. Come, dear Mission for 200 sheets and 150
 Has there ever been a time when                 brethren, come.                      pillow-slips.   The size of the
 the needs of the ministry more ur-                               H. G. Thurston.     sheets desired is 42 by 80 inches;
 gently demanded the Spirit and                                                       of the pillow-slips, 16 by 30 inches.
 power of God? The laborers who                                                       Address, carriage prepaid, to Help-
 have carried the burdens at home                             A REQUEST                ing Hand Mission, 641 Commer-
 and abroad are, one by one, being                                                     cial St., San Francisco, Cal.
 laid away. Who is to take their                    Our canvassers will be boarded
 places? The harvest truly is plen-              and lodged free while attending
 teous, but the laborers few; pray               the institute in San Francisco.
 ye therefore the Lord of the har-               The conference pursues this liberal      Beginning with the November
 vest, that He may send forth labor-             course toward this branch of the issue,"" the ""Sentinel of Liberty"
 ers into His harvest."                          cause in order to encourage and appears as a monthly periodical
     The year has been one that calls            build it up. It has been neglected in magazine form, under the title
 for thanksgiving and praise. The                too long already. Now, we desire of the "Sentinel of Christian Lib-
  Lord has signally blessed us in                to have our people in this confer- erty." This magazine contains 64
  many ways, and preserved us as a               ence cooperate with us by sending pages, and is supplied at $1.00 a
  people from many threatened dan-               dried fruit arid such other things year. The Pacific Press Publishing-
  gers. Let us therefore draw nigh               in the line of provisions as they Company are the publishers, and
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  with substantial tokens of our love            914 Laguna Street, San Francisco, New York City. .

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