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Deluxe Indoor - $55.00
Includes three quarter and full length poses in a total of 3 outfits using a variety of backgrounds and props. Head and Shoulders yearbook shots are done upon request only. Your props can be included! 60-90 minutes of shooting time is allocated.

Deluxe Outdoor - $55.00
This session is done all outdoors in a total of 3 outfits. Shot at Hyland Park, downtown, or some other favorite spots around Kokomo. 60 minutes of shooting time is allocated.

The Ultimate Session - $95.00
The Ultimate session combines the Deluxe Indoor and Outdoor sessions into one great experience for the senior. These are both done on the same day or individual session fees apply.

White on White Angelic - $35.00
This session can be added to your indoor session. This is an all white on white fashion type session with a fan blowing the hair. This session is best suited for blond females. 30 minutes of shooting time is allocated.

Black on Black Hollywood - $35.00
This session can be added to your indoor session. This is a black and white fashion session with a fan blowing the hair. This session will work for all hair colors. Wet hair for part of this session can kick it up a notch. 30 minutes of shooting time is allocated.

Trash the Prom Dress - $45.00
Add this to any outdoor session. This is the latest crave in senior portraits. Seniors will dress up in their Prom dress and go outdoors – to the watering hole that is (creeks or ponds). The senior will be photographed in various spots in and around water. The dress will get dirty, but the senior will have lots of fun doing this one. 30 minutes of shooting time is allocated.

All about YOU! - $400.00
This session starts with a professional make-up session, followed by your studio session which includes the Deluxe Indoor, White on White and Black on Black sessions. After a special lunch, we move to your on-location shoots at a variety of locations around Howard County. Five to Six Hours of studio and on location time and as many outfits that time permits. This session requires a $1000.00 minimum order and the session fee must be paid immediately to reserve the day.

The Quickie - $25.00
This is our 30 minute, indoor only, one outfit, one backdrop session. This session includes 6 proof selections and does not come with a selection book.


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Captured Moments packages start out at just $200.00. We have packages for everybody’s price range.

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For the best Senior Portrait

Stay clear of stripes. Dark tans and sunburn do not photograph well! Coordinate your outfit from head to toe including makeup, nails, shoes and jewelry. Lenses must be removed from frames. Visit our website for make-up tips as well as clothing suggestions.
Session Information

Session fees are due within 5 days of booking to reserve the session date. Unpaid sessions will be removed from our books. The Deluxe sessions will include a minimum of 18 image selections. The Ultimate session will include a minimum of 36 image selections. The White on White, Black on Black, and Trash the Prom Dress sessions will include a minimum of 6 additional image selections. The Quickie Session does not include a selection book (6 proofs only).
Ordering Information

A $100.00 non-refundable payment is required in order for the portrait selections to leave our studio. This payment will be applied towards your final order balance. Orders must be placed within 30 days to receive the session book for free. 50% Deposit to start the order process and the remaining balance due at the time the final portraits are picked up. Indiana Sales tax will be added to all orders. Prices are subject to change without notice.
Email: Phone: (765) 437 - 4998