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									  We fully support Decision 2008/411/EC
and offer views on the 3400-3800 MHz band
           Terrestrial wireless industry
             presentation to RSC #27
            Brussels, 25th March 2009

             Tim Hewitt, WiMAX Forum
            Lasse Wieweg, UMTS Forum
          Simon Wilson, GSM Association
             Terrestrial Wireless Industry presentation
               to RSC #27, Brussels, 25th March 2009
           The Decision is working well
• We can already see the positive results from applications of EC
  Decision 2008/411/EC in the EU countries
   • The Decision creates stability and investment confidence
• With the spectrum and regulatory policies to support
  terrestrial wireless broadband usage, Europe will continue to
  benefit from significant social and economic progress
   • The EC has demonstrated strong leadership in opening up
     the 3.4-3.6GHz
• Coexistence between terrestrial and satellite networks has
  clearly been demonstrated via the existing terrestrial
  broadband wireless deployments in the band.
• Continued coexistence can be assured by close co-operation
  between incumbent spectrum users and those seeking to
  deploy new systems.
                         Terrestrial Wireless Industry presentation
                           to RSC #27, Brussels, 25th March 2009
    3400-3800 MHz band usage in Europe
• Past : band shared by traditional FS & FSS
• Now : band increasingly used for fixed and mobile broadband access
                                                                       Already 250+ deployments in
                                                                       3.4-3.8GHz in 100+ Countries
                                                                       Worldwide –
                                                                       ~90 deployments in Europe

   802.16d standard
   802.16e standard

                                                                 Data source: Informa Media and Telecoms

• Future: band used for capacity necessary for very high data rate
  technologies, including IMT-Advanced
                          Terrestrial Wireless Industry presentation
                            to RSC #27, Brussels, 25th March 2009
                        Current situation
• The EC Decision was the catalyst to a rapid acceleration in
  European WiMAX deployments in the 3400-3800 MHz band
• We do not currently see any situation in the Earth station
  compatibility context that requires the EC Decision to be revisited
   –   No problems have been reported by operators in 13 countries
   –   Operators and vendors are generally well informed on the issue
   –   Pre-deployment discussions with regulators can avoid most problems
   –   Knowledge of existing Earth station locations and configurations is
       essential if they are to be properly considered
• C-band utilization in Europe is significantly less than in Ku-band
  and more recently Ka-band
   – There are relatively few registered C-band earth stations in Europe
     compared to Ku-band (hundreds of thousands)

                           Terrestrial Wireless Industry presentation
                             to RSC #27, Brussels, 25th March 2009
                                          Data traffic now 6 times more than voice
                                   Fast subscriber growth                                                 Strong traffic growth
                                   More than 6 million new broadband                                      On worldwide basis 85 % of the traffic in
                                   subscriptions per month                                                mobile networks is data

                                   7000              7 billion                                            50
Reported Subscriptions (million)


                                   6000                                                                   40


                                   4000                                                                   25


                                   1000                                                                   5

                                     0                                                                         sep- okt- nov- dec- jan- feb- mar- apr- maj- jun- jul- aug- sep- okt- nov- dec- jan- feb- mar- apr- maj- jun- jul- aug- sep- okt-
                                                                                                                06 06 06 06 07 07 07 07 07 07 07 07 07 07 07 07 08 08 08 08 08 08 08 08 08 08
                                      2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
                                                                                        Sum of Speech traffic (MBit/s/RNC)                                                        Sum of DCH Packet traffic (MBit/s/RNC)
                                                          Therefore this spectrum will be needed
                                                                                        Sum of HS Packet traffic (MBit/s/RNC)                                                     Sum of CS64 traffic (MBit/s/RNC)
                                                                                                                                   Sum of Others traffic (MBit/s/RNC)
                                                                    Terrestrial Wireless Industry presentation                                                                                                                       5
                                                                      to RSC #27, Brussels, 25th March 2009
Broadband growth
- fourfold subscription growth 2009 - 2014
                                3500                                                                              x4
                                3000                                                                              >80%
      Subscriptions (million)





                                       2007   2008     2009      2010      2011       2012        2013   2014

                                                                                  Fixed                  Mobile

        Mobile Broadband includes: CDMA2000 EV-DO, HSPA, LTE, Mobile WiMAX & TDSCDMA.
        Fixed broadband includes: DSL, FTTx, Cable modem

      More than 80% of broadband subscriptions will be mobile by 2014
                                                     Terrestrial Wireless Industry presentation
                                                       to RSC #27, Brussels, 25th March 2009
   3400-3800 MHz band future usage
• In order for this to happen, we must be able to use the right
  spectrum to enable this growth
   – The terrestrial wireless industry believes that at least 400 MHz of
     contiguous spectrum must be available to allow mobile broadband to
     flourish in densely populated areas
   – WRC-07 proved to be a benchmark conference for the development of
     mobile broadband in general and IMT in particular, although it
     resulted in the identification of just 200 MHz of spectrum for IMT in C-
     band due to concerns from administrations in other parts of the world
• The band will be used for IMT-Advanced in some years time
  after completion of standards and equipment development
• EC & ECC Decisions allow utilisation of the entire 400 MHz

                         Terrestrial Wireless Industry presentation
                           to RSC #27, Brussels, 25th March 2009
                       For the future…
• As the density of broadband wireless systems is rapidly
  increasing, care must be taken to avoid problems
• Earth stations should be registered so that their locations are
   – It is hard to protect the unknown !
• Any suspected interference issues must be properly
  documented / reported so they can be analysed and resolved
   – At the moment there is little factual information on any suspected
     interference occurrences in Europe
   – A co-operative engineering dialogue would facilitate a win-win
• New equipment designs and deployments should be
  cognisant of the greater sharing requirements
   – This will maintain spectrum efficiency
                        Terrestrial Wireless Industry presentation
                          to RSC #27, Brussels, 25th March 2009
         Mobile and satellites in cooperation
Satellite and terrestrial system have different
roles and satellites can assist terrestrial offerings
in some cases
  – satellites for backhauling to extend mobile
    services coverage
      • in remote and sparsely populated areas
         where there is no infrastructure
  – spectrum efficiency, technology and economy
    of scale are essential elements to harness for
    all mass-market industries
      • promote frequency re-use, via spot
         beams, ground based beam forming, and
         adaptive modulation for efficiency are
         important elements when cooperating to
         satisfy mass-markets.
                            Terrestrial Wireless Industry presentation
                              to RSC #27, Brussels, 25th March 2009      9
• The 3400-3800 MHz band is widely used across Europe for terrestrial
  broadband services, both for fixed and mobile access
• We are not aware of any down-side to the EC Decision in the context of
  terrestrial broadband-Earth station compatibility
• This band is the major band for current and future broadband needs:
    – Terrestrial Wireless use in the band is already significant and growing
    – C-band is crucial for IMT: none of the other spectrum bands have
      sufficient contiguous spectrum. The band will be used for IMT-
      Advanced in some years time after completion of standards and
      equipment development
    – EC & ECC Decisions have enabled use of the 3400-3800 MHz band for
      IMT in Europe
• It would be therefore inappropriate for the European Commission to
  revise 2008/411/EC for the foreseeable future
                          Terrestrial Wireless Industry presentation
                            to RSC #27, Brussels, 25th March 2009
    Thank you
   Tim Hewitt, WiMAX Forum
  Lasse Wieweg, UMTS Forum
Simon Wilson, GSM Association
                  GSM Association
• About GSMA Europe
   – GSMA Europe is the European Interest Group of the GSM Association,
     the premier global body behind the world’s leading wireless
     communications standard.
   – GSMA Europe represents around 147 operators in 50 countries/areas
     in Europe and counts around 600 million subscribers.
• About the GSM Association
   – Founded in 1987, the GSM Association (GSMA) is a global trade
     association representing more than 690 GSM mobile phone operators
     across 213 territories and countries of the world.
   – In addition, more than 160 manufacturers and suppliers support the
     Association’s initiatives as associate members.

                       Terrestrial Wireless Industry presentation
                         to RSC #27, Brussels, 25th March 2009
                    UMTS Forum
Founded in 1996, the UMTS Forum is an international industry
association that is committed to the success of Third Generation
(3G) UMTS mobile systems and their Long Term Evolution.
Bringing together players from across the mobile industry on a
peer-to-peer basis, the UMTS Forum promotes a common vision
of 3G/UMTS and its evolution, as well as its worldwide
commercial success, and conducts studies and reports on key
focus areas such as markets & trends, spectrum & regulation,
impact of technologies & implementation issues, and key growth
markets. Membership of the UMTS Forum is open to everybody
with an interest in 3G/UMTS mobile – including fixed and mobile
network operators, infrastructure vendors, terminal device
manufacturers, regulators, media/content providers and
developers of 3G/UMTS services and applications.

                     Terrestrial Wireless Industry presentation
                       to RSC #27, Brussels, 25th March 2009
                   The WiMAX Forum®
The WiMAX Forum is an industry-led, not-for-profit organisation formed to
certify and promote the compatibility and interoperability of broadband
wireless products based upon the harmonized IEEE 802.16/ETSI HiperMAN
specifications. A WiMAX Forum goal is to accelerate the introduction of these
systems into the marketplace. WiMAX Forum Certified™ products are
interoperable and support Metropolitan Broadband Fixed, Nomadic and
Mobile Applications. Along these lines, the WiMAX Forum works closely with
service providers and regulators to ensure that WiMAX Forum Certified
systems meet customer and government requirements. For more
information about the WiMAX Forum and its activities, please visit

“WiMAX,” “Mobile WiMAX,” “Fixed WiMAX,” “WiMAX Forum,” the WiMAX Forum logo, "WiMAX
Forum Certified,” and the WiMAX Forum Certified logo are trademarks of the WiMAX Forum.

                              Terrestrial Wireless Industry presentation
                                to RSC #27, Brussels, 25th March 2009

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