VICTORY BIBLE BAPTIST CHURCH
Though many of the questions asked in this questionnaire may seem unnecessary, they are
necessary if we are to ensure that the missionaries that Victory Bible Baptist Church supports are
doctrinally sound. We must make a sincere effort to protect ourselves from apostasy. We are
requiring all missionaries that we currently support, or missionaries that we are considering
taking on for support, to complete this questionnaire. Periodically, we will ask all of our
missionaries to complete this questionnaire again. If you are not satisfied with the yes/no
answers we have provided, please feel free to elaborate. We apologize for any inconvenience that
this questionnaire causes you. Please complete, sign (page 9), and return this entire
THEN WE CANNOT SUPPORT YOU. Being fair we do not wholly depend on
questionnaires to protect the Lord’s finances as some may choose to agree with our position in
such a document yet practice unscriptural teaching on the field. We may choose other ways to
keep from compromise for the well being of all concerned. Of course, you may feel free to direct
your questions to:

VICTORY BIBLE BAPTIST CHURCH 30195 Rehobeth Rd. Marion Station, MD 21838-2213
Phone: 410-623-2391 or to Pastor Del Wray (410) 422-6350.

You may also contact us via any of the e-mail links provided on our web page at:

Missionary’s Name:

Missionary’s Field:

(1)    Do you know for a fact that you are saved?


(2)    Are you a member of an Independent Baptist Church?


(3)    Is your sending church an Independent Baptist Church?


(4)    What is the name of your sending church? Please give name, address, and phone number.

(5)    Who is the Pastor of your sending church (your Pastor)? Give his name, address, and
       phone number.

(6)    Do you believe that the shedding and presenting of the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ is
       the only way that God has provided for the salvation of sinners?


(7)    Do you believe in the virgin birth of the Lord Jesus Christ?


(8)    Do you believe in the Trinity of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost?

                      ☐Yes                          ☐No

(9)    Do you believe that once God saves a sinner they can never lose their salvation?

                                                              ☐                             No

(10)   Do      you      believe      in     a      literal,       everlasting   burning   hell?


(11)   Do you believe that the Authorized 1611 King James Version of the Bible is the
       preserved Word of God for the English speaking peoples?

(12)    Is the Authorized 1611 King James Version of the Bible your preference or is it your


(13)    Do you believe that the Greek Received Text (Textus Receptus) and the Hebrew
        Masoretic Text are the inspired Word Of God and should be the basis for all translations?


(14)    Do you believe that there should be interdenominational cooperation in matters relating
        to evangelism and Bible doctrinal training in areas such as Bible Institutes?


(15 )   Do you believe in the literal interpretation of the Scriptures?


(16)    Do you believe in a literal 1,000 year reign of the Lord Jesus Christ?


(17)    Do you believe that God through His sovereignty has granted the God given opportunity
        to every individual to accept or reject the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour?

(18)   Are you a Calvinist?


(19)   In light of Question 18 above, do you believe (check all that apply):

                                             ☐         In the total inability of a sinner to turn to the
                              Lord Jesus Christ?

                      ☐       That specific individuals have been unconditionally elected to
                              salvation and specific individuals have been unconditionally
                              elected to damnation before any of them were born?

                                             ☐         In limited atonement?

                                             ☐         Irresistible grace?

                                             ☐       Perseverance of the saints? (This is not the
                              same as eternal security)

                                             ☐         None of the above

(20)   Do you believe in the (check all that apply):

                                             ☐         Pre-millennial rapture of the saints?

                                             ☐         Pre-tribulational rapture of the saints?

                                             ☐         Mid-tribulational rapture of the saints?

                                             ☐         Post-tribulational rapture of the saints?
                                             ☐       Pre-wrath rapture of the saints?

                                             ☐       The Post-Millennial return of the Lord Jesus

                                             ☐       Amillennialism?

(21)   Do you believe in a general resurrection?


(22)   Do you believe that the gifts of tongues, healing, and prophecy of future events are still a
       Scriptural       part          of         man’s          ministry        for         today?


(23)   Should the missionary remain as pastor or administrator in the churches they establish?


(24)   Should missionaries move on once each missionary church is established?


(25)   Should Americans build and support church buildings in foreign countries?


(26)   What is your view of whether a missionary should report back to their supporting
       churches as to the progress of their ministries?
(27)   What is the name of your mission board(s) including address(es)and phone number(s)?

(28)   Do you hold the same Scriptural views as your mission board(s)? Elaborate if you feel it
       necessary to do so.

(29)   Do you agree with doctrinal statement of Victory Bible Baptist Church (we will provide a
       doctrinal statement upon request). You may also view our doctrinal statement located on
       our web page at: Please indicate any areas
       with which you disagree. Elaborate if you feel it necessary to do so.

(30)   What are you viewpoints on what should be the relationship between a missionary and
       the churches he establishes on foreign fields?

(31)   In dollars and cents, what is the required monetary support for the field you are on, or are
       going to?
(32)   In dollars and cents, how much support do you have now? List all funds including your
       work fund, etc.
(33)   Do you believe that women should serve as Pastors or Deacons?


(34)   What are your views concerning the autonomy and government (administration) of a
       New Testament church?

(35)   What is your view concerning who the missionary’s tithe belongs to?

                     ☐Belongs to the local church located on the mission field.

                     ☐Belongs to the missionary’s sending (home) church.

                     ☐Belongs to the sending mission board(s).

                     ☐None of the above (please explain your answer).
(36)   What are the ordinances for the New Testament church?

(37)   What are your views concerning baptism (including infant baptism)? At what point is
       baptism administered? Is baptism a necessary prerequisite for salvation?

(38)   What are your views concerning the inspiration, infallibility, and preservation of the

(39)   Marital Status: Please check all that apply

                                                                       ☐       Single
                                                     ☐   Married
                                                         ☐      Married
                                                         ☐      Divorced
                                                                ☐      Divorced
                                                         ☐      Remarried
                                                                ☐      Remarried
                                                         ☐      Widower
                                                                ☐      Widow
                                                         ☐      Widower - Remarried
                                                                ☐      Widow - Remarried

(40)   Do you believe in abortion?

(41)   Do you believe that sodomy (homosexuality) and other sexual perversions are sin and an
       abomination before God?


(42)   Do you believe that same sex marriage is a sin and an abomination before God?


(43)   Please use a separate piece of paper to make any comments, or ask any questions, that
       you have concerning our church, or to elaborate on your answers. Also, please make any
       comments you may have concerning this questionnaire. We thank you for taking the time
       to fill out this questionnaire. We pray that God will richly bless your ministry.

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