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					SMS solutions
For hospitality businesses
Analytical Systems is a global leader in hospitality CRM technology.
Now, through a partnership with MessageMedia, our clients can
harness the power and convenience of business SMS directly from
their ResPAK software.

Send SMS
from your PC...

                                                                         and staff!

What is Business SMS?                                               SMS is ideal for:
Business SMS allows you to send text messages from a PC to               Booking confirmations
customers and staff - it’s a simple, economical communication
                                                                         Reservation reminders
tool. To ensure ResPAK users get the best SMS service, we have
partnered with MessageMedia, Australia’s largest business                Marketing & promotions
SMS provider.
                                                                         Staff communication & rosters

What can it do for you?

           Improve                                      Increase                                 Reduce
           customer service                             revenue                                  costs
           SMS is a simple, non-                        SMS reminders can reduce                 We can dramatically
           intrusive way to connect                     customer ‘no-shows’                      reduce your operating
           with customers. Use                          by 25%. Use SMS for                      costs. SMS is far more
           SMS to differentiate                         promotions - with more                   cost-effective than calling,
           your business, improve                       business coming through                  emailing or mailing your
           customer satisfaction                        your door, revenue                       customers and staff, and
           and generate repeat                          streams can increase                     much quicker too.
           patronage.                                   significantly.
Why does ResPAK use
        MessageMedia is Australia’s largest
        business SMS provider, they have over                    MessageMedia provides a great
        7000 clients including a range of hospitality            service. We send SMS reminders to
        customers, they understand your critical                 our customers to reduce no-shows
        needs and challenges.                                    and add a personal touch.
                                                                 Carl Forrest, General Manager
        Reliability                                              Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Restaurant – Melbourne
        Poor service costs you time and money, and
        the SMS market is full of novice suppliers
        with unreliable messaging. MessageMedia
        are SMS specialists, they offer a 100%            SMS use in hospitality:
        reliability guarantee to ensure SMS delivery.
                                                          Send SMS reservation reminders
        Simplicity                                        SMS is extremely economical, it’s the most cost-effective way to
        MessageMedia SMS solutions can be set up          send reservation reminders.
        in minutes and are easy to use. They have         • SMS reminders reduce customer ‘no-shows’ by 25%
        an experienced support team if you need           • MessageMedia has a 100% service reliability guarantee
                                                          Staff communication & rosters
        Cost                                              Streamline communication with staff. A single SMS can be sent
        Unlike many SMS providers, with                   to multiple handsets, they can reply via SMS.
        MessageMedia, you get what you pay for            • SMS is ideal for administering staff rosters
        – your messages delivered, every time. Their      • SMS is a fast, simple way to send updates to staff
        rates are very competitive, they have a
        range of user-friendly billing options and a      SMS as a marketing tool
        30 day money back guarantee.                      SMS is non-intrusive, it’s the ideal tool for promoting your
                                                          business & driving revenue through repeat patronage.
                                                          • SMS your customers for promotions and events
                                                          • With 94% of all SMS read, it’s ideal for marketing
        MessageMedia has over 7000
        clients, including a broad range
        of hospitality businesses across
        Australia and around the world.

Analytical Systems                     MessageMedia international sales offices:
Australia                              Australia                 UK                              USA
67–75 Raglan Street                    Level 22                  72 Hammersmith Road             Suite 8
Preston VIC 3072                       385 Bourke Street         Hammersmith                     4730 Walnut Street
Phone: 03 9480 1777                    Melbourne VIC 3000        London W14 8TH                  Boulder CO 80301
Web:                    Phone: 1800 009 767       Phone: 0808 234 8246            Phone: 866-884-8611

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