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									For Your Personal Development: What’s Your Relationship
with Money?
by Joyce and Ken Latimer | on January 27, 2013


Personal Development: What’s Your Relationship with

“I Am Energy. I Am Infinite. I Am Money.”

I saw this headline in a personal development email newsletter that I get called MindPowerNews
– definitely caught my attention. When I went to the article on, I was
intrigued enough to click on the source of the article.

The article was a distillation of a 4-page
epub called I Am Money by Greg Habstritt
who contends that we don’t really KNOW

“I am an idea. I am energy. I’m neither
good nor evil. I am only what you decide
that I am, and I fulfill the role that you
create for me.”

In some form we at least think that we
know money, the physical pieces of it
anyway. And, we listen to personal
development and business development gurus tell us how we must learn to love money in
order to attract more of into our lives.

Like Robert Kiyosaki in Rich Dad, Poor Dad, most of us grow up in “poor Dad” households
with some level of fear of insufficient money. And in the worse cases we are taught that those
with money are somehow bad, dishonest, or even evil.

All of the personal development trainers I have studied spend a considerable amount of time of
changing our relationships with money.

How do we have a relationship with money? It’s an
inanimate object, right?
Well, maybe inanimate but not static.

Habstritt says that money is energy and therefore is infinite:

 “I have no limits, except for those you place on me with your mind. I crave abundance. I
  am attracted to those who think without restrictions, who like to think big. When you
 believe there is enough of me to go around, I am naturally magnetized by that thinking.”

In discussing this with Ken, we realized that there is considerable interest in the philosophy of
money. This started with the 1907 book The Philosophy of Money by a German philosopher
named Georg Simmel.

The discussion rages on today about whether we control money or it controls us. It’s more
than a “thing.” And, it plays a significant role in society.

Boston University economist Alla Sheptun said “Money remains the highest value, thanks to
which it is able to serve as both a means and an end of exchange.”

Sheptun explains that money’s value is not just material but the role it plays as it moves through
our society – a very complex role that can generate good or evil.

Maybe that’s getting too deep. In I Am Money, Habstritt says that people who create “value” in
the world attract more money. Where have we heard that before?

Zig Ziglar: If you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want.

Jim Rohn: My father taught me to always do more than you get paid for as an investment in
your future.

J. Paul Getty: I have no complex about wealth. I have worked very hard for my money;
producing things people need.
As we work with and get to know the Empower Network leaders and system, we are more
excited by the opportunities we have and will have in the future to bring value to our own lives,
as well as to our families, friends, co-workers and our community at large.

And, it’s not just the physical pieces of money or even the material things it can buy.

And, it’s not just lifestyle – although we definitely have our goals there. About money, Habstritt

          “I am whatever you believe me to be. So what you believe about me can make you
              miserable, or what you believe can enable you to perform miracles.”

We want to perform miracles.
We’re starting with the personal development and doing more than we are getting paid for and
you can join us in creating your own miracles by clicking here.

                   About The Authors: Joyce and Ken Latimer live on beautiful Smith
                  Mountain Lake in Bedford County Virginia. We've shared a wonderful life
                  together for almost 33 years. We love to vacation and spend time in beautiful
                  places, so financial freedom is REALLY important to us. So is goal setting
                  and working together. We honeymooned on Smith Mountain Lake and set a
                  goal then to have a house on this lake. Well, we've been living here for
almost 10 years now. Now we are helping others! We are livin' the dream!! So can you!

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