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					                                                   Catholic Market List Brokerage

Our core capabilities reflect our 42 years of experience working in New Donor Acquisition for Catholic
fundraisers. We understand the differences between organizations, their missions and focus. We create
circulation plans using rental and exchange lists that reflect those differences.

Before we make recommendations to you regarding the lists we believe you should consider for your
mailings, we undertake extensive and intensive research, reviews and evaluations.

         First, we look at your past and current results, your mailing packages and offers. We calculate the
         results using your roll-out variable costs, and index the results-- looking at relative performances
         not just absolute values.

         Then, we look at your merge-purge results and explore outside list segment usage to ensure you are
         utilizing all the lists and all the segments that are available to you.

         Lastly, we investigate the list marketplace, using on-line Broker research tools and market
         knowledge to identify the lists for your consideration. Our list recommendations are based on
         likely Donor and organization affinity, past list performance, donor sourcing, list hygiene practices
         and other factors—like usage by organizations similar to yours.

Our work product is not a large binder filled with a bewildering number of datacards, but is a thoughtful
selection of lists we believe we can obtain on your behalf. Not every List Owner or List Manager will
readily agree to make their names available to you, but we will make every effort to obtain the lists for
you. Frequently, we are able to obtain lists that are not on the market, and also obtain lists on very
favorable terms for you, terms that are not "standard".

Our List Brokerage services include:

         Rental/Exchange List Planning
         In-depth Results Analysis
         Strategic Planning Advice and Counsel (regarding offers, timing, seasonality issues, etc.)
         Detailed Circulation Planning Incorporating Active/Lapsed Donor Files
         Key Vendor Evaluations
         Merge-Purge Design and Instructions to the Service Bureau
         Leveraging List Management Relationships to Benefit Donor Acquisition

   For additional information, please contact us for a free, confidential evaluation of your list results.

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                                 Chris Ragusa, CFRE         
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