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									AcAdemy for LifeLong LeArning
J U Ly- d e c e m B e r 2 0 0 9
dAy trips t r AV e L


LiVe LAUgH LeArn
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senior VentUres

w w w. o c e a n . e d u /s e n i o r s . h t m

Many exciting things have been happening at the Academy for Lifelong Learning. We recently moved to the main campus in the Arts & Community Center, where you will be able to take art classes in our spacious art studios and computer classes in our new computer labs. We will be having an open house on Tuesday, August 4 from 10am to 12pm. Please come see for yourself the beauty of the Ocean County College campus and take a look at what the Academy has to offer. Remember, no matter your age or what your interests are, it’s exciting to think about the possibilities education can bring to your life. LIVE, LAUGH and LEARN by becoming part of Ocean County College’s Academy for Lifelong Learning.

Joanne Padrone, Director Academy for Lifelong Learning 732-255-0469 Email: Visit our website at:

Joanne Padrone

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pAge 2 Academy for Lifelong Learning

freqUentLy Asked qUestions:
What is the Academy for Lifelong Learning?
We are part of Ocean County College and provide quality educational programs for adults that are planned to enhance their intellectual, physical, and personal well being in a friendly and flexible environment. Classes are open to all ages however If you are “55 or better”, you may join the Academy to take advantage of membership benefits.

Why should I join the Academy?
For an annual membership fee of $10, you are entitled to the following benefits: • Free “Members’ Only” programs • Significant tuition reduction for credit courses at Ocean County College • Free swim privileges at Ocean County College’s pool facility • $5 discount on course fees for most non-credit courses and day trips • Library privileges and bookstore discounts at Ocean County College • Discount on Arts & Community Center and Garden State Philharmonic performances • Free admission to Ocean County College’s sporting events

I’m not 55 yet, but I would like to take one of the Academy courses. What can I do?
Register today! Academy courses are open to adults of all ages and are geared toward lifelong learning. Register by phone, fax, mail or in person. Call 732-255-0404 for details. Of course you will not be entitled to the $5 membership discount, but that will be something to look forward to when you turn 55!

Did I read somewhere that the Academy has day trips?
Yes you did, and these trips are open to all ages. From New York City to Philadelphia, and from wine tasting to sweet treats, plan to take an exciting one-day adventure with us. We leave from Ocean County College’s main campus via luxury motor coach. Our trip leader, driver, tour guide and Academy staff have the reputation for giving superior customer service. Whether you want to take the grandchildren to see “Mary Poppins” or have a girl’s day out at the annual New York Chocolate Show, you can go with the Academy!

Is it true that Academy members can swim for free at Ocean County College?
It is true! Several of our members join and renew every year for that benefit alone—open swim sessions at the Olympic size pool at OCC, complete with locker rooms. All included in your $10 annual membership fee. You will receive a flyer with the “Pool Hotline” phone number to call for specific hours from September to May. So jump in, the water is fine (and heated)!

Would the Academy be able to offer programs in the adult community where I live?
Yes we would. Any adult community is able to have the Academy come to them. You can choose a topic from our existing programs or we would be happy to develop one that meets your specific needs. Simply give us a call with your ideas and we will work with you to turn that request into an exciting program.

AcAdemy for LifeLong LeArning
Joanne Padrone, Director 732-255-0469 Patti Cadamatre, 732-255-0400 Ext. 2380 Lori Crimmins, 732-255-0400 Ext. 2384 Visit us on the web at

If you would like additional information or are ready to join, please contact us:

✆ Call to Register 732•255•0404

July-december 2o09



AcAdemy memBers’ onLy progrAms

fall for ocean county

In Ocean County, there are many things that are fun to do and easy on the budget! From apple festivals and bluegrass nights to chowder contests and decoy shows and even the Zany Ocean Inner Tube Races, learn all about our special events season. Be sure to bring details of your favorite happening to include in the mix. ALAS 109-01 CSU • Aug 5 • 1 Session • W • 2pm-3pm Barbara Steele • Register by July 28

Let’s go for a Walk in ocean county

Join us for a presentation by Ocean County Parks and Recreation to learn how to warm up before your walk, enjoyable places to take your walk, and safety tips to practice during your walk. ALHS 112-01 CFA • Sep 16 • 1 Session • W • 10am-11am Mary Mehorter • Register by Sep 8

identity theft & current scams

The Senior Scams Task Force was formed to provide Ocean County seniors with information to help prevent you from becoming a victim of identity theft, and what to do if you are a victim. This program will give tips on keeping your personal information safe and discuss everything from internet scams to international lotteries. ALHE 128-01 CFA • Oct 1 • 1 Session • Th • 10am-12pm Sgt. Cynthia E. Boyd • Register by Sep 23

medicare & you

Will you be turning 65 in the near future? Medicare & You will give you important information about what’s new with Medicare. We will discuss the health plans available, prescription drug plans, and rights and protections to help people with Medicare review their coverage options and enroll in a plan if they choose. Many handouts will be included. Bring your questions for a lively session on this important health benefit. ALHE 141-01 CFA • Oct 16 • 1 Session • F • 10am–12pm Marie-Elena O’Connor • Register by Oct 8 NEW

Get back to basics! Kathy Moore, the Director of Marketing at Harrogate, will inspire you with her vivacious and charismatic personality as she gives you tips on how you can emphasize the positive. You’ll learn how vocabulary can change your outlook on life. You will walk away with new skills to take control of your life. ALPY 110-01 CFA • Oct 14 • 1 Session • W • 9am-12pm Kathy Moore • Register by Oct 6

Are you ready for today’s World?

AcAdemy for LifeLong LeArning progrAms cAn Be offered in yoUr commUnity! programs can be tailored to fit your needs. call 732-255-0400 ext. 2380 for more information.
pAge 4 Academy for Lifelong Learning

AdULt commUnity LeAder certificAte progrAm core coUrses
Based on current and pending legislation, the state of New Jersey may introduce a required educational program for adult community leaders. To acquire the Adult Community Leader Certificate, candidates must complete six required courses including four core and two electives with 100% attendance. When you have completed the program, validation of your requirements will be confirmed and a certificate will be issued. Two core and three elective courses will be offered this semester.

Accounting & finance for the non-financial manager – core course i

This course, geared for the adult community leader, will focus on the accounting and financial aspect of adult communities. Topics covered are: Accounting (Historical Transactions): • Double entry bookkeeping • Cash versus accrual accounting • Financial statements • Internal controls • Audit reports Finance (Forward Looking Transactions): • Financial statements • Budgets: Operating, Capital, Cash Flow • Investment management • Asset reserve reports • Treasurer reporting • Trustee oversight Cost: $99 ALBM 101-01 CFA • Sep 16-Oct 7 • 4 Sessions • W • 2pm-4pm Raymond Hohman, Jr. • Register by Sep 8

small Business management for Adult community Leaders – core course ii
This course geared for the adult community leader will focus on the aspect of running your community as a small business along with the management skills needed. Topics covered are: • Administrative structure and table of organization • Operating policies and procedures • Association member communications • Customer service • Risk management – fiduciary responsibilities, including security • Vendor contracting –requests for proposals • Human resource and personnel management • Insurance coverage • Crisis management • Committee management Cost: $99 ALBM 102-01 CFA • Oct 21-Nov 18 •4 Sessions • W • 2:30pm-4pm No Class Nov 11 • Raymond Hohman, Jr. • Register by Oct 13

✆ Call to Register 732•255•0404

July-december 2o09



AdULt commUnity LeAder certificAte progrAm eLectiVes
NEW With the increasing number of suits being filed, the Courts are backlogged. Litigation can be both costly and time-consuming. Litigants may not be happy with the process or the remedy that a judge or jury will impose upon them. Thus, there has been a shift from litigation and adjudication to settlement. Arbitration and mediation are the two methods most commonly used to assist the parties in reaching a settlement, and they, as well as other methods, are collectively referred to as Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). We will discuss the various forms of ADR, the process and how to determine whether and when this form of dispute resolution is preferable to litigation. Cost: $39 ALBM 108-01 CFA • Oct 14 • 1 Session • W • 2pm-4pm Ruth M. Deane, Esq • Register by Oct 6

Alternative dispute resolution

meeting management for the Adult community Leader

Meetings can be productive and even inspiring. This program is designed to help you focus on how to get the most out of your meetings, whether you are leading or attending. We will discuss meeting criteria, setting and keeping to an agenda format, and getting the most out of meeting minutes both formal and informal. Cost: $39 ALBM 104-01 CFA • Dec 2 • 1 Session • W • 2pm–4pm Raymond Hohman, Jr. • Register by Nov 24

customer focus for the Adult community Leader

Who are our customers? This program is designed to highlight customer focus as it applies to adult communities. Topics will include information on how to create a customer service atmosphere, examples of different scenarios and how to handle each. You will also learn effective customer service via written correspondence, electronic mail and telephone. Cost: $39 ALBM 106-01 CFA • Dec 9 • 1 Session • W • 2pm-4pm Raymond Hohman, Jr. • Register by Dec 1

“Material was all timely and the video was a great training tool.” Student in customer focus – Raymond Hohman, Instructor

Look who’s talking about us! LARRy PuCCIO

pAge 6 Academy for Lifelong Learning

Arts & crAfts
attend art classes in our beautiful on-campus art studio! introduction to oil & Acrylic painting*
This is a beginning class in oil and acrylic painting for those who would like to learn to paint in traditional oil paint, water based oil paint, or acrylic paint. Students will have instruction on choosing paints, mixing and application of paint, selecting brushes, palettes, and canvases. Learn about interaction of color, composition and the elements of creating a dynamic painting. Enjoy creating your painting in a relaxed and friendly environment. Cost: $129 ALFA 180-01 CSU • Jul 15-Aug 26 • 6 Sessions • W • 1pm-3:30pm No Class Aug 12 • Helaine Rainier • Register by Jul 7 ALFA 180-01 CFA • Sep 16-Oct 21 • 6 Sessions • W • 9:30am-12pm Helaine Rainier • Register by Sep 8
“I couldn’t even draw a straight line but now I can do a little painting...I’m impressed!” Student in oil & Acrylic painting – Helaine Rainier, Instructor

Look who’s talking about us! MARIE bLySkAL

oil & Acrylic painting ii*

This class is specifically designed for the experienced painter. Whether you want to bring a fresh perspective to your painting or need help in generating original ideas for your work, the goal of this class is to help you to combine ideas and images into a coherent whole that merits more than “the 30 second glance.” You will explore a variety of approaches such as working in a series, appropriation, negative space, pot-boilers, as well as classical and contemporary painting techniques. You may use your own source materials, work from life or use a combination of all resources. Cost: $129 ALFA 187-01 CSU • Jul 15-Aug 26 • 6 Sessions • W • 9:30am-12pm No Class Aug 12 • Helaine Rainier • Register by Jul 7 ALFA 187-01 CFA • Sep 16-Oct 21 • 6 Sessions • W • 1pm-3:30pm Helaine Rainier • Register by Aug 29

the World of Wonderful Watercolors*

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, watercolor is a wonderful medium to work with and this course will give you a chance to discover new techniques, see demonstrations and have ample time for painting. There will be still-life displays to work from or you may choose to bring in a favorite photograph or print. The classes are relaxing, fun and designed to bring you to the next level. Cost: $149 ALFA 145-01 CFA • Sep 14-Nov 2 • 8 Sessions • M • 9:30am-12pm Barbara Diamantopoulos • Register by Sep 3

drawing i*

Have fun learning to draw whatever you are observing. Start with pencils and simple still-life arrangements. Easily understood concepts such as line, shape, tonal values and proportion are introduced. Cost: $89 ALFA 190-01 CFA • Aug 21-Sep 25 • 6 Sessions • F • 10am-12pm Nick Calavas • Register by Aug 13
*A supply list will be mailed prior to first class.

✆ Call to Register 732•255•0404

July-december 2o09



the Art of calligraphy*

Step back in time and learn to skillfully letter with pen and ink. Make beautiful invitations, greeting cards, and many other similar projects. Italic, Gothic and Celtic letter styles will be taught. Cost: $89 ALFA 191-01 CFA • Aug 21-Sep 25 • 6 Sessions • F • 1pm-3pm Nick Calavas • Register by Aug 13

drawing with color*

Create beautiful unique art with color pencils! Learn to make exciting color combinations. Techniques such as layering, burnishing and underpainting will be introduced. Cost: $89 ALFA 185-01 CFA • Oct 2-Nov 6 • 6 Sessions • F • 10am-12pm Nick Calavas • Register by Sep 24

grammy & me

Bring your grandchild, niece, nephew or godchild to this intergenerational class where you will spend quality time making jewelry together. All the beads, wire, and instruction you need will be supplied, just bring your ideas and creativity. Bring home a finished piece of jewelry that will be a lasting memory. NOTE: Registration required for adult participant only, accompanying one child. Cost: $39 ALFA 214-01 CSU • Jul 21-Jul 28 • 2 Sessions • Tu • 10am-12pm Janice Saylor • Register by Jul 13

Jewelry making i*

This is an exciting “how to” in creating beautiful beaded jewelry for far less than retail. You can bring your own beads and our instructor will teach you the design basics. Use your inner creativity and surprise even yourself. Cost: $49 ALFA 215-01 CFA • Sep 15-Sep 29 • 3 Sessions • Tu • 1pm-3pm Janice Saylor • Register by Sep 4

get Hooked on crochet!

Learn easy basic crochet techniques to create a project of your choice: a simple scarf, poncho or infant hats. Just bring a skein of yarn and a #6 crochet needle. Class size is limited to ensure a successful learning experience. Cost: $49 ALFA 221-01 CFA • Oct 13-Oct 27 • 3 Sessions • Tu • 1pm-3pm Janice Saylor • Register by Oct 5

funky, chunky scarf*

For beginning knitters and those who want to create the latest fashion scarf, just bring your size 19 needles and plan to have a fun time with our instructor. Cost: $39 ALFA 217-01 CFA • Nov 10-Nov 17 • 2 Sessions • Tu • 1pm-3pm Janice Saylor • Register by Nov 2

mama’s got a Brand new Bag!*

Learn the secret to the latest craze – felted bags! This is a class for beginning knitters that will end with your new beautiful felted bag of your color, style and size. A pattern, design ideas and instruction will be provided, so just bring your creativity. Cost: $39 ALFA 218-01 CFA • Nov 10-Nov 17 • 2 Sessions • Tu • 10am-12pm Janice Saylor • Register by Nov 2
*A supply list will be mailed prior to first class.
pAge 8 Academy for Lifelong Learning

compUter skiLLs
introduction to personal computers & Windows Xp
This is an introductory course specially designed for the mature user who has limited or no prior knowledge of a personal computer. Learn mouse and keyboard exercises, how to navigate the desktop and enhance your working comfort. Learn how to customize Desktop, Menus and the taskbar, launch application programs, use Help and Support, and easy ways to work with folders and files along with an introduction to system tools. Have fun with media player and look at the features offered by “MovieMaker,” “My Pictures” and “My Music.” Cost: $139 ALCI 113-01 CSU • Jul 6-Jul 27 • 4 Sessions • M • 9am-12pm George Slutter • Register by Jun 26 ALCI 113-01 CFA • Sep 11-Oct 2 • 4 Sessions • F • 1pm-4pm George Slutter • Register by Sep 3 ALCI 113-02 CFA • Oct 20-Nov 10 • 4 Sessions • Tu • 9am-12pm George Slutter • Register by Oct 12

internet & email Basics

Learn to access the wealth of information available on the Internet, whether you are shopping or want medical advice. Learn browser basics and various methods of searching and how to make a home page. Gain understanding of connections like dial-up, DSL, hyperlinks and cable providers. Create your own email account to keep in touch with family and friends; learn how to send, forward and reply to emails. Attach and view photos and explore the possible uses of an electronic address book. Get answers to all your Internet and email questions. Cost: $99 ALCI 115-01 CSU • Aug 7-Aug 21 • 3 Sessions • F • 9am-12pm George Slutter • Register by Jul 30 ALCI 115-01 CFA • Oct 15-Oct 29 • 3 Sessions • Tu • 1pm-4pm George Slutter • Register by Oct 7
“The instructor showed not only the knowledge, but the patience to get us through.” Student in internet & email Basics – George Slutter, Instructor

Look who’s talking about us! PHyLLIS HOuRIGAN

excel Basics

Learn how to prepare a checkbook register, develop a family budget and graph your investments. In this introductory course, learn how to enter and edit information in a worksheet, prepare an address book, work with grids, manage and navigate worksheets and workbooks, perform calculations and prepare, set-up and print information. Cost: $99 ALCI 111-01 CFA • Sep 9-Sep 23 • 3 Sessions • W • 9am-12pm George Slutter • Register by Sep 1

introduction to microsoft publisher

Microsoft Publisher is easy and fun to use. This program allows you to create newsletters, brochures, flyers, signs, invitations, greeting cards, labels, banners, business cards, calendars and much more using the Wizard. Put your computer skills to good use and modify existing templates or see how creative you can be by starting from scratch! Cost: $69 ALCI 109-01 CFA • Oct 16-Oct 23 • 2 Sessions • F • 9am-12pm George Slutter • Register by Oct 8

✆ Call to Register 732•255•0404

July-december 2o09



Word Basics

Microsoft Word is the most popular and user-friendly word processing program. Learn how to create and customize flyers and posters along with personal and business correspondence or any written document of professional quality, by using a variety of font styles and designs. In this introductory class, you will learn margins, tabs, size, spell check, thesaurus, mailing labels, envelopes and printing options. Learn how to create tables to organize and present information, change printing styles from portrait to landscape, copy from one document to another, insert graphics, create columns and much more. Also learn how to open, close, save and make folders. Cost: $69 ALCI 112-01 CFA • Nov 16-Nov 30 • 3 Sessions • M • 9am-12pm George Slutter • Register by Nov 6

tap dancing for exercise & fun
Learn how to tap your way to better health and have fun doing it! Our instructor is the owner of The Ultimate Dance Studio and she has designed this course specifically for senior students who are beginners or who are dusting off their dancing shoes. No dance experience is needed, no partner needed, just the love of dance. Please wear low dress or tap shoes (no sneakers) and comfortable clothing. Cost: $99 ALFA 316-01 CFA • Sep 22-Oct 27 • 6 Sessions • Tu • 11am-12pm Nicki Cordi • Register by Sep 14 Location: The ultimate Dance Studio, Toms River

NEW Come with us as we visit one of the world’s most exotic, friendly and pleasant destinations...the land of Greece! Start your evening with a Greek meal prepared by Dino Charitos. Chef Charitos is Ocean County College’s chef. He was born in Greece. You will start your meal with mezzethakia (Greek hors d’oeuvres) and enjoy a main course and dessert. You’ll see why Greek food is one of the world’s most delightful cuisines. Then it’s on to the land itself! Ken Ostrand will lead you to some of his favorite places: Mycenae, Crete, Thera and Meteora, plus an insider’s view of the restoration of the Parthenon in Athens! Armed with a camera and historian’s probing intellect, he’ll show you a delightful destination—perfect for an October Friday. Whether you’re a frequent traveler to Greece or prefer the armchair variety of exploration, you’ll never forget the land of Greece! Cost: $49 ALFA 200-01 CFA • Oct 23 • 1 Session • F • 6pm-9pm Dr. Kenneth Ostrand • Register by Oct 8

Land of enchantment: greece dinner/Lecture

register eArLy!
classes fill Up quickly!
pAge 10 Academy for Lifelong Learning

NEW The Galapagos Archipelago is a group of volcanic islands which lie in the Pacific Ocean 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador. Come experience the beauty of this area declared a World Natural Heritage Site in 1978. These islands have an extremely high number of species that are found no where else in the world. You will learn the history, geography, biology, threats and ongoing research in the Galapagos based upon Dr. Phoel’s visits there. Cost: $59 ALBS 120-01 CFA • Oct 21-Nov 4 • 3 Sessions • W • 10am-12pm William Phoel • Register by Oct 13

the galapagos: A Unique ecosystem & Living museum

NEW What has been termed by historians as the “real first world war?” What changed the map of North America as we have come to know it in the USA today? Explore with us the Native Americans, the earliest explorers, the colonization of North America and the conflicts that arose. Of great strategic significance was the French and Indian War, known in Europe as the Seven Years War. With the use of detailed slides and intriguing lecture, you will gain a new appreciation of this time in our nation’s history. Cost: $89 ALSS 177-01 CFA • Sep 14-Oct 12 • 5 Sessions • Tu • 1pm-3pm Robert Hodges • Register by Sep 3

America’s early History

LocAL History
NEW The New Jersey Pine Barrens have been called “mysterious,” “beautiful,” and even “haunted.” Many people don’t travel down the lonely dirt roads to explore this region, afraid of the unknown. Through slides and stories, we’ve found a safe alternative. Join us as we take an overview of the ecology, folklore, and history of the unique Pine Barrens of South Jersey, and learn some of the easier places to visit. Cost: $29 ALAS 164-01 CSU • Jul 20 • 1 Session • M • 10am-12pm Andrew Anderson • Register by Jul 10

pine Barrens primer

tHe AcAdemy WAnts teAcH for Us!
If you are a retired teacher or professional with the desire to get back in the classroom and/or share your professional skills, we would like to hear from you! Specific areas of study are: Computer Skills Foreign Languages: French, Italian, Spanish Science • Social Studies/Geography If you are interested, please call 732-255-0400 Ext. 2380
July-december 2o09

✆ Call to Register 732•255•0404



personAL enricHment
Bridge i
If you want to learn Bridge or want to get back into the game, this class is for you! Learn how to bid, pass and defend as you play. Our instructor is a qualified Bridge expert who has been playing for over 30 years and is a member of the American Bridge League. She continues to acquire Master points. Enrollment is limited to ensure a successful learning experience. Cost: $99 ALIS 109-01 CSU • Jul 7-Aug 11 • 6 Sessions • Tu • 10am-12pm Stella Sloan • Register by Jun 29

Bridge ii

Expand your skills as you learn new conventions and how to play a better game of Bridge. Join our instructor as she shares her years of Bridge playing experience, giving individual guidance as you play. Enrollment is limited to ensure a successful learning experience. Cost: $79 ALIS 112-01 CFA • Sep 1-Sep 22 • 4 Sessions • Tu • 10am-12pm Stella Sloan • Register by Aug 24

Bridge iii

Want to get serious about your Bridge game? Learn how to make the most out of your hand from our “Master” instructor. Through actual play, there will be an emphasis on learning about leads and discards and play of the hand. Enrollment is limited to ensure a successful learning experience. Cost: $79 ALIS 126-01 CFA • Oct 6-Oct 27 • 4 Sessions • Tu • 10am-12pm Stella Sloan • Register by Sep 28


This ancient Chinese game originated about 2000 years ago and is an engaging, fun game using tiles to form hands, much like playing cards. Simple, yet brain-stimulating; you will be taught the game concept, names of tiles, etc. Play, learn and enjoy a skill you can share with friends and family. Please bring a current Mahjongg card to class. If you have a Mahjongg set, please bring it. Cost: $79 ALIS 115-01 CSU • Jul 7-Jul 28 • 4 Sessions • Tu • 1pm-3pm Stella Sloan • Register by Jun 29

Look who’s talking about us! LOIS PILATOWSkI
“Easy atmosphere—questions welcomed and no one felt out of place asking for help. Excellent!” Student in mahjongg – Stella Sloan, Instructor


This premier card game is said to have originated in Europe in the 1930s, by the 1950s was extremely fashionable in the United States and worldwide, now it’s back! Learn how to play the fun, easy, brainstimulating game of Canasta, and learn the strategy of winning. Try your hand and find out what is “natural” and what is “wild!” Enrollment is limited to ensure a successful learning experience. Cost: $79 ALIS 119-01 CFA • Oct 6-Oct 27 • 4 Sessions • Tu • 1pm-3pm Stella Sloan • Register by Sep 28

pAge 12

Academy for Lifelong Learning

confident & casual public speaking

Learn the strategies to keep a steady voice and a cool head when you need it! Our instructor will use his many years of experience on stage to bring you step by step with easy, effective and inspiring techniques of voice projection, poise, confidence and self-esteem. You will leave class feeling confident and energized. Cost: $39 ALCC 106-01 CSU • Aug 21-Aug 28 • 2 Sessions • F • 10am-12pm John Pompilio • Register by Aug 13

the not-too-extreme makeover (the Art of Aging gracefully)

Celebrate the holidays with a fresh look! Our instructor has consulted for some of the most prestigious names in cosmetics. During this course, she will supply you with the know-how to accentuate your best physical attributes and come away with a new-found self-confidence. Learn make-up tips, tricks and techniques. So zip up your makeup bag, bring your mirror and all of your questions to class. Cost: $39 ALHE 130-01 CFA • Nov 10-Nov 17 • 2 Sessions • Tu • 1pm-3pm Stella Sloan • Register by Nov 2

theories & methods for modifying Aspects of personality
Have you ever asked yourself this question: Can I modify aspects of my personality that cause me to feel depressed, anxious, angry or unfulfilled? If so, this workshop will give you the means to find an answer. We will begin with an overview of the components of personality and discuss the means of changing those aspects. You will receive a self-help form to assist you in applying the principles of Dr. Albert Ellis’ Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, in order to lead you to a more productive, happier life. Cost: $35 ALPY 101-01 CFA • Sep 16 • 1 Session • W • 1pm-3pm Rocco J. Menta • Register by Sep 8

July 16 • August 20 • September 17 October 15 • November 19 • December 17
A representative from the Academy for Lifelong Learning will be at the County Connection in the Ocean County Mall from 10am to 1pm. Stop by to get the latest news.

sAVe tHe dAtes!

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July-december 2o09 pAge 13

sign LAngUAge
sign Language part i
Have you ever been fascinated by sign language or thought you might like to learn how to sign? Here’s your chance! Come join our “Signing for Seniors” class and learn how you can use sign language to improve everyday communication skills. You will learn the ASL alphabet, numbers, introductions, food signs, animal signs, basic emergency and health signs, and much more including the signs for “God Bless America.” We will also focus on deaf culture and history. Come sign with us and expand your horizons by learning a new language. Cost: $69 ALCC 103-01 CSU • Aug 4-Aug 25 • 4 Sessions • Tu • 3:30pm-5:30pm Lisa Glassford • Register by Jul 27

sign Language part ii

Continue to develop your sign language skills. We will expand the vocabulary acquired in the first course and begin to use it to develop conversational skills. Increase your knowledge of deaf culture and history while having fun learning sign language. Cost: $69 ALCC 104-01 CFA • Sep 1-Sep 22 • 4 Sessions • Tu • 3:30pm-5:30pm Lisa Glassford • Register by Aug 24

sign Language part iii

Put all your sign language skills to the next level. This course will concentrate on using the vocabulary you learned in Part I and II to build and refine your conversational skills. Cost: $69 ALCC 105-01 CFA • Sep 29-Oct 20 • 4 Sessions • Tu • 3:30pm-5:30pm Lisa Glassford • Register by Sep 21

Academy for Lifelong Learning

open HoUse
tuesday, August 4 10am-12pm
stop by, see our new offices & find out what the Academy has to offer you!

occ main campus Arts & community center
pAge 14 Academy for Lifelong Learning

dAy trip tips
• Buses leave promptly from Parking Lot #2 from the Ocean County College Main Campus. • Please arrive at least 15 minutes before departure time. • Food and/or drink is not permitted on the bus (water is permitted). • A lavatory is available on the bus. • Return times are approximate and subject to change due to traffic and weather conditions. • Bus trips run rain or shine. For emergency closing information, check the college website at or call 732-255-0400 ext. 2384. • No refunds will be issued. However, substitutions will be considered on a case by case basis if requested at least 5 business days in advance of the trip. A final decision is at the discretion of the Director of the Academy for Lifelong Learning. • Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


The National Constitution Center in historic Philadelphia is America’s most interactive history museum. This groundbreaking new museum will take you through important events in our nation’s history and through unique, interactive exhibits. You will learn why the United States Constitution is as important today as it was 216 years ago. Your Constitution Center experience begins with a powerful, award-winning multi-media performance, “Freedom Rising” and continues with over 100 fascinating exhibits and historic artifacts. Within walking distance, you can visit the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall on your own. Your day will also include lunch on the Moshulu, the most unique waterfront restaurant on the world’s largest four-masted historic sailing ship, located at Penn’s Landing. Take full advantage of the unparalleled views of the city and waterfront. Package includes motor coach transportation, lunch on the Moshulu, museum admission, trip leader and driver’s gratuity. Cost: $119 ALAS 157-01 CSU • Jul 2 • 1 Session • Th • 9am–7pm

“We the people” A day in philadelphia: national constitution center, Liberty Bell, independence Hall & Lunch on the Moshulu

Please register early! Call 732-255-0404
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July-december 2o09 pAge 15


Explore the rich maritime history of Cape May, America’s oldest seaside resort! You will begin your day with an enjoyable tea luncheon at the Physick Estate. There you will also have time to walk the grounds, visit the gift shop and view the Carriage House Gallery Exhibit. Before boarding the bus, a naturalist from the Nature Center of Cape May will provide a nature presentation. Then you will be off to Cape May Point to the fully restored 1859 Cape May Lighthouse. You will view the area famous for its migratory bird population and stop at Sunset Beach to search for Cape May “Diamonds”, view the sunken concrete ship Atlantis and check out the Sunset Beach gift shops. Do you know how seafood gets from the sea to your table? Find out at our next stop, Lobster House Dock for the Fisherman’s Wharf Tour. Time will be allowed for a quick snack before we board the bus to return home. Package includes motor coach transportation, lunch, tours, trip leader and driver’s gratuity. Cost: $119 ALBS 116-01 CSU • Jul 9 • 1 Session • Th • 9:30am–7pm

cape may coastal tour

“sweet escape in new york city”: American girl experience & chocolate indulgence

Enjoy a magical experience you will never forget! It all begins on the bus with American Girl music, games and fun! Once you arrive in Manhattan, you will enjoy an elegant lunch in the American Girl Café. There’s even a treat seat at the table for your girl’s doll. Time will be allowed for you to shop, visit the photo shoot for a keepsake magazine cover of you and your doll or visit the doll hair salon. You will visit The Great American Chocolate Company, located at the crossroads of the world in Times Square! You will enter under a giant, 16-story candy spectacular to a magnificent world of sweetness. Imagine creating your own personal mix of candy with The Original Automatic and Gravitational Chocolate Machine. You’ll also find the perfect gifts for every occasion. It’s a shopper’s paradise for anything and everything Hershey! But there’s more! You will also visit the M&M’s World, located across the street. In addition to the world’s largest display of M&M candies, the store features a 21-foot Miss Green M&M dressed up as Lady Liberty and an M&M’s color mood analyzer. Make sure you bring your camera for many photo opportunities. Three floors of sweetness! Package includes motor coach transportation, lunch, transportation to Times Square, trip leader and driver’s gratuity. Cost: $99 ALFA 186-01 CSU • Jul 19 • 1 Session • Su • 9am-6pm NEW

Relax and enjoy the beauty of our coast. You will board the Cape May-Lewes Ferry where you can enjoy a beautiful scenic cruise across the Delaware Bay. Maybe you’ll see dolphins and you will surely see lighthouses on your voyage. Once the ferry docks in Lewes, you will board our bus to Rehoboth for a scrumptious afternoon lunch at Jake’s Seafood House restaurant. Your lunch will include salad or bisque, several entrée choices including crab, and dessert. Time will then be allowed for you to enjoy the seaside town of Rehoboth Beach with its quaint shops and boardwalk. Package includes motor coach transportation, lunch, ferry, trip leader and driver’s gratuity. Cost: $129 ALBS 118-01 CSU • Jul 22 • 1 Session • W • 9am-7pm

cape may surf & turf

pAge 16

Academy for Lifelong Learning


Get off the beaten path and see more of New York City than just Manhattan! You will see “Hunts Point”, the largest food distribution center in the world. You will be driven up Grand Concourse, a boulevard designed to rival the avenues of the great cities of Europe. You will also see the Bronx County Courthouse used in several films along with seeing Yankee Stadium, old and new. You will have the opportunity to be driven by the Edgar Allen Poe Cottage. Your tour also includes a drive up Fordham Road to Arthur Avenue, the Little Italy of the Bronx, where you can walk around and purchase Italian pastries and specialties. You will have lunch on City Island. Lunch will include appetizers, special sea shore salad, entrée choices, sautéed vegetables, baked potato, dessert and beverages. You will then board the bus for a drive past the famous “Woodlawn Cemetery”, the final resting place for America’s rich and famous; then head over to Riverdale, the Gold Coast of the Bronx. Your tour will also take you between the Bronx Zoo and the New York Botanical Garden and through the largest park in New York City, Pelham Bay Park. Come experience the real Bronx and leave with a new perspective along with lasting memories. Package includes motor coach transportation, lunch, tours, guides, trip leader and driver’s gratuity. Cost: $139 ALAS 162-01 CSU • Aug 6 • 1 Session • Th • 8am–6:30pm NEW

Bronx tour

Your Amish Experience will begin in the F/X Theater to view the critically acclaimed “Jacob’s Choice.” Told through a high-tech, multimedia production, this film will leave you with a better understanding of what it means to be Amish, and the ties that have held them together through centuries. After a bountiful family style lunch at Plain and Fancy, you will move on to actually view the home featured in the film. You will tour the nine rooms on the first and second floors and learn up close how the family lives from day to day. Then board the bus and go deep into the countryside and the heart of some of the most beautiful farmland and the oldest Amish community in the world. You will be intrigued by this two-hour Farmland Excursion. During the tour there will be a shopping stop to complete your Amish experience. Package includes motor coach transportation, admission to F/X Theater, lunch, tours, tour guide, trip leader and driver’s gratuity. Cost: $119 ALAS 160-01 CSU • Aug 10 • 1 Session • M • 8am–7:30pm NEW

Amish countryside tour

Time to make a splash! What better way than a Duck Tour? Tour historic Philadelphia and splash into the Delaware River at Penn’s Landing. You will experience sightseeing fun from a duck’s eye view. Then it’s time for you to “Get in touch with your inner shark!” You will visit the New Jersey Adventure Aquarium and explore the Shark Realm, Rainforest Rendezvous, Penguin Island, Caribbean Currents, Irazu Falls, Seal Shores, Feather Ridge and more. There is time on your own for lunch at the Aquarium Café. Package includes motor coach transportation, duck tour, aquarium admission, trip leader and driver’s gratuity. Cost: $109 ALBS 119-01 CSU • Aug 20 • 1 Session • Th • 8am–5pm

“fish & ducks”: new Jersey Adventure Aquarium & a ride on the duck

✆ Call to Register 732•255•0404

July-december 2o09




Supercalifragilistic! Believe in the magic of “Mary Poppins” to lift your spirits to new heights. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to see Broadway’s perfectly magical musical filled with breathtaking stagecraft. This high-flying extravaganza will bring out the kid in you. “Mary Poppins” will warm your heart. You will have time before the 2pm matinee to have lunch and sightsee on your own. Package includes motor coach transportation, orchestra seat, trip leader and driver’s gratuity. Cost: $179 ALFA 601-01 CSU • Aug 26 • 1 Session • W • 9am-6pm NEW

“mary poppins” on Broadway

Don’t miss out on this closing season of Sight & Sound’s musical, “In the Beginning”. Experience the amazing special effects as the production brings Creation to life! Witness God creating the heavens and the earth and all the extraordinary animals. It will be an experience beyond your imagination. You will also enjoy lunch at Miller’s Smorgasbord to include carved roasted turkey, top sirloin and baked ham. Specialties include chilled shrimp, fried chicken, creamy baked cabbage and great desserts. Time will be allowed to browse the quilt shop, Gallery and Bakery. Package includes motor coach transportation, lunch, show ticket, trip leader and driver’s gratuity. Cost: $159 ALFA 148-01 CFA • Sep 2 • 1 Session • W • 10am-9pm

sight & sound theater’s “in the Beginning” & Lunch at miller’s smorgasbord

Us open tennis tournament in flushing, ny

What a thrill! See and experience the championship tennis tournament live, in person! This day session ticket provides an assigned upper promenade seat in Arthur Ashe Stadium, along with access to Louis Armstrong Stadium, the Grandstand and all of the field courts. Lunch is on your own. There are several eateries and cafes available on site. Package includes motor coach transportation, entrance with day session ticket, trip leader and driver’s gratuity. Cost: $129 ALPE 110-01 CFA • Sep 3 • 1 Session • Th • 8am-7pm NEW

This Civil War era gristmill was converted into a unique home for American Art; famous for its fine collections of American illustrations, still life, landscape painting and art by the Wyeth family. You will participate in a one-hour guided tour before you are free to visit the museum, gift shop and gardens on your own. After you have worked up an appetite, it’s off to the Chadds Ford Inn for a great lunch at the Brandywine Prime. Then it’s time to get a taste of the Brandywine at the Chaddsford Winery. A guided tour of the winemaking and barrelaging cellars followed by a tasting of selected Chaddsford wines will complete your Brandywine experience. You will receive a tasting sheet and a souvenir logo wine glass. Time will be allowed to shop in the winery store before we board the bus for our return trip home. Package includes motor coach transportation, museum admission and tour, lunch, winery tour, trip leader and driver’s gratuity. Cost: $119 ALFA 199-01 CFA • Sep 17 • 1 Session • Th • 8:30am-6:30pm

“Wine, dine & Learn”: chaddsford Winery, Brandywine river museum & Lunch at chadds ford inn

pAge 18

Academy for Lifelong Learning

Brooklyn tour ii & Lunch at Junior’s

Our Brooklyn Tour in April booked so quickly we are doing it again! If you loved our first “Slice of Brooklyn Tour” last summer, don’t miss the new Brooklyn Tour II. Your tour will include a stop at Junior’s, a Brooklyn classic since 1950 for a corned beef/pastrami combo, cheesecake and an egg cream. It doesn’t get more Brooklyn than that! You will see Brooklyn on this 3+ hour bus tour which includes an audio-visual historical tour of its movie locations, landmarks and points of interest. You will learn about and see more of the things that have made Brooklyn famous including Brooklyn Heights, Park Slope’s tree-lined streets, Prospect Park, Grand Army Plaza, Victorian Flatbush, a walk along The Promenade and more. We will provide stops before we leave Brooklyn for you to purchase some of Brooklyn’s Italian baked goods and specialty items. Package includes motor coach transportation, lunch, tour, trip leader and driver’s gratuity. Cost: $139 ALAS 152-01 CFA • Sep 22 • 1 Session • Tu • 8:30am–7pm

Boscobel House, Lunch at Hotel thayer, West point & Hudson river cruise

Take a journey to the beautiful Boscobel House, a museum of the Federal period, located on the east bank of the Hudson River. It has more than 45 acres of surrounding grounds and gardens offering memorable views of the Hudson Highlands and the Hudson River. You will board the bus for a scenic short drive across the river to West Point, where we will enjoy a lunch buffet at Hotel Thayer including cold salads, deli sandwich makings, soup, several entrees, vegetables and a display of desserts. Finally, you will board the bus for a short drive to the Commander for a 2-hour cruise through the scenic and historic Hudson Highlands. Your bus will be waiting at West Haverstraw to pick you up and proceed back to the college. It will be a magnificent day and the timing should be just right for great fall foliage! Package includes motor coach transportation, tour of the Boscobel House, buffet lunch, Commander cruise, trip leader and driver’s gratuity. Cost: $139 ALAS 147-01 CFA • Sep 25 • 1 Session • F • 7:30am–6:30pm NEW

Discover the legacy of the first American woman, Pearl S. Buck, to receive the Pulitzer and Nobel Prizes for literature. Experience the home of Pearl S. Buck’s 68-acre Bucks County Estate, with beautiful gardens, greenhouses, a cottage, a milk house and 1827 renovated barn. She lived a multicultural life, as a child in China and then an author and mother in the United States. Your day will include a private tour of the home, time to stroll through the gardens, a Chinese lunch, time to visit the International Gift Shop and a book discussion of “The Good Earth”. Package includes motor coach transportation, lunch, guided tour, book discussion, trip leader and driver’s gratuity. Cost: $109 ALLE 132-01 CFA • Sep 30 • 1 Session • W • 8:30am-5pm

pearl s. Buck Home tour, Lunch & Book discussion of “the good earth”

✆ Call to Register 732•255•0404

July-december 2o09



Bronx Zoo

Lions and Tigers and Bear, “Oh my!” Great time of the year to visit the zoo…so grab a friend or two, a child or two and join us for this animal adventure! Package includes admission, zoo shuttle round trip, Bengali Express Monorail, Children’s Zoo, World of Darkness, Bug Carousel, World of Reptiles, Jungleworld and the Congo Gorilla Forest. Lunch on your own at one of the cafes or pack a bag lunch to enjoy at the zoo. Package includes motor coach transportation, complete package listed above, trip leader and driver’s gratuity. Cost: $89 ALBS 105-01 CFA • Oct 3 • 1 Session • Sa • 9am–5:30pm NEW

Come experience the most inspiring adventure in America aboard the newly refurbished Intrepid Museum located at the new park-like Pier 88 on the Hudson River in New York City. The Intrepid features two historic American naval vessels, the submarine USS Growler, one of the best jet-age, Cold War aircraft collections and the Aurora 7 Capsule Replica. The experience will move you through history as it moves your heart. After your sea experience, you will enjoy a lunch buffet at the Landmark Tavern. Package includes motor coach transportation, admission, lunch, trip leader and driver’s gratuity. Cost: $119 ALSS 176-01 CFA • Oct 6 • 1 Session • Tu • 9am–5:30pm NEW

Uss intrepid sea, Air & space museum with Lunch at the Landmark tavern

The University of Pennsylvania’s Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology houses one of the largest collections of Egyptian and Nubian material in the United States. You will join the group for a guided tour of the Egypt Gallery with more than 42,000 items. Time will be allowed for you to visit the many other galleries on your own. A box lunch of a sandwich, side salad, dessert and fruit will be provided in the museum café. Package includes motor coach transportation, guided tour, admission, box lunch, trip leader and driver’s gratuity. Cost: $99 ALAS 161-01 CFA • Oct 15 • 1 Session • Th • 9am-5:30pm NEW

penn museum: museum of Archaeology & Anthropology

Tour the Van Cortlandt Manor. You will experience the domestic life of a patriotic family living in the years just after the American Revolution. The tour will also include the beautiful gardens along the quiet country road along the Croton River. After some time in the gift shop, you will board the bus for West Point, where you will enjoy a buffet lunch at the Hotel Thayer. The buffet will include cold salads, deli sandwich makings, soup, several entrees, vegetables and a display of desserts. Following lunch, you will board the bus and a professional tour guide will begin a guided tour of the historic United States Military Academy. Our guide will lead us through West Point’s many historic, as well as current, points of interest including stops at the main Cadette chapel and Trophy Point. During your tour, you will have the opportunity to view one of the most breathtaking vistas in the world, the magnificent Hudson Valley. Trip will conclude with a stop at the Visitor Center, gift shop and museum. Package includes motor coach transportation, buffet lunch, tour, admissions, guide gratuities, trip leader and driver’s gratuity. Cost: $129 ALAS 163-01 CFA • Oct 26 • 1 Session • M • 8am–7:30pm
pAge 20 Academy for Lifelong Learning

Van cortlandt manor, Lunch at Hotel thayer & West point tour

new york city’s chocolate show

This show is devoted entirely to chocolate! Discover all there is to know about taste, and explore the world of chocolate through demonstrations by top pastry chefs and chocolate makers. You will experience chocolate tasting, chocolate activities, and shop in a cookbook store. Haute Couture dresses, accessories made with chocolate and more will be on display! Before the show, you will enjoy lunch at Max Brenner’s Restaurant, where the owner’s world revolves around chocolate. The dessert includes chocolate pizza, fondue, s’mores cooked at the table and more! A Super Chocolate Lover’s Experience! (Restaurant accessible by staircase only). Package includes motor coach transportation, admission, lunch, trip leader and driver’s gratuity. Cost: $129 ALIS 121-01 CFA • Nov 6 • 1 Session • F • 10am-6pm NEW

Begin your day at The Culinary Institute of America, the only residential college in the world devoted to culinary education. Enjoy a full course meal at Escoffier, serving lovely French cuisine with a classic style and a light, contemporary touch. You will enjoy Crème du Jour, Supreme de Volaille a la Kiewoise, Crème Brulee, rolls, coffee and tea. You will then have time to enjoy the store and gift shop as well as the bakery café. Finally, you will board the bus for a short drive to the Vanderbilt Mansion for a guided walking tour including the first and second floors and a portion of the basement. Some stairs are involved. Following the Vanderbilt Mansion tour, there will be a guided tour of FDR’s home, a self-guided tour of the museum and stroll the gardens and trails of this 300-acre site. Package includes motor coach transportation, full course lunch, tours, admissions, trip leader and driver’s gratuity. Cost: $129 ALAS 158-01 CFA • Nov 12 • 1 Session • Th • 8am-7:30pm This popular tour and lunch at the General Warren Inne is back by popular demand. You won’t want to miss seeing how QVC products are sourced, tested, brought to life on air, and delivered to millions of QVC customers during this guided walking tour. During your visit to QVC’s headquarters in West Chester, Pennsylvania, you will participate in a one hour tour. Of course there will be at least one hour of shopping! Then you are off to the beautiful General Warren Inne for a great lunch of soup or salad, entrée, dessert and beverages. A wonderful dining experience! Package includes motor coach transportation, lunch, QVC tour, trip leader and driver’s gratuity. Cost: $109 ALIS 108-01 CFA • Nov 18 • 1 Session • W • 8:30am–6pm

culinary institute of America Lunch with tours of the Vanderbilt mansion & fdr’s Home

qVc studio tour & Lunch at the general Warren inne

the radio city christmas spectacular

Get in the holiday spirit with a leisurely ride to New York City aboard a luxury motor coach to see the famous Radio City Christmas Spectacular starring the Radio City Rockettes! Time will be allowed for you to visit the many other special holiday attractions around Times Square including Rockefeller Center and the famous ice skating rink and/or grab a bite to eat for lunch. Your ticket is for the 2pm show. Package includes motor coach transportation, orchestra seat, trip leader and driver’s gratuity. Cost: $129 ALIS 111-01 CFA • Dec 3 • 1 Session • Th • 8:30am–6pm ALIS 111-02 CFA • Dec 15 • 1 Session • Tu • 8:30am-6pm

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July-december 2o09




Step back in time and experience the splendor of Christmas on a holiday tour of the Philadelphia’s historic Fairmount Park Houses. Board a trolley with a private guide who will take you to the Lemon Hill House, beautifully decorated for the holidays. You will then be taken to the Water Works Restaurant for a three course lunch of soup or salad, delicious entrée choice and dessert. After lunch, you will board the trolley again to visit the Cedar Grove and Mount Pleasant homes. Each house includes a one-hour guided tour. Fairmount Park is the largest landscaped park in the United States and is located along the banks of the Schuykill River. Package includes motor coach transportation, trolley tour, guided tour, lunch, trip leader and driver’s gratuity. Cost: $139 ALAS 159-01 CFA • Dec 6 • 1 Session • Su • 9am–6pm

philadelphia’s fairmount christmas mansion tour & Lunch at Water Works restaurant

new york city Holiday Lights tour

You can’t beat New York City at Christmas time! Stops will be made at some of the most festive sites in New York City including Rockefeller Center, Bryant Park, and Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. You will also view the holiday windows including Saks 5th Avenue, Macy’s and Lord & Taylor. Time will be allowed at Bryant Park for shopping the markets. A full course Italian lunch is included at DaRosino on restaurant row. Package includes motor coach transportation, lunch, tour guide, trip leader and driver’s gratuity. Cost: $119 ALAS 123-01 CFA • Dec 7 • 1 Session • M • 12pm-10pm NEW

Christmas in Hershey…how sweet it is! What better way to catch the holiday spirit than with a wonderful holiday musical. The afternoon begins with caroling, punch, light hors d’oeuvres and continues with a Christmas-inspired lunch and incredible dessert. Following your meal, the show will begin. Afterwards, you’re off to Chocolate World to experience the “Great American Chocolate Ride”, shop for great Hershey products, visit the Factory Works and grab a sweet treat. Finally, you will board the bus for a winter wonderland of Hershey’s Sweet Lights, a holiday drive-thru spectacular! Package includes motor coach transportation, holiday musical, Chocolate World, Hershey’s Sweet Lights tour, trip leader and driver’s gratuity. Cost: $139 ALIS 130-01 CFA • Dec 9 • 1 Session • W • 8:30am–9:30pm

christmas at Hershey: Lunch & play, christmas Lights tour & chocolate World

cape may candlelight christmas tour

Visit Victorian Cape May’s festively decorated gingerbread inns, houses, churches and hotels for interior self-guided evening tours. Experience the warmth and hospitality firsthand with Victorian homes decked out in holiday lights, carolers and instrumentalists on corners throughout the town and holiday cheer all around! Complimentary holiday refreshments are served at designated sites. Take time to visit Washington Street Mall for some holiday shopping. A heated trolley runs the loop for those who prefer not to walk the entire course, however, plan on quite a bit of walking. You will enjoy an early dinner complete with salad, entrée, dessert and beverages at Oyster Bay. Package includes: motor coach transportation, tour, dinner, trip leader and driver’s gratuity. Cost: $129 ALAS 148-01 CFA • Dec 19 • 1 Session • Sa • 1pm-10pm
pAge 22 Academy for Lifelong Learning

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July-december 2o09



31st AnnUAL seminAr
January 6-18, 2010
seminAr description
See 10-12 plays at the Royal National, the West End and the Fringe... before they come to Broadway. Talk-back sessions with actors, directors, playwrights and/or designers. Backstage tour of Royal National Theatre. Day trip to Stratford-upon-Avon to see Arabian Nights performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company. Ample free time for museums, shopping and sightseeing. cost: not available at time of publication includes: • Round trip airfare • 11 nights accommodations • Full English breakfast daily • Theatre tickets • Tours & scheduled day trip/round trip airport transfers • Most tips, taxes, OCC instruction, tuition & fees
Not included: lunch and dinner, personal expenses, trip cancellation insurance and anything not specifically listed above. The program cost is based on the exchange rate and the prevailing price in effect at the time of printing. Should airfare, land costs, and the dollar/pound exchange rate become less favorable, participants may be billed accordingly.

seminAr LeAders
Professor Arthur Waldman has designed and led the Theatre in London Seminar for the past 31 years. Waldman has directed more than 100 plays and has received the Perry Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of excellence in community theatre. A faculty member at Ocean County College for 40 years. Gary Shaffer is a professor of Communications and Media Studies at OCC, where he also directs the annual summer comedy and the Curtain Call series of musicals. In addition, he works as a theater professional marketing for Broadway, OffBroadway and Las Vegas productions. Off-Broadway producing credits include Anne Meara’s After-Play, My Italy Story, Kosher Franks and The Fantasy Party.

rAVe reVieWs
“Outstanding trip! Plays were excellent and speakers were interesting and informative.” – Virginia Rich, Toms River “Kudos to Art for another excellent trip and another year of great plays and wonderful guest speakers. Art always manages to get an exceptional mix of plays and speakers.” – Judy McGann, Toms River “This was my 6th trip with the Theatre in London-The program has all the elements of an academic course plus the real experience of Theatre at its best!” – Faith Roberts, Toms River For additional information, please contact Joanne Padrone at The Academy for Lifelong Learning:

732-255-0469 •
pAge 24

Academy for Lifelong Learning

senior VentUres 2009
August 11–August 14
Four Full Days of Programs
Come and join us for this year’s SENIOR VENTURES. Spend time on the beautiful Ocean County College campus, mingle with people who share your interests, enjoy delicious meals and experience opera, art history, geography and literature brought to life by our wonderful instructors. We offer four full day programs. You have the opportunity to choose a morning and an afternoon workshop from two topics. These sessions will be the same each morning and afternoon, Tuesday through Friday.

Best of ALL, tHere’s no HomeWork And no eXAms, JUst LeArning for tHe Joy of LeArning!

scHedULe of eVents
Tuesday, August 11
•	 8:30am Orientation with refreshments •	 9am Morning Workshop •	 11:30am Lunch •	 1pm Afternoon Workshop •	 3:30pm Dismissal

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, August 12, 13, & 14
•	 9am Morning Workshop •	 11:30am Lunch •	 1pm Afternoon Workshop •	 3:30pm Dismissal
CAMPUS INFORMATION: • Senior Ventures takes place on the main campus of Ocean County College, College Drive, Toms River, NJ. • The orientation will be held in the College Center cafeteria, located directly next to Parking Lot 2. • During orientation you will receive room assignments for your workshops. IMPORTANT TIPS TO REMEMBER: •	 Dress appropriately for walking to and from classes and for air-conditioned facilities. •	 Cell phones must be turned off during workshops.

ALL Attendees receiVe A speciAL giVeAWAy!

✆ Call to Register 732•255•0404

July-december 2o09



morning WorksHops 9am–11:30am
(Choose A or B ) Note: You will attend the same workshop on all four days.


Presenter: Robert Wheeler Tremendous! Stupendous! Colossal! These old movie words describe grand opera as well. Large casts fill the stage in great public scenes featuring spectacular sets and special effects while great voices join large orchestras to make big musical excitement. Join us for Berlioz’s The Trojans, with its great horse and the burning of Troy; Verdi’s Aida, in which a great hero is torn between love and for a slave girl and duty to his country at war in ancient Egypt; her suitors; and Wagner’s The Ring of the Nivelund, where Northern gods and heroes struggle for a ring of power to save the very world itself from doom. Be prepared to be awe-stricken.


Presenter: Helaine Rainier Arts in the 21st century fires the imagination of hundreds of progressive artists. Acquire a deeper understanding of the art and artists who create “open works of art”. Learn how artists are using the elements of self-expression to reinvent the terms of art in the 21st century. Hear from the artists themselves, and experience their innovative artworks through video presentation and slides. Each session includes hands on participation in creative Art 21 activities, a fun way to experience the art of our time.

Afternoon WorksHops 1pm–3:30pm
(Choose C or D) Note: You will attend the same workshop on all four days.


Presenter: John D. bryce This course will explore the area of the world bounded by Morocco in the West, Pakistan in the East, Turkey to the North and the Sudan in the South. Course segments will include the geography, culture, religions and history. From the birth of civilization, through the Crusades; the colonial period to the modern world; this area has had, and continues to have, a profound influence on world affairs. Since Christianity, Islam and Judaism all originated here, knowledge of the history of this area is crucial to the understanding of current events worldwide.


Presenter: Professor Jayanti Tamm The short story is a relatively new literary genre begun in the nineteenth century and still popular today. This course will examine the evolution of the short story, comparing and contrasting authors, styles, and themes. Beginning with the fathers of the short story—Nathaniel Hawthorne and Edgar Allan Poe—and ending with the modern masters—Jhumpa Lahiri and Ha Jin; for four days you will study classic American short stories with close analytical readings and lively discussions.

registrAtion deAdLine: JULy 29, 2009
pAge 26 Academy for Lifelong Learning

senior VentUres registrAtion form
registrAtion process:
 complete this registration form with credit card payment
information or check made payable to oceAn coUnty coLLege. Mail to: Academy for Lifelong Learning, College Drive, P.O. box 2001, Toms River, New Jersey 08754-2001. 732-255-0404. Office hours are Mon.–Thurs. 8:30am–7pm, and Fri. 8:30am–4:30pm. Arts & Community Center.

 register by phone with credit card payment information by calling  register in person at the Ocean County College Campus at the
senior Ventures – ALis-103 REGuLAR REGISTRATION: $119 MEMbER REGISTRATION: $114 Save $5 Cost includes welcome orientation with refreshments and four lunches, including desserts. Academy for Lifelong Learning members receive $5 off the Senior Ventures registration fee. Join today and receive many other benefits and discounts on future programs, courses and trips! A membership application is on page 30. menu option for vegetarian meals In order to choose this option you must notify the Academy by July 29 by calling 732-255-0400 ext. 2380.

choose two workshops
morning session: Afternoon session: A c or or

one morning and one afternoon from our listings: B d (circle one) (circle one)

Name ___________________________________________________ Address _________________________________________________ City_______________________ State ___________ Zip _________ Phone __________________________________________________ Date of Birth (required) ____________________________________





Card No. ____________________________________________Exp. Date ______ Name on Card ______________________________________________________ Signature ___________________________________________Date __________ If you require additional information please feel free to call: Joanne Padrone, Director, Academy for Lifelong Learning: 732-255-0469 Patti Cadamatre, Administrative Assistant: 732-255-0400 ext. 2380

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July-december 2o09



The Academy Welcomes Our New Corporate Sponsor

Novy & Associates, LLC
Providing quality legal services to the community with compassion, sincerity, understanding and integrity.

RobeRt C. Novy, esq. DougLAs J. HuLL, esq. MiCHAeL C. PAxtoN, esq.

Specializing in... ◆ Elder Law ◆ Estate Planning ◆ Estate Settlement ◆ Real Estate Law ◆ Personal Injury ◆ Municipal Court ◆ Wills, Living Wills, Powers of Attorney, Trusts ◆ Disability Protection ◆ Guardianships ◆ Medicaid Planning ◆ Speaker’s Bureau ◆ Worker’s Compensation
* Listen to “inside the Law” 1160 WobM-AM broadcast live, every other saturday of the month at 10am

2150 Highway 35 • Brook 35 Plaza • Sea Girt, NJ 732-359-0221

By Appointment only

Novy PRofessioNAL buiLDiNg 2915 Ridgeway Rd. (Rt. 571) • Manchester, NJ 732-657-0600
pAge 28 Academy for Lifelong Learning

registrAtion Academy for Lifelong Learning
Please complete the form below and send to:


Ocean County College Academy for Lifelong Learning College Drive, PO Box 2001 • Toms River, NJ 08754-2001

Phone: 732-255-0404 • Fax: 732-864-3858
Name: _____________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________ City: _______________________________________________ State: ________________________ Zip: __________________ Telephone: _________________________________________ Date of birth (Required): ______________________________ E-mail: ____________________________________________
Course I.D. Sec. No. Day/Dates Fee

Academy members, deduct $5 per course.
Membership application on page 30 Total

Method of payment: p Check (payable to oceAn coUnty coLLege) p Credit card: p p p p

Credit card number: __________________________________ Expiration date: _____________________________________ Name on card: ______________________________________


Signature: __________________________________________
pLeAse reAd refUnd poLicy on pAge 31

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July-december 2o09



Academy for Lifelong Learning
Please complete the form below and send to:

✁ memBersHip AppLicAtion

Ocean County College Academy for Lifelong Learning College Drive, PO Box 2001 • Toms River, NJ 08754-2001

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Name: __________________________________________________ Address: ________________________________________________ City: _______________________ State: ________ Zip: ___________ Telephone: ______________________________________________ Date of birth (Required): ___________________________________ E-mail: __________________________________________________ If you live in an adult community, which one? __________________ ________________________________________________________ How did you hear about the Academy? _______________________ ________________________________________________________ What topics or types of courses would you like to see offered?


$10 Annual membership fee
Method of payment: p Check (payable to oceAn coUnty coLLege) p Credit card: p p p p

Credit card number: _________________________________ Expiration date: ____________________________________ Name on card: _____________________________________


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pAge 30

Academy for Lifelong Learning

importAnt informAtion
4 eAsy WAys to register
pHone-in Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express are accepted. Call 732-255-0404 and have your credit card number and expiration date available. fAX-in Complete the registration form and include Visa, MasterCard, Discover or
American Express information. Fax 732-864-3858. with completed registration form to: Ocean County College Academy for Lifelong Learning PO Box 2001 Toms River, New Jersey 07854-2001

mAiL-in Mail check or money order payable to ocean county college

WALk-in Register in person during office hours: Monday–Thursday 8:30am to 7pm and Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm.
coUrse confirmAtion A student schedule and campus map will be mailed or given to you at the time of registration. coUrse cHAnges/cAnceLLAtions Ocean County College reserves the right to cancel a course entirely or to change its time, location or instructor. In the event a course is changed, students will be notified. If a course is cancelled, all registered students will be issued a full refund. refUnd poLicies Registrants must cancel their course enrollment prior to start date of course to receive a full refund. No refund will be issued on or after first day of class. Refunds will be mailed in the form of a check or credit applied to registrant’s credit card whichever form is applicable to the original registration. Please allow three to four weeks for processing. No refunds will be issued for trips and/or ticketed events. However, substitutions will be considered on a case by case basis if requested at least five business days prior to the event. cAmpUs Bookstore The College Bookstore is located in the College Center Annex on the Main Campus. For hours, call 732-255-0333. Books can now be purchased from the bookstore’s page online at disABiLity AccommodAtions Ocean County College complies with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. *If you feel you are entitled to accommodations, please contact Joanne Padrone at 732-255-0469 to schedule an intake interview three weeks prior to class. Documentation of disability must be presented at that time.
The courses taught at Ocean County College are provided solely for the purpose of general information. Ocean County College is not responsible for any misinformation communicated and/or transmitted by the instructors at the college and hereby disclaims any and all liability based thereon.


Carl V. Thulin, chair Eva J. Smithers, Vice chair Jerry J. Dasti, treasurer Linda L. Novak, secretary Robert A. Fall Stephen R. Leone Harvey york Dolores b. Lewis Thomas E. Monahan Warren H. Wolf Dr. bruce Greenfield, Nicole Zavattieri,
student/alumni representative

oceAn coUnty BoArd of cHosen freeHoLders*
John C. bartlett, Jr., Director
liaison to ocean county college

Gerry P. Little, Deputy Director John P. kelly James F. Lacey Joseph H. Vicari
*at the time of publication

Academy for Lifelong Learning Brochure OCC Office of College Relations Nicole Howard, Graphic Design Specialist July-december 2o09 pAge 31
Produced by the

fALL 2009

ocean county superintendent of schools

John C. Sahradnik, Counsel

✆ Call to Register 732•255•0404

pAge 32


ACADEMy FOR LIFELONG LEARNING College Drive P.O. Box 2001 Toms River, New Jersey 08754-2001



Academy for Lifelong Learning

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