How to Cope with food poisoning

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					How to Cope with food poisoning?

Many people think about the issue of what to do with food poisoning? Fortunately, nausea, vomiting,
stomach pain can go on their own within two - five days. That is why the "victims" of food poisoning do
not like to see a doctor and rely on traditional remedies self. We do not deny the usefulness of certain
herbs, natural remedies and proven treatments, but still recommend that you contact your doctor if your
condition does not improve within a week, there is a high temperature, as well as vomiting and diarrhea
for more than two days. What to do in case of poisoning food when sick - a child or an elderly person?In
this case, professional medical help is required, as corny food poisoning can cause complications in the
body due to lack of resources to combat the disease.
Accelerate the healing time for poisoning can: use of large volumes of liquid, short sessions of starvation,
compliance with bed rest and receive effective chelator. Doctors recommend activated carbon 3.5 g. - 4
times in an hour at 15 minutes, vitamin C - two times every hour, or just use a product that combines the
properties of activated carbon and vitamin C, for example, enterosorbent on natural raw materials
Entegnin-H enterosorbent by hydrolytic lignin - cellulose processing product, also recommended to be
used in special types of food poisoning: poisoning with mushrooms, meat and meat products, fish, fruit
and vegetables, as its dosage and convenient form of release to quickly get rid of the severe symptoms
nausea, vomiting, cramps, caused by exposure to toxins in the body. Feeling dry mouth, weakness, and
the first gag, it is better to take entersorbent until the poison did not have time to get in large quantities
in the body, did not start to participate in the process of absorption and could not even disrupt the
internal organs.
Particular caution should be exercised in mushroom poisoning, fish or unfamiliar fruits, for example,
during a stay in the tropical countries. Poison can be slow. Thus, the fact that you were poisoned
mushroom, you will learn in half an hour, and death cup - only seven hours. If mushrooms, many still try
to be careful not to collect, such as old or unfamiliar mushrooms and avoid cases of poisoning, what to do
in case of poisoning food in a foreign country: fruits and vegetables, many do not know and start to
panic. In this case, each traveler should give advice to study in detail the peculiarities of national cuisine
in the country they intend to visit, not to buy a suspiciously cheap fruit from street vendors not to give in
to their entreaties, try it on the market and unwashed carefully select the contents of his road kit , do not
forget to put it enterosorbent effective.

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