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									    Diet Ducane

      The principal difference between the diet of similar systems Ducane weight loss is the lack of
    quantitative restrictions on protein foods, minimizing the emotional discomfort of the patient.
     Deserves special attention the fact that served as the impetus for the development of this method. One
    of the patients Ducane, very heavy man, admitted that he basically can not give up meat in ordinary
    daily life under any circumstances. But also to keep your excess weight it is also no longer in power. What
    to do? Problems encountered Ducane prompted the idea of trying to move a patient only for meat, except
    for all the other products. But the meat quite limited quantity. A week later, the patient has lost 7
    pounds, felt great, both physically and psychologically, because its diet is almost nothing has changed.
    Ducane diet involves four successive stages.
    Phase pure proteins, "Attack", duration from 2 to 7 days.
 Only pure protein products without any limitations (lean meats, organ meats, fish, seafood, lean poultry,
 lean ham without pig skin, eggs, low-fat dairy products).
 Stage "Alternation"
    This stage is based on alternating cycles of pure proteins and protein cycles in combination with raw or
 cooked vegetables.The recommended size of the protein-protein and vegetable days: 1/1, or 5/5. The
 duration of this phase determines when the desired weight, and can take up to 6 months or more.
 Phase of "consolidation" - a transitional period.
    The duration of this phase is determined by the amount lost in the previous stages of pounds. Everyone
    lost weight requires 10 days of consolidation. The diet added to the prescribed quantities of bread, fruit,
    cheese and starchy foods.
     The final stage of the "stabilization" - to ensure sustainability of the weight.
    This stage involves a pure protein one day a week, for 6 days of the remaining power is not
    unlimited. Duration of this stage - for life.

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