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The most aggressive animals in the world


									           The most aggressive animals in the world
It is very difficult to determine the most aggressive animals in the world, because each species displays
aggressive behavior at some point of time, depending on the circumstances. While some animals are
quite aggressive during the breeding season, others become aggressive when it comes to self defense.
Virtually every member of the kingdom Animalia show aggression, but to varying degrees depending on
the situation challenging.

Given the large number of animals on our planet, which far exceeds one million copies, selecting the
most aggressive ten animals can be a daunting task.
Aggressive behavior of animals

Aggressive behavior of animals is challenging due to several factors. Reaction shown offensive intrusion,
protective maternal instincts and sexual competition are just some of these factors provocateurs.
Sometimes fights two members of a particular species (combative), and other species trying to remove
another species (predation). Regardless of milaci which of the two cases is any physical behavior of the
species involved causing pain or injury qualifies as assault. One of the best examples of combative
aggression in animals is when two rams are in conflict during the breeding season. On the other hand,
one of the best examples of predatory aggression is when a cheetah chasing a wildebeest for food.
The most aggressive animals in the world 10

As there is no specific measure to determine how aggressive the animal, naming the most aggressive
animal in the world becomes a very difficult task. Many people believe that the number of deaths
associated with a particular species is apt to attribute aggressive behavior, but this is not a rule. Even if,
for example, the great white shark is an aggressive fish, it will not be responsible for the number of
human deaths because people do not interact with him. This is an important fact to consider when
trying Drawing up a list of the most dangerous animals on the planet.
10. African elephant

Although elephants are considered quite friendly in nature, they display aggressive behavior, particularly
male elephants become aggressive during mating season. With powerful fangs and a long trunk, African
elephants kill 300 to 500 people each year.

African elephant, one of the most aggressive animals in the world

Box jellyfish is famous for its 15 tentacles strange that exposes each with enough venom to kill 50 adults.
This explains the significant number of human deaths caused by this marine creatures.

Box jellyfish, one of the most aggressive animals in the world

The most aggressive animal in Africa, rhino, is known for its unpredictable behavior. Even if it seems to
be a lazy animal, can reach a speed of 48 km / h when watching an intruder.

Even if it seems quite lazy hippopotamus is known as one of the most aggressive animals in the world -
especially when it comes to protecting young hippo. Fearless in nature, hippos do not hesitate to attack
anyone who comes their way.

Weighing 1.5 tons, African buffalo produce fear lions and humans alike. This is one of those animals
which do not like to see intruders on its territory intruder who once observed him, he will not think
twice before attacking. Number of people killed by buffalo is mostly in the total number of deaths in
Africa due to animal attacks.

You might not have heard of many cases of polar bear attacks on humans, but not because they are
docile, but because their habitat is far from regions inhabited by people. In true sense, polar bears are
quite aggressive, so they can be found at the top of the tundra.

No other marine species can not compare with the great white shark when it comes to ferocity.
Although sharks do not come into direct contact with people, great white shark, with its huge jaws and
sharp teeth, is considered one of the most aggressive animals in the world.

Saltwater crocodile is not only a danger to humans, but also for many other animals that share their
habitat with him in the wild. With power enormous saltwater crocodiles can bring down an animal as
large as a water buffalo with ease.

For those who live in Mexico or USA, no need of any introduction about rattlesnakes or aggressive
behavior of these reptiles. These snakes are responsible for most deaths from snake bites in these two
countries every year.

Black Mamba is known, along with amazing speed for the large amount of venom injected into prey
that. Because of these features black mamma is the most aggressive snake and that the most aggressive
animal in the world.

Many people believe that mosquito, causing 2-3 million deaths each year, is the most dangerous animal
on the planet. There is no doubt that a mosquito can spread disease and cause cruel death eventually,
but the term "aggressive" is not exactly the best word to describe this insect.

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