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The Tools On Offer Through Survey Solutions


Survey Solutions is a company completely dedicated to helping you achieve employee engagement

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									The Tools On Offer Through Survey Solutions
Survey Solutions is a company completely dedicated to helping you achieve employee
engagement. Employee engagement is high on the government's agenda as well, as it has been
shown to make staff more committed to their working environment, thereby becoming more
productive and increasing profits. Having engaged employees also ensure that a company has
less issues around sickness absence, as well as having less issues with retention. All of this saves
a company a lot of money, an important factor in today's difficult economy. Through
surveysolutions.co.uk, any business can use the tools and processes to increase their employee
engagement. The first tool on offer through surveysolutions.co.uk is the customer survey. This is
a hugely important tool that allows a business to understand how the interaction between the
customer and members of staff is going. Customer satisfaction is not just about being happy with
a product, service or delivery, it is about feeling valued and respected. Through
surveysolutions.co.uk, you can adequately measure your customers feelings. What is very
important, however, is that you use these results to improve your experience. You must show
your customers firstly why you want to know their opinion and you must then show them what
the results of this research were and how you have used these results to improve the service.
Therefore, it is equally important that you then run the survey again, to see whether or not you
have actually had a positive effect on your customer relationships.

Another tool that you can use is the employee engagement questionnaire, or the employee
survey. This is one of the most important tools that surveysolutions.co.uk has to offer, because
this is the tool that allows you to measure just how engaged your employees are. However, it is
also this tool that has the biggest chance of failing. As you can see on
www.surveysolutions.co.uk, too many employees are worried that employee engagement is just
another HR buzz word that will not actually help them in any way. What you need to do as a
business is communicate the important of employee engagement from the top up and from the
bottom down. Leaders and managers need to all sing from the same hymn sheet, spreading the
same message and putting the same positive pressure on employees to complete the surveys. The
message has to be consistent and it has to be ever present. Reminders need to be placed on
bulletin boards, within emails, on payslips and any other communication tools you have at your
disposal. Again, it is hugely important that you communicate the results of the survey with your
employees and that they can see how you implement the suggestions they have made in order to
improve the business, or that you at the very least communicate why their suggestions were not
used if they aren't viable. Again, this is a process that has to be repeated regularly, so that you
can measure just how much progress you have made in terms of engaging your employees.

The last tool is 360 degree feedback. This is new and far more effective method of providing
appraisal. As you can see on surveysolutions.co.uk, 360 degree feedback is all about involving
everybody that has dealings with the individual members of staff in the appraisal process. It is no
longer a one to one process, in order words. why not check here to receive more details on how
this process works. Essentially, an employee will receive feedback from their managers, from
their coworkers, from their customers, from members of external organizations and from
members of different teams. This will give far greater clarity in terms of areas of strength and
areas of improvement. Again, communication is key. Employees need to understand why this
system is used and they need to understand how it benefits them. For instance, if it is identified
that a certain type of training is needed, this training has to be made available to the employee as
well. All of these tools only work if there is a full commitment at the top to get those at the other
levels fully committed as well. That is what engagement is all about.

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