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Fakultas Hukum Tahun 2008/2009 Universitas Jenderal Soedirman Purwokerto


bAD_BOy: hallo Harry>_<Steve: hi Harry>_<Steve: asl pls…. bAD_BOy: u1 Harry>_<Steve: no…. Harry>_<Steve: u1 bAD_BOy: ok bAD_BOy: i’m 18 f ind bAD_BOy: how about u Harry>_<Steve: can we not talk about an asl? bAD_BOy: u cant do that pale… bAD_BOy: r u trying to cheating off me? Harry>_<Steve: cheat? Harry>_<Steve: no. off course… Harry>_<Steve: ok let me tell you Harry>_<Steve: i’m 36 m aus bAD_BOy: wow, ur my neighboard bAD_BOy: ve u ever been going to ind? Harry>_<Steve: i have.. Harry>_<Steve: just once. Harry>_<Steve: i’ve been doing a research about my collage bAD_BOy: research about what? Harry>_<Steve: about fish… in hindians ocean bAD_BOy: wow that cool … Harry>_<Steve: mm… can i ask u something? bAD_BOy: its ok Harry>_<Steve: r u’ve been married or something like that.. bAD_BOy: ha…. bAD_BOy: its too soon for me…

bAD_BOy: i’m not ready yet bAD_BOy: how about you? Harry>_<Steve: i’m single, n i’ve looking for girl Harry>_<Steve: not for the virtual one… bAD_BOy: i c

Harry>_<Steve: so r u single or what? bAD_BOy: no bAD_BOy: i have boys but not here right now Harry>_<Steve: r u got a long distance relationship? bAD_BOy: no bAD_BOy: i mean.. that i was going out wihtout him. bAD_BOy: he stay at a home bAD_BOy: may be get a sleep or something bAD_BOy: by the way … bAD_BOy: do you have a gurlz ever? Harry>_<Steve: oh …. Harry>_<Steve: yeah. but I always cant keep it right. Harry>_<Steve: i always make a mistake n than we broke out. bAD_BOy: why bAD_BOy: r u getting a problem to understand a women felling? Harry>_<Steve: No, its bcoz myself that ve a much job like an researh n teach and Harry>_<Steve: another sudden job bAD_BOy: you ve to make a schedule from now… Harry>_<Steve: i’ve try Harry>_<Steve: but i cant Harry>_<Steve: its too difficult. I can make it but I cant do it … Harry>_<Steve: is not as simple as like your think… bAD_BOy: ok

bAD_BOy: from now just follow your fake Harry>_<Steve: what fake ? Harry>_<Steve: you out of my mind … bAD_BOy: oh sorry i mean bAD_BOy: just follow your fate pale … Harry>_<Steve: ok i’ll try it … bAD_BOy: btw where you live in aus Harry>_<Steve: i’m in sydny … bAD_BOy: r u ve an own house, there? Harry>_<Steve: no Harry>_<Steve: that’s an expensive homestay to bought … Harry>_<Steve: my salary is not enough .. Harry>_<Steve: may be sometimes when i get a huge golden fish … hmm.

bAD_BOy: that great … bAD_BOy: so where you live in sydney? Harry>_<Steve: i’ve live in an apartement … bAD_BOy: alone? Harry>_<Steve: yeah bAD_BOy: not afraid? Harry>_<Steve: not. afraid bout what .. bAD_BOy: about crime that happen in your neighboarhood in apartement … Harry>_<Steve: hahahaha … Harry>_<Steve: no no Harry>_<Steve: no body criminal cant do an action in my apartement … bAD_BOy: why bAD_BOy: r u have much a guard? Harry>_<Steve: haha … Harry>_<Steve: off course babe …

Harry>_<Steve: we got a number 1 security in all of the world .. bAD_BOy: so there is no crime in your apartement Harry>_<Steve: oh fuck them all babe … Harry>_<Steve: i get a fuck my mom if there is a rbber, thief or may be a kidnapping Harry>_<Steve: we have no that in menus ….@#$&^%!@ bAD_BOy: ok bAD_BOy: or may be you have seen a crime in syd … ? Harry>_<Steve: hey pale … Harry>_<Steve: can i tell you something ….. bAD_BOy: yeah what … ? Harry>_<Steve: YOU SUCK … GET LOST KNOW bAD_BOy: hello …. bAD_BOy: can you tell me your name …


Julia_to_the_bronx: hi bAD_BOy: hi bAD_BOy: asl ? Julia_to_the_bronx: 26 f singapure Julia_to_the_bronx: n u? bAD_BOy: 18 f ind Julia_to_the_bronx: oo ind… ? Julia_to_the_bronx: is not too far from my country Julia_to_the_bronx: waddup ind bAD_BOy: i’m fine but ind is not … bAD_BOy: it’s getting worse … Julia_to_the_bronx: why ..? Julia_to_the_bronx: I don’t understand … Julia_to_the_bronx: ??? bAD_BOy: the corruption ratting getting bigger .. ? Julia_to_the_bronx: ho ho ho … Julia_to_the_bronx: i c ind got a numb 1 corruption ratting in the world .. Julia_to_the_bronx: that’s cool … Julia_to_the_bronx: I’m proud if to be like you Julia_to_the_bronx: ha . . .ha . . .ha . . . bAD_BOy: wow . . . bAD_BOy: I’m surprise . . . bAD_BOy: by the way . . . bAD_BOy: in what scope its meaning “cool” Julia_to_the_bronx: mm … what …. ? Julia_to_the_bronx: what do you think . . ? Julia_to_the_bronx: i think your country must make a strong enough rules for it Julia_to_the_bronx: may be it have to give a weight classs punishment bAD_BOy: it’s have done

bAD_BOy: but corruption still happen Julia_to_the_bronx: yeah … If I can give you a suggest .. Julia_to_the_bronx: just enjoy yourself Julia_to_the_bronx: don’t think bout corruption just think about how you live later … Julia_to_the_bronx: that’s the most important for yourself

bAD_BOy: what about your country … bAD_BOy: still have a corupption ? Julia_to_the_bronx: thank god .. Julia_to_the_bronx: we have no that. Singapure is a cleanest country that you’ve ever heard .. Julia_to_the_bronx: just believe me .. ! bAD_BOy: are you sure, no body got a corruption case ? Julia_to_the_bronx: So far for now … Julia_to_the_bronx: thre is a zero result for that case … bAD_BOy: how could be like that …. Julia_to_the_bronx: it could .. Julia_to_the_bronx: we learn about a society from the beginning … Julia_to_the_bronx: so that we can respect about another people that need somethings like supplies and money. our country have a principle that we do that we have to do, that’s all and start everything from yourself … doit and you’ll got a peacefull bAD_BOy: ic bAD_BOy: what about crime in your country bAD_BOy: it’s still stay alive .. Julia_to_the_bronx: wow, you’ve got a bad english language … Julia_to_the_bronx: Mm … crime, you know Julia_to_the_bronx: there still alive but in a minor one bAD_BOy: like what ? Julia_to_the_bronx: like a robber or else, but it just sometimes happen not everyday …

bAD_BOy: what about you neighboardhood ? Julia_to_the_bronx: same one Julia_to_the_bronx: are you wanna be an employe of crime in my country … bAD_BOy: no no bAD_BOy: i just wanna know bAD_BOy: by the way how about your law enforcement ? Julia_to_the_bronx: hmmm Julia_to_the_bronx: wait .. can you tell me your name first ? bAD_BOy: ok bAD_BOy: my name is sita bAD_BOy: what yours Julia_to_the_bronx: me ?

Julia_to_the_bronx: I’m simpsons Julia_to_the_bronx: julia simpsons Julia_to_the_bronx: you can call me julia Julia_to_the_bronx: mmm . . . Julia_to_the_bronx: sita . . Julia_to_the_bronx: do you have a girlsfriend? bAD_BOy: girlsfriend? i’ve got much of it bAD_BOy: what wrong? Julia_to_the_bronx: no.. i mean a “girlsfriend” have you? bAD_BOy: oh sorry bAD_BOy: i’m not one of you Julia_to_the_bronx: oh sorry, i got a lonely since clara leave me. she die from 6th floor .. bAD_BOy: i’m sorry julia. Julia_to_the_bronx: that’s ok Julia_to_the_bronx: anyway thx for your time .. Julia_to_the_bronx: C U

Julia_to_the_bronx: bye bAD_BOy: ok your welcome bAD_BOy: bye


bAD_BOy: hello BrianO’connor: hi BrianO’connor: Have you a pic bAD_BOy: no BrianO’connor: A webcam bAD_BOy: no bAD_BOy: but I have a friendster BrianO’connor: Can you add me at mighty_brianO_connor bAD_BOy: ok bAD_BOy: asl? BrianO’connor: 29 m LA BrianO’connor: n u bAD_BOy: 18 f ind BrianO’connor: Ind? India bAD_BOy: no indonesia BrianO’connor: Oh BrianO’connor: Do you have a boysfriend? bAD_BOy: yeah I hve one BrianO’connor: Off course, you’ve got crazy if have more than one boys bAD_BOy: by the way can you help me? BrianO’connor: About what? bAD_BOy: I have duty from my english lecture to chat about law BrianO’connor: And than what can I do for you? bAD_BOy: I’ll give you a question about law and than you answer it. bAD_BOy: thank b4 BrianO’connor: Its ok bAD_BOy: how strong about your rules? BrianO’connor: What you mean? bAD_BOy: is it your rules strong enough to become a social control.

BrianO’connor: Oo … BrianO’connor: It’s an ussual rule, just like yours. Not too strong but not too weak. BrianO’connor: I think some rule doesn’t look from the strong or not strong. We look some rule from how it work in human beings. The problem is back to yourself, if you afraid it your rule is strong but if you dare it your rule is broke not weak.

bAD_BOy: what about the punishment? BrianO’connor: Punishment? Its not too extrem in my mind BrianO’connor: sometime there is an extrem punishment like an electric chair or something else, but its not much happen. This one just for a heavy crime bAD_BOy: electric chair is death punish right? BrianO’connor: Yeah rght bAD_BOy: are the government can do that punish. BrianO’connor: Off course the government has do it. bAD_BOy: I mean, is there a diskrinination with it? BrianO’connor: What you mean I don’t understand? bAD_BOy: is there some people doesn’t support with it BrianO’connor: Oh … ic BrianO’connor: No … I think everybody support about it. BrianO’connor: Coz it’s deserve for every criminal that do a heavy crime bAD_BOy: ok bAD_BOy: mm .. what your oppinion about terorist in your country? BrianO’connor: God damn terorist. I hope they fallin to hell bAD_BOy: why you say that? BrianO’connor: Don’t u know. BrianO’connor: Terrorist one of people that broke up a public building, n make everyone fear in everywhere. And I hate it so much bAD_BOy: what you’ll do for it?

BrianO’connor: I don’t know. I cant do nothing. But I can pray that I hope they take the most heavy punishment in the world. bAD_BOy: what crime that often happen in your country? BrianO’connor: Something like robber… they do their action when all of people in some house is getting out. bAD_BOy: what about your law enforcement? BrianO’connor: mm… I said that law enforcement it getting well, because everyone in my country is respect with law. And police departement not supposed to do the law enforcement with work hard. Just enjoy your time and all will go just like you hope. Easy right? bAD_BOy: that’s great bAD_BOy: are everybody got a law education? BrianO’connor: No

BrianO’connor: We can do that, bcoz we got a principle that law is a kings order, and we cant deny it. Coz you’ll got a punish for it. and much of our people afraid to it. bAD_BOy: wow that a great principle BrianO’connor: Thanks bAD_BOy: if my country just like yours, may be indonesia can be a development country until now. bAD_BOy: By the way bAD_BOy: I say thank you very much for your time. BrianO’connor: No problem, BrianO’connor: Mm I just rememmbering you. BrianO’connor: Don’t forget to add me, ok? bAD_BOy: Ok bAD_BOy: Anyway thanks a lot bAD_BOy: Bye

BrianO’connor: your welcome BrianO’connor: Bye


Josh_Josh: hi bAD_BOy: hi bAD_BOy: asl pls Josh_Josh: u? bAD_BOy: i’m indonesian bAD_BOy: u? Josh_Josh: finland Josh_Josh: do you have boysfriend? bAD_BOy: yes i have. bAD_BOy: u? Josh_Josh: i’m single bAD_BOy: are you a student? Josh_Josh: no i have a part time job bAD_BOy: really? bAD_BOy: where do u work? Josh_Josh: in a fast food restaurant Josh_Josh: what do you do? bAD_BOy: i’m a student bAD_BOy: do you like your job? Josh_Josh: i love it Josh_Josh: it’s . . . you know . . . ?? Josh_Josh: talk with somebody . . . Josh_Josh: served to anybody . . Josh_Josh: it’s just like a charity but payable . . . bAD_BOy: ok . . . bAD_BOy: I know that, bAD_BOy: is noise there? Josh_Josh: sorry? bAD_BOy: there is a lot of noise?

Josh_Josh: yeah sometimes, Josh_Josh: we got a big one in a holiday . . . bAD_BOy: sure? bAD_BOy: anyway .. bAD_BOy: how much crime is there?

Josh_Josh: not much bAD_BOy: how about law in your country? Josh_Josh: what? Josh_Josh: what kind of question is it? bAD_BOy: it’s a simple one, bAD_BOy: don’t you know about that problem? Josh_Josh: I know for a little, Josh_Josh: but it’s a bad topic, Josh_Josh: there is no art inside . . bAD_BOy: please … bAD_BOy: answer my question, please … bAD_BOy: hello … bAD_BOy: are you still there? Josh_Josh: ok, let me answer that … Josh_Josh: but for just this time. Josh_Josh: ok ? bAD_BOy: ok Josh_Josh: so . . . what your question? bAD_BOy: how about law in your country? Josh_Josh: mmm . . . Josh_Josh: law . . Josh_Josh: law is a rules that must to be obey Josh_Josh: law is a kings order, if someody brokeup the rule it must be get a punish

bAD_BOy: and than, is there a death punishment in your country? Josh_Josh: wo wo wo . . . Josh_Josh: your out of control pale . . . Josh_Josh: just one question . . . bAD_BOy: c’mon . . . bAD_BOy: be cooperate josh .. Josh_Josh: your weird . . . bAD_BOy: hello … bAD_BOy: hello … josh bAD_BOy: still there . . . ?? Josh_Josh: hmpf …??? Josh_Josh: what punish, hu’? bAD_BOy: death punishment,

bAD_BOy: is there a death punishment in your country? Josh_Josh: I don’t know for sure Josh_Josh: may be yes, but i’m not sure, it could be … Josh_Josh: our country have that punish, but I don’t know it have to do’s or don’ts .. bAD_BOy: may be? Josh_Josh: yupz… i don’t get a pic about that Josh_Josh: can we talk another topic? bAD_BOy: which one topic? Josh_Josh: something like . . . Josh_Josh: sex . . . Josh_Josh: do you ever do that ? Josh_Josh: sleep with somebody . . . bAD_BOy: no . . . bAD_BOy: it’s a bad topic bAD_BOy: n I don’t wanna talk about it

Josh_Josh: don’t being so naif gurlz Josh_Josh: I know you’ve been do that . . . Josh_Josh: don’t you know . . . Josh_Josh: how to make the taste is much better than nothing ? Josh_Josh: I will show you bAD_BOy: yo .. josh !! bAD_BOy: I said I’m not agree with this topic bAD_BOy: so thax for nothing dude .. bAD_BOy: you ar pathatic Josh_Josh: f**k you, bit*h


bAD_BOy: hi Hully^_^: hello bAD_BOy: can I join with u? Hully^_^: just make sure you want to . . . bAD_BOy: what you mean? bAD_BOy: i don’t under stand Hully^_^: no Hully^_^: I’m just kidding . . . Hully^_^: want to join? Hully^_^: of course bAD_BOy: asl Hully^_^: a , a Hully^_^: you get me pv Hully^_^: and you get your id Hully^_^: that’s the rules Hully^_^: so . . . Hully^_^: what yours? bAD_BOy: i’m indonesian Hully^_^: age? bAD_BOy: 18 f Hully^_^: are you single? bAD_BOy: no bAD_BOy: u? Hully^_^: i’m single Hully^_^: very single . . bAD_BOy: what you mean very ? Hully^_^: i never get any girl whole a life bAD_BOy: i’m sorry . . . Hully^_^: but I got a good friend in my life . . .

bAD_BOy: ur age ? Hully^_^: 28 m Hully^_^: n still single bAD_BOy: where are you? Hully^_^: in egypt

bAD_BOy: egyp? bAD_BOy: are you college there? Hully^_^: no, I’m do something else bAD_BOy: are you in vacation? Hully^_^: yes, in egypt. Hully^_^: it’s a nice place . . . Hully^_^: you have to try it bAD_BOy: yeah . . . bAD_BOy: good idea, but I have no much money for it .. Hully^_^: you don’t have to Hully^_^: just bring your visa and enjoy the trip bAD_BOy: oh i c bAD_BOy: so where you come from actualy? Hully^_^: i’m from mexico bAD_BOy: really? Hully^_^: yeah … bAD_BOy: tell me about your country? Hully^_^: mexico’s . . . ?? Hully^_^: hot may be . . . Hully^_^: but mexico cities are modern but have traditional indian and spanish influensces a lot of traffics and air pollution bAD_BOy: how much crime is there? Hully^_^: crime?? not much . .

Hully^_^: just a little one. bAD_BOy: can u tell me, law in your country? Hully^_^: what . . . ?? Hully^_^: should i answer that question? Hully^_^: is it important ? bAD_BOy: yes Hully^_^: NO Hully^_^: I don’t think so, Hully^_^: it’s borred … Hully^_^: you know . . . . . . . . ??? bAD_BOy: can you help me, please … bAD_BOy: just for one question . . . bAD_BOy: ok ??

bAD_BOy: hello … bAD_BOy: hull ? bAD_BOy: you leaving ? Hully^_^: ok Hully^_^: just one-last question … Hully^_^: n I mean it . . . Hully^_^: I’ll shoot you if you give me more than one qustion bAD_BOy: ok Hully^_^: law in mexico is pretty well. At least, the officer have a good respon to catch the criminal Hully^_^: that’s it. enough Hully^_^: bye

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