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                           19'th January, 2013

01:46 My tweets re @ChiefTheresa, Jan. 14-18, 2013. via @Docstoc

18:22 In "Waiting for Godot" 2 men wait in vain for Godot to show
       up. @ChiefTheresa, your "Godot" showed up + you're still
        waiting? That's futile.

21:29 .@lloydaxworthy, whose opinion I greatly respect, on
       Aboriginal Rights in the lite of #IdleNoMore and
                                                               January 2013 / 2

                           20'th January, 2013

                           21'st January, 2013

19:25 Seeing last interview of @ChiefTheresa c. Kevin Newman, I
      think she doesn't know when to quit the tired old line about the
        Crown. #giveitup

20:03 .@ChiefTheresa: the reason @pmHarper set up a "working
       meeting" is that he wants to get things done, unlike you who
        are sipping tea + broth.
                                                               January 2013 / 3

20:08 If @ChiefTheresa doesn't quit her whining and her mock
       #HungerStrike, she'll lose any ground she has gained. She
        must be an attention hog!

20:41 .@ChiefTheresa: "Criticism may not be agreeable, but [like
       pain in the body] calls attention to an unhealthy state of
        things." -W. Churchill

21:02 In "It's Time" (8th Fire, CBC), @WabKinew tells non-aboriginal
       vwrs to lie down "on the couch" for analysis...shld've asked

                          22'nd January, 2013

                                                               January 2013 / 4

01:52 If you're still backing @ChiefTheresa, read this: She has become a liability and a laughing
        stock. Her fast is a sham.

01:58 If you're still not convinced @ChiefTheresa is hurting her own
       cause -- indigenous rights -- read this + the comments:
                                                              January 2013 / 5

                                                              January 2013 / 6

19:17 You wld expect that MSM wld consult a nutritional expert who
      cld verify that @ChiefTheresa's sacred fast is still food, not
        starvation diet.

19:24 To be honest, for @ChiefTheresa to continue this demand for
      a 3-way meeting, when no one even believes she's dying, is
        beyond comprehension.

20:36 @tersestuff How daft can you guys be? @pmHarper set up a
      mtng + @ChiefTheresa chose to turn it down, out of
        ignorance over the GG's role!

21:42 @Konnoronkwa -- @ChiefTheresa chose 2 continue the fast,
      despite @pmHarper's offer to meet 11.1.13. It's all Spence's
        fault + NO ONE ELSE's.

                           23'rd January, 2013

                                                              January 2013 / 8

22:09 @ChiefTheresa's Declar. of Commitment has 13 points
      (23.1.2013). The Declar. of Independence was adopted by 13
        colonies (4.7.1776). #fact

22:18 The Declar. of Independence (1776) was made during a war
      vs. British Empire, the Declar. of Commitment (2013) during a
        tussle c. the Crown.
22:27 Declar. of Independence (1776): the enemy was the Brit.
      Empire; Declar. of Commitment (2013): the bad guy was the
        Crown. @ChiefTheresa #fact

23:15 @ChiefTheresa's DOC, #1, asks for all Premiers, FN Chiefs,
      PM and GG to meet & discuss outstanding treaty + non-treaty
        issues. #powwow time!

23:32 "The revolution will not b rite bck after a mssg abt a white
       tornado, white lightning, or white people...will not be
        televised." #idlenomore

23:38 You'll not "b able 2 stay home, You will not be able 2 plug in,
      turn on and cop out, bec. the revolution will not be televised."

23:42 "[The revolution] will not be televised, will not be televised...[it]
       will be no re-run brothers; The revolution will be live."
                                                                  January 2013 / 9

                           24'th January, 2013

00:18 A #rad poet -- Mumia Abu Jamal talks abt 'Gil' Scott-Heron
      (auth., "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised") #idlenomore

00:42 Here is the full version of 'Gil' Scott-Heron's "The Revolution
      Will Not Be Televised." (1970 album)

10:14 Calm down. Let's not over-dramatize @ChiefTheresa's std trt
      in hospital, for one who have been on a less than normal diet
        for 44 days.

10:20 I am sure a "weaning" process will be necessary for
       @ChiefTheresa to resume a normal diet. This is standard for
        undernourished recovery.

10:58 @evansolomoncbc @ChiefTheresa @TheBrazman So the
      real #ChiefSpence is revealing herself. Bitchy, irritable, catty,
        not an angel at all.

11:09 MT "@itsdgc: I see @ChiefTheresa has now deleted that
      rather mean-spirited tweet sent to @TheBrazman" So the true
        nasty person is revealed.

11:22 .@ChiefTheresa is upset at @TheBrazman? for supporting
       democratic methods of protest? Spence is #antidemocratic.
                                                               January 2013 / 10

11:34 Did Danny Metatawabin use the word "traitor" when
      mentioning he was in Algonquin territory? Cheap jab at
       @TheBrazman? #PrsCnf @ChiefTheresa

11:44 RT @davidakin Here's the 'salty' deleted tweet from
      @ChiefTheresa with response from @TheBrazman:

12:03 @cwstewart9 Already saw @ChiefTheresa's "bitchy" side in
      Jan 2012, when CBC's Arsenault asked abt elders discontent
       with her own leadership.

12:07 @dan_marlow @ChiefTheresa No, that acct is fine. You're
      thinking of @ChiefSpence, which belonged to someone
       unconnected to #ChiefSpence.

12:08 @dan_marlow @ChiefTheresa It's possible that they blocked
      you for some reason. Then it looks like they're suspended
       when you try to reply.

12:12 @dan_marlow @ChiefTheresa U can still use the
      "(at)mention" method to leave a comment on someone's
       named search page, but not on their feed.

12:27 @DESicnarF @Dkrupski @bcbluecon @ChiefTheresa
      Robinson said in #PrsCnf that he went to emerg @ hospital +
       walked out when rudely treated.

12:32 @danminkin @ChiefTheresa It looks to me that the tweets on
      this official acct are placed MOSTLY by "spokes people" to
       present her status.
                                                             January 2013 / 11

12:36 @danminkin @ChiefTheresa They were referring to the
      @ChiefSpence acct. That 1 belonged to a different person,
        who got unwanted replies.

12:44 Whoever tweeted nasty side-swipe agnst "colonized injuns",
      at @ChiefTheresa's acct,. must've had her approval. It's her
        official acct!

12:57 @danminkin @twitter You're welcome. I had the same
      question a few weeks ago, and saw that one Chief Spence did
        not compute. ;)

13:39 .@ChiefTheresa needs 2 add another pnt 2 DOC -- #14 - I,
       #ChiefSpence, promise never to divulge the secret ingredients
        of my sacred fast.

13:57 @HuffPostCanada @ChiefTheresa -- @TheBrazman called
      "traitor" by Spokesman Danny Metatawabin at #PrsCnf today,
        at least that's what I heard.

14:06 The recovery process that @ChiefTheresa faces is spelled
      out here: -- Why she even put herself
        thru this is a mystery.

                             25'th January, 2013

13:29 @stubbenkammer @ChiefTheresa Actually, what Danny
      Metatawabin said: "I acknowledge the Algonquian
        traditional territory."
                                                               January 2013 / 12

13:39 Peter Van Dusen (PrimeTime Politics - @CPAC_TV) said
      @ChiefTheresa ended 6-wk hunger strike. Then he qualified it
        as a "liquids-only fast."

20:21 @LeahBettine Since #emgcy was called in late 2011, some of
      @ChiefTheresa's own people were not happy c. her...+
        almost sacked her yesterday.

20:45 "@HuffPostCanada: On the blog: Senator Patrick Brazeau
       (@TheBrazman) responds to #ChiefSpence" @ChiefTheresa take note.

20:56 @miki_lou -- @ChiefTheresa also exposed her failings as
      chief, her inability to articulate clearly her demands + her
        duplicity in the #fast.

21:27 "#Cdns still want to see justice for #1stNations and a better
       life in [reserves]. But @ChiefTheresa isn't helping."

21:45 The Declaration of Commitment has merit -- future discussion
      points for #AFN + the Crown. It's a blueprint, that's all.
                                                            January 2013 / 13

21:52 .@ChiefTheresa's 44-day sacred fast was a callous attempt to
       garner sympathy from the #Cdn public. Her health was never
       in real danger.

22:00 However, despite the obvious attempt to xagger8 her
      sacrifice, @ChiefTheresa fooled enuf people to become
       accidental heroine of #1stNations.

22:07 @AnonTeach Be careful what you say. The GG did meet with
      @ChiefTheresa at Rideau Hall on 11.1.13 -- she left early
       bec. of Wampum belt!

                         26'th January, 2013

00:59 RT @DrJonGerrard Honouring Raymond Robinson and
      welcoming him home to Manitoba.

01:24 #1stNations chiefs met @GGDavidJohnston on #Jan11...but
       @ChiefTheresa was not happy with Wampum Belt?

01:37 @MacleansMag @ChiefTheresa That live feed is now
      useless! Go to @CPAC_TV for the video archive of the entire

02:44 After <24 hrs in hospital, @ChiefTheresa says "So, everything
      looks good. They are going to do some more bloodwork..."
       #livingmiracle #fast
                                                              January 2013 / 14

12:51 @miki_lou Playing the victim, as @ChiefTheresa has done,
      does not absolve her of guilt over mismanagement of
        $millions + incompetence.

13:31 Just discovered: @belcourt43 was the first leader of Native
       Council of Canada, now called #CAP. @TheBrazman was ldr
        of CAP before #Sen appt.

13:38 .@belcourt43 has made many lasting and honourable
       contributions to the betterment of #Métis rights in #Can and
        indigenous rights worldwide.

13:50 Congress of Aboriginal Peoples (#CAP, f. 1971 as the Native
      Council of Canada), represents off-reserve aboriginals
        (#1stNations and #Métis).

16:55 RT @NeverBeenIdle @NSValley Proof @ChiefTheresa was
      not on a 'hunger strike'. Too much hyperbole, not enough help
        for the people of #attawapiskat. #idlenomore
                                                               January 2013 / 15

19:15 RT "@globeandmail: Editorial: A hunger strike ends, but with
      little to show for it (from @globejunius)"
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