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									                 Cymbalta 30mg -- An Overview on How to Handle it

Duloxetine, the generic name for Cymbalta, is a common yet one of the most effective
medications for fighting depression. The medicine comes in a capsule form and needs to
be taken orally. It is important that you consult a qualified physician for guidance and
advice. Do not consume the medication without first talking to a healthcare specialist.

How does Cymbalta Work?

Cymbalta 30mg capsules contain duloxetine hydrochloride -- an active antidepressant
that works on nerve cells in the brain. The brain contains various chemical messengers
known as neurotransmitters, which are responsible for performing various
communications between the brain and the rest of the body. Noradrenaline and serotonin
are two such neurotransmitters, known to alleviate mood when released from nerve cells.
Depression occurs when they are reabsorbed by the nerve cells. The medication works by
preventing the two neurotransmitters from being reabsorbed by the nerves. As a result,
the mood remains alleviated for much longer.

Dosage and Side Effects

It is extremely important that Cymbalta 30mg is continually taken without a pause, as it
takes between 14 to 28 days to show results. If you miss a dose, take it as quickly as
possible. If you have to take your next dose soon, consult your doctor. Depending on
your condition, you may need to skip a dose or take a double dose. However, do not miss
or take extra doses without professional advice.

While it can take up to a month for the benefits to show up, it is possible to feel that your
condition has worsened. Some people feel suicidal or have increased thoughts of self-
harm. If you notice any such feelings during the first few days, or any time during or after
the therapy, discuss with your physician immediately. You may experience other side
effects that require professional attention; these include chest and stomach pain,
excessive sweating, difficulty urinating, dizziness, discoloring of eyes, and pale stools.
However, symptoms such as constipation, dry mouth, back pain, and loss of appetite do
not require professional attention, unless they continue.

Discuss Your Medical History

Before taking Cymbalta 30mg, it is essential that you disclose your medical history to
your doctor. S/he needs to know if you have allergies, severe liver or kidney problems,
bipolar disorders, seizures and alcoholic past; if you are pregnant or trying to be, and if
you breastfeed. Additionally, if you are taking other medication include nutritional
supplements, herbal products or prescription drugs.

Always maintain a regular communication with your doctor. With proper guidance and
supervision, you can expect to notice an improvement in your condition. Remember to
consume Cymbalta 30mg without missing a dose for optimal results. Each individual
reacts differently to all medicines; hence, it is necessary that you seek professional advice
throughout the course of the medication.

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