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					4th Grade Math Journal

Complete 1 prompt per day. For each problem, draw a picture to illustrate the problem. Using the lines below, write an equation to show how you solved the problem. (When applicable).

What is 9 tens equal to?

Write everything you can about what makes a figure a square.

What is the range of these numbers? 4, 6, 7, 9, 11

Cody and Tyler collect baseball cards. Altogether they have 148 baseball cards. If Cody has 76 cards, how many does Tyler have?

There are 24 children in a class. How many shoes in all?

What polygon has 6 sides?

Which is longer 9 centimeters or 11 inches?

What place value does the 3 have in the number 3,874?

28 ÷ 4=

Riley is saving her money to buy a new shirt. The shirt costs $15.00 If she has $7.00, how much more money does she need?

2X 9 =

What are the next 3 numbers in this pattern? 7, 12, 17 ,22, _____, _____, _____,

Round 649 to the nearest hundred.

Parker is three years older than Palmer. Palmer is 9 years old. How old will Parker be in three years?

What fraction of this box is shaded?

42 ÷ 6=

Chris wants to buy a pumpkin. Each pumpkin costs $1.75. How many quarters does he need to buy a pumpkin?

Riley and her three friends were making pizza for lunch. They wanted to share the pizza evenly. Show how they can cut the pizza.

Is 476 odd or even? How do you know?

Kacey made six bracelets. She kept one for herself and decided to sell the remaining bracelets for three dollars each. If she sold all of the remaining bracelets, how much money did she earn?

What is a good estimate for 11 times 463?

If N = 3, then what does N+4 equal?

Explain what 0.1 means.

Which is smaller 0.8 or 2? How do you know?

Abby wants to buy a new CD. She has saved $13.50. If the CD costs $15.95, how much more money does she need to save?


What decimal represents the shaded amount in the figure below?

What are the next three numbers in this pattern? What is the rule? 3, 6, 9, ______, ______, ______,

Ian is riding his bike. If he leaves the house at 3:45 PM and rides his bike for 2 hours and 25 minutes, what time will he get home?

Does this shape have any lines of symmetry? If so, how many?

What is 30 tens equal to? Show how you know.

Jim is selling candy bars for a fundraiser. Each candy bar sells for $1.50 and his group keeps half of that as profit. If he sells 20 candy bars, how much will he have raised for his group?

In the number 45,196, what digit is in the thousands place?

Haley and Rose collect stickers. If Haley has three times as many stickers as Rose, and she has 84, how many stickers does Haley have?

7,437 – 4,205 =

Round 364,289 to the nearest ten thousand.

Draw a figure that represents 135.

Write the number 448 in word form.

Lily has 15 pieces of candy. If she divides them up and gives one-third to her brother, how many pieces will she have left?

What is the name of a polygon with 5 sides.? Draw it.

Maria is buying pumpkin pies. If each pie costs $2.50 and she has $15.00, how many pies can she buy?

Is 4 a good estimate for 212 ÷ 51? Why or why not?

List the multiples of 8.

Palmer can buy a candy bar from the gas station for 75¢, while the grocery store sells them 3 for $2.00. Which is the better buy and why?


= 6, what does

+ 8 =?

Dad was driving the car at 60 miles per hour. If he kept this rate up for one and a half hours, how far would he have traveled?

Draw a thermometer that reads 79 degrees.

What does ten hundreds equal?

How many lines of symmetry does this shape have?

Michelle can type 25 words per minute. How many words can she type in 5 minutes?

Which is heavier, 5 pounds of rocks or 5 pounds of feathers?

Oscar is going to the fair on Saturday. The rides cost 50¢ per ride, and he wants to ride each ride once. If there are 18 rides, how much is the minimum amount of money he must bring?

Elizabeth has 33¢ in her pocket. What are 3 different combinations of coins that she could have?

Name three things that are shaped like a sphere.

Avery is baking cookies. She can fit 8 cookies on the tray at one time. How many trays must she bake to make 27 cookies?

Complete this input/output chart. What is the rule? Input Output 7 3 9 5 11 13 9

Round 2.07 to the nearest tenth.

List all the factors of 9.

Mark’s desk has three drawers. In each drawer he has 12 pencils. How many pencils does he have in all?

There are 8 dogs and 9 cats at the animal shelter. What is the ratio of dogs to cats?

How many feet are in 4 yards?

What is half of 36?

Is s = 6, then what does s-2 =?

Estimate the value of 790 + 301.

Any is buying 5 cups of hot chocolate. If each one costs $1.25, what will her total cost be?

What is 3 hours and 15 minutes after 12:55 A.M.?

Darci is swinging on the swings at the park. She can swing back and forth 18 times in a minute. If she swings for 15 minutes, how many time will she swing back and forth?

Molly has been collecting pennies for a penny drive. She collected 5,000 pennies. How many dollars did she collect?

Bryce has baseball practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays. About how many times does he go each month?

What are the next three numbers in this pattern? What is the rule? 3, 9, 18, _____, ______, _______

What is the perimeter of this rectangle?

4 inches

6 inches

Round 657 to the nearest ten.

Bailey is doing her math homework. If it takes her 2 minutes to do each problem, how long will it take her to finish 18 problems?

Jamie went fishing with his dad and caught a fish that was 2 pounds and 6 ounces. If each pound is equal to 16 ounces, how many ounces was the fish he caught?

If the rule for this input/output chart is to add 3, fill in the empty boxes. Input Output 3 6 5 9 12 21 20

List all factors of 10.

What decimal represents the shaded portion of this shape?

If X = 6, then what is X+5 equal to?

How many milliliters are in 1 liter?

Order these lengths from shortest to longest. 1 foot, 2 yards, 16 inches, 3 feet

Lucy and her mom have birthdays that are 15 days apart. Lucy’s birthday is on March 29, and her mom’s is after that. What day is Lucy’s mom’s birthday?

Estimate the sum of 42, 41, and 38.

What fraction is shaded?

Matthew went to Burger Hut and ordered a cheeseburger for $2.99, fries for $1.29, and a soda for $1.09. How much did he spend?

Mariah is making a necklace. She can fit 6 beads on every inch of string. She wants the necklace to be 15 inches long. How many beads will she need?

111 X 9 =

Write ½ as a decimal.

Which is longer, 1 foot or 1 meter?

Riley lost her library book. It is 6 days overdue. The library charges 45¢ each day that the book is overdue. How much is her fine?

Which is larger, 0.4 or 0.8?

The bookshelf has five shelves. If each shelf has 17 books on it, how many books are there?

What is the area of this shape?

List all the factors of 16.

Write 0.25 as a fraction.

If X = 5, then what does X+X equal?

If Z = 5, then what does Z X Z equal?

Which is larger, ½ or ¼ ?

Amanda wrote letters to 6 of her friends. If it costs 42¢ to mail each letter, how much will she need?

Kelly is collecting postcards from every state in the United States. She has postcards from 34 states. How many more postcards does she need to complete her collection?

Kendall has a coupon for 50% off any book at Barnes and Noble. The book she wants to buy is $14.98. Borders is selling the same book for $7.99. Which store has the better price? Why?

What place value does the 6 have in 10.6?

How many rectangles are in this figure?

Willy has 15 dimes. How much money does he have?

Cody is recycling cans. If he gets a nickel for every can, how much money will he get for 208 cans?

How many feet are in 7 yards?

Round 3.48 to the nearest whole number.

If M=4, then what does M-2 equal?

Mark has $4.28. What is the largest number of quarters he could have?

David is an artist. He paints a new painting every 4 days. At this rate, how many paintings will he paint in 4 weeks?

Estimate 11 X 399.

Which fraction is larger, 1/4 or 2/3 ?

What temperature is 13 degrees below 54 degrees?

Draw a right angle, an acute angle, and an obtuse angle.

Tyler and Luke were running around the track. Tyler made it in 1 minute and 17 seconds, while Luke ran it in 75 seconds. Who was faster? Why?

What number can you add to any number you want and always get that same number as the answer?

What number can you multiply by any number you want and always get that same number as the answer?

Drew has a little brother. Drew is 12 years old and twice as old as his brother. How old is his little brother?

Draw an equilateral triangle.

Round 48,383 to the nearest thousand.

List all the factors of both 6 and 8.

Solve for y. y÷ 2 =5

How many dimes are in a $5.00 roll?

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