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									Latest Jobs Report Says 155,000 Net Jobs Added in December, Supports Report By Finding 1.7 Million Job
The jobs market has remained steady in December 2012 compared to November and data from
EmploymentCrossing shows that overall the trend is positive.
Pasadena, CA (PRWEB) January 09, 2013 -- The latest jobs report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics
says that there were 155,000 nonfarm net jobs added in December 2012. Job search site, has also found data confirming this trend of the jobs market staying steady. The site
has managed to find 1.7 million job openings as of the first week of January 2013.

The unemployment rate remained unchanged at 7.8 percent. This brings the average number of jobs growth in
2012 to 153,000 per month. The growth sectors according to the BLS data were healthcare, the hospitality
industry, construction and manufacturing.

The jobs figures being reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the corresponding jobs figures on
EmploymentCrossing are given below:

•        Healthcare: 45,000 (BLS) 357,000(
•        Hospitality: 38,000 (BLS) 117,000(
•        Construction: 30,000 (BLS) 7,000(
•        Manufacturing: 25,000(BLS)22,000(

CEO Harrison Barnes explains the huge number of jobs listed on the site and the difference in the jobs count
with the BLS data. “The BLS data says that 155,000 net jobs were created. The keyword here is net jobs. In the
economy there are millions of job openings, even when the economy is stagnant. The last JOLTS report
released by the BLS itself says that there were 3.7 million job openings as of October 2012.”

The two other industries for which has been able to gather a huge number of job
openings are Information Technology (221,000) and Sales (212,000). CEO Harrison Barnes also sees this trend
as part of the improving jobs market. “The healthcare and hospitality industries as well as the IT sector are
doing really well. In construction, we have noticed many jobs are quickly filled up as soon as they go live on
our site”.

Job openings according to the industry breakup can be found here:

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