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					      F O U R T H Q U A R T E R 2 011                                     A U n i o n Pa c i f i c E m p l oye e C l u b s N ews l e t t e r

                                                                                                                                 From UPEC
                                                                                                                              Executive Committee
                                                                                                                              Chairman Skip Reed
                                                                                                                                 Peer Support and Operation RedBlock
                                                                                                                              will hold a silent auction in April in
                                                                                                                              Sparks, Nev., at their meeting at the
                                                                                                                              Nugget Hotel, site of the 2009 and
                                                                                                                              2011 UPEC Conventions. They request
                                                                                                                              items from the Employee Clubs across
              UP’s Public Safety Team, special agents and the Austin Police Department increase rail safety awareness         the system with proceeds going to the
              throughout the community in August.                                                                             Friend to Friend Network. I’ll advise
                                                                                                                              members later when and where to
 Club                                                                                                                         ship the items. Please contact me at

66 Rail, Safety Go Hand in Hand
                                                                                                                              307-632-0850 or reedspwy@bresnan.
                                                                                                                              net for further information.
San Antonio                                                                                                                      This year’s convention will be Aug.
                                                                                                                              7-10 in Denver at the Renaissance
     Club 66, San Antonio, members stayed
                                                                                                                              Hotel. We will again have an Amtrak
   active during 2011, by helping promote
                                                                                                                              train from Chicago to Denver. Our
   safety around railroads to motorists,
                                                                                                                              convention packet will be mailed to club
   high school students and commercial
                                                                                                                              presidents in early March, so contact
   vehicle drivers.
                                                                                                                              your local club officers for more infor-
     In October, Club 66 invited local and
                                                                                                                              mation on hotel packages, tours, travel,
   state officials and their families to learn
                                                                                                                              etc. Our theme this year is “Pirates of
   about railroad crossing safety through                       Craig Shapiro, left, Crockett High School principal, thanks
                                                                                                                              the Colorado.” It’s always great to see
   Operation Lifesaver. About 98 people                         members of Club 66 and other participating UP employees
                                                                for their contribution to the UP CARES operation in Austin    the amazing costumes. I hope to see
   participated, including Rep. Tryon Lewis,
                                                                in August.                                                    you there.
   Ector County Commissioner Armando
                                                                                                                                 Looking for ideas to help your club
   Rodriguez, Midland public officials and
                                                                                                                              raise money for charity or help with
   representatives from the Medical Center
                                                                                                                              community service? Read this news-
   Hospital. But, the train had one special
                                                                                                                              letter for many fundraising ideas and
   guest named Trevor Tredaway.
                                                                                                                              opportunities. It’s great to see such a
     A train lover, his favorite part was
                                                                                                                              wide variety of activities. Many of them
   blowing the horn. For the 6-year-old boy,
                                                                                                                              are easy, simple ideas to get our club
   the train ride was a relief from the sur-
                                                                                                                              members involved in helping others,
   geries he has been through. Tredaway’s
                                                                                                                              or to give gift bags to all ages, children
   medical status did not stop him from
                                                                                                                              and seniors alike. Congratulations and
   wearing his engineer’s hat and blowing
                                                                From left, Melvin Hutchins, locomotive engineer; Rodney       good luck to these clubs for their hard
   the train’s horn.
                                                                Arrington, manager-operating practices; LaTasha Walker,       work and ingenuity.
                                                                manager-yard operations; Buck Russel, Club 66 president;
                              Continued on page 4.              and Robert Moore, Club 66 past president
           AT T R AC K T I O N S 2

                                                                                                                       From left, Ruth Dolan, secretary; Janet Brynelson,
                                                           Ruth and Don Dolan, Club 9 secretary and president,         governing board member; and Bill Watson, Operation
Mike Menke, right, receives canned goods donated by Club
                                                           respectively, deliver 85 gift bags to a Juliette’s House    Lifesaver coordinator, serve Holiday Express riders at
9 and delivered by Don Dolan, president.
                                                           representative.                                             the hot beverage concession table.

Club 9 Continues Philanthropic Efforts
  Mike Menke has a family and a job. But, a medical hardship
could keep him from working for nearly a year.                              Club
  Last February, he joined Union Pacific as a track laborer in Salem,
Ore. But in September, Menke needed surgery. He went on medical                                       9                Holiday decorations line one of the Oregon Rail Heritage
                                                                                                                       Foundation’s Holiday Express train.
                                                                         Portland, Ore.
leave Sept. 14 and was told he would be off work six to 12 months
for recovery. Menke did not qualify for railroad retirement benefits
and had used all available state unemployment benefits before arriving at UP.
  When Don Dolan, president, received an email about Menke’s situation, Club
9 decided to help the family.
  In only two meetings, the Portland, Ore., club approved making local donations
to individuals in need on a case-by-case basis. In November, club members
made a surprise visit to Menke and delivered a check and canned goods. With
three children and a wife at home, he was ecstatic.
  “It was a tremendous relief,” he said.                                                                               Dave Pratt, right, bingo checker, pays Ruth Dolan,
  Two months off the job, he returned to work on light duty Nov. 7. Menke has                                          secretary, her winnings Nov. 5 during Club 9’s first-ever
since been released for full duty.                                                                                     Bingo Event.
  Continuing its philanthropic efforts, the club also distributed 100 gifts bags filled
with apples, candy and pencils to children who rode the Oregon Rail Heritage
Foundation’s Holiday Express train Dec. 3. Eighty-five extra bags were donated
to Juliette’s House Child Abuse Intervention Center in McMinnville, Ore.
  Club 9 also operated a hot beverage concession for the Holiday Express as a
fundraiser. For the third year, the club ran concessions, serving the 48 runs of the
two-week Holiday Express from Oaks Park Station in southwest Portland. Railroad
                                                                                                                       Club members wait for bingo caller Kay Pratt, not
families enjoyed discounted tickets as the club reserved one entire train.                                             pictured, to call their numbers. Bingo night included
  “It is one thing for individuals to donate money and join the club, but to give so                                   10 rounds, 23 members and a few new and renewed
selflessly during the holiday season speaks volumes,” Dolan said.                                                      memberships.

    UPEC Golf Tournament Just Around the Corner
      Don’t miss the seventh annual UPEC                    a shortage of hole sponsors in past years.                include a business card with donated gifts
   Friend to Friend Network Charity Golf                    Do your part to make 2012 an exception.                   and send to 303 Pickwicket, Conway, AR,
   Tournament May 18 at Dodge Riverside                        Players must check in by 7:30 a.m.                     72034.
   Park in Council Bluffs, Iowa.                            to receive their hole assignments. The                       Raffle tickets can be purchased at
      Register by May 1 to play a round of golf,            tournament will begin at 8 a.m. with a                    the tournament for $1 each or six for $5.
   sponsor a hole or provide a raffle donation.             shotgun start. Lunch will be served after                 Railroad team players are required to
      Teams consist of four players and cost                the tournament.                                           purchase a minimum of $5 in raffle tickets.
   $350 to sponsor. The entry fee includes                     Support UPEC Friend to Friend Network                  Proceeds assist current and retired UP
   green fees and two carts for 18 holes. For               by sending raffle prizes, such as gift certifi-           employees facing difficult times.
   $200, hole sponsors get their name posted                cates, or donating money for the network                     To register or for more informa-
   at their designated hole and are featured in             to purchase prizes. Prize sponsors are fea-               tion, call Richard Baldwin, treasurer, at
   the tournament brochure. There has been                  tured in the tournament brochure. Please                  501-327-1376.
                                                                                                                                    AT T R AC K T I O N S 3

Club 8 Rocks Rail Fest
   North Platte was the place to be for three days in September.
   The fifth annual Rail Fest drew visitors from 35 states, four
provinces in Canada and 11 foreign countries. To help more than
12,000 visitors experience Union Pacific and North Platte, more
than 60 Club 8 members volunteered 276 hours to help put on
this unique event.
   Tremendous volunteer efforts such as those at Rail Fest earned
Club 8 high honors at the annual UPEC Convention in Reno, Nev.                                                                                                Club
They received first place for Charity in the Community and second
place for Community Service Event.
                                                                                                                                                         North Platte, Neb.
   “The members of Club 8 continue to amaze me with the vol-
unteer hours that they work,” said Rod Ury, president. “They are                        Rod Ury, left, Club 8 president, and Deloyt Young, right, treasurer, deliver checks to
                                                                                        Barb Baldridge, Hershey’s Patriot Packages president and coordinator; Clare Mesmer,
a prime example of the saying that ‘a busy retiree is a long-lived                      Goodfellow Shoe Fund vice president; and Kathy Arnett, Hershey Patriot Packages
retiree.’”                                                                              treasurer.
   Rail Fest celebrates the bond between UP, its employees and
the North Platte community. The event provides a fun, family                               Club 8 members also gathered Dec. 15 for a Christmas dinner.
experience with an up-close view of UP and the daily procession                         Club members, children and grandchildren were all invited for
of more than 150 trains and 10,000 cars through Bailey Yard.                            great food, gift bags for the young children and a generous cause.
   For three years, Club 8 has cooked and served food at the UP                         All admission was collected to donate to local charities.
family picnic, which hosts thousands of families, on the Saturday                          “This used to be a longstanding tradition for the club and we
of Rail Fest.                                                                           are looking forward to bringing it back,” Ury said.
   “Our volunteers tell us they not only have fun, they have a                             The club’s holiday donations were delivered to sponsor uniforms
purpose when they get up every morning,” Ury said.                                      for a local Cub Scout troop, care packages to soldiers through
   With 63 members working at Rail Fest, the club seems to be                           Patriot Packages in Hershey, Neb., and the Goodfellow Shoe Fund
growing. The Thanksgiving event drew 95 members.                                        in North Platte.

                                                                                                                           Children Receive Gifts
                                                                                                                           from Club Donations
                                                                                                                              Eight area children
                                                                                                                           each received two           Club
                                                                                                                           toys and a new shirt
                                                                                                                           and pants courtesy                 72
                                                                                                                           of Club 72’s dona- Mason City, Iowa
                                                                                                                           tions to the Salvation
Tim Zastava, sitting, and his wife, left, will have a warm winter season thanks to family and Club 77 members.             Army “Little Angels” Giving Tree.
                                                                                                                              The club continued its commitment
Winter Wood Supplied by Friends and Family                                                                                 to making someone else’s holiday
                                                                                                                           a little more special by gathering
  Club 77 members from Adams, Wis., arrived at Tim Zastava’s house
Oct. 5. Truck after truck pulled up to his house. They wielded seven         Club                                          numerous donations of toys, clothing
chain saws and four wood splitters. However, this was a welcome
sight for Zastava.
                                                                                                  77                       and nonperishable food to help local
                                                                                                                           families and children. The Mason City
                                                                           Adams, Wis.                                     club donated 48 pieces of clothing,
  He is battling cancer.
                                                                                                                           toys, arts and crafts, and personal
  Before friends and family arrived that October morning, he did not have firewood
                                                                                                                           care items to the Francis Lauer Youth
ready for the winter.
                                                                                                                           Services Little Wishes Campaign.
  For five hours, members cut and hauled wood. They filled Zastava’s basement wood
                                                                                                                              The Hawkeye Harvest Food Bank
room and made an outside pile.
                                                                                                                           received a $50 donation, 73 perish-
  “He was amazed at how much we had done and was very thankful,” said
                                                                                                                           able food items and 184 pounds of
Richard Zietlow.
                                                                                                                           nonperishable food.
  Other club members who participated included Dan Black, President Curt Camps, J.J.
                                                                                                                              Club 72’s annual Christmas party and
and Rita Jasinski, Mike Mecklenberg, Bruce Nachriner, Jim O’Laughlin, Roberta Ritchhart,
                                                                                                                           membership drive garnered a total of
Dave and Diana Roberts, Bob Seymer, Joe Smith, Terry Wagner, George Weiland, and
                                                                                                                           71 new and renewed memberships.
Zeke and Rita Zietlow.
               AT T R AC K T I O N S 4

                                                                                                                          Donald Deville Jr., manager-operating practices, walks
                                                                                                                          Trevor Tredaway and his sister, Morgan, 4, to a passenger
                                                                                                                          car after showing them the engine at the Operation
 Club                                                                                                                     Lifesaver event. Photo courtesy of Albert Cesare, Odessa

66                                                                                                                        American

San Antonio

     Club 66 members and families gather for the San Antonio Service Unit Health and Safety Fair in Sosan Yard Nov. 10.
     The fair included two train rides for employees and families and vendors varying from shoes to dental, from credit
     unions to gyms.

       Rail, Safety Go Hand in Hand
     Continued from page 1.
     Back to School
        In August, Club 66 members wel-
                                                                                                                          Trevor Tredaway blows the train horn as Eric Norman,
     comed students back to Crockett                                                                                      locomotive engineer, sits behind him. Photo courtesy of
     High School with an invaluable                                                                                       Albert Cesare, Odessa American
     message: Stop, Look and Listen.
        The club joined UP’s Public Safety
     Team, special agents, Operation
     Lifesaver presenters and Austin UP special agents and Austin police officers issue citations in August
     Police Department employees for to motorists and trespassers who disregard railroad warnings.
     a weeklong UP CARES enforcement
     operation. The team’s efforts resulted in 21 citations Aug. 23 at grade crossings near
     Crockett High and beyond. Although warnings were given the first two days, eight of-
     ficers issued citations to motorists and trespassers who disregarded railroad warnings
     the remainder of the week.
        Buck Russel, president, gave Operation Lifesaver presentations while employees and
     club members distributed OL brochures to students.                                                                     From left, Charlie Gonzalez; William Krenek, electrician; Bob
        “Trains run 24/7, so it is important to look both ways and listen for trains before                                 Moore locomotive engineer; and Alex Avila, electrician, hit the
     crossing the tracks,” he said. “We want students to remember to focus on their                                         course for the Changing At-Risk Behavior/Total Safety Culture
                                                                                                                            Golf Tournament Oct. 6. The tournament raised $1,000; half
     personal safety before approaching rail lines, because distractions can decrease their
                                                                                                                            was donated to the UPEC Friend to Friend Network and half to
     ability to pay attention. It is the most important message we stress as part of our UP                                 the Warrior & Family Support Center at BAMC.
     CARES program.”
        Attendees also viewed a video of Senior Special Agent Alfredo Rodriguez monitor-
     ing the Stassney Lane crossing alongside an Austin police officer and were reminded
     designated crossings are the safest and only legal place to cross the railroad tracks.
     Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo also participated.
        Operation Lifesaver will display rail safety posters in high school hallways throughout
     the school year to maintain heightened rail safety awareness. Schools are encouraged
     to contact Operation Lifesaver for more information at
     Commercial Message
        In September, Rodriguez, Russel and Jon Stumpf, Operation Lifesaver volunteer
     and conductor, teamed with the Texas Department of Public Safety for Texas Thunder
     Operations. The event coordinated highway and safety police enforcement efforts to
     reduce commercial vehicle fatality crashes on Texas highways. By utilizing enhanced                                    Club 66 members join Cub and Boy Scouts Pack 675 and Troop
     traffic enforcement, Texas Thunder Operations hopes to reduce commercial vehicle                                       675 to adopt-a-park trash cleanup at Cassiano Park Oct. 22.
     crashes, unsafe commercial vehicles and unsafe commercial vehicle drivers.                                             Twenty-three members helped clean the park.
                                                                                                          AT T R AC K T I O N S 5

   Beautiful weather and great food Oct. 1 highlighted Family Days
for the Kansas City Service Unit, held at Neff Yard in Kansas City, Mo.        Club
The club had a booth and was well represented at the event. Various
organizations, such as UPEC Friend to Friend Network, had represen-            4
                                                                              Kansas City
tatives at booths.
   Many attendees stopped and visited with club representatives.
   The annual Kansas Division Reunion and Club 4 meeting Sept. 17 treated 47 members
and 25 guests to a lake picnic at Wyandotte County Lake in Kansas City, Kan.
   The club kicked off its two-month fall food drive by collecting $398 and nonperish-
able donations including a large contribution of a dolls, books and various children’s
gifts from Judy Houk for St. Mark’s United Methodist Church Food Pantry. Many local         From left, Norbert Angell, President Joan States and John
families and children were in need this season. The church was grateful as the food         Horsley enjoy the good weather and many visitors at the
                                                                                            Club 4 booth at Kansas City Service Unit Family Days.
pantry served at least twice as many families this year.
   Members also supported Through Our Children’s Lives, which helps a home for
abused and/or neglected children and their mothers. The donation by Betty Pennington
included shoes and clothing to the thrift store. The next charity drive will commence in
March and conclude in April.
   Volunteers rang bells for the Salvation Army at the Mission Hy-Vee. They included
Operation Lifesaver Coordinator Norbert Angell and his wife Phyllis, Charley Harley,
John Horsley, Bill and Lillian McCune, Ralph Potter, President Joan States and Shirley
Sutton. Also helping were Potter’s grandson and great-granddaughter.
   Club 4 welcomed seven new members and four returning members. New members
include Rachel Daneff, director-operations support; Whitney Huff, locomotive engi-
neer, and his wife, Pam; John Jancek, switchman, and his wife, Cindy; and Alexander
Rodriguez, machinist, and his wife, Bertha. Returning members include Ralph Johnson,
                                                                                            From left, Charles Haley, Bill McCune and his wife,
retired locomotive engineer, and his wife, Mona; and Les Makovec, senior manager-           Lillian, represent Club 4 at Family Days for the Kansas
terminal operations, and his wife, Diana.                                                   City Service Unit.

                                                    Provides Food,
                                                    Sparks, Nev.

                                                 Monetary Donations
Club 11 Celebrates
Holiday Season with
Local Donations
   Members of Club 11, Los Angeles, cel-
ebrated the holiday season at a luncheon
complete with strong attendance and festive
decorations. After the party, the club did not
waste any time before giving back to the
community. Members sent a monetary do-
nation to Elks Kitchen Crew, which prepared
and served meals year-round at club events.      From left, Larry Palmer, Club 83     From left, Larry Palmer, Club 83 president,
   Members continue to save eyeglasses for       president, delivers the club’s       delivers 268 pounds of food to Evelyn Mount
donation to the Lions Club in Whittier, Calif.   $400 donation to Noreen              with the Evelyn Mount Foundation and
The club put the final touches on 2011 with a    Leary, chief operating officer at    Community Outreach. The club, located
donation to the Salvation                        Veterans Guest House in Reno.        in Sparks, Nev., gathered the donations in
Army Emergency Food                              The money was raised at the          a barrel in the yard office and at the club’s
                                 Club            club’s Christmas raffle.             Christmas party.
   The LA group plans
to attend the 2012 UPEC
                                Los Angeles
Convention in Denver.
        AT T R AC K T I O N S 6

In Goodwill and Kindness                                                                                   Members Collect
   Club 30, The Dalles, Ore., members
                                                                                                           Soda Can Tabs,
spread goodwill and kindness throughout
the community with its philanthropic efforts.
                                                                                                           Box Tops   Club
For the first time, the club teamed with the
Mid-Columbia Fire & Rescue to gather food
                                                                                                              Club 39, Stockton,     39
                                                                                                           Calif., members do- Stockton, Calif.
donations in November. Club members                                                                        nate their time and
brought food donations for four meetings.                                                                  money. But they also shell out box
They accumulated more than 100 pounds                                                                      tops and soda can tabs. This team of
of food for those in need.                                                                                 95 members keeps busy year-round,
   Members also volunteered at the Mid-               Club                                                 but the holidays tend to be the most
Columbia Senior Center in The Dalles. This
summer, the club devoted six hours to                30                                                    lively season for donations to numer-
                                                                                                           ous nonprofit organizations. They
                                                  The Dalles, Ore.
relocate a building from the center’s park-                                                                support their local communities and
ing lot and set the foundation at the new        From left, Loren Clark, president, and wife Nellie Ann    give back on a regular basis.
location. In the fall, members pulled weeds        Club 30 members volunteer throughout                       The club collects soda can tabs to
and spruced up the landscaping around            the year and provide hours of service to the              donate to Ronald McDonald House
shrubs and flowers.                              local elderly, area hospitals and Meals on                Charities. While it does vary by
   “We meet each month in the facility,” said    Wheels. They also serve the Wasco County                  chapter, RMHC raises approximately
Loren Clark, president. “We are willing to       Pioneer Association’s annual dinner and                   $30,000 per year through its soda
assist when called upon.”                        Union Pacific Retirees Dinner.                            tab program.

Educating Fairgoers, Saving Lives                                                                             They also collect box tops to sup-
                                                                                                           port education. For every box top
   Members of Club 10, Spokane, Wash., ended 2011 on a high note. They                                     they save, the school they sponsor
had a booth at the Spokane County Fair in September. A daily drawing             Club                      receives 10 cents toward educational
for a model train caught the eyes of both young and old. With the help
of Bob Boston, Operation Lifesaver state coordinator, the club shared Spokane, Wash.
                                                                                        10                 tools. In the 2010-2011 school year,
                                                                                                           more than $59 million in box tops
information about OL. They discovered many adults had never heard of                                       was collected across America.
                                         the organization. Schools and other organizations                    At each meeting, they pass around
                                         signed up for on-site presentations about OL.                     a collection can so everyone can
                                               Five $50 donations were given to Anna Ogden                 donate. Once they reach $100 in
                                          Hall, Hope House, Blind Organization, Signing for                donations, they deliver a check to the
                                          Santa and UPEC Friend to Friend Network.                         Emergency Food Bank, the largest di-
                                               Club 10 wrapped up the year by reinstating                  rect provider of packaged emergen-
                                           Maggie Haverfield as president and installing                   cy food in San Joaquin County. More
                                           new officers Viviene Disciascio, vice president,                than 1,000 people are served healthy
                                           and Claudia Rohlinger, secretary and treasurer.                 food from Emergency Food Bank ser-
                                                                                                           vices each day. Approximately 4 mil-
                                             From left, Maggie Haverfield, Club 10 president; Don Beaty,
                                                                                                           lion pounds of food are distributed
                                             retired locomotive engineer; and Mary Holt, club member
                                             educate fair attendees about Operation Lifesaver at the       annually from the main location and
                                             Spokane County Fair.                                          throughout 13 pantries in Stockton
                                                                                                           and San Joaquin County.
                                                                                                              Aside from raising money, several
                                                                                                           members share their company to
  Join An UP Employee Club Today!                                                                          entertain and comfort local senior
                                                                                                           center residents. They provide
    Are you seeking an enjoyable way to         your local club president visit www.                       companionship and play games
 make a difference in someone else’s   and:                                                with people who might not have any
 life in your community?                        •	 Click	on	the	“Employees”	tab	across	                    family visits during the holidays.
    Join your local Union Pacific                  the top portion of the screen.                             Club 39 continues reaching out
 Employee Club, and you will likely             •	 Then	click	on	“UP	Employee	Clubs”	                      to the community and enjoys bet-
 find the answers you are looking for.             in the left hand column of the                          tering the world one day at a time.
    Clubs seek enthusiastic members                webpage.                                                For more information or to become
 from all crafts with ideas to offer and a      •	 Click	 on	 “Club	 Roster”	 for	 a	 listing	             a member, contact Earl Roider at
 passion for giving through fundraisers            of clubs across the UPRR system.                        510-331-2117.
 for charitable causes and much more.              Contact a local club officer at or near
    To find more information including             your location.
                                                                                                         AT T R AC K T I O N S 7

  Roider: Saving Lives Gives Purpose for Mine
   Earl Roider, president of Club 39,                                       What is Operation Lifesaver?
Stockton, Calif., dedicates his life to
trying to save other people’s lives. Last                                      Injuries and fatalities at highway-rail crossings or
year, he completed 66 classroom pre-                                        on railroad property are oftentimes preventable. Few
sentations and 35 simulator booth pre-                                      people realize that in America, pedestrian or vehicle
sentations as an Operation Lifesaver                                        collisions with trains occur roughly every three hours.
presenter. He believes the message                                          Operation Lifesaver is a nonprofit organization provid-
he sends children and their families is                                     ing public education programs to prevent collisions,
worth it.                                                                   injuries and fatalities on and around railroad tracks
   “It gives me a purpose in life,” Roider                                  and highway-rail grade crossings.
said. “I feel it’s a worthwhile program,      Earl Roider, president           Operation Lifesaver’s network of certified volun-
and we can save lives.”                                                     teer speakers and trained instructors offer free rail
   He enjoys meeting people from all                                        safety education programs in 50 states. They speak
walks of life. Roider thrives on sharing a message of railroad              to school groups, driver education classes, community
safety most have never heard before. He presents at all types of            audiences, professional drivers, law enforcement of-
events including driving schools, winter rail events, Stockton Literacy     ficers and emergency responders. The programs are
Family Fairs, Western Railroad Museum pumpkin patch days and                co-sponsored by federal, state and local government
Lodi’s Farmers Market. The King County agriculture commission               agencies, highway safety organizations and America’s
invited him to educate 4,000 third-graders in Manteca about the             railroads. Together they promote the three E’s — educa-
importance of trains to the economy.                                        tion, enforcement and engineering — to keep people
   “Every child is excited to blow the horn and                             safe around the tracks and railway crossings within our
ring the bell on the simulator,” Roider said. “It’s          Club
wonderful to see the smile on their faces. I look
forward to every event. They mean a lot to me.” Stockton, Calif.

       Club           Feeds, Serves the                                                        Houston Club
      58                                                                                       Aims to Help
     Laredo, Texas    Local Community
      Club 58 members helped serve                                                             Local Children
   thousands of Laredo, Texas, residents
                                                                                                  Club 53, Houston,
   Thanksgiving dinner at the annual
                                                                                               concluded its donation        Club
   H-E-B Feast of Sharing Nov. 20. H-E-B,
   an independent food retailer, annually
                                                                                               efforts to the Houston
                                                                                               Food Bank’s Feed the
   serves a holiday dinner in 23 Texas                                                                                       Houston
                                                                                               Homeless Drive in
   communities during November and
                                                                                               November. In 2011, the club’s charitable
                                                                                               efforts supported many local children.
      Club members have volunteered to
                                                                                                  Members checked in attendees and
   serve these free meals for eight years.
                                                                                               distributed welcome packets at the Boy
   Each feast includes 3,000 pounds of
                                                                                               Scouts train.
   turkey, 2,500 pounds of cornbread
                                                                                                  They also donated toys and money for
   dressing, 750 pumpkin pies, 380 gal- Mike Barrera, president, Club 58, Laredo, Texas
                                                                                               the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation in
   lons of mashed potatoes, 140 gallons
                                                                                               Montgomery County.
   of turkey gravy and 95 gallons of cranberry sauce. The total circuit serves more than
                                                                                                  They held a blood drive Nov. 21.
   250,000 residents in need.
      “Hopefully, we will continue it next year,” said Mike Barrera, president.
      Wally Gonzalez, Operation Lifesaver coordinator; his wife, Gloria; and Ruben Gutierrez
   served and cleaned plates at the Laredo feast.
      Club members welcomed more than 200 Union Pacific families to a family picnic
   July 23. They served food and ran bingo games. Members, families and guests were
   treated to good food, games and prizes.
            AT T R AC K T I O N S 8

                                                              Terry Wynn                                                                                                        PRSRT STD
                                                              2318 South 47th Street                                                                                           U.S. POSTAGE
                                                              Omaha, NE 68106                                                                                                   MAIL U.S.A.

CLUB    LOCATION                   PRESIDENT
1	      Cheyenne,	Wyo.	            Gayle	Collins
2	      Denver	                    Harland	Smith	        Welcome to the Union Pacific Employee Clubs Newsletter, highlighting employee club members and club activities. This newsletter will
3	      Omaha	                     Joan	Hess	            be published quarterly. Please contact Danielle, newsletter editor, and let him know about local and national club activities, community
4	      Kansas	City,	Kan./Mo.	     Joan	States           involvement, charitable giving and anything else you would like to see in your newsletter. This newsletter is for you and you should
5	      Laramie,	Wyo.	             Sallie	Foster         be highlighted! Whatever pictures you can send via email or postal mail would be greatly appreciated. News Link, 1845 South 11th
                                                         St., Lincoln, NE 68502-2211, 402-4756397, fax 402-475-6398, or email By submitting photos, you state that
6	      Ogden,	Utah	               Jan	Callahan          you are the sole author of the photograph and control all rights for its use. Any employee who submits a photo retains all rights to the
7	      St.	Joseph,	Mo.	           Samuel	Zebelean	Sr.   photo. By submission, you give Corporate Relations a perpetual license to use your photo and to sub-license the same for use by third
8	      North	Platte,	Neb.	        Rod	Ury               parties. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to contribute to this edition of the AtTRACKtions newsletter.
9	      Portland,	Ore.	            Don	Dolan
        Spokane,	Wash.	
        Los	Angeles	
        Salt	Lake	City,	Utah	
        Pocatello,	Idaho	
                                   Maggie	Haverfield
                                   Ernie	Flament
                                   Bev	Thrall
                                   Gene	Packer
                                                         2012 UPEC convention
                                                            Celebrate UP’s 150th year at the 88th annual 2012 UPEC Convention Aug. 7-12 in the
16	     Grand	Island,	Neb.	        Wayne	Huebner
17	     La	Grande,	Ore.	           Don	Flowers
                                                         Mile High City! Denver earned the nickname because its elevation is exactly one mile,
18	     Green	River,	Wyo.	         Dorothy	Walker        1.6 km or 5,280 feet, above sea level.
19	     Hermiston,	Ore.	           Larry	Storment           Aside from business meetings, pin night/charity auction, theme night and awards
20	     Evanston,	Wyo.	            Joe	Dean              presentation banquet ceremony, Denver has plenty to offer including rafting, hiking,
22	     Seattle	                   Fred	Wilson	          bicycling, climbing, national parks, wildlife viewing, athletic events, scenic train rides,
23	     Las	Vegas	                 Chris	Mlakar
24	     Walla	Walla,	Wash.	        Ted	Bren
                                                         concerts at Red Rocks and more.
28	     Marysville,	Kan.	          LaVerne	O’Keefe          The theme for the 2012 convention is “Preserving Our History,” and theme night presents
30	     The	Dalles,	Ore.	          Loren	Clark           Pirates of the Colorado, a twist on Pirates of the Caribbean.
32	     Salina,	Kan.	              Judy	Saindon             The 2013 event will take place in Sacramento, Calif.
33	     Milford,	Utah	             Chris	Barnes

                                                         A Zooriffic Day!
38	     Portola,	Calif.	           Gene	Hammond
39	     Stockton,	Calif.	          Earl	Roider
51	     Fort	Worth,	Texas	         Johnny	McDowell
52	     St.	Louis/DeSoto,	Mo.	     Diane	Huntington
53	     Houston	                   Tamrah	Dean             Club 80, Wichita, Kan., hosted a family fun day Sept. 25 at Sedgwick County Zoo.
54	     North	Little	Rock,	Ark.	   Dale	Fulenwider         Members enjoyed beautiful weather and received a discounted admission price for
57	     Addis,	La.	                Margaret	Wick         a good environmental cause. President Tom DeMayo and wife Leta, secretary, not only
58	     Laredo,	Texas	             Mike	Barrera          brought their three grandchildren, but also old telephone books. AT&T offered the reduced
61	     Council	Bluffs,	Iowa	      Pam	Fogle
                                                         admission for visitors who brought their old phone books for recycling. The DeMayos
63	     El	Paso,	Texas	            Bennie	Grayson
65	     Alexandria,	La.	           James		Drayton        and their grandchildren visited the zoo for less than the price of one regular ticket as
66	     San	Antonio	               Buck	Russel           discounted tickets were only $2, a $10 discount.
67	     Livonia,	La.	              Sherman	Matthews        The featured act began at 3:30 p.m. with a tiger and his trainer safely inside the ob-
69	     St.	Paul,	Minn.	           Richard	Gehrke        servation room. Club members watched as the animal performed stunts on command.
70	     St.	James,	Minn.	          Tom	Flatau
                                                         Tom DeMayo, club president, walks with his                    Rori and Carter, grandchildren of President Tom DeMayo,
71	     Milwaukee,	Wis.	           Curt	Schmidt
                                                         grandchildren, Carter and Rori, at the Sedgwick               enjoy the Club 80 family fun day on the animal statues at the
72	     Mason	City,	Iowa	          Kurt	Christensen
                                                         County Zoo.                                                   Sedgwick County Zoo.
75	     Altoona,	Wis.	             Jim	Larson
76	     Boone,	Iowa	               David	Huntley
77	     Adams,	Wis.	               Curt	Camps                                                                                                                                   Club
        Fort	Dodge/
        Eagle	Grove,	Iowa	         Gloria	Spiegel                                                                                                                             80
80	     Wichita,	Kan.	             Tom	DeMayo                                                                                                                                Wichita, Kan.
83	     Sparks,	Nev.	              Larry	Palmer
84	     Herington,	Kan.	           Clay	Bingham
85	     Avondale,	LA	              Robert	Roe		
86	     Roseville,	Calif.	         Raj	Randhawa

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