Certificate of Marriage

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									A Certificate of Marriage is an official document issued by the officiate of a marriage
ceremony which states that two people were married on a specific day. Certificates of
Marriage can be customized to also include reference to the marriage license number
obtained by the parties. This document is intended to provide standard clauses,
including the signature lines for two witnesses, and serves as an official record of a
marriage ceremony.
                                  CERTIFICATE OF MARRIAGE
IN THE PROVINCE/STATE OF ________________

Marriage License Number: ____________

        AN APPLICATION FOR A MARRIAGE LICENSE having been duly made at
_________________ [CITY], ________________ [PROVINCE/STATE], in the manner prescribed by
the Marriage Act of _______________, [PROVINCE/STATE] in respect of the intended marriage
between the parties indicated below. The Marriage License was issued to the parties indicated below
on the ____ day of ____________ [MONTH], _______ [YEAR].

       IT IS HEREBY CERTIFIED THAT on the ____ day of ___________, [MONTH] ______
[YEAR],     _________________     (BRIDE)   of   _________________  (ADDRESS)     and
__________________ (GROOM) of _______________ (ADDRESS) were joined in holy matrimony
at _______________________ (CITY), ________________________ (PROVINCE/STATE) in
accordance with applicable __________________ (PROVINCE/STATE) laws by _____________

      IT WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned hereby sets their hand and seal this ____ day of
________________ [MONTH], _______ [YEAR].


                                                                          Name and Official Title

Witness:                                                                           Bride

Witness:                                                                         Groom

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