; Best Five Facebook Apps for iPhone
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Best Five Facebook Apps for iPhone


With iPhone Facebook apps becoming more and more popular, people are looking for useful facebook apps for their iPhone. Here are the five Facebook apps for your iPhone that you may consider as the best.

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									                 Best Five Facebook Apps for iPhone

iPhone Plus Facebook – are the two things that have become the most important
part of the daily activity. They both act as hub especially when it comes to social
networking. When Facebook and iPhone are combined, we get a convenient way to
access our events, social meetings and friends' updates.

                                  iPhone Facebook app is a good way to connect with your
                                  users, as most of the individuals have adopted using this
                                  app. There are many amazing apps that not only interests
                                  users but also excites them with their powerful utilities.
                                  These apps also provide a vast range of alternatives to
                                  users to share their different app ideas or usage with their

Even though the giant social media network – Facebook has its own Apple smartphone app,
iPhone Facebook app programmers are keenly developing different apps that sync with iPhone.
This has been possible due to the liberal policy of Facebook, making its platform more
convenient to iPhone developers via Facebook connect.

There are several Facebook supported iPhone apps that are very much useful to users for their
different purposes. Let us find out about these apps here.

1. MyPhone+ for Facebook

This is a wonderful app that is very much useful for individuals
looking to access both iPhone and Facebook contacts. This app
marvelously sync your Facebook and iPhone contacts. MyPhone+
automatically updates user photos and basic information such as
birthdays and email addresses in your contact list.

2. Videoup for Facebook

Looking to do some thing creative with your video? Then Videoup for Facebook is the perfect
option for you. This app uploads video along with captions, which you can add as per your
choice. This is the best app for those who are looking for fast and simple video-upload tool
with their own quotes.
3. Facebook Quick Status

                         A good app for those who are looking for quick Facebook updates.
                         This app allows you to list the recent and favorite updates for easy
                         access next time. This app doesn't allow auto posting but it surely
                         makes updating task an easier one.

4. Facebook Photo Slideshow

Wondering how to show your photos on Facebook to your friends
on your iPhone? Here is the solution. This Facebook Photo
slideshow app pulls albums from Facebook and creates slide
shows on your iPhone. It's really amusing to have all your
Facebook photos on your iPhone and share them with your

5. eBuddy

Eager to chat with your Facebook buddies? This eBuddy iPhone app allows you to chat with
your friends across multiple chat platforms. It removes the basic need to download multiple
chat apps on your smartphone.

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