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                                                                                                            Jan 27 , 2013
Pro f ile                 Gulmarg Most Fascinating Tourist Destination Of
Pho t o s
                          Gulmarg, affectionately called as " meadow of flowers' are a heavenly
B lo g                    destination of Kashmir, where them tourist resort in large numbers all over the
                          world. This magical destination is located in the living 'Paradise on earth' i.e.
Playlist s                Jammu & Kashmir.

St re am
                          A trip to Jammu Kashmir most famous place Gulmarg is well known is high on
Frie nd s                 beauty, adventure and relaxation. The splendid green paddy fields, scenic
                          villages, hills, a range of flowers and snow- capped mountains are some of the
C o mme nt s              main attractions of this place. It boasts renowned natural beauty that makes it a
                          must- visit tourist destination of North India. This beautiful hill of India is located
                          in the Baramulla district of Kashmir at an height of 2,730 m bordering to
Pakistan our neighboring country.

By the end of November as winter begins to set in snow begins to fall and slowly
the whole turns began to turn into while sheet of white blanket and it looks
something like a wonderland which we always dream or get to see in cartoon
channels. In fact, the only heli- skiing resort in Asia. Golf and hiking are other
adventure activities that can be enjoyed here. However, I remember doing any
adventure activity strictly under the supervision of trained guides. This tourist
hub center is sanctified with some of the world finest natural ski tracks. One
peculiar thing of the place is that as the season's changes so is the color of the
environment. In short you will feel like you have no words to describe its beauty.
For e.g. when you come in winter everything turns white and the skiing ho t e l
are covered with snow giving it a new fantasy look.

Besides offering a unique and picturesque natural beauty amidst dense forests
of tall conifers, with snow in the Himalayas dressed backdrop, the hill station is
known for a beautiful highland golf course. The valley is full of colorful blooming
flowers such as bluebells, forget- me- not, buttercups and daisies. And not only is
this skiing in Gulmarg one of the most famous thing to do. Now let us see some
of its few major attractions:

• Renowned for its golf course because its golf cours is located at the highest
from the sea level. • From Khilanmarg you can get to panoramic views of the
parallel peaks of the Himalayas on a clear day. • From here you can see clearly
Nanga Parbat which is one of the most favorite among adventure lovers.
• If you want to ski here come during the month of November to February as
heavy snow fall occurs during this month of the year. The organiz ation
organiz es many sports and you can take part in it.
• One more important thing is that you should never miss cable car ride built in
Gondola. As you ride you can see below some of the world most beautiful sight
as the pine covered slopes from the valley.
• Gulmarg- Khilanmarg- Apharwat- Alpather treks are well known for its fantastic
trekking route which adventure lovers like to go.
• Hindus and Muslims together come to offer prayer in Z iarat Of Baba Reshi.

Therefore, Gulmarg is a great picnic. It offers eye- catching views of the peaks in
the Himalayas. It attracts tourists to its lush green backdrop, breathtaking
landscapes, flower gardens, and tranquil lakes. One can choose from a wide
range of tour packages Kashmir. The meadow of flowers in here- is undoubtedly
                            range of tour packages Kashmir. The meadow of flowers in here- is undoubtedly
                            the jewel where you will find nature in its full form. has an
                            experienced team who has been delivering quality adventure programs for more
                            than 12 years. Here you will get answer to all quires about skiing Gulmarg .

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