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					M&T ESCO QUALIFYING CRITERIA Qualifying Criteria WHO CAN QUALIFY In the past, the interested party has done the following: 1. Conducted energy audits of industrial sites in various sectors and sizes, for both private and public entities, and, proposed as part of these audits, energy saving measures or investments, and 2. Participated in energy monitoring and targeting programmes including sensitisation of the clients top echelons and training of the staff, installation of meters and remote control systems, and/or the supply of energy management software or benchmarking systems, and 3. Implemented monitoring and targeting programmes at industrial or commercial sites in industrialised countries during the last five years, and Compliance Standard

Produce evidence to this effect in the form of the client lists and service brochures Produce evidence to this effect in the form of client list and service brochures

Provide names of clients and short descriptions of the programmes implemented and the results achieved 4. Operated an ESCO during the last five years, Provide description of activities including as part of the Energy Performance and an updated list of recent Contracts in the industrial sector the electronic clients (contacts signed during measurement and the remote monitoring of the clients the last three years) energy consumptions At present, the interested party is capable of the following: 5. Financing or co-financing on-site energy audits, Provide last three years audited including providing metering, M&T (or equivalent) financial statements of the software and low cost energy efficiency investments company and a description of in Czech and Slovak Republics, and the financing mechanism that would be used 6. Providing technical expertise for conducting on-site Demonstrate qualifying to energy audits at industrial facilities in the Czech and operate in Czech and Slovak Slovak Republics, and Republics through adapted staff CVs 7. Providing on-the-job training to Czech and Slovak As above and provide, in businesses to specify, set up and operate the M&T addition, samples of training system and/or other energy management techniques, material, promotional and and sensitisation material 8. Establishing energy consumption benchmarking systems, adapted for various types of industrial or commercial businesses, or either Provide examples of successful cases


9. Developing formal partnerships with ESCOs and/or engineering firms or local consultants in Czech and Slovak Republics, or

10. Setting up of a local M§T ESCO in Czech and/or the Slovak Republic, as an independent entity or as a subsidiary of an ESCO already operating locally or elsewhere in Europe M&T SOFTWARE SPECIFICATIONS M&T Software Characteristics should include all or major parts of the following: 11. Data retrieval: ▪ multi-vendor system supporting realA description of M&T software time data collection meters, data recording, building and package is provided industrial control systems; ▪ file transfer protocols read data files produced by other software systems; ▪ supports a number of concurrent communications per PC simultaneously collecting data from different vendor meters; ▪ has watchdog and diagnostics to ensure integrity of data collection 12. Fundamental analysis for M&T: ▪ trend analysis and A description of M&T software comparison with previous performance; ▪ comparison package is provided with targets or benchmarks; ▪ ranking of sites according to performance; ▪ possibility to conduct RegressionAnalysis and Degree-Day adjustment 13. Data management: ▪ spreadsheet-style formula language A description of M&T software developed for manipulating data and time stamped utility package is provided meter data; ▪ fast data storage and retrieval; ▪ scalable single and multi-user systems based on client/server architecture; ▪ data compression capabilities 14. Report generation and distribution: ▪ generated both on A description of M&T software demand and automatically; ▪ library of standard reports; ▪ package is provided supports e-mail, disk, file server, and internet; copy-paste reports into other Windows applications M&T Software Services 15. Warranty on the software must be available Part of the license 16. Training on site is available at the time of installation or Part of the license at any time in the future. REPORTING 17. Providing appropriate reports to the Czech and Slovak Statement that this will be done Energy Management Centers EMPRESS (EMCs) and to UNEP and BASE regarding the results achieved and the overall M&T ESCO experience. 18. Enabling third party appointed by UNEP, BASE and/or Statement that this will be done EMCs to review the progress of work or its outputs.

Provide names of potential partners and details regarding the nature of the present relationship with them Provide information regarding the legal status and the nature of activities and contracts that are be contemplated


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