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Heather Ann Thompson: Senior Paralegal and 4L


Heather Ann Thompson Is Doing Her Fourth Year At Salmon P. Chase College Of Law Located In Highland Heights. Thompson Is Involved In Variety Of Different Tasks Related To The Law Industry. Thompson Advises Law Students To Work In The Legal Sector Before Deciding To Practice.

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STUDENT PROFILE                                                                                   1. 800.973.1177

                       Heather Ann Thompson: Senior Paralegal and 4L
                       [By Mahsa Khalilifar]
                       Stepping into her fourth year at Salmon P. Chase College of Law at Northern Kentucky University, located in Highland Heights,
                       Heather Ann Thompson says she is looking forward to entering the complete world of law, and not just the paralegal side of it.

Attending Chase’s evening programs and             intellectual property and copyrighting issues.      explains. “There are night students who are
working full-time in-house for the legal           When not at work, Thompson attends night            M.D.s, nurses, C.P.A.s, police officers, social
department of Cincom Systems Inc., a local         classes at Chase.                                   workers, bankers, and from just about every
software company, Thompson is ready to                                                                 field you can imagine, which makes for what
move up in her company and achieve her             “The night program brings in many other             I believe to be a very enriching learning
goals.                                             professionals from other areas outside of           environment!”
                                                   the law who bring their extra experience
“I found the software industry and the legal       and insight to the table when it comes              Thompson credits her family and friends for
issues and challenges that come in the             to learning, reading, interpreting, and             being her support system, and she is excited
intellectual property field to be so interesting   discussing cases that may not be brought            about the upcoming months.
that I decided to take the plunge and go to        to a typical law school class,” Thompson
law school myself,” Thompson says.                                                                     “I graduate this December with my J.D. and
                                                     Q. What do you do for fun?
                                                                                                       am planning to take the Ohio bar exam in
                                                     A. Spend time with family and friends
After working at a smaller firm for two years,                                                         February,” she says.
                                                     and travel when I can. Scuba is the most
in 2000, she got her job at Cincom Systems
                                                     enjoyable thing I have done in my spare
Inc., which resulted in her final career choice      time while vacationing!                           “I have been offered a position as an in-
for now.                                                                                               house attorney [at my company] and look
                                                     Q. What was the last song you heard on            forward to the promotion once I pass the
“My experience as a paralegal assisting              your iPod?                                        bar exam,” she proudly adds. “I feel very
other practicing attorneys led me to the             A. Coldplay.                                      fortunate to have secured employment prior
ultimate decision to go to law school and                                                              to graduating law school!”
                                                     Q. What is the last magazine you read?
take my legal career to the next level,” she
                                                     A. Real Simple.
says.                                                                                                  Thompson’s best memories have come
                                                     Q. What is your favorite TV show?                 from the experiences she’s shared with her
Having obtained her B.A. degree from                 A. Shark.                                         classmates.
Morehead State University in paralegal
studies with a minor in literature, Ohio-            Q. Who is your role model?                        “Probably my favorite [memories consist
born Thompson started working as a                   A. My grandmother Margaret and the                of] the bonding that occurs and lasting
paralegal upon graduation. She worked for            attorneys I work with every day!                  friendships that are made with your fellow
a small Cincinnati firm that mostly handled                                                            students as you battle through the law school
                                                     Q. What is something most people don’t
probate cases and estate planning. Shortly                                                             experience together,” she says.
                                                     know about you?
thereafter, she received her job at Cincom           A. That I have a very artistic side and love
Systems Inc., where she has been for about           cooking, painting, and decorating. I am           Thompson advises future law students to
seven years.                                         currently taking a Saturday mosaic-tiling         work in the legal sector before deciding to
                                                     class at the Cincinnati Art Academy as my         practice.
Thompson’s senior paralegal position                 creative outlet. My current mosaic piece is
involves a variety of different tasks                a tabletop piece for my living room and a         “Working in a law firm as a paralegal/legal
pertaining to the law industry, such as              side table for my dining room.                    assistant for a summer is a great way to get

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STUDENT PROFILE                                                                               1. 800.973.1177

a taste of what working in the law is all about     Thompson also encourages other working           On The neT
and to determine if it is for you before deciding   adults to take night classes.
to jump right into law school,” she says. “There                                                     Salmon P. Chase College of Law
is a lot of practical knowledge and experience      “Don’t discount attending a night program if
to be gained by doing things hands on, directly     you can be gaining practical experience during
under the guidance of a licensed attorney,          the day,” she says. “I’d encourage every law     Morehead State University
that just can’t be had by simply attending law      student to try exploring elective classes that
school straight out of undergrad.”                  truly interest you as well as joining some of
                                                    the student organizations. [They are] great      Cincom
As someone who has had first-hand                   ways to figure out what area of the law you’d
experience with an evening law program,             like to practice in once you are there!”


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