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					Portable Fire Pits 
A portable fire pit is a very cool thing to own. A fire pit can be used out of necessity or to simply enjoy sitting around an open fire. Portable fire pits are even better, because you can take them camping, fishing, or just have it in your backyard. A fire pit is a safe place to build a fire. They are typically a circular shape and vary in size. A pit can be made with a variety of materials. Steel is a popular choice, but it can be very heavy, restricting the portability. Copper and cast iron are also available. The portable style is usually a round bowl type shape, set on three legs. The legs are around six inches tall. Some of the portable fire pits come with a mesh screen, for safety. You can use your fire as a place to cook, or simply roast marshmallows. Fire pits are perfect for any backyard get together. In the cooler weather, they can also provide heat. You can purchase lots of extras for these handy items. A rotisserie attachment, is perfect for outdoor cooking while camping or an evening at the beach. A kettle attachment, allows a coffee or tea kettle to be hung above the fire, another ideal camping tool. These pits are available in gas or wood burning styles. For the person who does not want to deal with trying to light a fire, you can purchase a gas self igniting fire pit. These light with just a press of a button. You can choose to have that button on a remote control if you would like. Fire pits are increasing in popularity and are becoming easier to find. With the assortment of styles and prices, everybody can find one to fit their needs. Read more about Portable Fire Pit. Visit our site for lots of Cast Iron Fire Pit Information.


Description: A fire pit table creates a seamless balance between a propane fire pit and outdoor dining. Imagine a standard firepit with the added functionality of a large dining table. As a stand alone piece of outdoor furniture, there's no getting away from the fact that firepits are fast becoming the latest must-have gadget for backyard dwellers everywhere. However, when you can combine heating and eating into one spot, why buy a firepit when a fire pit table covers both bases?