Travel Handy Guide to Touring Mati

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					Travel Handy Guide to Touring Mati

Mati City in Davao Oriental is a relatively new component city in the region but ever
since its inception, it is already one of the prime beach destinations in Eastern
Mindanao. Mati is also being promoted now with the new banner “The Oriental Escape”
due to its breath taking sceneries by the bay. If you still haven’t heard of this paradise
before, update your knowledge of Philippine’s finest tourist spots by visiting the still
untapped Mati city.

Travel to Mati

The fastest way to reach this place is to travel via your own car in two roads, the
Madaum Diversion and Davao-Tagum highway; the former is shorter. The city is lucky
to have one airport but it’s still under renovation to better suit the needs of a growing
number of tourists frequenting the area. The only airport you can use to reach region
11, and most of its attractions, is that in Davao City.

The Famous Beach Town

East of the city is the gateway to the largest body of water in the world connecting
three continents, the grand Pacific; no wonder surfing is a favorite hobby in local
resorts. Among Mati beach resorts, those that are situated in the islands of Dahican and
Badas are most popular since these places already have developed resorts. Both places
are reachable via boats, Dahican is 15 minutes away while Badas is 25 minutes.

Going back to the word new in the first paragraph, this denotes that most sites are still
under way of development by the city’s master plan, but don’t worry since these areas
are donned with white sand all the same. One among the many sites is Pujada Island.
But it isn’t just called ecological jewel for nothing, Pujada is home to a host of marine
life such as sea cows or dugong. Waniban Island Beach, found in Pujada, is also a
popular destination by tourists who want secluded time for surfing and diving but be
sure to contact the caretaker ahead of time to book travel. If you want other usual
names when it comes to Mati resorts, Gregorio, Jambay and Pinanpanan are just
And all the Rest

If you and your mates have decided to sleep at the poblacion district, do not forget
Gutierrez Inn, Sanico Lodging House, Marriett or Andrada Inn. Come eating time, Mati
can offer you the best of their cuisine with local names such as Chika Deli, Juan’s
Foodhaus and Nanay Bating’s. From a local’s perspective, Mati is not just proud of its
pristine white sand beaches but also of nature’s wonder Mount Hamiguitan where
centuries old bonsai trees and a hidden lake greets you on top.

To better enjoy what Mati can offer you in terms of its astonishing sceneries, search for
a reliable Mati business directory to connect you with the leading establishments within
the city.